Buried Crestlawn Cem., Riverside Co.

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Riverside County

at Riverside, Riverside, CA
(actual location near Norco)

Photo of entrance



W. E. Kingdon  1880 - 1967

Notes: Born William Edward Kingdon in Washington Co., NE; son of Charles E. & Esther (Gugin) Kingdon. Lived primarily in Kennard, NE until 1942 when moved to Newberry, CA. Lived in Riverside, CA about 1943-1965. Died in San Bernardino, CA. His parents - are buried at Morley (Colby) Cemetery between Kennard & Arlington, NE. Also buried at Morley, his Kingdon grandparents.

W. E. Kingdon's Canadian grandfather (maternal), John Gugin (Civil War vet) is buried at Elk City, Douglas, NE; and John's wife - Mary Fields Gugin, died near Ventura, CA in 1907.


M. A. Kingdon  1890 - 1968

Notes: Born Marne Annette Jacobson at Blair, Washington Co, NE; daughter of Ola & Marne (Mortensen) Jacobson. Married W. E. Kingdon in Washington Co., NE; had five children. Lived primarily at Kennard, NE from time of marriage - 1910 to 1942. Moved to California. Known as "Nettie"all her life, she legally changed her given name while living in Riverside. Nettie's parents are buried in Blair, NE.
     Her Mortensen grandparents are buried at Lincoln Lutheran Cemetery, Orum, Washington, NE. They were Mormon immigrants that dropped out of that church. They lived in Omaha, NE for a time, never went to Utah; eventually joined the local Lutheran Church.

Jill Smothers


born and died 2 Aug 1973

Notes: Daughter of Joe & Judith Smothers
Great-granddaughter of WE & MA Kingdon, born at Pomona, CA.

Masonic Section


Beloved Husband-Father  

Ted William Miller
Born in Fullerton, NE Feb. 15, 1908
Died in Sun City, CA Aug. 27, 1990
Devoted husband of Mildred M. Kingdon
Sons Ted Jr. & Richard Arlin

Notes: Son of Charles & Lilly (Evans) Miller. Attended UNL briefly, then took job selling shoes in Omaha, NE (1930).
     Worked primarily at "Buck's Bootery" stores in Omaha, Norfolk, and Columbus, NE. With wife & eldest son took "vacation" to San Bernardino, California in 1937; got a job and stayed. Five years later opened "Millers Shoes" in Barstow, CA. Was later a hotel owner, and a tax consultant in that town. 1949-1952: Returned to Fullerton, NE to assume his father's insurance & property management business. Returned to Barstow, CA. "Retired" to Sun City, CA in the 1960's.


Beloved Wife-Mother  

Mildred M. Miller
Born in Kennard, NE Jul. 15, 1911
Died in Placentia, CA Jan 14, 1994
Devoted wife of Ted W. Miller
Sons Ted Jr. & Richard Arlin

Notes: Born Mildred Marie Kingdon, dau of Wm. E. & Marne Annette "Nettie" (Jacobson) Kingdon; eldest of five children. Attended Boyle's Business College, was employed in Omaha as secretary to Fuller Brush manager when she met her future husband. They married in Fullerton, NE - at home of Ted Miller's parents (his father, Charles had undergone emergency surgery the week prior). Mildred's parents are buried in this same cemetery. Her two brothers, a brother-in-law and a niece are buried at the National Cemetery, east of Riverside, CA.


George Schubert / 1886-1983 / Rest in Peace

Schubert, George W. born c1886, Illinois - died 3 Jan 1963 at Riverside, CA
Buried 7 Jan 1963 in "Vesperland" grave 73G, Crestlawn Cemetery

Notes: He was second husband of Idamay HURD who was born 13 Oct 1899 in Emerson, Dixon, NE. She appears in the 1900 census in Franklin Co, NE with her parents, Charles Orrin & Lena Mae "Libbie" (THARP) HURD.
     Following their marriage George & Idamay lived in Belgrade, Fullerton, and Cedar Rapids, NE. Idamay died in 1954, at Genoa, Nance, NE. Her obituary says they married 20 Dec 1941, but does not give location. Dorothy (Hurd) Ahlers had a copy of George's obituary, which was about 3 lines! (from a Riverside newspaper?). She recognized the cemetery name and requested a photo of the gravestone.

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