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This page is provided as support for the BARRACLOUGH-L mailing list.

The BARRACLOUGH mailing list is a discussion area for anyone who has an interest in the BARRACLOUGH surname and its variants (e.g. Barrowclough, Barracliffe, etc.).

What's New

5 Sept 2002 A Barraclough "Family Crest"

1 Jan 2001    Photographs added to "Clockies of Dollymoor" pages, including a Barraclough clock. and images of Haworth.

24 December 2000    Additions to the Biographies pages for the "Clockies of Dollymoor", Haworth, WRY.

Dec. 2000   Biographies added for Luke and Henry Barraclough (Australians)



We Barracloughs are tough
We Barracloughs are thorough.
We’ve shaken every bough,
We’ve beaten every borough.
Directories we plough
Methodically through
Are each a very trough
Of Goughs and Houghs
– a slough.
Of Cloughs and Bloughs.
What though
We come down with the cough?
What though we squander dough
And time? It is enough
To know there is no –ough
That rhymes with Barraclough.

George Starbuck

From a tattered copy that says from the New Yorker, by courtesy of Jeannette Claridge
Further details of the author are sought.


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