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Menindee & Broken Hill Reference Books

Mary Wilson suggests:-

. Waltzing Matilda 1895-19985 ---------Richard Mc Goffin
. Australian Folk Lore---A K Mc Dougall
. Collection of Verse --------AB Paterson
. Blasted Crows-----------Bob Magor
. Blood on the Board-----Bob Magor
. Snakes Alive------------Bob Magor
. Bush Verse & Others-------------Anne Rogers
. Broken Hill Sketchbook
. This is Broken Hill------Douglas Postlethwaite
. The other Side of Broken Hill-----Trevor Wall
. Yarns From all Around Australia-------------Mike Hayes

. Safe Outback Travel---------------------Jack Absalom
. NSW Tours
. Murray River Pilot------Baker--Reschke
. Outback Travel NSW-----Brian Sheedy
. Four Ways-National Parks from Broken Hill

. Menindee -----------------Sandra Maiden
. Echoes in the Bush-------------Sandra Maiden
. Shepherds of the West----------------Julie Murkins
. Menindee Central School 1868-1990----Julie Murkins
. Menindee Lakes Storage---------Water Resources Commission
. Whiskey Makes you Well-----------Geoffrey H Manning
. West of the Darling---------Bobbie Hardy
. Bushman of thr Great Anabranch-------------Maxine Withers
. The Netley Story-------------D Haeusler
. Wings over the Wilderness------------------by Margaret Joy

. The History of Pooncarie & District
. The Historic Town of Wentworth
. The Boundary Riders----------Allyn Mann
. Down thge Darling-----The Charles Bayliss Photographs
. Beyond the Darling ------Swann
. The Emergence of Bioregionalism in the Murray Darling Basin

. Mootwingee, The Rock Holes---------------by John Gerritsen
. Tibooburra Corner Country-----------John Gerritsen
. Red Rover--------------------------Mike Steel
. Innaminka, The Town with Two Lives---------HM Tolcher
. In the Steps of Burke & Wills--------------by Tom Bergin
. DIG: The Burke & Wills Saga---------------by Frank Clune
. The Mystery of the Leichhardt Survivor-------------Les Perrin
. To the Desert with Sturt------------Daniel George Brock
. The Dreadnought of the Darling---------CEW Bean
. The Cattle King---------Ion Idriess
. The Red Chief---------Ion Idriess
. Gold Dust & Ashes------------Ion Idriess
. Flying Doctors----------Harry Hudson
. Crocodiles and Other People-------Douglas Lockwood

. Tracks------------------------------Max Jones
. A Man Called Possum-----------------Max Jones

. The Artists of Broken Hill---------Barry Ellis
. Flannel and Dungarees ------------Rag
. Broken Hill, A Pictorial History------------by RHB Kearns
. Broken Hill 1883-1893-------------------by RHB Kearns
. Broken Hill 1894-1914------------------RHB Kearns
. Broken Hill 1915-1939---------------------RHB Kearns
. Broken Hill 1940-1973---------------------RHB Kearns
. Silverton ---------------------------------------RHB Kearns
. There’s Some Bloody Funny People on the Road to Broken Hill--------Dennis Gregory & Alf Manciagli
. Peeps from the Past-----Jenny Camilleri

. Triumph of the Nomads--------------------Geoffrey Blainey
. Life Among the Aborigines-----------Bill Harney
. Lament of the Barkindji------------------------Bobbie Hardy
. Tibby Briar-------------My Story
. Mayagarthi------------Beryl Philp-Carmichael
. Paakantyi Dictionary--------Luise Hercus

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