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Time Line

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This page is available to list details of significant dates. Like most pages on the AUS-NSW-WEST website, it relies on input from everyone to grow to be a resource for all.


Moree officially opened up to settlement as a town.


January: Heavy rainfall in Queensland, resulting in "the biggest flood [on the Darling] in thirty years" (Federal Standard, Wentworth)

May 24th Floodwaters at Menindie twenty miles wide.

June 28th Floodwaters still obstructing movement of mails.

October Coaches again able to travel upriver from Pooncarie.

December Coaches again able to travel between Wentworth and Pooncarie.



Shearer's Strike at Grassmere, on the Darling River



Drought resulting in many paddle steamers being stranded in the Darling River, esp. at Bourke.


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Last updated on 22 July 2018