NSW-West Publicans Licences S-Z

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Hotel Publican's Licences S-Z

Western New South Wales. 1865 - 1900
Part of Central New South Wales. 1865 - 1870.
(As listed in the Government Gazettes)

This list has been compiled by Rusheen Craig from Publicans listed in the NSW Government Gazette.

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There is a more extensive Introduction showing the application of the 1862 Publican's Act in Western and part of Central NSW.

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SABINE'S COMMERCIAL HOTEL Hay Hay William SABINE 1877-1880; John PERRIN 1881.
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Bourke Ford's Bridge, Warrego River Michael McAULIFFE 1873-1878; Robert FORD 1879-1880; Norman McPHEE 1881-1889; (Ford's Bridge, Hungerford Road) Thomas GORMAN 1890; Richard GREEN 1891-1895; Norman McPHEE 1896-1900.
SALT CREEK HOTEL Wentworth Salt Creek Alfred J. HAYNES 1885-1886; Mary A. BLAND 1887.
SALUTATION INN Albury Dean Street James Alexander JONES 1870.
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Cobar Wilcannia Road Michael DOMENICK 1885-1886; (Sandy Creek, near Cobar) Charles T. D'ESCLEN 1887; Edward William MEREDITH 1889-1890; (Sandy Creek, near Nyngan) William LAWSON 1890; William McGRATH 1892 1894; John CONNOLLY 1897-1899; Frederick WELDING 1900.
SCANDINAVIAN HOTEL Emu Creek Tygong Peter NELSON 1867.
SETTLER'S ARMS Hay Sixteen-mile Gully (Sixteen-mile Gums) W.H. BERESFORD 1865-1869; Mary BERESFORD 1871; John McCLURE 1872-1875; Edward BRANDON 1877-1879.
SEVEN MILE HOTEL Emu Creek Tygong Gold Fields John SIMPSON 1869-1870.
SHAKESPEARE HOTEL Bourke Bourke Ephraim SMITH 1876-1878; Edward DUGGAN 1886-1888; Donald SHAW 1889 + (Glen Street) 1890-1891 + (Mitchell Street, Bourke) 1892-1894; James STIBBARD 1895-1899; Charles STAGG 1900.
SHAKESPEARE HOTEL Emu Creek Grenfell Patrick MORTON (MARTIN) 1867; Ellen MARTIN 1868; Flynn HYNDS (HINDS) 1869-1870.
SHAKESPEARE HOTEL Young Eurongilly P. MARTIN 1865; David HENRY 1866.
SHAMROCK AND THISTLE HOTEL Emu Creek St. George Gully Owen McQUE 1867.
SHAMROCK HOTEL Balranald Myall (Mayall) Street, Balranald John O'CONNELL 1878-1881; Joseph WHEELER 1882; James HOGAN 1883; Mary ROAT 1884-1893 1895-1900.
SHAMROCK HOTEL Bourke Newfoundland Run Andrew MURRAY 1867-1870; Thomas MURRAY 1871-1882.
SHAMROCK HOTEL Carcoar Carcoar Richard HOWE 1865-1867; Patrick MARONEY 1868-1869.
SHAMROCK HOTEL Deniliquin North Deniliquin Henry LEE 1868-1870.
SHAMROCK HOTEL Emu Creek Grenfell Ambrose KELLY 1870.
SHAMROCK HOTEL Forbes Humbug Creek, Bland John PRICE 1868-1869.
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Hay Cudgelligo William D. HOLDEN 1873; John T. PEACOCK 1874-1875.
SHAMROCK HOTEL Hay Dry Lake, between Gunbar and Currathool Owen O'CONNELL 1884; William EGAN 1885-1889; Edgar W.B.RUDD 1890; Albert W. TUCKEY 1891-1892.
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Menindie Wilcannia William Riggall BELLAMY 1867; (Near Menindie) John McMAHON 1871-1872 + (Tintinallogy) 1873 + (Blenheim Run) 1874-1874; James LARKINS 1876; William McMAHON 1877 + (South side of Darling River, 2 miles from Menindie) 1878.
SHAMROCK HOTEL Wagga Wagga Pipeclay Point, Road Wagga Wagga to Narrandera John CROKER 1867; Henry CROKER 1868; Robert LAW 1869.
SHAMROCK INN Burrowa Binalong Samuel CARTER 1866-1870.
SHAMROCK INN Burrowa Grogan Cath. DACEY 1865-1866; William DACEY 1867-1870.
SHAMROCK INN Young Young William HERBERT 1865-1867; (HOTEL) Anastasia HERBERT 1868-1870.
SHEAR-LEGS HOTEL Hillston - Cobar - Nymagee Road to Cobar John HENNING 1879-1883 + (Hillston to Cobar Road) 1884-1885; Domingos FRANSCISCO 1886-1888; Charles LAIRD 1889-1890; Henry DOOLEY (DOOLY) 1891-1892.
SHEARER'S ARMS Carcoar Carcoar Charles SMITH 1867-1869.
SHEARER'S ARMS Menindie Mitchell District, 10 mile Point, Menindie Station John O'NEILL 1874-1878; (Menindie District, River Darling) Margaret O'NEILL 1879-1880.
SHEPHERD'S INN Molong Burrowang Cross Roads James GALLAGHER 1867-1870.
SHINGLED HOUSE HOTEL Walgett Warren's Creek Gottlieb ECKERT 1873-1877; James CARTER 1878.
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Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill Adolf T. Du REIU 1889; Bennett OPIE 1890-1891; William Herman SPARS 1892; Hans CHRISTENSEN 1893-1896; Charles WEBSTER 1897-1900.
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Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill Matthew VAUGHAN 1885; Michael FARREL 1886-1889; James C. WILLIAMS 1890-1891; John WOLLFE (WOULFE) 1892-1893; M.J.O. STANTON 1894; (Argent Street) Andrew PETERSON 1895; Edwin SIM 1896; Daniel W. O'SULLIVAN 1897-1898; George KERRISON 1899; William ELSDON 1900.
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Silverton Bourke Street, Silverton John De BAUN 1884-1885; George TANTRAM 1886 1888; Albert H. De BAUN 1889-1890; Albert H. De BAUN 1891-1892; John De BAUN 1893; Edward Henry MITCHELL 1894-1896 + (Burke Street, Silverton) 1897-1900.
SIR WALTER SCOTT HOTEL Silverton Taltingan Walter J. SCOTT 1888-1889.
SIXTEEN MILE GATE HOTEL Hay Sixteen Mile Gate, Booligal Road Walter Guy BANKS 1880; George HILL 1881; Thomas NORTH 1881-1885.
SIXTEEN MILE GUMS HOTEL Hay Sixteen miles from Hay on Deniliquin Road Ann WHITE 1881; James McDONALD 1884; Robert GRAHAM 1885.
SMALLTHORN HOTEL Menindie Mount Gipps Henry RAINES 1868-1869.
SMITH O'BRIEN Bourke Wittagoona Thomas MATTHEWS 1874-1875.
SOMERSET INN Euston Euston Elizabeth McDONALD 1865-1866.
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Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill Owen McCLORY 1888; William WEIR 1889-1890 + (SOUTH AUSTRALIAN CLUB HOTEL, Cobalt Street, Broken Hill ) 1891; Charles PILCHER 1892-1894; James Robert PILCHER 1895-1897; (Railway Town, Broken Hill) Charles PILCHER 1898-1899; William Hall BIRDSEYE 1900.
SOUTH BROKEN HILL HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill South Broken Hill Laban R. WAKE 1888; (At Alma) John McKIE 1889; Mark R. WAKE 1890-1892; F.A. NICHOLAS 1893; John HEGARTY 1894-1898; Samuel BOYS 1899-1900.
SOUTH HAY HOTEL Hay South Hay Abraham HASLAM 1865-1869; William HERRIOTT 1870-1881; Samuel McLAUGHLAN 1882-1886; Charles COX 1887-1888; Phoebe COX 1889-1894; George SADLER 1895; John JONES 1896-1900.
SOUTHERN CROSS Pooncarie …. Richard COLLINS 1876.
SOUTHERN CROSS Hay Willantry Mary PATTERSON 1871-1872.
SOUTHERN CROSS HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill James NICHOLAS 1888-1889; Patrick QUINN 1890-1900.
SPECULATION HOTEL Menindie Speculation Lake Tobias MARTIN 1892 + (SPECULATION LAKE HOTEL) 1893-1895 + (Near Menindie) 1896-1898.
SPORTSMAN'S ARMS Albury Gerogery Road Edwin BOTTERILL 1865; Thomas BULLOCK 1866-1868; John TATTERSALL 1868; Robert BURKE 1869.
SPORTSMAN'S ARMS Albury Mount Pleasant Samuel HARRISON 1869-1870.
SPORTSMAN'S ARMS Bourke - Brewarrina Bathurst & Darling Streets, Brewarrina William KERRIGAN 1865-1870; Eliza KERRIGAN 1871-1875; Patrick McELLIGOTT 1876-1878; Thomas RICE 1879-1881; Samuel Charles DAVIS 1881-1889; Richard James KELLY 1890; William McDOUGALL 1891-1895; Walter Charles COLLESS 1898-1900.
SPORTSMAN'S ARMS Corowa Mulwala William CAHILL 1868-1870.
Deniliquin North Deniliquin William HERRIOTT 1865-1866; Richard MANLY 1867; Thomas STALLEY 1868-1869; Edward PYKE 1870.
SPORTSMAN'S ARMS Moulamein Merago Street, Moulamein William Henry WINTERBOTTOM 1881.
SPORTSMAN'S ARMS Silverton Sturt Street,Silverton Frederick L. SMITH 1887-1888.
SPORTSMAN'S ARMS Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill Alexander Mc L. CAMERON 1888-1889; Annie M. WILLIAMS 1890; Stephen STARR 1891; Francis G. BREWER 1892; Michael J.O.'L. STANTON 1893-1894; Stephen STARR 1895-1896; Lizzie C. ROSENTHAL 1897; (North Broken Hill) Thomas PICKHAVER 1898; Isaac Henry GOODIE 1899-1900.
SPORTSMAN'S ARMS Wellington Montefiores J. BYRNE 1865; Edward DUCKETT 1866-1867.
SPORTSMAN'S ARMS Young Spring Creek Abraham ABRAHAM 1865-1866; Con. Henry THORNTON 1866.
SPORTSMAN'S ARMS Warren Cullumburawang Frederick W. VAUGHAN 1891-1892; William John BRIGDEN 1893-1896; (Cullemburrowang, Warren, Quambone Road) Tamar BRIGDEN, executrix of late W.J. BRIGDEN 1898; Tamar BRIGDEN 1899-1900.
SPORTSMAN'S ARMS HOTEL Walgett Walgett John MAGUIRE 1885-1886; Jane MAGUIRE 1887-1893; Sam. CARMICHAEL 1894-1895; (West Wee Waa Street) Norah KENNA 1896; Charles N. VAUGHAN 1897; Michael William GUERIN 1898-1900.
SPRING PLAIN HOTEL Hay Spring Plain Robert MAYBIN 1882.
SQUATTER'S ARMS HOTEL Burrowa Wowingragong W. FENN 1865.
SQUATTER'S ARMS HOTEL Walgett - Mogil Mogil Collarindabri Agnes EARL 1869; William REED 1870-1878; John Joseph EATHER 1879; David HYNES 1881-1882 + (HYNDES) 1883.
SQUATTER'S HOME Albury Albury Edward POST 1865-1867.
SQUATTER'S HOME Condobolin Condobolin Edward JEFFERY 1868.
SQUATTER'S HOME Dubbo Mirebone Peter SMITH 1867-1869 + (At Warren) 1870; John KENDALL 1870.
SQUATTER'S HOME Forbes Wowingragong James MULHALL 1867-1869; William FENN 1870.
SQUATTER'S HOTEL Forbes Bland Plains Samuel HILL 1866-1867 1869-1870.
SQUATTER'S HOTEL Wagga Wagga Wagga Wagga M. CALLAGHAN 1865; Charles COX 1866-1867; James MARKEY 1868; John RYAN 1869-1870.
SQUATTER'S INN Albury Cookindina Elizabeth STAMP 1868; (SQUATTER'S ARMS, Cookindina) John Joseph POST 1869.
ST. GEORGE HOTEL Deniliquin Deniliquin Fred. MARSHALL 1865-1866; Decimus LAMB 1867; Frederick MARSHALL 1868-1869.
STAR HOTEL Burrowa Burrowa David STUART 1867-1869.
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Cobar Cobar Daniel MAHER 1879-1883; Archibald N. McDONALD 1884-1889; Daniel MAHER 1890-1895; Michael H. FENNELL 1896-1897; Edith MAHER 1898-1899; (Marshall Street, Cobar) William SCANLAN 1900.
STAR HOTEL Emu Creek Weddin Peter MAGEE 1867-1870.
STAR HOTEL Forbes Forbes Eliz. KEHOE 1865-1867; Josiah STRICKLAND 1868.
STAR HOTEL Hay Near Groongal William MORRIS 1881 + (Bringagee Boundary) 1882; Henry SALOSHIN 1883-1886; Robert GRAHAM 1885; Paul MATTES 1887-1898; Robert LOWRIE 1899; Charles ELLIS 1900.
STAR HOTEL Molong Ridley Street, West Molong Edward Wright MOON 1868; Jules THOMAS 1869.
STAR HOTEL Nyngan Cobar Road near Nyngan Francis DAWSON 1889; John DENIFF 1891; William LAWSON 1892.
STAR HOTEL Wagga Wagga Kyamba Creek W. ROGERS 1865; Patrick ROGERS 1866-1868; (Wagga Wagga) Oliver Drought TIBEANDO 1869-1870.
STAR HOTEL Young Young D. McDONALD 1865; James CLARK 1866.
STARR'S HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill Stephen STARR 1888.
STEAM PACKET HOTEL Corowa Wahgunyah Henry Burgess UNDERWOOD 1868-1869; Edward WHITE 1869; (At Corowa) Henry George OLDING 1870.
STOCKMAN'S ARMS Dubbo Dubbo Thomas FANNING 1865; Thomas Edward MILLS 1866-1867.
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Bourke Charles Street, Bourke Stephen HINDLE 1867-1868.
STOCKMAN'S HOTEL Hay Oxley George CARTER 1870-1872.
STOCKYARD HOTEL Wilcannia - Mitchell Bourke Road John WILSON 1883-1884; Frank RILEY 1886-1887; James MOXTON 1888.
STOKIE'S HOTEL Wilcannia Umberumberka John STOKIE 1883.
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Bourke Darling River, near Bourke Robert H. WARMOLL 1895 + (Stoney Point, near Bourke) 1896-1897; Edward M. WARMOLL 1898.
STONEY CREEK HOTEL Bourke Stoney Creek, Wilcannia Road John HOWELL 1882-1885; Jane HOWELL 1886; Charles F. ROGERS 1887-1888; William PASKINS 1889-1890; Charles F. RODGERS 1891-1898; Jane RODGERS 1899-1900.
STONEY CREEK INN Young Big Wombat Thomas BARNES 1865-1869.
STRAGGLER'S INN Wellington Montefiores Joseph HAYWOOD 1866.
STRUGGLER'S HOTEL Burrowa - Young Bendick Murrel Joshua BEATSON 1868 + (Bendick Morrell) 1870.
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Wentworth On Darling River, Wentworth James Thomson SMITH 1868-1872; John Baillie CAMERON 1878.
SUPREME COURT HOTEL Deniliquin Deniliquin Joseph SIMPSON 1867-1870.
SURPRISE INN Cowra Wood's Flat Alfred William COLLES 1870.
SUTHERLAND'S LAKE HOTEL Bourke Sutherland Lake Edward Peter MUTTON 1899-1900.
SWAN INN Burrowa Binalong Miles MURPHY 1865-1866; Timothy RYAN 1867-1870.
SWAN INN Wagga Wagga North Wagga Wagga Benjamin BRADLEY 1865-1870.
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Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill Michael BYROM 1888-1889; Margaret BYROM 1890-1891; John DOMINISH 1892; Thomas R. WARN 1893; Margaret BYROM 1894-1895; Charles BERKHOLZ 1896; Sarah Jane GATTRELL 1897; Thomas W. SUPPLE 1898; John LOW 1899; Patrick Joseph SUPPLE 1900.
SYDNEY HOTEL Young Spring Creek Thomas BLOUNT 1865; Philip SAUNDERS 1866-1867.
TALAWANTA HOTEL Walgett - Brewarrina Birie River William St John HARDING 1868-1870; (Talawanta) William PICTON 1871; George D. BARTON 1872-1878; George REYNOLDS 1879-1881; (HOTEL) Martin MALONEY 1884-1885; (TALYAWALKA HOTEL) James FINCH 1895-1896
Further info
Mitchell Tankarooka Robert F. MORRISON 1890-1891; Havilah HANNS 1892; Edward A. WALLACE 1894.
TARANGARA HOTEL Wentworth Tarangara James Hooper GRIFFITHS 1867-1870; John FOX 1870-1871.
TARCUTTA INN Wagga Wagga Tarcutta Alexander BANNATYNE 1865-1867; Peter John HARTNETT 1868-1870.
TARROWANGIE HOTEL Broken Hill Tarrowangie Edwin SIM 1899.
Further info
Bourke Barringun William Henry HAYES 1884-1886; William HUESTON (HEUSTON, HEWSTON, HENSTEN) 1887-1900.
Further info
Bourke Bourke Henry COLLIS (COLLESS) 1868-1874; Oliver SPROULE 1876-1878; Henry GILLETT 1877; Joseph MANDELSON 1879-1881; (Mitchell Street) Edward Joseph PREVOT 1882-1884; Arthur Charles BILTON 1885-1889; William MORGAN 1890-1891; Francis PAGET 1892; Henry McCULLAGH 1893; William BYRON 1894-1895; Charles CAMPBELL 1896; Donald SHAW 1898-1900.
Further info
Bourke - Cobar Cobar Isidor COHN 1874-1876; Henry GILLETT 1878-1881; Tim J. MONAGHAN 1882; Alfred William BEARD 1883-1885; John HENNING 1886; Thomas SMITH 1893-1894 + (Frederick and Becker Streets, Cobar) 1895-1897; Caroline SMITH 1898-1900.
Further info
Cannonbar - Nyngan Nyngan, Bogan River Isidore James Knight COHN 1879; Thomas Henry ROWE 1880-1881 + (West Nyngan) 1889; James WINTERS 1891-1894 + (Nyngan Street, Nyngan) 1895-1896; Robert Henry WINTERS 1897-1900.
TATTERSALL'S HOTEL Carcoar Canowindra William ROBINSON 1867-1869.
TATTERSALL'S HOTEL Cobar Drysdale Elizabeth LEWIS 1896; (Mount Drysdale) Marion THOMSON 1897.
TATTERSALL'S HOTEL Dubbo Dubbo Livingstone HAYES 1869; William G. GREY 1870.
TATTERSALL'S HOTEL Emu Creek Grenfell Bacon COHEN 1867; Sylvester DAIN 1869-1870.
Further info
Hay Hay Daniel Ayres SHURR 1868; Charles SIMPSON 1869; Thomas PARSONS 1870; George ESPLIN 1871-1877; Jane ESPLIN 1878-1883 + (Lachlan Street) 1884-1886; Benjamin ARMSTRONG 1887; Thomas MILLING 1888; William Tanner BOLTON 1889-1890; Thomas Frederick PATTERSON 1891-1900.
TATTERSALL'S HOTEL Hillston Gilgunnia Henry JOBSON 1895; James KERVIN 1896-1897; John DUNCAN 1898; Henry CLARKE 1899-1900.
Further info
Hillston Hillston James George CARROLL 1883-1893; Daniel STOWE 1895-1896; James LAWLER 1898-1899; Daniel STOWE 1900.
Further info
Milparinka Tibooburra Francis Joseph BLADON 1882.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill John LEES 1886-1887; William C. GREENSLADE 1888; (Argent Street, Broken Hill) John HILL 1889; John O'DONNELL 1890-1894; Arthur William CARLIER 1896-1898; Arthur Walter CARLIER, as executor of the late Arthur William CARLIER; Patrick O'NEILL 1900.
TATTERSALL'S HOTEL Walgett Collarendabri John Thomas CARROLL 1890-1892; George Francis WILLIS 1893.
TATTERSALL'S HOTEL Wilcannia Timbooburra, Mount Hope Francis Joseph BLANDON 1882.
TATTERSALL'S TURF HOTEL Emu Creek Emu Creek, Weddin Michael WOOD 1867 + (Grenfell) 1868.
TEAMSTER'S REST Menindie Umberumbica Creek, Barrier Ranges John SMITH 1877-1878; John KENNEDY 1879 + (Between Mount Gipps and Thackaringa) 1880.
TEAMSTER'S REST Wilcannia Copago Lake James HULL 1872-1873; Theodore PAGE 1875-1877.
Further info
Bourke Louth James Francis MORRISON 1880-1893; Daniel CURRIE 1894; Henry A. GILLETT 1895-1900.
Further info
Bourke Mitchell Street, Bourke Matthew GOOD 1875 1882-1886; Arthur MEADOWS 1887-1891; Cornelius J. DREW 1892-1894; Francis GOOD 1895-1900.
TELEGRAPH HOTEL Bourke - Brewarrina Brewarrina Charles CRANE 1879-1880; John NEWTON 1881; William West 1882; Henry DUNN 1884-1885 1888-1889; Mark Henry HART 1890; Hugh ARNOLD 1891-1892; Charles E. THOMAS 1893-1894; John HUNTER 1895; Alexander FRIEND 1896-1899; (Sandon Street) Henry WEBER 1900.
TELEGRAPH HOTEL Bourke - Mitchell Weelong, Darling River Michael DOOHAN 1874; Margaret DOOHAN 1875; Christopher DEXTER 1876-1877; Francis O'CONNOR 1878; Robert CLEMENTS 1878-1880; Margaret O'CONNOR 1881-1882; John K. RIGG 1883-1884; Joseph SCOTT 1885; Margaret H. O'CONNOR 1887-1888; Ellen HINDS 1889-1890; Laura JONES 1891; Ellen HINDS 1893-1894; John Joseph DOOHAN 1895; David GREEVES 1896-1900.
TELEGRAPH HOTEL Burrowa Boorowa Thomas H. CORCORAN 1866-1869.
TELEGRAPH HOTEL Dubbo Brisbane Street, Dubbo Archibald McCALLUM 1866-1867; Thomas Wm. SAMUELS 1868 1870.
TELEGRAPH HOTEL Emu Creek Emu Creek, Weddin George GILCHRIST 1867-1868.
TELEGRAPH HOTEL Grenfell Quandong Thomas TASKER 1870.
Further info
Pooncarie - Wentworth McKinley Street, Pooncarie John PERRY 1877-1878; Neil NEILSON 1879-1888; (Pooncarie) Thomas E. RANDALL (RANDELL) 1889-1893; H.P. RICHARDSON 1894; Morris E. OWEN 1895; Richmond H. PERRING 1896-1898; Martin W. HEGNEY 1899; Charles GARRAWAY 1900.
TELEGRAPH HOTEL Walgett Walgett David M. JONES 1872-1880; Richard K. THOMPSON 1881-1883 + (Wee-Waa Street) 1885; D.M. JONES 1886; Oscar WEBSTER 1887-1890 + (INN) 1891.
TELEGRAPH HOTEL Walgett - Brewarrina Bokhira (Former BIRIE INN) Henry D. DAUNT 1880; W.R. MOORE 1881 + (Goodooga) 1882-1883; William McDOUGALL 1884-1887; James M. MARTIN 1888-1895 1898; Denis Joseph HAGARTY 1899-1900.
TEN-MILE POINT HOTEL Wilcannia - Mitchell Ten-mile Point, Darling River Peter STOLL 1880 1882; (Near Wilcannia) John E. AUSTIN 1883-1884; Henry EASTMAN 1887; William BARR 1888; Mary KINGSFORD 1889; (Mount Murchison Road) William CLARK 1890.
TENANDRA INN Dubbo - Warren Merrigol, Tenandra Edward BYRNES 1870 + (Marthaguy Creek) 1873-1875; Henry BYRNES 1877; John BYRNES 1878-1881; William WILSON 1891-1893; Edward Charles FOLEY 1895; (HOTEL) Alexander Patrick BYRNE 1896 + (Tenandra, Coonamble Road) 1897-1900.
TERMINUS HOTEL Cobar Linsley and Bradley Streets, Cobar Charles E. THOMAS 1899; George Henry KILLIP 1900.
TERMINUS HOTEL Hay Near Railway Terminus, Hay Thomas SIMMONS 1882-1883; Isabella SIMMONS 1884; John MARSHALL 1885; John DUFFY 1886-1889; Charles William YORKE 1890; Robert HINCHCLIFFE 1891; Henry HINCHCLIFFE 1892-1893; John MORRISON 1894-1896; (Pine Street, Hay) George F. ALLMAN 1897-1898; (Lachlan Street, Hay) Thomas JOHNSTON 1899-1900.
TERYAWYNIA HOTEL Mitchell Teryawynia, Booligal Road James J. WELSH 1886; George BENTON 1889.
Further info
Silverton Mount Gipps Thomas James JOYCE 1879-1880; John DOWNEY 1881; (Thackaringa) Charles A. CREWS 1885; George DONOGHUE 1892; Andrew J. MASON 1893.
Further info
Bourke Ford's Bridge, Warrego River Michael McAULIFFE 1869.
THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT Deniliquin Deniliquin John GIBSON 1865-1870.
THE MAN LOADED WITH MISCHIEF Forbes Budgerabong Thomas SHEAN 1867; Sarah SHEAN 1868-1870.
Further info
Broken Hill Broken Hill Patrick McMAHON 1890-1894; Edward QUINTRELL 1895-1897; Charles LOW 1898; Elizabeth Ann NIELSON 1899; Callil Hannah NADIFF 1900.
THERMUNGYA HOTEL Cobar Wilcannia Road George F. GUTHERIDGE 1886-1888; John TOMLINSON 1889-1890; Frank William BANES 1892; (Nekarboo) Stephen WHITE 1893-1894; Andrew ANDERSON 1895-1897.
THIRTY FIVE MILE PEG HOTEL Wilcannia - Mitchell Booligal Road Edwin FORD 1880-1883; James J. WELSH 1887; Charles HARRIS 1887.
Further info
Emu Creek George Street, Grenfell James LAUGHLAN 1867-1868; James INGREY (INGRAY) 1869-1870.
THONONGO INN Bourke Thonongo George SPENCER 1868-1869; (HOTEL) William Ed. VAUGHAN 1870-1871; Mark NEVILLE 1872; (TONGO HOTEL, Tongo, Paroo Road) Thomas DAVIS 1876; Luke GIBNEY 1878 or 1879; Joseph MURPHY 1881.
THREE LEGS OF MAN HOTEL Bourke - Cobar Cannonbar to Tindary Road John DALLY (DALEY) 1880-1881; (Bourke Road) Andrew CORNISH 1884; Charles WERNER 1885-1891; (Coolabah) Henry MORTLOCK 1892-1894; Harry MORTLOCK 1896; Amelia FOX 1897-1898; Charles WERNER 1899-1900.
THREE RIVERS INN Wellington Three Rivers Lewis RYMER 1866.
THREE STARS HOTEL Moulamein Marajo Street, Moulamein John WYATT 1876-1878.
TIARA HOTEL Hillston Tiara, near Trida John HORNE 1879-1885; Thomas RYAN 1886-1887; Alexander PEARCE 1890-1891; Maurice SCANLON 1893.
Further info
Milparinka Tibooburra Mary KELLY 1882; William J. ROBINSON 1882-1883; Herman KLEY 1885-1886
TIMBERABUNGY INN Dubbo Timberabungy Lachlan McKAY 1866-1870.
TINCHELOOKA HOTEL Bourke Wanaaring, 76 Mile Peg, Bourke to Wanaaring Road William SUNDERLAND 1899-1900.
TINDARI HOTEL Bourke Tindari Thomas HARTMANN 1877-1881; Henry PHILLIPS 1881-1882; (TINDAYRIE HOTEL, Cobar Road) Richard LIVINGSTONE 1885; (TINDARY HOTEL) Henry PHILLIPS 1887-1897; Edward RAYMOND 1898.
TINEROO HOTEL Milparinka Tineroo Bore, Wanaaring Road William H.TOWNSEND 1899-1900.
TINTINALLOGY HOTEL Menindie Tintinallogy William ROGERS 1868.
TOKEWELL INN Deniliquin Tokewell Point Edward HILSON (HILLSON) 1865-1870.
TONGO HOTEL Bourke Tongo, Paroo River Luke GIBNEY 1878-1879; Joseph MURPHY 1880-1882, + (TONGO LAKE HOTEL) 1883-1886.
TOOGONG INN Molong Toogong William EGAN 1865-1866.
TOOLEYBUC HOTEL Moulamein Tooleybuc, Deniliquin Charles CLOTHIER 1868-1870 1873; Michael DOWDICAN 1874-1875; August Gustav Henry HILLERMANN 1877-1879.
TOPAR HOTEL Broken Hill Topar, Main Wilcannia Road William John MAJOR 1896-1898; William BURNS 1899-1900.
TORROWANGEE HOTEL Broken Hill Cooma Street, Torrowangee William H. BANFIELD 1891-1894; Thomas E. KEMP 1895; James W. MORLEY sen. 1896; Raingill P. BANNISTER 1897-1898; Maria SIM 1900.
TRAFALGAR HOTEL Bourke Mitchell Street, Bourke Matthew GOOD 1875-1881.
TRAMWAY HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill John PATTERSON 1888; Daniel BROWNE 1889; John W. HARRIS 1890; Hans CHRISTENSON 1891; Joseph FREEMAN 1892-1893; John Jos. BYRNES 1894; William Henry John FRISBY 1896-1897; William H. BATTEN 1898-1899; William Newton ABBOTT 1900.
TRAVELLER'S HOME Dubbo Warren E. READFORD 1865; John READFORD 1866-1867; Alfred HALL 1867-1869; John READFORD 1870.
TRAVELLER'S HOME Wagga Wagga Kyamba James STRACHAN 1865-1867; George SMITH 1868.
TRAVELLER'S HOME Young Rock Station William MARSHALL 1865-1867; Thomas KINGSLAND 1868-1869; Charles BUFFREY 1870.
TRAVELLER'S INN Molong Ulundry Elias ASTILL 1867-1870.
TRAVELLER'S REST Albury Albury Patrick MADDEN 1869-1870.
TRAVELLER'S REST Albury Billabong Edward GALL 1865-1868; George BATES 1869-1870.
TRAVELLER'S REST Albury Wodinga Place John GREEN 1868-1870.
TRAVELLER'S REST Balranald Market Street, Balranald John MATHESON 1876; Patrick MURPHY 1877.
TRAVELLER'S REST Bourke Kearnie James WHITBREAD 1879-1889; Eleanor (Heleanor) HARRISON 1891.
TRAVELLER'S REST Bourke Model Huts, Bogan River Frederick HERON 1868;
TRAVELLER'S REST Bourke - Brewarrina Marra Creek John KERR 1874-1876; George MACONOCHIE (McCONNACHIE / McCONACHIE / McCONACHIE) 1877-1887; Daniel McCONACHIE 1889-1896; Henry MITCHELL 1897 + (At Traveller's Rest) 1898; Joseph BANKS jun. 1899-1900.
TRAVELLER'S REST Brewarrina Boorooma George Dann BARTON 1880-1881.
TRAVELLER'S REST Burrowa Marengo W. WEST 1865; Timothy WEST 1866-1868.
TRAVELLER'S REST Carcoar Carcoar M. McNAMARA 1865; Matthew McNAMARA 1866-1867; Peter CASSIDY 1869-1870.
TRAVELLER'S REST Carcoar Euroka Thomas EGAN 1868-1870.
TRAVELLER'S REST Corowa Mulwala Jas. McRAE 1865; George HILLAS 1866.
TRAVELLER'S REST Corowa Piney Range Patrick HALL 1868.
TRAVELLER'S REST Deniliquin Jerilderee John POWELL 1865-1870.
TRAVELLER'S REST Dubbo Cobberah William MARTIN 1865-1866; (Cahaberah) William MARTIN 1867; William H. DEAN 1868-1869; (Cobborah) John LUCKIE 1870.
TRAVELLER'S REST Dubbo Strickland Reef Thos. JAMES 1865.
TRAVELLER'S REST Emu Creek Forbes Road Samuel JACKSON 1867-1868.
TRAVELLER'S REST Forbes Toogong Andrew IRVINE 1865-1867 1869-1870.
TRAVELLER'S REST Hay Euabbalong James BYRNES 1869-1874; Joseph CHAPPELL 1875; Henry CABOT 1876-1881; John T. BROWN 1882.
TRAVELLER'S REST Hillston - Mitchell Ivanhoe William F. SHAILER 1888-1891.
TRAVELLER'S REST Mogil Mogil - Walgett Collarendabri, Barwon River Charles WATERS 1880-1889.
TRAVELLER'S REST Moulamein Moulamein George ASHCROFT 1865-1866; Richard REEVE 1866-1867; Charles PALMER 1868.
TRAVELLER'S REST Wagga Wagga Cross Roads Elizabeth MORROW 1869-1870.
TRAVELLER'S REST Warren Wombobbie, Marthaguy Creek Sydney R. MILLS 1873-1875; Jane MILLS 1877-1878.
TRAVELLER'S REST Wellington Shepherd's Creek William JOHNSON 1869-1870.
TRAVELLER'S REST Wellington Stephen Creek Mary BEAUCHAMP 1865; Richard BEAUCHAMP 1866-1868.
TRAVELLER'S REST Young Marengo Samuel MATTHEWS 1869-1870.
Further info
Young Wallenbeen Patrick POWELL 1869-1870.
TRAVELLER'S REST HOTEL Bourke Cumbedore, Darling River Elizabeth WILSON 1876-1877; John MONTPENSIER 1878-1884; (Campadore) Elizabeth MONTPENSIER 1885; Elizabeth WILSON 1886-1889 + (Wilcannia and Bourke Road) 1890; William PASKINS 1891-1892 1897; Elizabeth WILSON 1893-1896; Richard ROBERTSON 1898; Mary Augusta HOGAN 1899-1900.
TRAVELLER'S REST HOTEL Cannonbar Duck Creek, Road Warren to Cannonbar Margaret MARCHLAND 1881.
TRAVELLER'S REST HOTEL Cobar Nymagee Henry MANLY 1880-1881; Henry CONLEY 1882-1883.
TRAVELLER'S REST HOTEL Hay Near Hay Andrew DONOHOE 1876-1877.
TRAVELLER'S REST HOTEL Mitchell - Silverton - Broken Hill Mootwingee Loftus CONNER 1886-1887 1890; Francis McKINNON 1889.
TRAVELLER'S REST HOTEL Walgett Walgett Henry WILSON 1884.
Further info
Wentworth Corona Point, Darling River Hen. EDGECOMBE 1870; Richard James PANTER 1871; Geo. V. (or U.) HUNNS (HUNN) 1872-1873; Henry S. BURGESS 1874-1875; Richard J. PANTER 1876-1880; Theodore PAGE 1878; William Alfred FRY 1881-1891; Eli Albert BARNFIELD 1892-1893 + (Near Pooncarie) 1895-1900.
TRAVELLER'S REST HOTEL Wilcannia Copago Lake Henry EDGECOMBE 1869-1870; James HULL 1871-1874; Theodore PAGE 1875-1878.
TRIDA HOTEL Hillston Trida Alexander PEARCE 1889.
TROTTING COB HOTEL Hay Black Swamp Catherine SMITH 1876-1877; Edward SMITH 1877-1881; Mary SMITH 1883-1884.
TRUNKEY CREEK Carcoar Trunkey Creek Henry George CHARD 1869.
TUREE HOTEL Bourke Turee Stephen KENNEDY 1888-1895.
TURF CLUB HOTEL Cobar Cobar Isadore James Knight COHN 1879; Samuel DICK 1881; Alexander BARRY 1882; William THOMAS 1883-1884.
Further info
Bourke Bourke Edward WARMOLL 1877-1879; Alfred ECCLES 1879; Charles WARREN 1881-1883; Edward Matthew WARMOLL 1884-1885; Robert H. WARMOLL 1886.
TURF HOTEL Cobar - Nymagee Sandy Creek Charles. A. SIMPSON 1879-1881; Samuel DICK 1881; (Hillston and Cobar Road) Deborah SIMPSON 1884 + (Sandy Creek) 1885; Archibald McDONALD 1886; Charles W. ELLIOTT 1887-1888; (Cobar, Sandy Creek, Mount Hope Road) Alfred STANFORD 1889.
TURNER'S HOTEL Deniliquin Near Tocumwall John TURNER 1865-1870.
TWELVE-MILE PEG HOTEL Mitchell Twelve-mile Peg H.T. MILLIE 1886. Became ROYAL MAIL HOTEL.
TWENTY FIVE MILE PEG HOTEL Mitchell Booligal Road Charles HARRIS 1884-1887; James J. WELSH 1887; Robert T. WESTHEAD 1888; James WESTHEAD 1889-1891; George PRETTY 1892.
TWENTY MILE GUMS HOTEL Hay Twenty Mile Gums, Gunbar Road near Hay Ann WHITE 1880; William GANNON 1881-1884; Ann HERRICK 1885; (Hillston Road) James GANNON 1886-1890; (Gunbar Road) James SUTHERLAND 1891-1892.
TWENTY SIX MILE PEG HOTEL Mitchell Booligal Road James J. WELSH 1885 1887.
TWO HILLS HOTEL Wilcannia - Milparinka Tiltawangee Creek, near Wilcannia George MATHEWSON 1880 + (Mount Browne Road) 1882 1884-1886; Conrad HUGEMAN 1887.
TWO-MILE INN Grenfell Two-mile Gully Thomas Wilcox WILLIAMS 1870.
TWO-MILE WARRAMBOOL HOTEL Walgett Two-mile Warrambool, near Walgett Mary Ann BOYLE 1883 1885; Thomas THOMPSON 1886; Thomas BELL 1887; Edward MAGUIRE 1889-1897 + (WARRNAMBOOL HOTEL) 1898-1900.
TYDVIL HOTEL Broken Hill Broken Hill Rees Coventry REES 1891; William COLE 1892; John McKIE 1893-1894; Alexander McIntosh ROBERTSON 1896; John SCOTT 1897; William ROOK 1898-1899; Lino GATTORNA 1900.
TYGONG HOTEL Emu Creek Tygong William TANNER 1867; (INN) Peter NICHOLAS 1867.
ULARARA HOTEL Bourke Ularara Henry JEWELL 1881; Edmund WHEELER 1881-1883; James BARRON 1884; John BARRON 1885; (Paroo River) John STEVENS 1886; John G. GREEN 1887.
UMBERUMBERKA HOTEL Silverton Silverton Samuel Davies 1884-1886.
UNION CLUB HOTEL Hay Hay John ATHERSUCH 1878; Nora Josephine ATHERSUCH 1878-1880; Daniel COLEMAN 1881-1883 + (Bank Street, Hay) 1884-1889 1894-1895; Nanno COLEMAN as exectrix of late Daniel COLEMAN 1896; Timothy EGAN 1898; James CALLAWAY 1899-1900.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Alma, South Broken Hill John WHITTAKER 1888-1889; James MATHERS 1890-1893; (Broken Hill) Samuel FRANCIS 1894; Annie Ibbotson FRANCIS 1895-1900.
Further info
Bourke Sturt Street, Bourke Edward DURRINGTON 1890-1891; (Mertin Street, Bourke) George E. DREW 1892; Thomas RALF 1893; George William DWYER 1894; James TOBIN junr. 1895-1899; Arthur James HOBSON 1900.
UNION HOTEL Nyngan Nyngan Henry DAVIS 1891-1892; Thomas REES 1893; (Cannonbar Road) James GALL 1894.
UNION HOTEL Stony Creek The Junction Cornelius DRISCOLL 1865-1867.
UNION HOTEL Tibooburra - Milparinka Yalpunga Edward OLIVE 1891 + (Yalpungat) 1892-1894; John GADEN (GADON) 1895-1900.
UNION INN Molong Cudall Boree Creek Thomas O'BRIEN 1865 1867 + (Cuddall) 1869-1870; (HOTEL) Jules THOMAS 1868; William HARTLAND 1867-1870.
UNITED STATES HOTEL Forbes Forbes Henry Martyn SCAMMELL 1865.
URALLA CLIFFS HOTEL Wentworth Uralla Cliffs Ed. MOULD 1865-1866; James MOULD 1867-1870; Archd. McNICOL 1871-1872.
Further info
Urana Urana Robert WISE 1865-1866; George ASHCROFT 1867-1870.
VICTORIA HOTEL Albury Wagra Vincent BAKER 1869-1870.
VICTORIA HOTEL Balranald Main Balranald-Clare Road Joseph NOLAN 1878-1881; Samuel GARDENER 1882; (At Clare) Jesse GARDENER 1883; (Clare Corner) William Henry HALL 1884.
VICTORIA HOTEL Bourke Bourke James MILLAR 1867.
VICTORIA HOTEL Bourke - Wanaaring Wanaaring William J. DOYLE 1888-1891; Thomas DOYLE 1890; William Henry GOODE 1892; Augustus PAY 1893-1896 + (Vicary Street, Wanaaring) 1896 1898-1900; Rowland NORRIS 1897.
VICTORIA HOTEL Broken Hill The Pinnacles Frederick Leary SMITH 1892-1893; Fred L. SMITH 1894-1895; John Leary SMITH 1896-1900.
VICTORIA HOTEL Carcoar Carcoar Patrick MORONEY 1865-1867; John KENWORTHY 1868-1870; (Bathurst Road) William WHITTAKER 1870.
VICTORIA HOTEL Cobar Cobar John Barry GILL 1882; Timothy J. MONAGHAN 1883; Maurice REIDY 1884; John K. RIGG 1885; George STEWART 1886; John LEFOE 1887-1888; Caroline BUDD 1889; Thomas SMITH 1890-1892; Joseph TUNCHON 1893-1895; (Harcourt Street, Cobar) Thomas TREVENA 1896-1897; James LOUGHMAN 1898-1900.
VICTORIA HOTEL Dubbo Balgromine, Bogan River George GORDON 1866.
VICTORIA HOTEL Emu Creek Emu Creek, Grenfell Louis BURGESS 1867.
VICTORIA HOTEL Forbes - Cowra Canowindra Thomas WALSH 1866; John FLANAGAN 1869-1870.
Further info
Menindie - Wilcannia Tolarno Station William George CLARK 1873-1876; Joseph CAPSTICK 1877-1881; Richard LESTER 1881-1885; Eva LESTER 1886-1888; Robert AGNEW 1888-1891; Henry BUCK 1891-1893; Robert AGNEW 1893; Eva AGNEW 1894-1897; James Duncan WARREN 1898-1899; James Dick ARNOLD 1900.
VICTORIA HOTEL Silverton Silverton Charles WOLF (WOLFE) 1886-1887; Alfred G. NEWHAM (NEWNHAM) 1888-1889; Charles SCHUNKE 1890; (Sturt Street, Silverton) John P. JACKSON 1891-1893; (Burke Street, Silverton) Arthur PEARCE 1894.
VICTORIA HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill William FINN 1889; Arthur PEARCE 1891-1892; Stuart John PEARCE 1896; William James FINN 1897; Lawrence FINN 1898; Arthur BARRETT 1899-1900.
VICTORIA HOTEL Stony Creek Muckerawa Charles VARCOE 1865.
VICTORIA HOTEL Wagga Wagga North Wagga Wagga Daniel BOON 1869-1870.
VICTORIA HOTEL Wilcannia 40 miles from Wilcannia, near Mount Gipps John SANDERS 1879-1880; Emma SANDERS 1882.
Wilcannia - Mitchell Mena Murtie Charles G. MORRELL 1883; Daniel Bosworth ROBINSON 1884; W.T. MULHOLLAND 1886-1887; Robert T. COULTER 1888-1894 + (Mount Browne Road, near Wilcannia) 1895 1897; Robert McKENZIE 1896; Robert COULTER 1898; Robert KELLY 1899; Robert Thomas COULTER 1900.
VICTORIA INN Carcoar Cowra David ROBERTSON 1865-1869; Alexander QUINN 1870.
VICTORIA INN Carcoar Long Swamp W. FINLAY 1865; Thomas CHESHIRE 1866-1867; James MELVILLE 1870.
VICTORIA INN Wagga Wagga Wagga Wagga to Forbes Road William John JOHNSON 1869-1870.
VICTORIA REVIVED Emu Creek Emu Creek Ann RUDD 1867.
VICTORY HOTEL Silverton Euriowie William C. TOY 1888.
VIEW POINT HOTEL Wilcannia - Mitchell Wilcannia Henry MORRIS 1879-1880 + (Bourke Street) 1882-1887 + (Reid Street, Wilcannia) 1888-1890; James BURGESS 1891-1894; John TOMLINSON 1895-1898; Charles Oliver VAINS 1900.
VINE HOTEL Moama Moama William HARVEY 1866-1870.
VULCAN HOTEL Young Emu Creek Gold Field Philip SAUNDERS 1868.
W TREE HOTEL Hillston W Tree, Yallock James KELLY 1884-1894.
WADDAI HOTEL Hay Murrumbidgee River Alexander BEAUMONT 1871; John WHITE 1872-1873; William ARNOLD 1874-1880; William WHYTE 1881-1882.
Balranald Wakool River Henry TALBETT 1865-1870; Thomas SPINKS 1885-1889; John JAMES 1890; John SPINKS 1891 1893; James LEWIS 1894-1898; Lewis JAMES 1899-1900.
WALANTHRY HOTEL Hay Walanthry Jno. TAYLOR 1865; Henry ENGELBERT 1866-1867; J.H. MACLURAN 1868.
WALBUNDRIE HOTEL Corowa Corowa Jeremiah COSTELLO 1868-1870.
Further info
Wagga Wagga Wallace Town Edward LLOYD 1865-1868; Henry WILLIAMS 1869-1870.
Further info
Wanaaring Wanaaring Wakefield BARTON 1893-1895.
WANDERER INN Deniliquin North Deniliquin J. McDOUGALL 1865; Decimus LAMB 1866; Jeremiah SULLIVAN 1867.
Further info
Deniliquin Wanganella John DILLON 1865-1870.
WANKEROO HOTEL Silverton Wankeroo Richard GARGAN 1888.
WARRA MURTIE HOTEL Bourke - Wanaaring Warramurtie Robert COULTER 1886-1887; (Warramurtie, Paroo River) George HUNT 1888-1889; Frederick Walter O'BRIEN 1890; (Wanaaring Road) James O'GRADY 1893-1895; John RYAN 1898; Henry McDONALD 1899; James O'GRADY 1900.
Further info
Bourke The Dry Lake, Barringun Road Caroline CLAYTON 1887; John ROBINSON 1889-1893; Caroline ROBINSON 1894; John GILL 1895; William McCONACHIE 1896; Percival J. WHITTAKER 1897; John Edward EGAN 1898-1900.
WARRATTA HOTEL Milparinka Warratta Thomas HOUSE 1891-1893; Thomas MUIR 1894; Alexander MUIR 1895-1897 + (Warratta Road) 1898 + (Warratta and Tibooburra Road) 1899; George SOLLY 1900.
WARREGO INN Bourke Warrego River William SHEARER 1866-1869; Robert KERRIGAN 1870-1875 + (Eugowra) 1876.
WARRENA HOTEL Walgett Walgett John HOATH 1867-1868; Frederick CROSS 1869.
WARRI WARRI HOTEL Milparinka Warri Warri John T. ROGAN 1894-1900.
WEALBAH HOTEL Hay Wealbah William G. TAYLOR 1871-1873; John O'BRIEN 1874-1881.
WEE WATER HOTEL Bourke - Mitchell Killara, Darling River James BUCKLEY 1877-1878; John LUFFMAN 1879-1882; (At Wee Water) Winifred THOMPSON 1883 + (At Tilpa, Wilcannia Road) 1884-1885; Mary LUFFMAN 1886; Henry SKIPPER 1887-1888; Lewis B. SKIPPER 1889; Robert FULLER 1890; Henry A. SKIPPER 1891-1896.
Further info
Bourke Wilcannia Road Margaret O'CONNOR 1886.
WEETALIBAR HOTEL Walgett Weetalibar William Henry MUSSETT 1879; Washington HARPER 1880-1881; David LANGWELL 1882; John H. LYNCH 1883; John HATLEY 1884; Joseph BECKETT 1887 1891-1893 1895-1900.
WELCOME HOTEL Forbes Thompson's Lead Mark FITZGERALD 1866.
WELCOME HOTEL Wagga Wagga Junee Reefs Frederick James WILLIAMSON 1870.
WELCOME HOTEL Young Lachlan Road Henry George MORGAN 1867.
WELCOME INN Bourke East Toorale James BUCKLEY 1889-1896; Joseph RUDD 1897.
WELCOME INN Carcoar Cowra, Wood's Flat Robert PURVIS 1868; Thomas WALSH 1869-1870.
WELCOME INN Dubbo Cobbedah J. BLEKEMORE 1865-1866; John WILLIAM 1867-1869 + (Cobborah) 1870.
WELCOME INN Stony Creek Suttor's Paddock, Burrendong Thomas CAMPBELL 1866-1870.
WELCOME INN Wellington Black Rock Edward AUSTIN 1866.
Further info
Wentworth Para East, Darling River, on Wentworth to Pooncaira Road William BROWN 1878-1888; Ann BROWN 1889; Henry P. RICHARDSON 1890-1892; John McGILTON 1893-1897 + (Darling River, Para East) 1898-1900.
WELCOME INN Young Demondrill Creek Augustus MILLER 1868.
WELLER'S FAMILY HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Beryl Street, Broken Hill Frank WELLER 1888-1890; Frederick STEPHENS 1891; William RIDDLE 1892; Henry BRIX 1893-1894.
WELLINGTON HOTEL Wellington Wellington C. MYLECHARANE 1865.
WENTWORTH HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill George W. SIMPSON 1888-1890; Fanny ANDERSON 1891; William J. PLAYER 1892-1893; Henry BRIX 1894-1895; Edward H. EVANS 1896-1897; William NIELSON 1898; Elizabeth Ann NIELSON 1899.
Further info
Wentworth Darling River William Edmund HOWARD 1868; Hooper Duncan BROWN 1869; John McGEORGE 1870; Peter MORGAN 1870-1873; John EGGE 1874-1875; John DUNNE (DUNN) 1876-1880 1886-1900; John JOHNS 1881; Mary Ann JOHNS 1882-1885.
WENTWORTH INN Wentworth Wentworth Ebenezer FELGATE 1865-1869.
WERADGERE HOTEL Hay Nine-mile Box/Creek John TAYLOR 1866-1871; (WARADGERY HOTEL, Nine-mile Box, Booligal Road) Henry MANN 1878-1879; James PARKER 1880; James CROSBY 1881-1882; John E. DONOHOE 1883-1887; Maurice SULLIVAN 1888-1891; John Edward DONOHOE 1900.
WEST BOURKE HOTEL Bourke Darling Street West Bourke Joseph LUNN 1869-1882.
Menindie - Wilcannia Menindie Henry H. CHURCH 1883-1888; Alice CHURCH 1889-1890; Alice SMITH 1891-1900.
WEST END HOTEL Wilcannia - Mitchell Wilcannia Eliza DUGGAN 1881; (Moore Street, Wilcannia) Patrick KENNEDY 1882-1893; Thomas MERRIFIELD 1894-1895; Patrick KENNEDY 1896-1898; Charles VAIN 1899.
WESTERN HOTEL Forbes Rankin Street John NEWELL 1865-1870.
WESTERN HOTEL Milparinka Yancannia Allan CAMPBELL 1885-1886; John MAXWELL 1887.
WESTERN STAR HOTEL Bourke North Bourke Peter GRAHAM 1884-1885.
WHARF HOTEL Hay Johnson Street, Hay Angus SUTHERLAND 1867-1870; August WERNER 1876-1877; F.W.RICE 1877; Frederick William RICE 1878-1882; William S.D. MOOREHOUSE 1883; (Leonard Street) William ROGERS 1885-1886.
WHEALBAH HOTEL Hay - Hillston Whealbah, Lachlan River William George TAYLOR 1866-1870; John O'BRIEN 1882-1900.
WHEAT SHEAF INN Burrowa Burrowa George COOK 1866.
WHEATSHEAF Wellington Wellington Edwd. LYNCH 1865-1866.
WHEATSHEAF INN Albury Bowna James PLUNKETT 1865-1870.
WHEELWRIGHT'S ARMS Molong Molong John WYNNE 1865-1866.
Further info
Mitchell White Cliffs, near Wilcannia William JOHNSTONE (JOHNSON) 1893-1900.
WHITE HORSE Albury Bowna John H. KIRKPATRICK 1865-1870.
WHITE HORSE Carcoar Carcoar J. ROBINSON 1865; John CODY 1866-1870.
WHITE HORSE Emu Creek Grenfell Patrick HEALEY 1867; James HIRD 1868.
WHITE HORSE Forbes Thompson's Lead Philip ZAHULEITER 1866.
WHITE HORSE HOTEL Molong Belmore Street, Cargo John HAWKINS 1869; Henry TEPLIN 1870.
WHITE HORSE INN Wellington Black Rock Edwd. AUSTIN 1865; Charles SLOEY 1866-1867; James BREEZE 1868-1870.
WHITE LION Deniliquin Deniliquin William SIMPSON 1868-1870.
WHITE LION Forbes Forbes Richard EADES 1866-1867 1869; Mary EADES 1870.
WHITE'S HOTEL Wellington Spicer's Creek Gold Field Thomas WHITE 1866.
WHITTABRANAH HOTEL Tibooburra - Milparinka Near Connulpie Station August LUCAS 1890; Thomas HALFPENNY 1891-1892 1895-1896 + (WHITABRANA HOTEL, Tibooburra) 1897 -1900; Charles ALLPRESS 1893-1894.
WHYLANDRA HOTEL Dubbo Road between Dubbo and Bourke Charles MYLECHARANE 1868-1870.
WICKLOW HOTEL Cobar - Nymagee Near Nymagee Michael THOMAS 1882; Richard THOMAS 1883-1884; (Nyngan and Nymagee Roads) Isaac CHAPLIN 1885; John CHASE 1886.
WILBY WILBY HOTEL Walgett Wilby Wilby Charles John THOMPSON 1882-1883 1885; Charles PHIPPS 1885-1896.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill John B. MURPHY 1889-1895; John BURKE 1896 1897; John DEMAEGHT 1896-1898 1899-1900; William FLANNERY 1899.
Further info
Wentworth - Wilcannia - Mitchell Wilcannia Thomas L. McGEORGE 1866-1867 1874-1876; Jemina Lydia McGEORGE 1869; Jemina L.H. KENAVAN 1877; Robert FELGATE 1878-1884; (Reid Street) Thomas O'LEARY 1885-1890; Frederick TOY 1891-1893; John BURKE 1894-1895; John DUNN 1896; William FLANNERY 1898 1900.
WILLANTRY HOTEL Hay - Hillston Willantry John TAYLOR 1865; James COOPER 1869-1875; Charles Albert SIMPSON 1877-1878; John McCANN 1878; George CLEMENTS 1879-1881; Catherine CLEMENTS 1882; Catherine MALONEY 1883; Pierce BUTLER 1884; Thomas KEARNE 1885 1887; George McLEOD 1888-1889; Maggie McLEOD 1890-1891; John HANNON 1892; Andrew SORENSON 1893; Charles S. MATTHEWSON 1896.
WILLOW TREE HOTEL Dubbo Ellengerah William JOHNS 1869-1870.
WILLOW TREE HOTEL Warren Gonalgang, Macquarie River Elizabeth YEO 1880-1881.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Willyama Phillip HARVEY 1887-1890 + (Broken Hill) 1891; Matthew DUFFY 1892-1893; George WEST 1894-1897; (Argent Street, Broken Hill) William Hall BIRDSEYE 1898-1900.
Further info
Wentworth Wilpitara Henry SMITH 1870-1872.
WITTAGOONA HOTEL Cobar - Bourke Road from Cobar to Louth Timothy BUCKLEY 1881; (Wittagoona) James QUINLAN 1882-1883.
WOOL PACK HOTEL Hay Jackson's Paddock, near Hay, on road to Maude Robert JACKSON 1878-1883.
Further info
Cannonbar Brewarrina Road, Macquarie River George William BENTON 1881.
WOOLINGATE HOTEL Warren Mount Harris Joseph TAYLOR 1891.
Further info
Hay Mossgiel Michael MACNAMARA 1871-1872; Daniel C. RIDDELL 1873-1878; Helen RIDDELL 1879-1880.
WOOLPACK HOTEL Hay Rudd's Point Thomas TERRY 1870-1882; John PEEL 1883-1884; James WITHERS 1885; John WITHERS 1886.
WOOLPACK INN Hay Darling River Road William CARTER 1870; William HARDY 1871; James PARKER 1885-1887; William JONES 1886; (HOTEL) Michael POWER 1888-1892; (Hay) Mary A. PRENDERGAST 1893; (West Hay) Richard L. TREVENA 1894-1898; George ASHCROFT 1899; John McCARTNEY 1900.
WOOLPACK INN Moulamein Road between Swan Hill and Deniliquin Charles FISHER 1880-1881.
WOOLPACK INN Wagga Wagga Hay Road Henry ANGEL junr. 1865-1866 + (HOTEL) 1867-1868.
WOOLSHED INN Deniliquin Jerilderee William DAVIDSON 1865-1866; Thomas GELLING 1868-1869; John HANLON 1870.
WOWONG HOTEL Hay Wowong John E. DONOHOE (DONOHUE) 1877-1881.
YAMBELL HOTEL Wellington Yambell Denis DRISCOLL 1868-1869.
YANCANNIA HOTEL Wilcannia - Milparinka Yancannia William BRICE 1880; Peter McGLURE (McCLURE) 1893-1895; Perie McCLURE 1896-1898;(Yancannia Lake) Edward Baker 1899; Rose BAKER 1900.
Further info
Broken Hill Yancowinna Creek Alexander McIntosh ROBERTSON 1900.
YANDA CREEK HOTEL Bourke - Cobar Yanda Creek, Cobar Road James BUDD 1878-1879 1881; Thomas DAVIES 1881; (Cobar District, Bourke Road) James BUDD 1882-1884 1886-1887; Harry RUSSELL 1885; John CONLEY 1890-1891 1893-1895; Henry Charles SMITH 1896-1897.
YANDENBURY HOTEL Wilcannia - Milparinka Yandenbury, Cobham Lake Road John MAXWELL 1880-1882 + (Mount Browne Road) 1883-1885; Samuel O'HARA 1887-1891 1895, (Mount Browne Road) David May SPINKS 1892-1893; Jas. A. O'CONNOR 1894.
YANGA HOTEL Balranald Road Balranald to Deniliquin August Gustav Henry HILLERMANN 1880-1883 + (Balranald to Moulamein Road) 1884-1890; Walter W. JOBSON 1891; August G.H. HILLERMAN 1892-1896; (Yanga, near Balranald) Thomas TURNER 1897-1900.
YANKO HOTEL Deniliquin - Hay Teree, Yanco Creek John MITCHELL 1866-1870; Catherine COLE 1881 + (At Yanko Creek) 1882.
Further info
Bourke Yanta Bulla Henry LEYHT 1876; Gregory BAKER 1877-1878; John BUCKLEY 1879-1900.
YANTARA HOTEL Milparinka Yantara Station James Armstrong SCOTT 1884-1890; Christopher CONNORS (CONNERS) 1891-1893; Arthur W. SHERARD 1894-1895; Henry J. BONNETT 1896-1900.
YARREN'S HOTEL Cobar …. Jane DAVIS 1881.
YARTLA CREEK HOTEL Wentworth Yartla Creek Maurice MAHONEY 1870-1876; Annie OLIVER 1889.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill Annie OLIVER 1888-1889; Henry B. HARDT 1889 1891; James H. COSGROVE 1892-1893.
YOUNG AUSTRALIAN HOTEL Cobar Hillston Road Samuel Jordon SKEWES 1896 + (Wrightville, near Cobar) 1897; Elizabeth J.S. SKEWES 1898; Henry DAVIS 1899-1900.
YOUNG STRUGGLER Albury Tumberumba Hugh O'HARE 1865; Thomas DALY 1866-1870.
YOUNG'S INN Stony Creek Lake's Paddock Chris YOUNG 1865-1866.
YOUNGERINA HOTEL Bourke - Cobar Road from Cobar to Louth Timothy BUCKLEY 1881; (Youngerina) Alexander SIMPSON 1888-1899.

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