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Berkeley Co. Cemetery Index

Berkeley County, SC
Charleston County, SC
Dorchester County, SC
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Berkeley County Cemeteries
  Appii Methodist Cemetery   Murrayville/Berkeley    
  Apple Old Field Cemetery   Between Huger & Wando    
  Belle Isle Plantation Cemetery   St. Stephen/Berkeley   Off Site
  Belle Isle Presbyterian Church   Eadytown/Berkeley    
  Berea Methodist Cemetery   Bethera/Berkeley    
  Berkeley Grove Cemetery   Berkeley    
  Berkeley Memorial Gardens 300 W Main St Moncks Corner, SC 29461/Berkeley (843) 761-8027  
  Betaw Plantation Cemetery   Blakeley/Berkeley    
  Bethel Baptist Cemetery   Bethera/Berkeley    
Church & Cemetery Bethelhem Reformed Episcopal Church Cemetery Old Hwy 52 & Gaillard Rd. Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Biering Cemetery   Cordesville/Berkeley    
  Biggin Cemetery (St. Johns Cemetery)   Cordesville/Berkeley    
  Black Creek Methodist Cemetery   Cross/Berkeley    
  Black Oak Cemetery       Cemetery Flooded by Santee Cooper Project
  Blackmon/Pye Cemetery   Cross/Berkeley    
  Blake Cemetery   Jamestown/Berkeley    
  Blanton Cemetery   Lebanon/Berkeley    
  Bluefield Cemetery   Eadytown/Berkeley    
  Bluff Plantation   Pimplico Plantation/Berkeley    
  Bluford Cemetery   Pineville/Berkeley    
Cemetery & Headstones Bonneau Baptist Cemetery   Bonneau/Berkeley    
  Bonneau Ferry Plantation Cemetery   Berkeley    
  Brinson Family Cemetery   Berkeley    
  Brown Family Cemetery   Berkeley    
  C. Barnwell Mitchum Cemetery   Bethera/Berkeley    
  Cales Family Cemetery   Jamestown/Berkeley    
Church & Cemetery Calvary Baptist Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Calvary Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley   This is a different cemetery from the one above
  Cantey/Mattassee Cemetery   St. Stephens/Berkeley    
Cemetery Casey Cemetery Old Moncks Corner Rd. Goose Creek, SC 29445/Berkeley    
  Causey Family Cemetery   Jamestown/Berkeley    
  Carnes Cross Roads Baptist Church Cemetery   Summerville/Berkeley    
  Chachan Plantation Cemetery   Cordesville/Berkeley    
Cemetery & Headstones Cherry Hill Cemetery Market Rd. Ladson/Berkeley   This Cemetery is at the Ladson Flea Market Off of College Park
  Church of the Holy Family Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Collins Cemetery   Huger/Berkeley    
  Cooper's Memorial Cemetery   Macedonia/Berkeley    
  Cordesville Baptist Cemetery   Cordesville/Berkeley    
  Cypress Gardens Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Daniel's Island Cemetery   Daniel's Island/Berkeley    
  Droze Cemetery   Mount Holly/Berkeley    
  Ebenezer Methodist Cemetery   Whitesville/Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Eccles Methodist Cemetery   Huger/Berkeley    
  Echaw Church Ruins   Berkeley    
  Edens Family Cemetery   Alvin/Berkeley    
  Exeter Plantation Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Fowler Cemetery   Huger/Berkeley    
  Friendship Methodist Cemetery   Cross/Berkeley    
  Full Gospel Mission Cemetery   Bonneau/Berkeley    
  Garrett Family Cemetery   Cross/Berkeley    
  Glenview Cemetery   Lebanon/Berkeley    
  Graham Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Gravel Hill Cemetery   Bonneau/Berkeley    
  Grooms Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
Church, Cemetery & Headstones Groomsville Baptist Cemetery Groomsville Rd. Moncks Corner, SC /Berkeley    
  Grove Cemetery   North Charleston/Berkeley    
  Guerry Family Cemetery   St. Stephens/Berkeley    
  Halfway Creek Cemetery   Berkeley    
  Hanover Plantation Cemetery       Cemetery Flooded by Santee Cooper Project
  Hickory Grove Cemetery   Bethera/Berkeley    
  Honey Hill Cemetery   Honey Hill/Berkeley    
  Hood Family Cemetery   Former Pine Tree Plantation/Berkeley    
  Hoods Chapel Methodist Cemetery   Berkeley    
  Huff Cemetery   Mount Holly/Berkeley    
  Hyde Park Plantation Cemetery   Huger/Berkeley    
  Jackson Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Jeffers Cemetery   Cross/Berkeley    
  Johnson Cemetery   Alvin/Berkeley   Off Site
Cemetery & headstones Jones Family Cemetery Highway 17-a And I-26 Summerville SC 29483/Berkeley    
  K-D Ranch Cemetery   Jamestown/Berkeley    
  Keller Cemetery   St Stephens/Berkeley    
  Kunkle Family Cemetery   Cross/Berkeley    
  Laurens Family Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Lebanon Methodist Cemetery   Summerville NW/Berkeley    
  Lewisfield Plantation Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Lifeland Cemetery   Pineville/Berkeley    
  Limerick Plantation   Berkeley    
  Luce Family Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Macedonia Cemetery   Alvin/Berkeley    
  Macedonia Christian Church Cemetery Highway N 17-A Macedonia/Berkeley    
  Maham Plantation Cemetery   Pineville/Berkeley    
  McDowell Cemetery   Cainhoy/Berkeley    
  McLaurin Family Cemetery   Pinopolis/Berkeley    
  Medway Plantation Cemetery   Kittredge/Berkeley    
  Mexico Cemetery   Pineville/Berkeley    
  Milford Plantation Cemetery   Berkeley    
  Mims Lake Cemetery   Pringleton/Berkeley    
  Mizell Family Cemetery   Berkeley    
  Moorefield Plantation Cemetery       Cemetery Flooded by Santee Cooper Project
  Mount Calvary Holiness Cemetery   Jamestown/Berkeley    
  Mount Olivet Cemetery   Cross/Berkeley    
  Mount Pleasant Plantation Cemetery   Eadytown    
  Mudlake Cemetery   Bonneau/Berkeley    
  Nelliefield Creek Cemetery   Cainhoy/Berkeley    
Cemetery & Church New Home Baptist Church Cemetery Old Hwy 52 Oakley, SC/Berkeley    
  New Hope Methodist Cemetery   New Hope/Berkeley    
  New Hope Methodist Cemetery   Shulerville/Berkeley    
  Oak Grove Holiness Cemetery   Bonneau/Berkeley    
  Oldfield Plantation Cemetery   St. Stephens/Berkeley    
  Old Ruins   Berkeley    
  Parnassus Plantation Cemetery   Goose Creek/Mount Holly/Berkeley   Cemetery is no longer in operation
  Peaceful Woods Cemetery       Established in memory of Michael Wayne Mitchum 1975-1991
  Pear Cemetery   Mount Holly/Berkeley    
  Pine Tree Plantation Cemetery   Alvin/Berkeley    
  Pioneer Holiness Church Cemetery   Berkeley    
  Plantation Memorial Gardens Cemetery 3345 South Live Oak Drive Moncks Corner, SC 29461/Berkeley (843) 761-3614 Established in 1981
  Pompion Hill Chapel Cemetery   Huger/Berkeley    
  Pooshee Plantation Cemetery       Cemetery Flooded by Santee Cooper Project
  Powers Family Cemetery   Macedonia/Berkeley    
  Pressley Memorial Cemetery   Cross/Berkeley    
  Providence Baptist Cemetery   Macedonia/Berkeley    
  Quimby Holiness Cemetery   Huger/Berkeley    
  RedBank Plantation   Goose Creek/Berkeley    
  Reed Corner Cemetery   Bethera/Berkeley    
  Rehobeth Cemetery   McBeth/Berkeley    
  Richmond Plantation Cemetery   Huger/Berkeley    
Church & Cemetery Ridge Baptist Church 2168 Ridge Church Road Summerville, SC 29483/Berkeley   Established in 2000
  Rocks Episcopal Cemetery   Eadytown/Berkeley    
  Rodgers Family Cemetery   Berkeley    
  Rudd Branch Cemetery   Lebanon/Berkeley    
  Russellville Christian Cemetery   Russellville/Berkeley    
  Salem Baptist Cemetery   Mount Holly/Berkeley    
  Sandridge Baptist Cemetery   Berkeley    
  Silk Hope Plantation Cemetery   Huger/Berkeley    
  Site of Francis Marion Tomb   Pineville/Berkeley    
  Slave Cemetery   Huger/Berkeley    
Church & Cemetery Smyrna Methodist Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Somerton Plantation Cemetery   Berkeley    
  Spring Grove Plantation   Between Bonneau & Macedonia    
  Springhill Methodist Cemetery   Berkeley    
Cemetery & Headstones St James Cemetery Hwy 52 Moncks Corner/Berkeley   Across from Walmart Shopping Center on Hwy 52
  St. James Methodist Cemetery   Jamestown/Berkeley    
Church & Headstones
St. James Parish Goose Creek Cemetery   Goose Creek/Berkeley    
  St. Johns Baptist Cemetery   Berkeley    
  St. Johns Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  St. Stephen Episcopal Cemetery   St. Stephen/Berkeley    
  St. Stephens Baptist Cemetery   St. Stephen/Berkeley    
  St. Thomas Episcopal Cemetery   Cainhoy/Berkeley    
  Strawberry Chapel Cemetery   Berkeley    
  Sugar Loaf Plantation   Berkeley    
  Sunset Memorial Cemetery   St. Stephen/Berkeley    
  Taylor Family Cemetery   Macedonia/Berkeley    
  Thomas Walter Grave   Eadytown/Berkeley    
  Thornley Memorial Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Varner Family Cemetery   Mt. Holly Plantation/Berkeley    
  Von Hollen Cemetery   Alvin/Berkeley    
  Wando Methodist Cemetery   Wando/Berkeley    
  Wassamassaw Baptist Cemetery   Summerville NW/Berkeley    
  Weeks Family Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery   Beaver Dam/Berkeley    
Cemetery & Headstones Westview Cemetery   Moncks Corner/Berkeley    
  Whaley Family Cemetery   Mt. Holly Plantation/Berkeley    
Cemetery Whispering Pines Memorial Gardens 3044 Old Highway 52 Moncks Corner, SC 29461/Berkeley (843) 761-2099 Located in the Strawberry Community
  Williams Family Cemetery   Mount Holly/Berkeley    
  Yeamans Hall Plantation Cemetery   Goose Creek/Berkeley    
  Zion Cemetery   Cross/Berkeley    

If you have any information on any of these cemeteries and would like to submit it, or you know the address of a cemetery, please email [email protected]

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