Legislative Petition, Overton County, Tennessee 1813
This list establishes residency in Overton County, Tennessee in 1813 for the men who signed here and their families. I understand that it has been allowed as proof of service for inclusion in the Society of the United States Daughters of the War of 1812. Many of the names were written more than once, I included them all.

If there is a person here that you are researching and you would like for me to add you as a contact for further information, just send me an email . I'll be happy to add it.

Legislative Petition, Overton County, Tennessee 1813
To the honourable The General Assembly of the State of Tennessee now in Session....................................
The Petition of the subscribers, Inhabitants of the County of Overton, Humbly Sheweth, that they here disposed. To have a part in the Present War with Britanie Majesty's Savage Allies, Viz. The Creek Nation of Indians, and conceiving they can render greater services to the United States, as Mounted men than they could possibly do on foot, do humbly request that your Honourable Body would pass a law authorizing, Colonel Stephen Copeland of said county to raise by voluntary inlistment a force of 500 mounted men out of the 3d Judicial Circuit in said state to march against the said Nation of Indians or other tribes of the savage foe, and fight them in their wodn savage way, and act as Rangers & C, so long as it may appear necessary and that the said Volunteer Force when so raised may be paid and allowed the same pay for their services as other mounted men are allowed. In the services of the United States on similar occasions. And that the Senators and Representatives in the Congress of the United States be instructed to cause the said act when passed by your honourable body to be sanctioned by the National Legislature & C.
And your petitioners shall ever pray...
B. Totten
Jas. W. Campbell
Moore Matlock
James Finley
Wilie Hudleston
Thos Livingston
John Hackton (?)
Robt. Atkinson
Samuel Denton
William Upton
Peter Arnet
Jessee Ashburn - Contact Bobbie Murphy Farley for more info
William Upton
William McConney
John Horn
Joel Paris
David Stuart
Jon. H. Windle
Wm. Every
Isaiah Ruckman
Solomon Alrid
Isaac Hoover
Britten Smith
James Parks
John Meller
Phillip Wherey (?)
Arthur Mitchel
Isaick __________ (unreadable)
Benjn. Parrott - Contact Anita Tally for more info
Saml. Miller - Contact Donna Marsh for more info
Thos. Burford
Joseph Campbell
William Alrid
John Bughes (Could be Hughes)
Wm. Fleming
Benjn Brown
Jos. Harriss
Jno. Kennedy
Eliga Rogers
John Sisco
Michel Speer
R. Nels
James Boser (?)
_______ Johnson
Samuel Denton
William Upton
Peter Arnet
Jessee Ashburn
William Upton
William McConney
John Horn
John Walker
Corneles Carmack
Thomas McDaniel
Severn Alley
Joseph Eoney (?)
William Boswell
James Lee
James Offner
Filip Upton
Thomas Jenny
Guillow Sams (?)
Jacob Davis
William Sampson
Hollel Herron
Cornelas Connedy
Isaac Hooser
Edmon Crafford
William Stoutt
Henning Gore
Isa Row
John Lee
Robert Sevsis
Joel Paris
David Stuart
Jon H. Windle
Wm. Evans
Isaiah Ruckman
Wm. Alrid
Solomon Alrid
Isaac W. Hooser
Britton Smith
James Parks
Joshua Morrison
Arthur Babb
Saml. Callahan
Francis Chany
Alexr. Henslee
Chas. Matney
James Key
Abrm. Fulfer
Wm. Cooksey
Pattn. Pool - [Patrick Pool] Contact Nancy Almond for more info
Ephraim Wykoff
John Workman
Benjm. Workman
Robert Dale
Peter Bilyeu
John Maxwell
Hardy Honeycutt
James Maxwell
Isaac Cunningham
Jessy Gentry
Thos Gallion
Wm. Dale
The above names were wrote by me J. H. Windle at a General Muster by their requests.
Mason Kelly
Elijah Rogers
James Smith
Stephen Horn
Saml. Brown
Jacob Swallow - Contact Donna Marsh for more info
Zacriah Eldridge - Contact Donna Marsh for more info
John Hamoc
William Copeland
James Copeland
Stephen Copeland
Henry Dillon
Saml. Dillon
Wm. Allen - Contact Therese Wade for more info
James McBoots
Simon Sims
James Bradshaw
Sampson Eldridge - Contact Donna Marsh for more info
John Eldridge - Contact Donna Marsh for more info
? Gardenhire
W. Harrison
John Partrick
Stephen Sewel
John Grayham
Charles Staples
Greenwood Harrison
Andrew Swallows - Contact Paul Craven for more info
Stephen Mayfield
James Mayfield
Isaac Taylor
Richard Mullins
Nelson Ray
Henry Gillmore
Wm. Taylor
Hall Dilling
Emstort Wallker
Merel Littel
Wm. Harlow
James ?
Daniel Erwin
Carter Dalton
Joseph Garrott
John Flat
Joseph Harris
David Harris
Jesse Hull
John Huddleston
Allen Brack
John Cannon (could be Camon)
John Cargile
James Zachrey
John Grimsley
Joel Brock
Gideon Thomas
James Mabry
Daniel Camon
Isaac Shell
Wm. Gunnniels
John Erwin
Martin Grimsley
Vardiman Lee
Wm. Frat
Arthur Flowers
John Harris
John Goode
Benjamin Flowers
Benjamin Harrison
Frans. McConnell
Arthur Mitchell
Arthur Babb
Tviy Harp
Eli Harrison - Contact Carol Wilkerson for more info
Hiram Allen
Achilles Stephens
James Willard
Tobt. Boyd
Abraham Goodpasture
Joseph Grammer
Sterling Collier
George More
Wm. Coleman
Madison Fisk
Solomon Eaves
Randal Murray
John Smart
James McRoberts
David Liles
James Woods
Daniel Liles
Stephen Row
Henry Wood
Isaiah Row
Jacob Rook
John Davise
William Dobbs
George Gilpatrick
Henry Bailey
Jeremiah Holeman
William Officer
Walter Fisk
Tiry Harp
Eli Harrison
Hiram Allen
Achilles Stephens
Elijah Davis
Joel Cain
Thos. R. Harris
John Rolls
Thos. Masters
John W. Moore
John Goodpasture
John Savage
Reubin Witt
Arthur Goodpasture
John McCord
William Willard
Samuel Harris
Isam Johnson
James Murray
James McConnell
Isaac Hufiman
Jesse Masters

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