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Lone Graves

This page is available to list details of lone graves in Western New South Wales. Like most pages on the AUS-NSW-WEST website, it relies on input from everyone to grow to be a resource for all.

Sources of Information appear in square brackets at the end of the entry, and are amplified at the bottom of this page.

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May Lambert's grave at Studley. The sand is now well above the concrete supports.

Barraclough, Charles Edward Plush, was born at Kapana, on the Darling River south of Pooncarie in 1881, son of Charles Barraclough and Rebecca nee Lehman. He was drowned there (in the Darling River??) in February 1883 and buried nearby. A small area of stones marked the grave. It is unknown if it can be located today. [Linda]

Barraclough. A Barraclough child is buried, apparently with a headstone, at Packsaddle, on the road from Broken Hill to Tibooburra. Frank and Rebecca Barraclough had the Iduna park Hotel near Cobham Lake on the Packsaddle run from 1909 until the early 1920s, but the identity of this child (as their child or grandchild) is yet to be established. [Linda]

Dodd, Isabella (nee Bevitt) Cryon side of Goangra Bridge (near Walgett). Headstone. Isabella was born 1804, London, Eng. The daughter of Joseph Bevitt & Mary Gager, she came free with her mother (convict) and 3 siblings on Lord Melville, Feb. 1817, and married John Dodd (convict) in 1823. They had 13 children, 9 of whom survived to adulthood. Between 1840 - 47 they moved between Windsor, Rylstone & Walgett, after which they were in Walgett permanently. Isabella died 29 April 1860 in Goangra and was buried by her husband. [Val]

Kennedy, Eliza. Marble headstone at the site of a former hotel at Cobham Lake between Broken Hill and Tibooburra. Reads "In memory of Eliza Kennedy, aged 32 years, who died 6th January 1886". She was said to be the housekeep at the hotel, and suffered from epilepsy. [Linda]

Lambert, May Ruth, was the daughter of George Lambert and Edith nee Barraclough. In 1909, while the family was living at the Darling River Hotel at Old Tarcoola (today Lethero), south of Pooncarie, May, who was six years old, took ill. Family lore is that she died while being readied for transport to medical aid, and she was taken to Studley for burial. Old photographs of her headstone show a flat paddock in the background, but in the early 1980s the headstone had sand higher around it, and was on a slope. It is possible there were originally other other unmarked graves nearby, which is why she was taken to Studley for burial, with evidence of them now being buried. [Linda]

Multiple Graves

The station Youendah, on south bank of Barwon River about 20 km from Walgett, has many lone graves, I do not know if they are marked. Some are - Henrietta Keyes, d. 1869, dau. of owner, Henry Keyes, d. 1870, owner, Isabella & Sarah Dodd d. 1872 of diphtheria, daus. of John Dodd (2) & Emma Mason; Sarah Potts nee Cook, d. 1871 in childbirth; Minnie Potts d. 1872. [Val]

On Kigwigal station (exact location not yet found) near Walgett, the twin daus. of Anne Noy & James Carter, d. 1867. [Val]


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Grave at Fowlers Gap, 1981, before removal of headstone.
The identity of the person buried there is not known.

Names not Known

Yantara Hotel site . (Mount Browne/Milparinka???) [Linda]

Wittabrinna Hotel: On the track east from Tibooburra, on Connulpie Downs. [Linda]


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