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 Marzolff's Hand Drawn Map


Meridian Monuments Drainage Water Shed
Elevations Above Sea Level Buckeye Lake Geological Divisions
Drift Region Lake Ohio Pre-Glacial Drainage
Terraces Rocks of Perry County as to Structure Vertical Section of Rocks of Perry Co.
Vertical Section of Sub-Strata at New Lexington Depot Section of Sub-Strata at Moxahala Section of Rock at McCuneville
Generalized Section of Perry Co. Strata Limestones Iron Ores
Coals Buried Channels Clays
Petroleum and Gas Saltlicks Lidey’s Rocks
The High Rocks The Bear Dens Why Rushcreek Bottom is so Flat
The Mastodon Birds of Perry County Animals
Forests Pre-Historic Race The Children of the Forest
Under the Banner of St. George Under the Lilies of France In the Province of Quebec
Boutetorst County The Co. of IL in the State of VA First White Man in Perry Co.
Land Surveys The Scioto Company Land Scheme Zane’s Trace
The Refugee Tract Heroes of the Forest The Evolution of Perry County
Village Settlements Organization of the Townships Section 16
Churches Schools Mills
Oil Works The Old Salt Kettle The McCune Salt Works
Tobacco Houses Lime-Kilns An Old Time Pottery
Blast Furnaces Coal Mines Oil Wells
The Inventor of a Revolver Perry County in War Perry County in Congress
Removal of the County Seat Public Buildings The Underground Railroad
Morgan’s Raid Population of Perry County Constitutional Conventions
Col. James H. Taylor Stephen Benton Elkins The Knight of the Pen
Jeremiah M. Rusk William Alexander Taylor James M. Comley
Gen. Philip H. Sheridan Dr. Isaac Crook Rev. Father Zahm
The Oldest Woman in Perry Co. Perry County’s First Historian “The Beauty of Our Hills”


Portrait of Author Lidey’s Rock The Big Sassafras
The Stone Fort The Wilson Mound The Roberts Mound
Earth Works, North of Glenford Flint Implements, 1/4th Size Hematite Objects, 1/3rd Size
Ceremonials, Gorgets, Banners, Stones, etc. Pipes Attached to Antlers of Deer An Indian Grist Mill
A Scene on the Moxahala Where Ebenezer Zane is Buried A New Lexington Scene in 1873
Peter Overmeyer Old Lutheran Church at Somerset An Old Time Meeting House
Bishop Fenwick Discovering a Catholic Family in Perry Co. The New Home in the Woods of Perry County Church at Chapel Hill
Old Stone Church Madison Academy Old Salt Kettle
McCuneville Salt Works Old Tobacco House Remains of a Maxville Lime Kiln
An Old Time Pottery A Ghost of Departed Industry-Baird Furnace A Model Coal Mine --- Congo
Coal Tipple at Congo Power House at Congo In the Corning Oil Field
Monument to 31st O.V.I., New Lexington Old Court House at Somerset Old Court House at New Lexington
Our Temple of Justice - The New Court House Old Perry County Infirmary A Station on the Underground
Stephen B. Elkins The Knight of the Pen Birthplace of MacGahan
The Resting Place of Bulgaria’s Liberator A Grubber Jeremiah Rusk
Where Uncle Jerry Rusk was Born Col. W.A. Taylor Gen. James M. Comley
The Hero of Cedar Creek Early Home of General Sheridan Priest and Scientist --- Fr. Zahm
  Catherine Cavinee