Children - Ancestors Williams-Brewster

Children of
The Ancestors of John Williams and Selina Brewster

First Generation - Williams
Children of John1 Williams and Elizabeth1 Simmons
i Richard Williams     bap 18 Jan 1789 Ernestown ON baptism: Langhorn Register p.24
iiHenry Williams bap 1 Jan 1792 Ernestown ON baptism: Langhorn Register p.27
iiiWilliam Williams bap 10 Jul 1793 Ernestown ON; bur 11 Jul 1793 Ernestown ON baptism:Langhorn Register p.28
burial:Langhorn Register p.76
ivDaniel Williams bap 9 Sep 1798 Ernestown ON baptism: Langhorn Register p.33
vJane Williams b. abt 1801; bap c. 1801 Fredericksburgh ON birth:McDowall Register p.36 (no date given, listed with others that were born in 1801)
marriage: she may be the Jane Williams who was married on 5 Dec 1814, to David Van Valkenburg (McDowall Register p.14)
viMary Williams bur 11 Mar 1805 Ernestown ON burial: Langhorn Register p.78
viiJohn Williams b. 6 Feb 1804 Ernestown ON See The Descendants of John Williams and Selina Brewster.
viiiHannah Williams b. 22 Dec 1805; bap 9 Feb 1806 Ernestown ON; ma John Vansnier/Vanmear baptism:McDowall Register p.31
marriage: land records
ixCatharine Williams She received land in 1836
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Second Generation - Williams
Children of John2 Williams and possibly Catharine2 [--?--]
(birth order is approximate)
iJohn Williams b. c.1757 See Ancestor Chart #4.
iiCatherine Williams ma Walter Ross of Ameliasburgh ON
iiiAnn Williams bur Sophiasburg ON; ma 28 Dec 1790 Ernestown ON to Richard Morden, son of Joseph Wilkinson Morden and Lucretia/Lorania Howell; witnesses Nathan & Ruth Williams, John & Lucretia Morden; settled in Sophiasburg ON. general: UEL Lineage II p.784
burial: Langhorn Register p.4
ivRuth Williams b. c.1774; d. 3 Jul 1843; bur Lents Cemetery, Hamilton Twp, Northumberland Co. ON; ma David Lent between 1790 when she witnessed a marriage and 1800 when she received land as Ruth Lent general: UEL Lineage II p.1236
vRichard Williams ma Elizabeth [--?--] before 1789 when his son was baptized.
viJames Williams ma 31 Dec 1789 Ernestown ON to Amy Perry, daughter of Robert Perry and Jemima Washburn; witnesses Robert Perry, Nathan Briscoe and Ruth Williams. general: records for Lot 4, Conc 5, Ernestown; UEL Lineage II p.844
marriage: Langhorn Register p.3
viiJane Williams b. 27 May 1777; d. 14 May 1845; bur 4th Line Cemetery, Ernestown ON; ma c.1800 to Daniel Perry, son of Robert Perry and Jemima Washburn. general: UEL Lineage II p.845
burial: Fifteen Cemeteries p.65
viiiJoshua Williamscalled "a boy" on the old UEL list; received land in 1800.
ixMary Williams d. b/4 25 Nov 1818; ma 20 Oct 1771 Salem, Westchester Co. NY to William Rogers, son of John Rogers. He died between 25 Nov 1818 and 21 Apr 1820. general: UEL Lineage II p.925
marriage: NYGB Record 31:174
xMargaret Williams She received land in 1812 marriage: probably the Margaret Williams who was married, on 2 Mar 1812 in Fredericksburgh, ON, to Alexander Ross, son of Walter Ross and Catherine Williams. (McDowall Register p.12)
xiSarah Ann Williams   received land in 1835; ma Daniel Ross b/4 1835
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Children of Henry2 Simmons and Anna Margaretha2 Bonenstiehl
iAnna Maria Simon bap 25 Jan 1764 Hoosick NY general: Jones, Palatines p.970
iiElizabeth Simon bap 4 Aug 1765 Hoosick NY See Ancestor Chart #5.
iiiJohn Simon general: Jones, Palatines p.970
ivMoses Simon bap 9 Jun 1769 St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Albany NY general: Jones, Palatines p.970
baptism: transcribed records of St. Peter's Church, Capitol District Genealogical Society Newsletter, May 1992, p.15
vDaniel Simonbap 28 Jul 1773 Churchtown NY general: Jones, Palatines p.970
viNicholas Simon bap 28 Jul 1775 Churchtown NY; d. 1826; bur Wilton Cemetery, Simmons Mills ON; ma Sarah Hannah general: UEL Lineage II p.1031; Jones, Palatines p.970
viiCatharine Simon bap 1 Apr 1777 Hillsdale NY; ma 20 Nov 1794 to Francis Pruyn. general: Jones, Palatines p.970
marriage: Langhorn Register p.7
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Third Generation - Williams
Children of Johannes3 Simon and Maria Barbara3 Honigen
iAnna Magdalena Simon b. 9 Mar 1733/4 Rhinebeck NY; bap sponsors: Michel Hengen & wife Magdel; joined Red Hook Lutheran Church 15 May 1751; ma Abraham Kranckheid general: Jones, Palatines p.969-70
iiAnna Maria Simon b. 18 Jul 1735 Rhinebeck NY; bap sponsors: Willhelm Siemon & wf Anna Maria; joined Red Hook Lutheran Church 15 May 1751 general: Jones, Palatines p.969-70
iiiAnna Elizabetha Simon joined Red Hook Lutheran Church 18 May 1752; ma Johann Peter Bonenstiehl; he was in Capt. Jeremiah Hogeboom's Company in 1767 general: Jones, Palatines p.969-70
ivWilhelm Simon bap 28 Jan 1738/9 Kingston NY (sponsors Johan Willem Simon & Anna Maria Sterner); joined Red Hook Lutheran Church 4 Jun 1757; on Rhinebeck NY tax rolls in 1762; ma Magdalena Stickel general: Jones, Palatines p.969-70
vHenry Simonb. August 1740; bap 2 Nov 1740 Teerbosch NY (sponsors: Henry Godfried & wf Maria) See Ancestor Chart #10.
viCatharina Simon bap 31 Oct 1742 Red Hook NY (sponsors: Jacob Kohl & Catharina Simon); ma Hermann Jacobi general: Jones, Palatines p.969-70
viiJohann Michael Simon bap 23 Dec 1744 in Red Hook NY (sponsors: Johan Michel Simon & Barbara Bonenstiel) general: Jones, Palatines p.969-70
viiiAnna Simon bap 4 Dec 1746 Red Hook NY (sponsors: Antonius Schuck & his wife); ma(1) Wilhelm Jacobi; ma(2) Jacob Van Deusen general: Jones, Palatines p.969-70
ixAnna Margaretha Simon bap 15 Jan 1748/9 Germantown NY (sponsors: Clas Stickel & Anna Margareth Stickel); ma Georg Finckel general: Jones, Palatines p.969-70
xChristina Simon bap 15 May 1751 Red Hook NY (sponsors: Nicolaas Philip & wf Christina Fonk) general: Jones, Palatines p.969-70
xiJacob Simon ma Margaretha Keller general: Jones, Palatines p.969-70
xiiJohannes Simon bap 18 May 1755 Red Hook NY (sponsors: Joh. Richter & Elisabetha Simon) general: Jones, Palatines p.969-70
xiiiBalthasar Simon bap 19 Jun 1757 in Red Hook NY (sponsors: Balthasar Simon & Elisabetha Bonenstiehl) general: Jones, Palatines p.969-70
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Children of Niclaus3 Bonenstiehl and Anna Elisabetha3 Treber
iAnna Margaretha Bonenstiehl bap 4 Sep 1743 Red Hook NY (sponsors: Nicklas Bonenstiel and wife Anna Elisabeth) See Ancestor Chart #11.
iiCatharina Bonenstiehl bap 7 Apr 1745 Red Hook NY (sponsors: Pitter Treber and wife Catterina); ma Abraham Simon, son of Michael Simon and Anna Barbara Bonenstiehl general: Jones, Palatines p.84
iiiAnna Maria Bonenstiehl b. 17 Oct 1746 Rhinebeck NY; ma Killian Rickard general: Jones, Palatines p.84
ivJohannes Bonenstiehl b. 1 Jan 1748/9 Rhinebeck NY general: Jones, Palatines p.84
vElisabeth Bonenstiehl b. 1 Oct 1750 Rhinebeck NY general: Jones, Palatines p.84
viFrederick Bonenstiehl general: Jones, Palatines p.84
viiNicolaus Bonenstiehl bap 26 May 1754 Red Hook NY (sponsors: Nicolaes Boonestell and Elizabeth Boonesteel) general: Jones, Palatines p.84
viiiPhilipus Bonenstiehl bap 22 Dec 1755 Red Hook NY (sponsors: Philip Bonenstiehl and Elisabetha Hagedorn) general: Jones, Palatines p.84
ixLodowick Bonenstiehl b. 20 Feb 1760; d. 14 Nov 1841; bur Bonesteel Cemetery, Grafton NY general: Jones, Palatines p.84
xHenrich Bonenstiehl b. 8 May 1761 Rhinebeck NY general: Jones, Palatines p.84
xiAnna Bonenstiehl b. 23 Jun 1766 Churchtown NY; ma Jeremiah Smith general: Jones, Palatines p.84
xiiMagdalena Bonenstiehl b. 20 Jan 1770 Manorton NY; ma Henry Wager general: Jones, Palatines p.84
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Fourth Generation - Williams
Child of Johann Wilhelm4 Simon and his unknown first wife
iCatharina Simon ma 28 Feb 1723/4 Kingston NY to Jacob Kohl

Children of Johann Wilhelm4 Simon and Anna Maria4 Sterner
iiJohann Ulrich Simon b. 26 Oct 1711 West Camp NY (sponsors: Jul Ulrich Bernhard & Eleonora Cath. Kistler).
iiiJohannes Simon b. abt 1712 See Ancestor Chart #20.
ivBalthasar Simon conf. February 1736/7 Theerbos NY; on the Rhinebeck tax rolls from 1736/7 to 1771; ma Elisabetha Bonenstiehl
vAnna Elisabetha Simon b. 9 Jun 1716 West Camp NY (sponsors: David Kistler & Anna Elisabeth Schmid); ma Johannes Richter
viMichael Simon conf. February 1736/7 Rhinebeck NY; on the Rhinebeck tax rolls in 1736/7; ma Anna Barbara Bonenstiehl
viiJohann Peter Simon b. Nov 1721 Teerbosch NY (sponsors: Johan Peter Propert & Magdalena Schauern); conf. 17 Jun 1744 Rhinebeck NY; ma Catharina Michael(s) general: Jones, Palatines p.972-73
viiiJacob Simon conf. 17 Jun 1744 Rhinebeck NY; on the Rhinebeck NY tax rolls from 1747/8 to 1778; ma Anna Maria Laungeneral: Jones, Palatines p.973-74
ixAlbertus Simon conf. 21 Oct 1744 Rhinebeck NY; on the Rhinebeck tax rolls in 1747/8 and the North East tax rolls in 1753; ma Elisabetha [--?--]. general: Jones, Palatines p.974-75
xHenrich Simon on the Rhinebeck NY tax rolls from 1747/8 to June 1755; ma Susannah Margaretha Treber (sponsors: Bastian Dreber and wife Christina) general: Jones, Palatines p.975
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Children of Michael4 Honigan and Magdalena4 [--?--]
iMaria Barbara Honigan See Ancestor Chart #21.
iiAnna Elisabetha Honigan b. 10 Aug 1717 West Camp NY (sponsors: Johann Stahl & Elisabeth Duntzbach) general: Jones, Palatines p.401
iiiMargaretha Honigan ma John Losch/Lusk general: Jones, Palatines p.401
ivSusanna Margaretha Honigan b. late October 1720; bap Camp NY (sponsors: Nicolaus Philipp and Susanna Margareta Philipps) general: Jones, Palatines p.401
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Children of Niklaas4 Bonenstiehl and Anna Margaretha4 Kuhn
i.Elisabetha Bonenstiehl conf 24 May 1732, Rhynbek; ma Balthasar Simon general:Jones, Palatines p.83
ii.Susanna Margretha Bonenstiehl b. 5 Nov 1714 (sponsor: Susanna Margretha Schneider); conf 24 May 1732, Rhynbek; ma 30 May 1739 at Camp 30 May 1739 general:Jones, Palatines p.83
iii.Anna Barbara Bonenstiehl ma Michel Simon general:Jones, Palatines p.83
iv.Nicolaus Bonenstiehl b. 17 Mar 1721/2 Rhinebeek NY; cf. 1740 Theerbos NY See Ancestor Chart #22
v.Johann David Bonenstiehl b. 27 Apr 1726 Rheynbek (sponsors: Joseph Reichard and wife Anna Maria); conf 10 Apr 1743 Kamp; in Capt. Jeremiah Hogeboom's Company in 1767; ma 1 Apr 1749 to Anna Barbara Hagedorn; will dated 4 Nov 1790, probated 22 Jan 1791. general:Jones, Palatines p.84-85
vi.Johann Peter Bonenstiehl conf 21 Oct 1744 Rhynbek; in Capt. Jeremiah Hogeboom's Company in 1767; ma Anna Elisabetha Simon general:Jones, Palatines p.85
vii.Johann Philip Bonenstiehl b. 18 Jan 1730 Haneman Saalbach's at Kamp (sponsors Philipp Kuns and wife Maria Liese); conf 3 Nov 1745 Rhynbek; ma Elisabetha Hgedorn general:Jones, Palatines p.85
viii.Johann Friederich Bonenstiehl b. 6 Mar 1732; bap Rhynbek (sponsors: Jo. Frid. Meyer and wife Anna Barbel); conf 5 Feb 1748/9 Theerbosch; in Capt. Abraham Van Aernam's Company above Poesten Kill in 1767; ma Catharina Mayer general:Jones, Palatines p.85-86
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Children of Peter4 Treber and Anna Catherina Dorothea4 [~~?~~]
i.Anna Elisabetha Treber b. abt 1720; conf 6 Jul 1740 See Williams Ancestor Chart #23
ii.Johannes Treber conf 13 Apr 1740; ma 23 Jun 1748 to Clara Cuntz general:Jones, Palatines p.1036
iii.Carl Treber b. 23 Feb 1726 (sponsors: Carol Neher & wf Anna); conf 17 Jun 1744; ma 16 Sep 1746 to Anna Margaretha Cuntz general:Jones, Palatines p.1036
iv.Anna Maria Treber b. 25 Nov 1727 (sponsor: Anna Maria Rinhard); ma(1) 24 Nov 1747 to Wilhelm Hagedorn; ma(2) 8 Feb 1767 to Friederich Schaffer general:Jones, Palatines p.1036
v.Maria Barbaa Treber b. 20 Aug 1729 (sponsors: Hans Velten Scheffer & wf Maria Barbel); conf 21 Oct 1744; ma Bernhardt Neher general:Jones, Palatines p.1036
vi.Susanna Margaretha Treber bap 3 Oct 1731 (sponsors Bastian Dreber & wf Christina); conf 1748; ma Henrich Simon general:Jones, Palatines p.1036-1037
vii.Eva Elisabetha Treber 8 Mar 1735 (sponsors: Sebastian Trever & wf Christ.); conf 1749; ma 15 Oct 1751 to Philip Haner See Ryan Ancestor Chart #715
viii.Catharina Treber b. 11 Oct 1737 (sponsors: Bastian Treber & wf Christina) general:Jones, Palatines p.1037
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Fifth Generation - Williams
Children of Mathias5 Kuntz and Anna Margaretha5 Lucken
i.Johann Leonhardt Kuntz b. 4 Jan 1688 (Sponsors: Johann Leonhard Kuntz the brother, Hans Wendel Wund, and Frau Eva Magdalena ...; conf 1701. general:Jones, Palatines p.502
ii.Anna Margaretha Kuhn b. 31 Mar 1689 See Ancestor Chart #45
iii.Johann Jacob Kuntz bap 16 Apr 1690 (sponsors: Marthel Maurer, Hans Jacob Ludt, Anna Maria Ludt); conf 1706; ma 2 Nov 1714 to Susanna Michel general:Jones, Palatines p.503
iv.Johann George Kuntz bap 4 Nov 1691 (sponsors: Hanns Jakob Kuntz, Hans George Bietsch, Frau Anna Juliane Mauere); conf 1706; prob ma 9 Oct 1739 to Anna Margaretha Buck general:Jones, Palatines p.503
v.Philip Henrich Kuntz bap 31 May 1693 (sponsors: Philips Brauninger, Henrich Pech, Sybilla Muller); ma(1) 26 Jun 1716 to Elizabetha Manngen; ma(2) Anna Barbara [--?--] general:Jones, Palatines p.503-505
vi.Anna Maria Kuntz b. or bap 1696 (sponsors: Conrad Ziegler, Anna Catharina (wife of Simon), Anna Maria Maul) general:Jones, Palatines p.505
vii.Johann Wilhelm Kuntz bap 23 Feb 1698 (sponsors: Hans Wilhelm Ziegler, Hans Georg Diener, Anna Margaretha Cuntz) general:Jones, Palatines p.505
viii.Georg Nicolaus Kuntz bap as Georg Michel 21 Mar 1700 (sponsors: Hans Nickel Wolflinger, Pastor Georg Albrecht Beltzer, Anna Elisab. Scherer); ma Agnes Catharina (Buck?) general:Jones, Palatines p.505
ix.Johann Peter Kuntz bap 16 Jul 1702 (sponsors: Maria Margaretha Wunn, Hans Peter Lorentz, Hans Jakob Ehrstein); bur 23 Jul 1708 general:Jones, Palatines p.505-506
Children of Mathias5 Kuntz and Anna Margareth Spitz
x.Anna Barbara Kuntz bap 29 Aug 1706 (sponsors Anna Cath. Diener, Anna Barbara Lucken, Hans Peter Kuntz) general:Jones, Palatines p.506
xi.Anna Catharina Kuntz bap 18 p Trin 1708 (sponsors: Maria Catharina Klager, Anna Catharina Klein, Hans David Jungk) general:Jones, Palatines p.506
xii.Johann David Kuntz bap 24 Jun 1711 (sponsors: Johann Bernhard, J. David Ifland, Anna Barbara Schumacher); conf 2 p Trin 1737; ma Catharina Hagedorn general:Jones, Palatines p.506
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Children of Johann Nicolaus5 Treber and Anna Maria5 Hoffman
i.Anna Apollonia Treber bap 12 Dec 1694 (sponsors: Philipps Lahr & wf Anna Apollonia); conf 1706 general:Jones, Palatines p.1034
ii.Sebastian Treber bap 23 Sept 1696 (sponsors: Sebastian Engles & wf) general:Jones, Palatines p.1034
iii.Susanna Margaretha Treber b. 26 Sep 1698 (sponsors: Anna Margaretha Treber, Susanna Lahr general:Jones, Palatines p.1035-1036
iv.Peter Treber bap 18 Jul 1699 (sponsors: Peter Treber & wf Anna Maria) See Ancestor Chart #46
v.Elisabetha Treber bap 30 Jul 1702 (sponsor: Elisabeth Hoffmann) general:Jones, Palatines p.1037
vi.Anna Catharina Treber bap 31 Aug 1704 (sponsors: Anna Cath ..., Catharina ... general:Jones, Palatines p.1037
vii.Johann Nicolaus Treber bap 5 Sep 1706 (sponsors: Joh. Nicolaus Stotzel & wf) general:Jones, Palatines p.1037
viii.Andreas Treber bap 25 Nov 1706 (sponsors: Andreas Muller & wf) general:Jones, Palatines p.1037
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Sixth Generation - Williams
Children of Johann Nickel6 Cuntz and Maria Clara6 Klager
i.Matthias Cuntz/Kuntz See Ancestor Chart #90
ii.Hans Jacob Cuntz conf 1682; bur 14 Sep 1701; ma 28 Apr 1697 to Anna Eva Wolff general:Jones, Palatines p.502
iii.Anna Maria Cuntz conf 1685 general:Jones, Palatines p.502
iv.Johann Georg Cuntz conf 1690 general:Jones, Palatines p.502
v.poss Johann Nikolaus Cuntz conf 1696 general:Jones, Palatines p.502
vi.poss John Bartholomaus Cuntz conf 1696 general:Jones, Palatines p.502
vii.Johann Leonhardt Cuntz called brother to Matthias in 1688 general:Jones, Palatines p.502
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Children of Peter6 Treber and Anna6 [--?--]
i.Johann Nicolaus Treber bap 16 Jun 1660 (sponsor; Nicolaus Rodenbach) See Ancestor Chart #92
ii.Margaretha Treber bap 14 Feb 1663 (sponsor: Margaretha Muller) general:Jones, Palatines p.1033
iii.Ch Treber bap 8 Apr 1666 (sponsor: Christophorus Schiffmann) general:Jones, Palatines p.1033
Children of Peter6 Treber and Catharina [--?--]
iv.Catharina Treber bap 24 Oct 1669 (sponsor: Catharina) general:Jones, Palatines p.1033
v.Anna Barbara Treber bap 1 Feb 1674 (sponsor: Margaretha Kerrwagen) general:Jones, Palatines p.1033
vi.Johannes Treber bap 18 Jun 1676 (sponsor: Johannes Weydner) general:Jones, Palatines p.1033
vi.Abraham Treber bap 17 Nov 1678 (sponsor: Abraham Clauberg) general:Jones, Palatines p.1033
vii.Maria Elisabetha Treber bap 8 Jan 1682 (sponsors: Peter Clemens and his wife Maria Elisabetha) general:Jones, Palatines p.1033
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