NSW-West Publicans Licences N-R

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Hotel Publican's Licences N-R

Western New South Wales. 1865 - 1900
Part of Central New South Wales. 1865 - 1870.
(As listed in the Government Gazettes)

This list has been compiled by Rusheen Craig from Publicans listed in the NSW Government Gazette.

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There is a more extensive Introduction showing the application of the 1862 Publican's Act in Western and part of Central NSW.

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NAG'S HEAD HOTEL Brewarrina Pleasant Valley, Golgolgan Road William B.E. ELLIOTT 1885.
NANGERRIBONE HOTEL Nymagee Nangerribone Henry CONLEY 1885-1888; (Nymagee and Euabolong Roads) John HUGHS 1889; Henry CONLEY 1890-1892 1895-1900.
NARRANDERA INN Wagga Wagga Narrandera W. FLOOD 1865; William WALLET (WOLLETT) 1866-1867; Charles BUFFERY (BUFFREY) 1868-1869; George FLOOD 1870.
NATIVE DOG HOTEL Bourke Native Dog Spring, near Warrego River, Bourke Louis BURGER 1876-1877; Michael BRENNAN 1879-1880; Arthur DESMET 1881.
NATIVE HOME Bourke Warrego Road Jeremiah FLANAGAN 1869.
NELYAMBO HOTEL Mitchell Nelyambo Henry SKIPPER 1890; William LEVER 1891; Thomas J. BOWDEN 1892; James COLYPREAST 1893-1894; Edward A. WALLACE 1895 1897.
NEUREA HOTEL Wellington Neurea Flat Robert WATT 1865-1866; John O'CONNOR 1867-1870.
NEVADA HOTEL Silverton Silverton Thomas MITCHELL 1884-1885.
Further info
Warren Nevertire William RORKE 1891-1892; Michael MURPHY 1893-1898; Thomas Patrick RORKE 1899; Michael MURPHY 1900.
NEW ANGLEDOOL HOTEL Brewarrina New Angledool Alfred EKBERG 1886; George KIRKPATRICK 1887-1889; James C. MATTHEWS (MATHEWS) 1890-1892; John Theodore MERRY 1894-1900.
NEW BOUNDARY HOTEL Brewarrina Barringun Thomas J. MEEHAN 1883.
NEW INN Young Black Creek Thomas BROWN 1865.
NEW THACKARINGA HOTEL Silverton Thackaringa George DONOGHUE 1889-1891.
NEWMARKET HOTEL Broken Hill Broken Hill North William J. HUMPHREY (HUMPHRIES) 1891-1895; John Walter MOXON 1896; James F. HENDERSON 1899.
NEWMARKET HOTEL Emu Creek Emu Creek James BRAY 1867; John DAY 1869-1870.
NIAGARA HOTEL Hay Leonard Street, Hay Frederick William FISHER 1877; Charles William YORKE 1878-1887; Robert McCLYMONT 1888.
NIDGERY HOTEL Brewarrina Nidgery Jane ASTIL 1882.
NINE MILE BOX HOTEL Hay Booligal Road Maurice SULLIVAN 1892; John E. DONOHOE 1893-1899.
NINE MILE HOTEL Wilcannia - Mitchell Nine miles from Wilcannia Peter Kearney SEAVILLE 1879; Ellen V. RYAN 1880; Peter K. SEAVILLE 1882-1883; Robert ALLEN 1884
NIPPER'S CREEK INN Mitchell - Wilcannia Momba Joseph MURPHY 1887-1888 + (Nipper's Creek, Paroo Road) 1889 + (HOTEL) 1890-1900.
NORTH DENILIQUIN HOTEL Deniliquin Deniliquin Thomas ROBERTSON 1866-1870.
Not Stated Albury Black Range E. CULNANE 1865.
Not Stated Emu Creek Grenfell George MASTERFIELD 1867.
Not Stated Forbes Pinnacle Reef H. CROFT 1865.
Not Stated Wilcannia Cobar Road, Wilcannia George GUTERIDGE 1881.
NUBRIGGAN INN Wellington Nubriggan William BRAZIER 1865-1870.
NUNTHERUNGIE HOTEL Milparinka Nuntherungie Silver Field John E. BURGESS 1893.
OBLEY HOTEL Molong Molong William DICKINSON 1865-1868.
OCCIDENTAL HOTEL Bourke North Bourke Thomas MANNING 1885-1886; Isaac JAMES 1887-1900.
Further info
Bourke Bourke John E. KELLY 1865 1867-1869; Richard James KELLY 1866; Henry NANCARROW 1870-1871; William BATTEN 1871.
OLD HOUSE AT HOME Stony Creek Wellington Road James PRIEST 1865-1870.
OLD MUSKETEER HOTEL Forbes Rankin Street, Forbes Alexander C. CAMERON 1865-1866; (Lachlan and Templar Streets) George Elphinstone JOB 1867 1869.
OLD ROYAL GEORGE HOTEL Forbes - Emu Creek Thompson's Lead William Lyon FORD 1866 + (At Emu Creek) 1867-1868.
OLD ROYAL HOTEL Carcoar Carcoar Robert KIRKPATRICK 1865-1867; John FAGAN 1867-1870.
Further info
Menindie Tintinallogy, near Menindie. William ROGERS 1868-1875; George KIDMAN 1876-1878; Elizabeth ROGERS 1879; Henry GEYER 1888-1900.
OLD TYNAPAGEE HOTEL Bourke - Wanaaring Tynapagee John LECK 1882-1886; (OLD TINAPAGEE HOTEL) Marian M. LECK 1887; Alfred E. HIGGERSON 1889; James KEOHANE 1890-1893; (Paroo River) William LACEY 1894-1895; (Wanaaring and Hungerford Road) William LASEY 1895.
OLIVE DOWNS' HOTEL Milparinka - Tibooburra Warri Warri Edward OLIVE 1885-1886 1889; John Thomas ROGAN 1890 1892-1893.
ONE EYE HOTEL Hillston One Eye, Mount Hope Road James BLACKER 1884-1885.
ONE MILE INN Emu Creek One Mile Rush William BATMAN 1867.
Further info
Hay Hay Alexander FINCH 1865-1866; James JOHNSTONE 1867-1869; William CLARKE 1870-1877 + (CLARK) 1878-1880 + (One Tree, Booligal Road) 1882; Eugenia CLARK 1883; (ONE TREE HILL HOTEL, Booligal Road) John RUDD 1884; (ONE TREE HOTEL) Abraham LEVY 1885; Joseph DENISON 1886; William MOORHOUSE 1887-1888; John DOWDIE 1889; Arthur G. ADAMS 1890; (On Gunbar Road) James GANNON 1891-1892 + (Booligal Road) 1893-1895; Philip O'CONNOR 1896 1898; George Tempest ESPLIN 1900.
OPAL KING HOTEL Mitchell White Cliffs William BARR 1896-1897; Alfred RICHARDSON 1898-1900.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Argent Street, Broken Hill Henry Lewis ROBERTS 1888-1896; Archibald McFIE 1893; Mary T. ROBERTS 1894; Henry Lewis ROBERTS 1894; William RALF 1897; Michael KERRISON 1898 -1899; John Hugh GORDON 1900.
OSBORNE'S HOTEL Stony Creek Wellington Road Jas. OSBORNE 1865.
OVERLAND CAMP HOTEL Molong Molong George BOOTY 1869-1870.
OVERLAND HOTEL Bourke Gumballie William SUNDERLAND 1887-1888; John William DENNIS 1889; Richard J. BARLOW 1890-1892.
OVERLAND HOTEL Bourke West Bourke George C. REED 1876; Joseph MAXWELL 1877; David NEAL 1878; George Charles REED 1879-1881; Thomas A. WILLOUGHBY 1881-1885; (Same place, but now more properly described as North Bourke) John WILLOUGHBY sen. 1886-1888; Thomas Albert WILLOUGHBY 1889-1892; Richard J. BARLOW 1893; William WORTHINGTON 1895-1900.
Dubbo Dubbo John Edward BROWNING 1867-1870.
OVERLANDER'S CAMP Dubbo Near Dubbo James SAMUELS 1867-1870.
OVERLANDER'S CAMP HOTEL Dubbo Bulgondrama George BOOTY 1867-1868; (Bulgondromine) Abraham McLEAN 1869-1870.
Further info
Bourke Anson and Glen Streets, Bourke William ROBINSON 1884-1898 1900; Gilbert HEATHCOTE 1899.
OXFORD HOTEL Bourke Bourke William SHEPHERD 1889; John LEES 1890-1893; Thomas Henry PERROT 1894-1896; Arthur P.B. NEVINS 1897; John SUTHERLAND 1898-1900.
OXFORD HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill William SHEPHERD 1889; John LEES 1890-1892.
Further info
Hay Oxley Thomas DONAHEE 1869; Daniel MURPHY 1870-1874; Robert JACKSON 1875-1877; Michael Joseph DELANDRE 1878-1881; William WESTHEAD 1882-1883; Bernard MURPHY 1884-1885; Thomas SLATTER 1886-1888; John PARR 1889-1894; Ann PARR 1895; John BENNETT 1896; George H. ASHCROFT 1898; Richard L. TREVENA 1899-1900.
PACKSADDLE HOTEL Milparinka Packsaddle Alexander SCOTT 1887-1889; Mary Ann SCOTT 1890-1893; John Henry DUNN 1894-1895; William A. BELL 1896-1897.
Further info
Broken Hill Broken Hill John E. ENSOLL 1892; John C.C. AITKEN 1893; William James RALF 1894-1900.
Bourke Wanaaring, Paroo River William John MALPAS 1867-1871; George William SCHRIVENER 1872-1877; John BARKER 1878; Wakefield BARTON 1879-1883; William Henry GOODE 1884-1886; Edmund BARTON 1887.
PASTORAL HOTEL Corowa Corowa William CAMPIER 1870.
PASTORAL HOTEL Hay Moama Street, South Hay Edward CHURCH 1877-1880; William CLARK 1881; Edward CHURCH (CHURCHE) 1882-1883.
Further info
Wagga Wagga Wagga Wagga Matthew CALLAGHAN 1865-1870.
PEAK INN Cobar The Peak, Junction of Hillston and Euabalong Roads Henry GRAVES 1881 + (PEAT HOTEL,The Peat, near Cobar) 1884 + (The Peak, near Cobar) 1885; Thomas WRIGHT 1889; Michael HEAD 1891.
PEEK'S HOTEL Hay Mossgiel A.H. PEEK 1871; Thomas PARSONS 1871-1873; Patrick MATHEWS 1875 1877.
PENROSE HOTEL Wilcannia - Silverton Thackaringa Charles WEBSTER 1883-1885.
PERSEVERANCE HOTEL Forbes Thompson's Lead John Dennison CAMPBELL 1866-1867.
Further info
Hay Lachlan Street, Hay George Thomas TURNER 1880-1883; George HAINES 1884-1885; Michael CULLEN 1886; Roderick McKENZIE 1887-1888; William FERMINGER 1889-1890; John PAYNE 1891-1896; William FIRMINGER 1898; George A. SADLER 1899-1900.
PETERS' HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill South Broken Hill David PETERS 1889; John WHITTAKER 1890; James H. COSGROVE 1891; John RICHARDS 1892; Thomas MERRIFIELD 1893-1894; (Argent Street, Broken Hill) James Samuel PAVY 1900.
PIAKA CREEK HOTEL Balranald Piaka Creek George CARTER 1873-1875; Thomas BYRNE 1877-1878; James KELLY 1879-1880; Robert DUNCAN 1881-1882; Frederick CLOSE 1883-1884; Matthew GATELY 1885; Frederick SHAILER 1887; Charles A. WARN 1886; William HALL 1888-1890.
PICNIC HOTEL Emu Creek Tygong and Grenfell Road James McCLURE 1867.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Bromide Street, Broken Hill Wm. D. CARTER 1888; John HILL 1889; William Henry NEWTON 1890-1892; Hugh P.C. NEWTON 1893-1894; Charles PILCHER 1896; Herbert John EDWARDS 1897-1900.
Further info
Wentworth Wentworth M.MONAGHAN 1865; William Thomas HAMMAT 1866-1869; (HOTEL from 1872) George RAYNER 1870-1875; Joseph GOLDSWORTHY 1876-1878; James McGROTTY 1879-1880; George ANDERSON 1881 + (At Salt Creek) 1882-1883; (PINE-TREE HOTEL, Salt Creek) Daniel BYRNES 1884.
PINE RIDGE HOTEL Cannonbar - Nyngan Pine Ridge, Dubbo and Bourke Road James SIMPSON 1881; James JONES 1889; James SIMPSON 1891-1893 + (Marra Creek) 1894-1897; Isidore H. JONES 1898-1899; William Henry SIMPSON 1900.
PINE RIDGE HOTEL Canonba - Dubbo Duck Creek Road Charles Ernest BEAUVAIS 1868-1870.
PINE RIDGE INN Hay Booroorba Samuel PORTER 1865-1867; (Booroorban) John EDMONSON 1868; (1868-Becomes DUKE OF EDINBURGH HOTEL); (PINE RIDGE INN, Pine Ridge, on road between Hay and Deniliquin) James MURRAY 1878-1881.
PINE-TREE HOTEL Wentworth Tareena Richard COX 1890-1891; John OXLEY 1893-1895; Thomas TEAGUE 1897; Frederick PLUSH 1898.
Wentworth Wentworth R.L. DEANE 1868.
PINEY RANGE HOTEL Albury - Corowa Piney Range W. KIDSON 1865; Daniel DRISCOLL 1866-1869.
Further info
Bourke Pink Hills, Bourke Eliza VINCENT 1893-1900.
PINK HILLS HOTEL Brewarrina Pink Hills Charles George DUNN 1882.
Further info
Silverton The Pinnacles, near Silverton Louis P. RYMER 1886; Daniel McMAHON 1887; Patrick LYNCH 1888-1892; Alice NEILL 1893.
PIONEER HOTEL Milparinka Warratta Creek Michael J. De LANDRE 1882.
POLAMACA INN Menindie - Silverton Polamaca Charles CARL 1871-1873; (POLAMACCA HOTEL) Robert GAINOR 1886-1890 + (Poolamacca) 1891; John T. HENSTRIDGE 1892; (Near Torrowangie) Andrew TOBIN 1894.
PONTOON BRIDGE HOTEL Hay Ecclesbank Frank JOHNS 1866-1867.
Further info
Wentworth Pooncarra (Pooncarie, River Darling) Simon McDONALD 1865-1870; Elizabeth McDONALD 1870-1872; William HAMMAT 1873-1876; Henry Stephen BURGESS 1877-1882 1889-1890; David S. MITCHELL 1883-1888; Richmond H. PERRING 1891-1892; (POONCARIE HOTEL) Sylvester BYRNES 1893-1896; Norman McLEOD (Possibly 1896-corner of Gazette is torn off but Christian name ends in "man") + 1898-1900.
PORT ADELAIDE HOTEL Silverton Willyama Duncan REID 1888.
Further info
Bourke Eringonia Hugh NAWN 1883-1885 + (At Enngonia) 1886-1892; Edward D. JOHNSON 1893; John O'SHANNASSEY 1894-1898; Mary Ann O'SHANNASSEY 1899-1900.
Further info
Bourke Louth Patrick MATTHEWS 1889-1890; Ellen HINDS 1891-1892; Leonard Sydney PEARSON 1893-1900.
Further info
Bourke Oxley Street, Bourke Edward M. LUSCOMBE 1889-1891; Patrick FITZGERALD 1893-1898 + (Mitchell Street) 1899-1900.
POST OFFICE HOTEL Brewarrina - Bourke New Angledool James C. MATTHEWS 1893-1894; David AITKEN 1895; William J. MATTHEWS 1898.
POST OFFICE HOTEL Cannonbar Cannonbar George BUIST 1881.
POST OFFICE HOTEL Carcoar Burnt Yard Diggings David Louisson BAYLISS 1868 + (The Cargo Diggings) 1869-1870.
POST OFFICE HOTEL Cobar Wicklow Thomas RICHARD 1880-1881.
POST OFFICE HOTEL Corowa Mulwala Patrick DUNN 1869-1870.
POST OFFICE HOTEL Emu Creek Camp Street, Grenfell Baron B. COHEN 1869-1870.
POST OFFICE HOTEL Euston Murray Terrace John FLYNN 1877-1878; John B. WEEDALL 1879-1881.
Further info
Hay Maude John PRENDERGAST 1868; Charles CHURCHLEY 1869; Daniel MURPHY 1876-1881; James BRADBURY 1882; Elizabeth PALMER 1883; Daniel B. MORRIS 1884-1885; Daniel MURPHY 1886; George ALLMAN 1887-1894; Richard FARDY 1895-1896; John McNAUGHTON 1898; Maurice WALSH 1899-1900.
POST OFFICE HOTEL Menindie - Mitchell Menindie Charles YOUNG junr. 1868; Henry GILLETT 1868-1869; William George CLARK 1871-1872; William MAIDEN 1873-1874; Horace John FAIRHEAD (FAIRFIELD) 1875-1881.
POST OFFICE HOTEL Molong Mount Obley Patrick FAHEY 1865-1870.
POST OFFICE HOTEL Warren Dandaloo Thomas R. CLEAVER 1899; Thomas DAVIES 1900.
POST OFFICE HOTEL Wellington Montefiores John August SORWALL 1865-1870; Charles WHITE 1866.
POST OFFICE HOTEL Wentworth Pooncaira Neil NEILSON 1882-1885.
POST OFFICE HOTEL Wilcannia - Silverton Thackarinda George S. PULLEN 1883 + (Thackaringa) 1884; Joseph FREEMAN 1886; Henry ABLE 1887.
POST OFFICE HOTEL Young Burrowa and Main Streets Peter WOODS 1867-1870.
POUND HOTEL Forbes Forbes John LARDSCHE 1865.
PRAIRIE HOTEL Corowa Mohunga Gun WARREN 1866.
PRINCE ALFRED HOTEL Bourke East Toorale Christopher DEXTER 1879.
PRINCE ALFRED HOTEL Emu Creek Tygong Gold Fields, now George Street, Grenfell Edwin James EVANS 1869; Fred. CLUTTON 1868.
PRINCE ALFRED HOTEL Forbes Bland Road Sophia EVANS 1869.
PRINCE ALFRED HOTEL Wagga Wagga Tarcutta to Wagga Wagga Road Thomas FLETCHER 1869; Mary RYAN 1869-1870.
PRINCE CONSORT HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Wilson Street, Alma, South Broken Hill William GILES 1888; James BLIGHT 1889; John McKIE 1890; C. PILCHER 1891; Henry R. HALLETT 1892-1893; Edward TRUSCOTT 1894; Mark Rowes (Rowan) WAKE 1895-1896; Henry A. PARKER 1897; Frederick SCHMIDT 1898-1899; Oliver C. FELTON 1900.
PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL Carcoar Burnt Yard Diggings William MURRAY 1869.
PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL Deniliquin Barratta E.C. WILLIAMS 1865; William COLEMAN 1866; William LAWLER 1867; (Barraba) Richard REVE (REEVA / REEVE) 1868-1870.
PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL Deniliquin North Deniliquin J. McDOUGALL 1865.
PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL Emu Creek Weddin Mountains, Emu Creek Patrick DAVOREN 1867 1868-1870.
PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL Forbes Condobolin Thomas Samuel SLACK 1867; James Smith TOLER 1869-1870.
PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL Forbes Thompson's Lead John GODFREY 1866.
PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL Hay Hillston Charles JOHNSON 1877-1879; Henry MANNS 1880.
PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL Moama Shaw and Victoria Streets Peter BOYLAN 1870.
Further info
Wagga Wagga Wagga Wagga Charles SIMPSON 1865-1866; Frederick GASSE 1867; Henry WILLIAMS 1868; Robert Daniel MORTON 1869; Richard CURRY 1870.
PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL Young Young William Conquest TURLAND 1866-1870.
PRIORY HOTEL Cobar - Nymagee Priory, Hillston and Cobar Roads Michael RYAN 1881-1882; John CHASE 1884-1895 + (Cobar to Nymagee Road) 1896-1899; William James STRATHFORD 1900.
PRIORY HOTEL Hay Hillston and Bourke Road Simon LEECH 1878-1880.
PROSPECTOR'S HOME Wagga Wagga Sebastopol Reef, near Junee William PIKE 1870.
Further info
Wagga Wagga Pike's Reef William PIKE 1869.
PROSPECTOR'S STORE HOTEL Albury Black Range Gold Fields John BARLOW 1865.
PUNT HOTEL Balranald Mamarja Charles J. SILVESTER 1872-1877.
Further info
Bourke West (North) Bourke Peter GRAHAM 1870.
Further info
Hay Hay John DOBSON 1870-1871; Edward BRANDON 1873-1874.
PUNT HOTEL Hay Maude Patrick PRENDERGAST 1865-1867; Thomas B. BAILEY 1870; John MURPHY 1871-1872; Edward BRANDON 1872; John MURPHY 1873; Daniel MURPHY 1874; Jane LEWIS 1875; John Frederick William NORDHUS 1877;
PUNT HOTEL Hay Waddai James SLATTERY 1881-1882.
PUNT HOTEL Wilcannia - Mitchell Reid Street, Wilcannia Elizabeth PETER 1876; William PETER 1877-1880 1884-1895; James C. WILLIAMS 1882-1883; Peter WILLIAM 1885; William MANN (MAN) 1896-1899
PURNAMOOTA HOTEL Silverton Purnamoota William J. REYNOLDS 1884-1885.
QUANDONG HOTEL Menindie Quandong William Henry SUGARS 1891-1894 + (Stephen's Creek) 1895-1900.
QUARRY HOTEL Hay The Quarries, North Yanco George Herbert STEVENS 1881.
QUARTZ REEF HOTEL Menindie Quartz Reef Richard HANNIFORD 1881.
QUEEN'S ARMS Burrowa Burrowa Thomas RYAN 1865-1870; Joseph MARTIN junr. 1870.
Further info
Wilcannia - Mitchell Reid Street, Wilcannia Henry MOON 1877-1878; John PENROSE 1879-1884; Alfred E. SLADE 1886-1887; John Charles DUGAN (DUGGAN) 1888-1900.
QUEEN'S HOTEL Cobar Matthew's Flat, near Cobar John Alfred EDWARDS 1883-1892 + (Louth Road) 1893-1897 + (South Road near Cobar) 1898; (Louth Road near Cobar) Josephine S. EDWARDS 1899; John Clark HERVEY 1900.
QUONDONG HOTEL Booligal - Hay Road Hay to Booligal Mary HOPKINS 1878-1881+ (Quondong, Booligal Road) 1883-1894;
RACECOURSE HOTEL Balranald Mamarja George ASHCROFT 1878; David HEPBURN 1879-1880.
RACECOURSE HOTEL Hillston Woodstock, near Hillston Thomas MORANT 1886-1891 1893; Mary MORANT 1893; Margaret MORANT 1894-1899 + (Four and a half miles from Hillston) 1899.
RACECOURSE HOTEL Menindie Polamacca Thomas MURRAY 1881.
RACECOURSE HOTEL Milparinka Mount Browne James McCLURE 1890; Peter McCLURE 1891-1892.
Further info
Wentworth Wentworth William HAMMAT 1870-1871; John McGEORGE 1872-1873; John NICHOLSON 1874-1875; John Baille CAMERON 1876; George BUTCHER 1877; Robert PLATT 1878; Alfred BURROWS 1885-1886; Frank BERGMAN 1887-1889; John C. HILL 1890-1891.
RAILWAY FAMILY HOTEL Nyngan Nyngan Thomas BARRETT 1889-1897 + (Nymagee Street, Nyngan) 1898-1900.
Further info
Bourke Bourke Thomas GLOVER 1884; William GLOVER 1885; (Anson Street, Bourke) William DEIGNAN 1886-1887; James LYNCH 1887 + (Hope Street, Bourke) 1888-1889; William QUINN 1890; Alexander BARRY 1891; Thomas HAND 1892-1893; Percival J. WHITTAKER 1894.
RAILWAY HOTEL Bourke Tarcoon James Albert PAULL 1900.
RAILWAY HOTEL Burrowa Boorowa Ben LONG 1865; John HURLEY 1866; Henry PRESTON 1866; Lawrence FAHEY 1867.
RAILWAY HOTEL Hay Carathool John PARR 1884; Margaret A. McPHERSON 1885-1887; Frederick W. RICE 1888; Eliza RICE 1889-1892; Albert E. MOORHOUSE 1894-1897; John PARR 1898-1900.
RAILWAY HOTEL Nyngan Girilambone Thomas HARTMAN 1889-1900.
RAILWAY HOTEL Nyngan Murial Tank Richard SNAPE 1891.
Further info
Silverton Willyama Ernest S. De PASS 1887; Owen WILLIAMS 1888.
RAILWAY HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Crystal and Bromide Streets, Broken Hill John W. HARRIS 1890-1892.
RAILWAY HOTEL Warren Nevertire George REYNOLDS 1891-1900.
RAILWAY HOTEL Warren Trangie Henry HORWOOD 1898-1900.
RAILWAY HOTEL Warren Warren James GALE 1898; Frederick SCHERF 1899-1900.
RAILWAY TERMINUS HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill Jane TIMMS 1888; William HUMPHRIES 1889-1890; Jane TIMMS 1891-1892.
RANKIN'S HOTEL Wilcannia - Bourke Darling River Allan Shearer RANKIN 1878-1880; (Nelyambo) John CAMPBELL 1882; John Henry FOX 1883-1888; Henry SKIPPER 1889.
RANKIN'S SPRINGS HOTEL Hay - Hillston Rankin Springs William BLOOD 1873-1874; James GRAHAM 1874-1880 1882-1887; John KING 1881; Alfred MARSHALL 1888-1892; John HANNAN 1893-1900.
RAVENWOOD HOTEL Warren Ravenwood, Warren Alfred GOODARE 1891; John W. PARKER 1892; John COLLEY 1894; Henry Field Strahan BACK 1895-1897; Thomas DAVIES 1898; George Keir McLAREN 1899-1900.
RED COW Dubbo Mount Grombi Thomas GOODALL 1869; Edward SWORDS 1870.
Further info
Hay Moppett Street, Hay Thomas Frank BLAKE 1877; John BROGAN 1878-1884; Thomas GORMLEY 1885; Rose SINCLAIR 1886; John BROGAN 1887; Thomas McINTYRE 1888-1892; Alexander REID 1893-1900.
Further info
Bourke Redbank, Darling River John DOYLE 1872-1880; Juliana Mary DOYLE 1881-1882; John C. PRITCHARD 1883-1887; (Redbank, Wilcannia Road) Henry GILLETT (GILLET) 1888-1889; Henry FILGATE 1890; Horace K. BLOXHAM 1891-1892; Charles O'MALLEY 1893-1894; John BOLAND 1895; John MORTON 1896; Alexander HAMILTON 1897-1898; James WILLIAMSON 1899-1900.
REDBANK HOTEL Deniliquin Redbank W. Moore CARTER 1865; Henry BURTON 1866-1870.
REDBANK HOTEL Hay Redbank William HILL 1865-1869; Elizabeth HILL 1870; Peter BUCKLEY 1871; William HOLDEN 1872; (Hillston) Bernard GALLAND 1873; Charles HERMES 1874; Alex FINCH 1875; Solomon AARONS 1877-1882.
Further info
Bourke Pink Hills, Bogan River Thomas HUGGINS 1869-1872; James VINCENT 1873-1879; Eliza VINCENT 1878 1880.
REEFER'S ARMS Carcoar Cowra Francis CANT 1868.
REEFER'S HOME HOTEL Carcoar Arthurstown, Trunkey Creek William TOUGH 1869.
REEFER'S HOTEL Emu Creek George Street, Grenfell William DAVIES 1867-1868.
REEFER'S HOTEL Wagga Wagga Monster Reef, Junee Patrick HEFFERNAN 1869-1870.
RESTDOWN HOTEL Cobar - Nymagee 43 miles from Cobar Michael McKENNA 1880-1882 1884 1890-1891; William PERRY 1892; Michael LANE 1893; (At Restdown) Henry GOODWIN 1894.
RISING SUN Carcoar King's Plains Creek James FLOOD 1865-1867; John HOAD 1869-1870.
RISING SUN HOTEL Euabalong - Hillston Lake Cudgellico Asher PRIOR 1880-1881; (Cudgellico) Joseph PEMBERTON 1882-1886.
RISING SUN HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Willyama John HARE 1888; John HARE junr. 1889; (Broken Hill) John HILL 1890; Henry SHEPHERD 1891-1893; John NEIL 1894; William COLE 1895; Eugene McLAUGHLIN 1896; Thomas H. PERROTT 1897-1899; William ROOK 1900.
RIVERINA HOTEL Albury Black Range John BARLOW 1868.
RIVERINA HOTEL Balranald Balranald Phillip TUCK 1887 + (Clare) 1888-1890; (Court Street) William McKENZIE 1887 1891.
RIVERINE HOTEL Deniliquin Conargo James McKEYS 1865 + (RIVERINA HOTEL) 1866-1870.
Further info
Hay Waddai Edward GRIMLEY 1869-1874; John WHITE 1874; Edward GRIMLEY 1875; Bernard COLLINS 1877-1878; Stanislas Hoener DEMAMIEL ( De MAURIEL) 1879-1880.
Further info
Wagga Wagga Narrandera Alfred DALE 1867; Robert KERRIGAN 1868; William Henry WOOLLETT 1869.
RIVERINE INN Albury Sydney and Albury Road Edward DUNNE 1869-1870.
ROADSIDE NECESSITY Wentworth Ilneery Point, near Burtundy John WILLIS 1877-1879; (Burtundy) John William WEBB 1879-1881.
ROBERTSON'S FAMILY HOTEL Milparinka Tibooburra Hugh ROBERTSON 1894-1898.
Further info
Broken Hill Mootwingee Charles Robert RAVEN 1900.
ROCK HOLES HOTEL Hillston Rock Holes, Gilgunnia Edward ENGLISH 1890-1891.
ROCKY FORD INN Mogil Mogil Barwon River, 20 miles from Mogil Mogil Ann M. KINGSBURY 1879-1880; Charles PALMER 1881 + (Collarindebri) 1882; Henry S. BARRATT 1883.
ROCKY HOLE HOTEL Young Lachlan Road George TYERS 1867.
ROCKY STANDARD HOTEL Milparinka Milparinka Frederick CONNORS 1885; Letitia CONNORS 1887; Cornelius CLUNE 1889-1891.
ROCKY WATERHOLES HOTEL Mitchell Rocky Waterholes Patrick O'BRIEN 1870-1876; Daniel DEWHURST 1877; Alexander F. LEWIS 1878-1879 1882; Patrick O'BRIEN 1880; John WOOD 1892-1894.
ROSE AND CROWN Albury Albury Richard PANKHURST 1865-1870.
ROSE INN Albury Albury John NICHOLLS 1865-1866; Thomas KING 1867-1870.
ROSE, SHAMROCK AND THISTLE Wilcannia Near Wombat Charles HOLMES 1876.
ROSEBOROUGH HOTEL Wilcannia - Menindie Albermarle, near Menindie Henry PRETTY 1882-1884 1887-1888; Thomas JOHNSON 1885-1886; William BRADBURY 1889-1890; John CLEARY 1891-1892; Francis BREWER 1893; John CLEARY 1894-1895; Ben RICH 1896-1900.
Further info
Hay - Hillston Billibong, Willandra Thomas TERRY 1869; (At Roto) Charles HERMES 1871; William CLARK 1873; John BALES 1874-1881+ (ROTO HOTEL) 1882; William PATTERSON 1883-1884; William BOURKE 1885-1887; William G. HORNTICK 1888; George JOHNSON 1890-1894; Thomas RUST 1894-1900.
ROUNDHILL HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Round Hill Thomas TAYLOR 1886-1887; Robert JONES 1889-1890; William CLARINGBOLD 1891; Archibald J. McPHERSON 1892; Thomas TAYLOR 1893.
ROVER'S ARMS INN Wagga Wagga Wallace Town John DILLON 1865-1870.
ROYAL (MAIL) HOTEL Bourke Tankarooka, Darling River John MUNGOVAN 1869-1876; Mary MUNGOVAN 1878 1881-1885; John AUSTIN 1878-1881; Ernest J. SUTTOR 1886-1889.
ROYAL ALBERT HOTEL Milparinka Albert Thomas Bevan HARRISON 1884.
Further info
Bourke Bourke Walter FRY 1888-1889 + (Mitchell Street, Bourke) 1890-1891; Bennett BENTINCK 1892-1893.
ROYAL EXCHANGE HOTEL Menindie Darling River Catherine McMAHON 1879.
ROYAL EXCHANGE HOTEL Silverton Bourke Street, Silverton Annie OLIVER 1891-1893; (Argent Street, Silverton) Eugene McLAUGHLIN 1900.
ROYAL EXCHANGE HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Willyama Barnett HARRIS 1889 + (Broken Hill) 1890; James William MATHERS 1896; Thomas BYRNE 1897; Eugene McLAUGHLIN 1898-1899.
ROYAL GEORGE HOTEL Forbes Grasset Lead William Lyon FORD 1865; (Forbes) Thomas FOGARTY 1866
Albury Albury W. WISE 1865; Arthur WALKER 1867 + (Townsend Street, Albury) 1868-1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Balranald Balranald Peter YOUNG 1865 -1879; Solomon SCHLOSSMAN 1879; John Henry WHITBY 1880; Peter YOUNG 1881; Mary J. HEPBURN 1882; Bernard MURPHY 1883; (Court Street, Balranald) Peter YOUNG 1884-1885; John BARLOW 1886; William MACKENZIE 1888-1899; William Henry MESSENGER 1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Balranald Clare Peter BYRNE 1892-1900.
Further info
Bourke Bourke George HARRIS 1866-1883; Thomas HUGGINS 1884-1887; (Mitchell Street) Richard GREEN 1888-1889; Samuel C. DAVIS 1890-1892; Simeon (Simon) Solomon MOSES 1893-1900.
Further info
Bourke Byrock Edward Ernest MURRELL 1884 + ( MORRELL) 1885-1888 + (MURRELL) 1889-1892; Peter William BYERS 1893 1896-1897; Joseph Elias ASTILL 1898-1900.
Further info
Bourke Culgoa River George COLLIS 1868-1872.
Further info
Bourke Louth John Barry GILL 1878; Thomas HUGGINS 1878-1881; Thomas McCULLOW 1881; Patrick MATTHEWS 1882-1887; Frederick TOY 1888-1890; Ronald S. VERNON 1891-1892; Robert WILLIAMS 1893-1895; William PUGH 1896-1897; William PASKINS 1898-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Bourke - Brewarrina Brewarrina William DICKINSON 1874-1876; George COLLESS 1877-1878; James J. MALLON 1879; James UTTLEY 1880; Alfred COOPER 1881; Walter C. COLLESS 1882-1883; David THOMSON 1883; Walter T. COLLESS 1884; John LACK 1887-1888; George COLLESS 1890-1892; Denis J. HAGARTY 1893-1895; (Bathurst Street) Llewellyn M. COLLESS 1898; John O'NEILL 1899-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Bourke - Brewarrina Gongolgon John HAWTHORN 1870-1875; William HARTNETT 1875-1877; John WILLOCK 1878,+ (WELLOCK) 1879; John COWELL 1880-1883; Alexander SHAW 1884; John WILLOCK 1885; Thomas L. MORRIS 1886; Robert LEIGHTON 1887; James Augustus ROBB 1889-1894; John WILLOCK 1895-1896; Richard J.O. MAXWELL 1897-1898; Joseph MAXWELL 1899-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Bourke - Cobar Cobar Henry WALDEN 1879; Thomas WRIGHT 1880-1883; Patrick LYNCH 1884-1885; Alfred HUTCHINSON 1886-1887; Albert HUTCHINSON 1889-1892; Arthur CRON 1888; George PAYNE 1896-1898 + (Lewis and Becker Streets, Cobar) 1899-1900.
Further info
Bourke - Wanaaring Wanaaring Joseph LEWIS 1886-1887; William Henry GOODE 1888-1893 + (Vicary Street) 1894-1895; John Joseph HACKETT 1896-1897; Mary Ann GOODE 1899-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Brewarrina Eringonia Robert KERRIGAN 1881-1882; John WILLOUGHBY 1883.
ROYAL HOTEL Burrowa Boorowa John HURLEY 1865 1867-1868; Charles WEIFERT 1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Cannonbar - Nyngan Girilambone John McDONALD 1881; William McCARTHY 1890-1892
ROYAL HOTEL Cannonbar - Nyngan Nyngan Thomas MONAGHAN 1881; James DUNN 1891-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Canonbar - Warren - Dubbo Warren John COLLEY 1869-1870; William M. THOMPSON 1891; Henry F.S. BACH (BACK) 1892-1893; (Dubbo Street, Warren) John E. KELLY 1896-1899; Matilda Jane THOMPSON 1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Carcoar Blayney William DAVIS 1865 -1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Carcoar Cowra Bridget NEVILLE 1865-1866; Nicholas CHALLICOMBE 1867-1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Carcoar Trunkey Creek Henry George CHARD 1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Cobar Mount Boppy (See Mount Boppy Hotel) Martin Delaney O'GRADY 1895-1896; Susan ROSS 1897-1899; William BURKE 1900; (Mount Boppy Mines, Florida) Fred COOPER 1900.
Further info
Cobar - Nymagee Near Cobar at Nymagee William MARSDEN 1880-1881; John WALDER 1882; Elizabeth M. SIMPSON 1884-1890; Charles SIMPSON 1891-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Corowa Corowa John Henry MARTIN 1869.
Deniliquin South Deniliquin John TAYLOR 1865-1869; William BIGNELL 1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Deniliquin Wanganella Frederick HARRISON 1865-1867; Andrew ROBERTSON 1868-1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Dubbo Canonbar Henry ISAACS 1868-1870.
Dubbo Dubbo James YEO 1865-1869; William George ORBELL 1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Emu Creek Emu Creek Henry SHADOWSKEY 1867; Charles S. QUAIL junr. 1867.
ROYAL HOTEL Forbes Rankin Street Henry SHADOWSKY 1866.
Further info
Hay Hay Peter HALBISH 1871-1873; Thomas KING 1874-1883; (Lachlan Street) Robert MATEER 1884-1885; William BROWN 1886-1888; Thomas KING 1889-1892.
ROYAL HOTEL Hay Oxley John WESTHEAD 1881; Daniel MURPHY 1882; Thomas SLATTER 1883-1884; John SIMMONS 1886-1887.
ROYAL HOTEL Hillston Gilgunnia Thomas DILLON 1895; William McGRATH 1896; John DUNCAN 1897.
ROYAL HOTEL Hillston Mount Allen, near Mount Hope James HANNAN 1894; Mary HANNON 1895-1896.
Hillston South Mount Hope William CLARK 1881-1885; M. GROGAN 1885; William CLARK 1886-1893 1895-1896; Louis MOZZINI 1898-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Hillston Euabalong William WHITE 1879; Henry CABOT 1883-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Menindie Barrier Ranges Jas. Cosby WILLIAMS 1884.
Further info
Milparinka Milparinka John McINDOE 1882-1883; (Loftus Street) Arthur W. SHERARD 1884; William BAKER 1889-1890; George BLORE 1892-1893; Neil McLEAN 1894-1895; Edward BAKER 1896-1899; Jeremiah BAKER 1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Milparinka Tibooburra, Albert Gold Fields Mrs Mary KELLY 1884-1888 + (Briscoe Street, Tibooburra) 1889-1890; Edward CHAPLIN 1891; Patrick J. KENNEDY 1892; Charles A. GILBERT 1893; Henry TREANOR 1894; Mary SCOTT 1895; John FAHEY 1896; James AHEARN 1897;James AHEARN 1898-1900; Andrew F. LITTLE 1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Mitchell Ivanhoe Patrick GALLAGHER 1894-1895; George WILSON 1895; Patrick GALLAGHER 1896-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Mitchell White Cliffs John Edward BURGESS 1894; Hamilton Hume BARCLAY 1896-1900.
(now Tilpa Hotel)
Mitchell - Bourke Tilpa George E. DREW 1894; William PASKINS 1895-1896; George E. DREW 1897-1898; James NEWMAN 1899-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Molong Belmore Street, Cargo Samuel MAYNE 1869-1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Molong Riddel Street Jules THOMAS 1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Mossgiel - Hillston Mossgiel Frederick McGLINCEY (McCLINCY) 1878 1880 1883-1884; William MOORHOUSE 1881; W.S. de S. MOORHOUSE 1882; Roderick McKENZIE 1885; John R. HORNE 1886; Robert ELLIOTT 1888-1890; Henry J. LEA 1891-1892; John T. BARNETT 1893-1894; James H. PALMER 1895; John W. BROWN 1897; Maurice SULLIVAN 1899-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Moulamein Moulamein Frederick Matthew Howard PARKER 1867-1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Nymagee Bobadah George CLARKE 1898-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Nyngan Hermidale William LAWSON 1898; Charles Edward MILLER 1899-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Obley Obley Thomas CONNOR 1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Silverton Poolamacca Tin Mines Thomas C. TATE 1887; Walter McGILL 1888;
ROYAL HOTEL Silverton Silverton James W. KING 1885; (Gipps Street) Frederick E. HARRIS 1886; William R. GILLARD 1887; Richard CARROLL 1888; Charles SCHUNKE 1889; Denis J. McKENNA 1890; Walter HERRINGTON 1891; (Layard Street) Frederic TROUGHTON 1892; Walter HERRINGTON 1893; John P. JACKSON 1894.
ROYAL HOTEL Silverton Thackaringa Thomas McPHEE 1889; James JOHNS 1890.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Oxide Street, Broken Hill Lawrence FINN 1886-1889 1891; Thomas PEARSON 1889-1891; Sarah E. DAVIS 1892; Boorn ROSS 1892; Annie DEAN 1893-1894; Sarah E. DAVIS 1894-1898; Alexander Mc I. ROBERTSON 1895; William James PLAYER 1896-1897; William H. GIBBS 1898; Owen William WALPOLE 1899-1900; Lawrence FINN 1899-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Wagga Wagga Burgis Street, Newtown George WILDMAN 1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Wagga Wagga Cuddell William HONEY 1868-1869 + (Caddell) 1870.
Further info
Wagga Wagga Narrandara John CLARK 1865-1867; F.J. SAVAGE 1868; Hyam J. PHILLIPS 1869-1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Wagga Wagga Redbank James Harvey PEARSON 1865-1867; Charles F. DYSON 1868; John O'BRIEN 1869-1870.
ROYAL HOTEL Wagga Wagga Urana James MACKEY 1865-1866; James PRICE 1867-1868; George Samuel LAWLER 1869-1870.
Further info
Wagga Wagga Wagga Wagga Samuel REEVE 1865; William WHITEHEAD 1866-1867; John CLARK 1868.
ROYAL HOTEL Walgett Collarendabri Michael H. FOX 1884; John BRAZEN 1887-1890; Hugh J. McPHERSON 1896-1899; Andrew Joseph BARRETT 1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Walgett Walgett (Former ROYAL MAIL HOTEL) William F. CROWLEY 1888-1890; George LANE 1891-1893 1895-1896; Alexander C. MODRZYNSKI 1897-1899; William Henry MOORE 1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Warren Trangie Alfred Thomas MOSTON 1900.
Wellington Wellington James L. HEISLET 1865-1866; Charles Daniels PARSONS 1867-1868; Christopher MOOR 1869; John MYLECHARANE 1869-1870.
Further info
Wentworth Wentworth Ebenezer FELGATE 1868-1872; John SAUNDERS 1873-1880; George Walter SIMPSON 1880-1882; Henry William PEGLER 1883-1885; Charles G. McMAHON 1886-1891; William B. WALL 1892-1893; (Darling Street) William ATKINSON 1895-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Wentworth - Euston Euston James Alexander REID (REED) 1868-1872; John FLYNN 1874-1875; (Murray Terrace) Edward BENSON 1877-1878; Charles CLOTHIER 1879-1881; (Corner of Dixon and Murray Terrace) John A. McDONALD 1881; Emily Ann CLOTHIER 1882; John B.WEEDALL 1883; George BEECHER 1884-1893; Mary A. THOMSON 1895-1898; Thomas BRUNET 1899-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Wilcannia - Mitchell Reid Street,Wilcannia Robert McKENZIE 1882 1884; Thomas BYRNE 1884-1896 (Including Booth License at Racecourse); Robert McKENZIE 1896-1897; John BURKE 1898-1900.
ROYAL HOTEL Young Weddin Mountains James JENNINGS 1865.
ROYAL MAIL HOTEL Balranald Hatfield Daniel BARRY 1881; Edward DOOLITEY 1882-1885; Timothy LANE 1887-1888; Daniel BARRY 1889-1891; James FITZPATRICK 1893-1894; Martha BARRY 1896-1897; John McCARTNEY 1898.
Further info
Bourke Hungerford, Paroo River John George COOK 1874 1876; Isaac FOSTER 1877-1879; John B. GILL 1879.
ROYAL MAIL HOTEL Bourke Yellow Waterholes Annie LYNCH 1877.
Further info
Bourke - Brewarrina Barringun Henry GREEN 1880; Charles K. TEASDALE 1881; Bennett BENTICK 1882; James CUFFE 1883-1884; Patrick FITZGERALD 1886-1890; Patrick GREEN 1891; Edward (Edwin) JACKSON 1892-1893; Thomas DIERKE 1895; James CUFFE 1900.
ROYAL MAIL HOTEL Deniliquin Jerilderie Decimus LAMB 1868; John EDMONSTON 1869; Edwin BOTTERILL 1870.
ROYAL MAIL HOTEL Forbes Forbes George FIELD 1867 + (Coobong Creek, Billybong) 1867-1868 + (Goobay Creek, Currajong near Forbes) 1870.
Further info
Hay Booroorba Crawford ROSS 1869; (Pine Ridge, Booroorban) Samuel PORTER 1870-1896.
ROYAL MAIL HOTEL Hay Hyandra Thomas Joshua GRACE 1866-1868.
ROYAL MAIL HOTEL Hay Lachlan Street, Hay J. MAIDEN 1865; (ROYAL HOTEL) Peter HALBISH 1871-1873; Thomas KING 1874-1883; Robert MATEER 1884-1885; William BROWN 1886-1888; Thomas KING 1889-1896; John PAYNE 1898-1900.
Further info
Hillston Hillston John CHARTERS 1882-1887; Alexander FINCH 1888-1893 1895-1896 1898; Alexander FINCH 1899-1900.
ROYAL MAIL HOTEL Hillston Lake Cudgellico William BYRNES 1898-1900.
ROYAL MAIL HOTEL Mitchell - Wilcannia Twelve-mile Peg, Booligal Road (Former TWELVE-MILE PEG HOTEL) Mariam MILLIE 1887; John W. MATTHEWS 1888; Peter TIERNEY 1889-1890; William ANDERSON 1891; William CRANWELL 1892; Robert T. GRAHAM 1893 + (Ivanhoe Road) 1894; Joseph PHILLIPS 1896.
ROYAL MAIL HOTEL Silverton Poolamacca Tin Mines Thomas C. TATE 1887; Michael CHARTERS 1887-1889.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Crystal Street, Willyama Isaac LLOYD 1888; Matthew Henry HARRIS 1889; (Broken Hill) Isaac LLOYD 1890; David GREEN 1891-1892; William E. SALSBURY 1893; William WEIR 1894; (Crystal Street, Broken Hill) Stuart J. PEARCE 1896; William J. BIGG 1897-1898; Emily NELSON 1899; William John HAMILTON 1900.
ROYAL MAIL HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Euriowie John Thomas EVANS 1890; Arthur W. SHERARD 1891; Robert GAINER 1892-1900.
ROYAL MAIL HOTEL Walgett Fox Street, Walgett John Meadows FARMER 1879; Margaret Jane FARMER 1879; Theodore GLOVER 1880-1883; Margaret Jane GLOVER 1884 + (ROYAL HOTEL) 1885-1887; (See separate listing).
ROYAL MAIL HOTEL Wentworth Bullamong Charles Lewis August JOHNSON 1868-1870.
Further info
Wilcannia Wilcannia Thomas Joshua GRACE 1869; (Culpaulin, near Wilcannia) George VASEY 1879; William DEWSON 1881.
ROYAL OAK Burrowa Burrowa Mary HURLEY 1869.
ROYAL OAK Forbes Forbes Michael McGRATH 1865 + (At Thompson's Lead) 1866.
ROYAL OAK Wellington Wellington Jno. MYLECHARANE 1865-1866.
ROYAL OAK HOTEL Albury Corowa William F. MARTIN 1865-1868.
ROYAL OAK INN Cannonbar Willeroon George WRIGHT 1880-1881.
Further info
Milparinka - Mitchell Milparinka Frederic CONNORS 1882 1884; Letitia CONNORS 1886; Cornelius CLUNE 1892-1900.

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