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The Albert Hotel, Milparinka/Albert, was built by George Blore in April 1882. Over the years owned by the O'Connor, Bonnet and Baker families. Today the town's only hotel and surviving building (1980). The Royal Albert Hotel was owned by Herbert Brasnell. See also the Royal Hotel. [Source 1]

Albermarle Hotel, Menindee

Balcannia Lake Hotel was held by Joseph Wright in 1887.

Bellvue Hotel at Rocky Waterholes, upstream from Menindee, was operated at some stage (poss. the 1890s) by Dave Lambert.  [Linda]

Boundary Hotel (later Union Hotel) was built a few miles south of the Wompah Custom Post (Tibooburra area) at Yalpunga, by John Rogan in 1885. It later became an important mail change on the track to Thargomindah. Delicenced at the end of World War I. [Source 1]

Bush Inn at Moorna was being operated by Charles Lambert in 1877.  [Linda]

Cliffs Hotel at Tartna Point, Menindie. First licenced 1876, licence surrendered byWilliam Field in June 1898. Ted and Ettie (nee Barraclough) Baker then moved there, and it became the basis for their home on their property Harcourt.   [Linda]

Central Australian Hotel was the first built at the Granites (Tibooburra) rush by William McCarthy in 1881. It was delicenced in 1931 and converted to a store by Wilf Davis, and Hoben's store today comprises part of it. [Source 1]

Club House Hotel in Bourke was owned by members of the ROBINSON family around the early 1900s. Elizabeth Mary Smith worked there as a housemaid 1910-1915. [Jac]

Coally Hotel, south of Milparinka, was built by George Blore, with Selmar Heuzenroder holding the licence with his brother being a storekeeper on the diggings. [Source 1]

Cobham Lake was the first hotel built in the Corner Country, in 1879, between Broken Hill and Tibooburra. It remained licenced for 43 years. There is a headstone for Eliza Kennedy, the hotel housekeeper, near the ruins of the hotel. I am uncertain of the actual name of this hotel - see also Iduna Park Hotel. [Source 1] [Linda]

Darling River Hotel at Old Tarcoola (now Lethero), south of Pooncarie, was operated by the Lehman family in 1880. The family were on the river by at least 1877, and disposed of the hotel about 1890. Successive licence holders were C.Garraway, G.Byrnes and John Topp. George Lambert took over the hotel for a time some time after his marriage to Edith Barraclough in 1894, although it was more often operated by Dave Lambert.  While the family was living there, in 1909, their six-years old daughter, May Ruth, took ill, and died as she was being readied for transport to medical aid. She is buried in a marked grave at Studley. Part of the building was still on site in the 1980s.  [Linda]

Drovers Arms, Menindee - see West End Hotel

Ellerslie (probably on the property of the same name), on the lower Darling River, operated by a Mrs Rice. [Linda]

Family Hotel, Tibooburra, was built by Francis Bladen in January 1882 as the Tattersalls Hotel. The Downie, Robertson and Bottom families were involved for many years. [Source 1]

Fowlers Gap Hotel was delicenced in 1933, with licensee then Charles Rosenius.  [Source 1]
This hotel was about 110k from Broken Hill on the Tibooburra Rd. Members of the ROBINSON family were there at some stage, possibly the late 1930s, early 1940s. Samuel and Eliza Jane THOMAS (nee COCK) (parents of Mrs ROBINSON)  were also there. Further info sought: Heather heaq$

Harp of Erin at Netley on the lower Darling. (Martin, Reid then Kenny) [Linda] It opened at Mulla Culla on the west bank of the Darling river about 26 miles south of Menindee and closed in 1902. [Mary Wilson]

Hatfield Hotel, near Balranald. William James Murphy, born 1840, Victoria , died in Hatfield, near Balranald NSW in 1877. William was married to Bridget Curtin and was possibly the publican of the Hatfield Hotel. Any further information would be appreciated. Dorothy dotl$

Iduna Park Hotel near Cobham Lake on the Broken Hill to Tibooburra road, is downstream from whee the Milpa homestead now stands. It was licensed to William Edwards in 1900. It was taken over from W.C. Kennewell in 1909 by Frank and Rebecca Barraclough. "The hotel was wood and iron, with a parlour, passage and bar across the front and a dining room that would seat fifteen or sixteen down the side. The meals were good, about 1/6, with old bushies being catered for in the kitchen. The hotel was a coach stop and mail change. The family was a close-knit one, and was highly regarded and respected. Mrs Barraclough kept the hotel spotless." (Mr Riddiford of Broken Hill, personal conversation 1981) They kept a mob of 40 to 50 goats, each of which was known individually. Frank often had to go looking 'over the creek' for strays. The family left there in the early 1920s. (This may have been on the Packsaddle run) See also Cobham Lake Hotel. [Linda] [Source 1, which has Barracloughs there until delicenced in 1933]

McIndoe's Royal Hotel was on the Mount Browne/Milparinka diggings, licensed in July 1882 with the Baker and Blore families also being amongst the licensees. [Source 1]

Maid and Magpie. Hippisleys' hotel on the Darling between Wentworth and Pooncarie. [Linda]

Maidens Hotel, Menindee is most famous as a stopping place for Burke and Wills. More details of its history, by Mary Wilson, can be found HERE

Middle Yards (Hippisleys) on the property of the same name, between Wentworth and Pooncarie.[Linda]

Milparinka Hotel was the first hotel licenced at the Mount Browne diggins, licensee Prentice. [Source 1]

Mount Browne Hotel (Milparinka) was licensed initially to John McIndoe in 1881. [Source 1]

Morden Arms near Yandarloo between Tibooburra and White Cliffs. John Austin was licensee in 1885, and it was operated 1901-1904 by Frank and Rebecca Barraclough. [Linda], [Source 1]

O'Connor's Royal Standard Hotel was on the Mount Browne/Milparinka diggings, licensed in July 1882, at the bottom of the hill, and owned by the Clunes family for many years [Source 1]

Olive Downs Hotel was built north of The Granites (Tibooburra) beside the well on Warriwarri Creek by Edward Olive in 1885. [Source 1]

Oxford Hotel, Bourke. William and Martha ROBINSON built and operated the original hotel sometime prior to 1892 and afterwards. Some years later a new Oxford Hotel was built on the present site but by new owners. [Jac]

Packsaddle Hotel on the Broken Hill to Tibooburra Road was held by Alexander Smith in 1887. [Source 1]

Pioneer Hotel at the Warratta Reef (Milparinka??) was owned by Thomas House. [Source 1]

Roadside Necessity at Burtundy on the Darling River between Wentworth and Pooncarie. Webb, Ropke, Hippisley) [Linda]

Royal Hotel, Nyngan. My mother-in-law and her first husband, James Dunn had the Royal Hotel in Nyngan around the turn of the twentieth century. She was Sarah Ellen Paterson who lived with James Dunn for many years and had numerous children to him before marrying him in 1913. He apparently had the Royal at that time. In 1919 she married my husband's father, John William Armstrong in Nyngan, but the hotel is believed to have gone from their hands on James' death in 1916. [Sandra, via Jac]

Royal Hotel, Tibooburra (the Two Storey Hotel) was licenced to Patrick Francis as the Albert Hotel in 1882. It quickly changed to the Tibooburra Hotel, and then the Royal Hotel. Prior to the Kennewell family owning it, it was run by Gaiter, Best, Fahey, Calwell, Martin and Davies families. [Source 1]

Tattersalls Hotel see Family Hotel.

Tibooburra Hotel - see Royal Hotel, for second Tibooburra Hotel. The first Tibooburra Hotel survived only the first six months of 1882, immediately up the street from the "Two Storey Hotel". [Source 1]

Tineroo Hotel. "Along the Wanaaring Road, or 'Cut Line', a short-lived hotel sprung up at Tineroo after the bore was sunk in 1899 and was run by one William Townsend'. [Source 1]

Travellers Rest (William Fry) on the lower Darling River. [Linda]

Union Hotel - see Boundary Hotel

Victoria Hotel between White Cliffs and Wilcannia. Operated 1904 -1909 by Frank and Rebecca Barraclough. "It had a low, long verandah, a few bedrooms, stable yards and dogs at the back; the whole overhung by a dense clump of pepper trees" [Linda]

Welcome Inn at Para East, up the Darling River from Wentworth, operated by William Brown. [Linda]

West End Hotel, Menindee. Originally the Drovers Arms.   It was built in 1877 on the corner of Nora and Cadell Streets Menindee on the south west corner. The builder was H Gillett who married Eliza Maiden. The name was changed to the West End about 1883. The hotel was closed by the Licensing Board after the 1924 enquiry which sought to limit the number of hotels in the district. [Mary Wilson]

Wittabrinna Hotel was on the track east from Tibooburra, heading towards Adelaide gate, on Connulpie Downs. It was run for many years by the Halfpenny family. Today (1980) the road runs right beside the remains, which include a lone grave. [Source 1]

Yandenderry Hotel on the Cobham Lake road, between Broken Hill and Tibooburra. John maxwell was licensee in 1881, Jas. O'Connor in 1894. [Source 1]

Yantara Hotel (today only a bottle heap and graveyard, 1980) was built in 1885 by James Scott. (Tibooburra area???) [Source 1]

Sources of Information

Source 1: Tibooburra; Corner Country by John Geritson, p30

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