Bailey - Timothy Matlack Obit & Photo

TIMOTHY MATLACK, [poss. descendent of Wm. MATLOCK & Mary HANCOCK

Obituary: Continental Congressman; b. Haddonfield, N.J. March 28 1736; son of Timothy and (possibly ... Martha (RUSS) (BURR) M.; Educated in Quaker Schools in N.J. 1740's; m. 1st. to Ellen YARNALL, Oct.5, 1758, dau. of a Quaker Minister, m. 2nd., Elizabeth Claypoole COOPER, Aug 17, 1797; 5 children. Merchant in Philadelphia 1750 & 1760's; Disowned by the Society of Friends [Quakers] 1765. Asst. to Charles THOMPSON, Sec. of the Continental Congress, 1775; Member of the Provincial Congress at Carpenters' Hall, Phlia.1775; Joined Phlia. Associators, 1775; Wrote (Engrossed on Parchment) George WASHINGTON's Commission as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, 18 June 1775; Commanded Battalion Revolutionary War, served in the battle of Princeton, 1776 ; Member of the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention, July 1776; Member Penn. Committee on Safety, 24 July 1776; Keeper of the Great Seal of Penn., 1777; Sec. Supreme Executive Council of Penn. 6 March 1777-82; Trustee of University of Pa., 1779; Member of the American Philicophical Society in Philadelphia 1780-1829; An original director of the Bank of North America, 1781; When Republicans were voted into office, he was asked to resign as Secretary of the Supreme Executive Council. 1782; Presented a Silver Coffee Urn by the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania in recognition of his loyal services, 1783; Moved to New York, tried Mercantile Business but was unsuccessful and moved back to Philadelphia the same year, 1784; A founder of the Society of Free Quakers, 1787; A Commander sent to inspect navigable waters of Pennsylvania - assigned to the Delaware River, 1789-1790; Master of Rolls Penn. Alderman Philadelphia. 1813-1818; Prohonoary of The U.S. District Court at Phila., 1817; Timothy lived at Independence Hall and was care taker there in his later life. Died 14 April 1829 in his daughters home. Buried at the Free Quaker Burial Ground,Philadel-phia. Reinterred at Matson's Ford, Montgomery Co., [Flatlands of the Schukill River] opposite Valley Forge, 1905.

This information from, Who Was Who in America 1607-1896, and Col. Timothy MATLACK, Patriot and Soldier.


Later Compiled by Mary Lou Matlock BYERLY & Rev. J. Eldon MATLOCK

[I received it from Marilynn Matlock PRICE, Jan. 1991. WSB]


[A Public Sign Honoring Col. Timothy MATLACK]

Col. Timothy MATLACK, noted for his fine penmanship. Matlack pro-bably inscribed the Declaration of Independence on parchment in 1776. Commanded the "Shirt Battalion" during the revolution. He engaged in battle against the troops of England. Matlack died April 14, 1829 is buried nearby.

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