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This page is available to list details of photographers in outback NSW. Like most pages on the AUS-NSW-WEST website, it relies on input from everyone to grow to be a resource for all. So, if you have a name of a photographer, with a date and place of operation, please feel free to add them to the list.

This may help other people date photographs they have in their collections.

Please note that many would have continued operation after 1900, and any information that would extend these dates would be appreciated.

This list has mainly been abstracted from The Mechanical Eye in Australia: Photography 1841-1900 by Alan Davies & Peter Stanbury.

Sources of Information
other than those in The Mechanical Eye, appear in square brackets at the end of an entry, and are amplified at the bottom of this page.

The assistance of the List Deputy in the compilation of this page is most appreciated.

Archbald (Archibald), E.A. Silverton, 1888-1891

Baxter, E. Deniliquin, 1889-1897

Brasnel, Mrs M.E. Wilcannia, 1894-1897

Brasnell, Herbert Milparinka, 1886-1887, Wilcannia 1888-1891

Brooks, Jas. R. Coonamble, 1894-1895,

Bundren, W.S. (& Sons) Nyngan,1900, Qld 1897-1898

Burnell, George. Echuca,1862 Travelling photographer. Also Adelaide 1862.

Charlton, A. Hay, 1889-1900

Coates, Mrs R. Nynagee, 1888-1891; Coonamble, 1892

Cowdell, Joseph T. Broken Hill, 1889-1890

Crowther, Thomas E. Hare St, Echuca, 1884-1891, also Berrigan 1900 and Deniliquin (date unknown)

Dodston, J. Broken Hill, 1895

Doolette, A.S. & Co. Broken Hill, 1894-1895; Oxide St, Broken Hill, 1895-1896; West Aust 1896-1900

Dugdale, Carl T. East St, Narrandera, 1894-1900

Duryea, R. High St, Echuca, 1888-1891,West Aust 1897- 1900

Eather & Co. Nyngan (possibly some time between 1860-1890)

Geyer, Henry H. Hay, 1876; Lachlan St, Hay, 1883-1890

Girard & Co. Argent St, Broken Hill, 1899-1900

Grill, George F. Cobar, 1886-1897

Grimwood, William High St, Echuca, 1888-1900

Gurr, Alex. Broken Hill,1900; in Sth Aust 1895,1896

Havenhand, Henry. Nyngan, 1895-1896; also Sunny Corner NSW some time between 1867-1900+

Hay Photographic Studio
. Lachlan St, Hay, 1888-1891

Hill, A.N. Silverton, 1889-1890

Hosking, T.C. Broken Hill, 1895

Jefferson, Thomas. End St, Deniliquin, 1866-1867

Jefferson, Thomas B.,End St, Deniliquin, 1884-1890

Kanter, Gilsoe. Barringun, 1896-1897

Kendall, George Henry. High St, Echuca, 1866-1868, 1888-1889

Leese, A. Bourke, 1900

Lewin, Raphael. Deniliquin, 1859, travelling photographer

Lewis, S.L. Oxide St, Broken Hill, 1899-1900, previously Sth Aust 1895-1896

Marshall, W. Cressy St, Deniliquin, possibly at Deniliquin some time between 1860-1890. Associated with Royal Arts Studios. Late of Ross & Co.

Mason, C. Broken Hill, 1900

Moser, H. Echuca, Deniliquin, Hay. Possibly at Deniliquin some time between 1860-1890. Also in various Victorian towns

Newell & Co. Bourke, 1895-1897

O'Malley, Patterson & Co
. Broken Hill, 1889-1890

Patterson, Broken Hill. See O'Malley, Patterson & Co.

Patterson & Co. Argent St, Broken Hill, 1895-1897; also Melbourne 1896

Patterson, John. Broken Hill, 1895-1896

Patterson, R. Broken Hill, 1892

Peirce, J. Duncan. Broken Hill, 1887

Pinchin, G.F. Walgett, c1899

Rees, J.M. Coonamble, 1896-1897

Rigby. Darling River, 1895; see also Russell & Rigby, travelling photographers.

Roberts, George. Warren, 1896-1897

Rodgers, Phillip S. Cobar, 1889-1892

Ross & Co. Cressy St, Deniliquin, possibly some time between 1860-1890

Ross, D.J. Cabinet card c.1900-1905 sighted with "D.J.Ross, Wentworth", handwritten on front in purple ink. (Linda)

Russell & Rigby. Darling River, 1895; also Russell & Rigby, travelling photographers.

Sadler, George. Lachlan St, Hay, 1889-1896

Sadler, J. Hay, 1895

Scott, Robert. Sulphide St, Broken Hill, 1900

Shephard, Charles A. Brewarrina, 1900; also in Forbes 1884-1885 and Albury possibly some time between 1860-1890

Smith, W.W. Walgett, 1885-1885; also in Qld 1887-1888

Stevens, Henry T was a travelling photographer from Wilcannia at least 1886-1894, who photographed people along the Darling River. Many of his photographs show rough backgrounds with stones and sand clearly seen. It is possible that he travelled along the Darling River by paddle steamer, and set up where-ever there was an interest in having photographs taken. 

An 1888 advertisement announced "Mr H.T. Stevens, well-known on the river for his exceptionally brillliant work, will remain in Wentworth until further notice. Landscape and portrait Photography. Look for further announcement" [Linda]

Thrower, W.D. was at Wilcannia some time before 1877, then at Bairnsdale in Victoria in 1877 and Warragul in Victoria in 1885. [Linda]

, H.T. Coonamble, 1895

Wilson, Charles. Bourke, 1889-1895; also in W.A. 1895-1899

, G. Wilcannia, 1900


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