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Outback Stories

This page is available for the publication of material, both from newspapers and from research, about life in outback Western New South Wales. It is a place where you can post those interesting family stories, or discuss your family's involvement with the harsh conditions under which they lived. Like most pages on the AUS-NSW-WEST website, it relies on input from everyone to grow to be a resource for all.

Injury in the Bush

From a yellowed, undated clipping in possession of the Barraclough family:

While in the north-west corner of NSW I met with many instances of the stoical endurance of the bush youngster. The north-west, on account of the distances between waterholes, calls on the disabled for more endurance than elsewhere. One instance was that of a fourteen-year-old boy called Barraclough, whose home was on Sandy Creek. he was out stock-hunting when his horse threw him and broke one of his legs. Binding it as firmly as he could, he crawled about until he found a forked stick which he used as a crutch, then limped around until he caught his horse. By this time thirst was adding to the other torture, there was no water near and home was twelve miles away. Dragging himself into the saddle, he set off as quickly as the dangling leg would allow him, spurred by the remembrance that the overseer and storekeeper of the sheep run he was on (Packsaddle) had both perished of thirst while driving in a buggy to a boundary rider's camp a little while before. He got through without a growl, and, after recovering from one torment, was driven by his mother to White Cliffs for medical aid. It was a long drive, and what made it particularly rememberable was that shortly after reaching the town they received word that their home had been destroyed by fire, and a second child had met with a serious accident. [Linda]

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Last updated on 22 July 2018