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1887 Property Holders

This index has been compiled by Rusheen Craig and is copyright. It has been posted for private study only. No copies may be made in any format except for private study, without written permission from the copyright holder rusheen$optusnet.com.au.

The index has been transcribed from the 1887 electoral rolls for the divisions of Menindie, Wentworth, Wilcannia, Broken Hill and Silverton.

It does NOT show everyone in the district eligible to vote, only those qualified to vote because they hold property (either Freehold or Leasehold). Some residents/housholders have been included if they have the same surname as a property holder or are of interest to the author.


Voter's Name Qual. Situation Voter's Residence
BEGGS George Resident Darling River Albermarle
              John Freehold Albermarle Run View Point
BURGESS George Resident Darling River Pamamaro
                   George Resident Darling River Menindie
                   John Freehold Darling River Pamamaro
                   James Resident Darling River Pamamaro
                   Thomas Resident Darling River Menindie
BYRNES James W. Freehold Tolarno Run Snagging Camp
BYRNES - Freehold Tintinallogy Run Tintinallogy
CRAIG John Resident Darling River Weinteriga
CROSSING John Freehold Darling River Speculation Lake,Kinchega
                     George Resident Darling River Speculation Lake,Kinchega
                     Edward Resident Darling River Speculation Lake,Kinchega
DUNN John Leasehold Darling River Netley
            Joseph P. Resident Darling Back Blocks Middle Camp, Netley
            Thomas Resident Darling River Menindie
            Edward Resident Darling River Netley   
            William Resident Darling River Tolarno
EAMENSON Joseph Freehold Darling River Tolarno
EASTON Isaac Freehold Darling River Menindie
                 Geo. Resident Darling River Redan
FAIRHEAD Horace J Freehold Darling River Menindie
FAUST William J. Freehold Menindie  
GALLOWAY Thomas Freehold Darling River Little Henley
GOODLAD William Freehold Tolarno Run Boothinjy
GORDON John Resident Darling River Kinchega
GYER Harry Freehold Darling River Tintinallogy
HANCOCK Wm. Freehold Darling River Weinteriga
HARDWICK Uvendale Resident Darling River Menindie
HARVEY Arthur L. Freehold Kinchega Run Tandoora
HARVY John H. Freehold Kinchega Run Tandoora
HAYNES C. Resident Darling River Cuthero
HUDSON Joseph Resident Darling River Henley
                  Robert T. Freehold Darling River Henley
HUGHES Herbert B Freehold Darling River Adelaide( his residence)
                 Jeremiah Resident Darling River Cuthero
                 H.W. Resident   Kinchega
                 Jerry Resident Darling River Cuthero
JAY John J. Freehold Netley Run Pinnulco Point
KENT Thomas Freehold Kinchega Run Tandora
KLEMM Samuel sen Resident Darling River Albermarle
KLEMM Samuel jnr Freehold Darling River Menindie
McCARTHY Freehold Darling River Weinteriga
McGREGOR Andrew Leasehold Darling Back Blocks Glenlyon
McINNIS Archibald Freehold Darling River Cuthero
McKENZIE Simon Freehold Darling River Menindie
                    Joseph Resident Darling River Albermarle
                    James Resident Darling River Netley
                    Ronald Resident Darling River Menindie
McLEOD Daniel Freehold Darling River Boothinjg
MAIDEN Charles Resident Darling River Menindie
                 William Freehold Darling River Menindie
                 George Resident Darling River Menindie
MERRIDETH Samuel Freehold Darling River Tintinallogy
MILLER George Leasehold Darling Back Blocks Redan
               Geo. Resident   Redan
               G.B. Resident   Redan
O'BRIEN John Resident Darling River Tolarno Cliffs
                 John Resident Darling River Albermarle
O'LEARY Jeremiah Resident Darling River Cuthero
OWEN John Resident Darling River Boothinjy
             Llewellyn Freehold Tolarno Run Tolarno Run
             Edwin Resident Darling River Tolarno Run
PACKER Henry Resident Darling River Cuthero
PALMER Edis Freehold Darling River Menindie
                 John Resident Darling River Henley
                 James Resident   Kinchega
                 James Resident Darling River Cuthero
PHELPS Joseph J. Freehold Darling River Ireland
                J.J. Resident Darling River Albermarle
PILE John Freehold Darling River Cuthero
         James Leasehold Darling River Cuthero
         Charles Leasehold Darling River Cuthero
PODGER Charles Freehold Darling River Tintinallogy
                 Cornelius Resident Darling River Tintinallogy
POWER Charles Freehold Darling River Pamamara
               David H. Resident Darling River Cuthero
PRETTY Henry Freehold Darling River Belcuthro
               David Resident Darling River Albermarle
               George Freehold Darling River Albermarle
REID William L Freehold Darling River Tolarno
            Ross Thompson Leasehold Darling River Tolarno
            George J. Resident Darling River Cutheri (sic)
RIDDOCH John Freehold Darling River South Australia(residence)
                   George Freehold Darling River South Australia(residence)
RODGERS William Freehold   Old Tintinallogy
                     John Resident Darling River Weinteriga
ROGERS Samuel Freehold Darling River Tintinallofy
WALKER George Freehold Darling River Albermarle
                  Charles Resident Tolarno  
                  Joseph Resident Darling River Weinteriga
WHITE James Resident Darling River Menindie
              John Henry Resident Darling River Netley
              Samuel Freehold Darling River Menindie
              Edward Resident Darling River Kinchega
WOLFE Charles Freehold Darling River Ten Mile Point
WYNNE Walter P. Leasehold Terraweinna Back Block Terraweinna
                Edward Leasehold Darling River Henley
YOUNG William L.C. Freehold Darling River Menindie
                Charles E. Resident Darling River Netley
                Gordon Resident Darling River Weinteriga


Voter's Name Qual. Situation Voter's Residence
AMEY Thomas Resident Darling River Wentworth
BARNF Richard Leasehold Murray River Gol Gol
BARRACLOUGH  Luke jnr Resident Darling River Kapana
                               Charles Resident Darling River Kapana
                               Frank W. Resident Darling River Kapana
BARRITT Charles Leasehold Darling River Mallara
BARTON James Resident Darling River Para
BERTRAM John Leasehold Murray River Euston
                   John Freehold Darling Back Blocks Euston
BLAND William Resident Murray River Windgall
               Henry Resident Murray River Lake Victoria
               John Resident Murray River Lake Victoria
BRETT Thomas Freehold Murray River Mount Dispersion
              Thomas jnr Resident Murray River Mount Dispersion
              James Resident Murray River Mount Dispersion
BROOKE Thomas Collier Leasehold Darling River Tapio
                 Arthur Thomas Resident Darling River Tapio
                  James Goulburn Resident Darling River Tapio
BROWN Sydney Resident Darling River Tapio
                William Freehold Darling River Murcha
BURGESS Henry Stephen Freehold Darling River Pooncarie
BURNS John Resident Darling River Wentworth
               Robert Resident Darling River Wentworth
BYRNES Daniel Resident Darling River Lake Victoria
                Garrett Resident Darling River Lake Victoria
                James Resident Darling River Lake Victoria      
                Sylvester Resident Darling River Lake Victoria
CHESTER Charles Frank Freehold Murray River Tapalin
CROZIER John Freehold Wentworth Adelaide SA (residence)
                  William Freehold Murray River Moorna
                  George Resident Murray River Moorna
CUDMORE Daniel Henry Leasehold Darling River Avoca
                     Daniel Leasehold Darling River Avoca (Queensland) - as written
CUMMINGS Thomas F. Freehold Darling River Melbourne.
DARCHY Michael Leasehold Darling River Tarcoola
               William Resident Darling River Tarcoola
GRANT Frederick Augustus Leasehold Mallee Cliffs, Tapaline& Ki. Adelaide SA
              James Erskine Freehold Murray River Ki
              Charles Frederick Freehold Darling River KI
GURNEY Joseph Freehold Darling River Wentworth
HALL John Resident Darling River Moorara
HAMMERSTEIN Augustus Freehold Darling River Terangera
HIPPISLEY John Freehold Darling River Tulnay Point
HOLDING William James Freehold Darling River Wentworth
HORRIDGE John Resident Darling River Wentworth
HULL David Freehold Murray River Euston
HUSSEY Henry Freehold Murray River Mount Dispersion
LEARY John Resident Murray River Wentworth
LEHMAN Frederick Freehold Darling River Old Tarcoola
LESLIE Henry Freehold Prill Lake Euston
              Alexander Freehold Murray River Euston
              William James Freehold Murray River Euston
McPHERSON Donald Resident Darling River Tapio
                        William Thomas Resident Darling River Tapio
MACPHERSON Angus Resident Darling River Polia
                             Ewen Resident Darling River Polia
McMONNIES Robert R. Freehold Murray River Euston
                         William Resident Murray River Euston
PROUDFOOT John G. Freehold Murray River Euston
ROBERTSON John Leasehold Salt Creek Chowilla SA(residence)
                         William Leasehold Salt Creek Chowilla SA(residence)
SMITH Frederick G. Freehold Murray River Euston
              James Thomson Freehold Darling River Balatharne
TAYLOR Charles Freehold Murray River Euston
                William Leasehold Euston Station Melbourne Vic. (residence)
                James Freehold Darling Back Blocks Melbourne Vic. (residence)
WAUGH Thomas Freehold Murray River Tapalin
WHITE John Resident Murray River Euston
              John Resident Darling Back Blocks Arumpo
WHYTE Lewis A. Freehold Darling Back Blocks Melbourne
WICKETT David  Freehold Murray River Mallee Cliffs
WILKINSON Henry Freehold Murray River Euston
WREFORD Charles Henry Leasehold Darling River Moorara
YANSCH Henry WJ Freehold Darling River Tulney Point


Voter's Name Qual. Situation Voter's Residence
ALLAN William Freehold   Wilcannia
               Andrew Freehold Talywalka Wilcannia
ANDREWS Alfred Freehold Darling River Wilcannia
ARMITY F.W. Leasehold   Melbourne
ARMSTRONG Henry Charles Freehold Darling River Wilcannia
AUSTIN John Edwin Freehold   Ten Mile Point
BARTON Edmund B Leasehold Carrypundy Bourke
                 Edmund Resident   Carrypundy
BOARD Thomas Leasehold Torrens Creek Eucha
               Robert Resident   Torrens Creek
BONNEY Frederick Freehold   London
BOOTH John Freehold   Cultowa
BROUGHAM John Waugh Freehold Outer Netallie Outer Netalie,Darling River
BROWN Charles Freehold   Melbourne FARTIERRE
                 Joseph Leasehold Mount Wood Eucha
                 Charles Edward Freehold   Riverside
                 Thomas Henry Freehold Near Wilcannia Wilcannia, Darling River
                Walterus Le Brun Freehold Wilcannia Wilcannia
BUNWORTH Richard Freehold Wilcannia Wilcannia
BURGESS John E. Freehold   Wilcannia
BYRNE Thomas Freehold   Wilcannia
BYRNES Byran Resident   Billilla
               James M. Freehold   Mulga Valley
               John Resident   Billilla
               M.W. Resident   Tibbooburra
CAMPBELL John Freehold   Wilcannia
CARTER John Freehold Stonequarry Near Wilcannia
CHIRNSIDE Thomas Leasehold Billilla Victoria
CLAPPERTON Charles Freehold   Wilcannia
                           John A. Freehold Wilcannia Wilcannia
COWAN Robert Resident   Terilla
CRAWFORD Thomas Freehold   Billilla, Darling River
CRESSWELL James Freehold Wilcannia Wilcannia
CROXON Charles Leasehold   Mount King
CUMMERFORD James Freehold Wilcannia Wilcannia
CUNNINGHAM Adam Freehold Wilcannia  
CURRIE J.L.C. Leasehold Terilla Victoria
             William J. Leasehold Terilla Terilla, Darling Back Blocks
CURTIS George Leasehold   Wilcannia
DARCY Frank Resident   Cuthawarra
               Fritz Edward Leasehold   Cuthawarra
DAVIES Thomas Freehold   Wilcannia
DAVIS W. Leasehold Murtee Murtee
DAWES Henry Resident   Yandarma
               Robert B. Leasehold   Yandarma Station
DENLEY Joshuah Freehold   Wilcannia
DESAILLY Alfred sen Leasehold Outer Netalie Outer Netalie, Darling River
DEWSON William Freehold   Outer Culpalin
                   James Resident   Outer Culpalin
DOAKE George Hunter Leasehold   Wilcannia
DONNELLY M. Leasehold   Packsaddle
                       Edward W. Leasehold   Cobham Lake Station
DORWOOD George Leasehold Mount Wood Moama
DUGGAN John Charles Freehold   Wilcannia
EDMONDS William Freehold   Wilcannia
ELDER Sir Thomas Freehold Momba Adelaide
EWAN Henry William Freehold Surry Dairy Near Wilcannia
EYRE Daniel Leasehold Cultowa Darling River
FARTIERRE Charles Leasehold Cunnulpie Downs Marfield Station
FINDLAY John Freehold   Wilcannia
FORD Edwin Freehold Booligal Road Booligal Road
            John Resident   Wilcannia
            Bartlett Freehold 35 Mile Peg Near Wilcannia
FREW Robert Freehold Wilcannia Wilcannia
GANNLY Edward Freehold   Wilcannia
GARLAND John Freehold   Wilcannia
GAROT Aime Louis Freehold   Wilcannia
GAYER E.Ventry Leasehold Morden Morden, Darling Back Blocks
GEYER August Christian Freehold   Wilcannia
GOLDEN Thomas Freehold   Culpaulin
GRANT George SM Leasehold   Wilcannia
GREENE Joseph C Leasehold   Stonequarry
HALL Richard  Resident   Momba
           William  Freehold   Murtee
           Mathew  Resident   Momba
           Charles  Resident   Momba
           Douglas M. Resident   Terilla
           John Resident   Terilla
           Denis Resident   Momba
           John Resident   Milparinka
           William  Resident   Tibbooburra
           Charles Resident   Wilcannia
           Joseph Resident   Wilcannia
HAMMAT William Freehold   Wilcannia
HAY John Freehold Mount Manara Mount Manara, Booligal Road
HAYDON Thomas John Freehold   Wilcannia
HOLT Richard Freehold Paroo Road Wilcannia
HOOLEY George Freehold Wilcannia Wilcannia
HOSKINS Henry Freehold Talyawalka Creek Talyawalka
IRVINE Claude Leasehold   Mena Murtee, Darling Back Blocks
HAY John Freehold Mount Manara Mount Manara, Booligal Road
HUIE Edward Leasehold   Goonalgaa, Darling Back Blocks
JAMIA John Freehold   Wilcannia
JOHNSTON J.W. Leasehold Olive Downs Sydney
JONES Francis Leasehold   Wilcannia
KEEBLE Josiah W. Leasehold   Wilcannia
KENNEDY Robert H Leasehold Wonnaminta Darling Back Blocks
KILLEN Ed. Leasehold   Elsinora
               William Wilson Resident   Elsinora
               Ed. jnr Resident   Elsinora
KIRKPATRICK Alfred Freehold Wilcannia Wilcannia
LAFFAN Thomas J. Resident   Milparinka
LAFFIN Thomas Resident   Wilcannia
LANG John Leasehold   Terilla
           Patrick Seller Leasehold   Terilla
           Archibald Resident Mount Sturt Mount Brown Diggings
           James Resident Mount Sturt Mount Brown Diggings
           Alexander S. Resident   Mount Poole
LUSH Charles Goode Freehold   Melbourne
            Joseph Freehold   Mona Murtee
McBEAN Lachlan Leasehold Culpaulin Culpaulin
McCULLY William Freehold   Wilcannia
                   William Resident   Wilcannia
McEDWARDS Alexander Leasehold Yantara Melbourne
McGOWAN G.A. Freehold   Wilcannia
McGRATH Patrick Freehold   Wilcannia
McLENNAN Donald Freehold   Wilcannia
                       Alexander Freehold   Wilcannia
                       Hugh Resident   Wilcannia
McVEAN Allan Leasehold Bootra Melbourne
                 William Leasehold   Monolon
                 Hugh Resident   Bootra
MACK Tie Freehold   Wilcannia
MARTIN Robert Freehold   Mena Murtee
                 Joseph Henry Resident   Wilcannia
                 Richard R. Resident 35 Mile Peg Booligal Road
                 Nicholas Resident   Morden
                 Edward Resident   Yancannia
                 Michael Resident   Yandarma
                 James Resident   Quambee
MATHERS Patrick Freehold   Beefwood, Mount Brown Road
                    James Resident   Momba
MATHEWS James R Freehold   Momba
MAXTON James Freehold   Wilcannia
MILLARD Albert Freehold   Kendie Hotel
MITCHELL Campbell William Freehold   Mount Station
MITSELBERG Frederick Freehold   Wilcannia
MOORE Walter W Leasehold Mount Wood Echuca
                George Resident   Wilcannia
                Richard Resident   Tibbooburra
                J. Resident   Frome's Creek
MORRIS Henry Freehold Wilcannia Wilcannia
                Henry Resident   Woolwash near Wilcannia
                Frank Resident   Mount Arrowsmith
                Charles Resident   Tibbooburra
MORRISON Peter Resident   Wilcannia
                      William Resident   Wilcannia
                      Malcolm Freehold   Wilcannia
                      Donald Freehold   Wilcannia
                      John Resident   Momba
                      William Hamilton Resident   Wilcannia
                      John Resident   Milparinka
                     William Resident   Wonnaminta
MULHOLLAND William T. Leasehold   Mena Murtee
MUNRO John  Resident   Milparinka
              Alexander Freehold   Mount Murchison, Darling River
MURPHY John Freehold   Wilcannia
NEILSON Alexander Brodie Spark Freehold   Windsor
NEWBURY Stephen Freehold   Wilcannia
O'CONNELL John Freehold   Wilcannia
                        Richard Resident   Teryawynia
                        John Resident   Cobham
O'DONNELL Edmond Freehold   Wilcannia
                        Thomas Freehold   Wilcannia
                        Michael Freehold   Wilcannia
                        James J Resident   Teryawynia
O'HARA Samuel Leasehold   Yandenberry
O'LEARY Thomas Freehold   Wilcannia
                  William Resident   Mount Brown
ORTLOFF John Henry Freehold   Wilcannia
OTTAWAY Thomas Leasehold   Wilcannia
                     John Resident   Wilcannia
PALMER Charles C Leasehold Mount Wood Moama
                 Thomas P Resident   Yalpunga
PATTERSON Thomas  Freehold Wilcannia Moama
                        Harvey Leasehold Mena Murtee Mena Murtee,Darling Back Blocks
                        James Resident   Bunker Creek, Darling River
                        Henry Resident   Yalpunga
                        Boyant Resident   Mount Brown
                        Mark Resident   Mount Brown
PEEK Arthur Horace Freehold   Wilcannia
PENROSE John Freehold   Wilcannia
                  Samuel Resident Milparinka Albert Gold Fields
PETER William Freehold   Wilcannia
PODGER Charles Freehold   Tintinallogy
QUINN Edward Leasehold Terilla Terilla, Darling River
              Peter Resident   Olive Downs
REID Albert Resident   Wilcannia
          James Resident   Momba
          Michael Resident   Olive Downs
          William H. Resident   Yancannia
          John JJ Leasehold Yancannia Yancannia, Darling Back Blocks
          James Resident   Nuntherungie
          Samuel G. Resident   Yancannia Station
RESCH Edmond Freehold   Wilcannia
ROBERTSON Hugh Resident   Kenepro
                         Alex.Wm Freehold   Wilcannia
                         Charles Resident   Cunnulpie Downs
                         James John Resident   Yantara Station
                         John Leasehold Yantara Melbourne
                         Thomas Resident   Cobham Station
                         Richard Resident   Yancannia
ROSS John Freehold   Wilcannia
           John Resident   Wilcannia
           Joseph Resident   Yancannia Station
RYAN Joseph Freehold   Wilcannia
            Francis K Household   Wilcannia
            John Resident   Wilcannia
            John Francis Resident   Wilcannia
            John Resident   Elsinora
            Richard Freehold   Wilcannia
            Daniel Resident   Milparinka
            James Resident   2 Hills Hotel
            John Resident   Mount Brown
            James Resident   Whittabrenna
RYEN George Resident   Mount Brown Diggings
SAGE John Freehold   Wilcannia
SCOTT Walter Resident   Yantara
              Hay Resident   Milparinka
              Alexander Resident   Bancannia Lake
              Donald Resident   Cunnulpie Downs
              James A Resident   Yantara Hotel
              David Freehold Whittebrenna Albert Gold Fields
              Alexander Leasehold   Whittebrenna
              Henry  Resident   Wonnaminta Station
               John Resident   Cunnulpie Downs
SEAVILLE Peter K Freehold Nine Mile Wilcannia
SIMPSON Thomas Freehold   Wilcannia
                    David Resident   Wilcannia
                    Robert Resident   Murtee
                    Isaac Resident   Momba
                    William Resident   Tibbooburra
                    John Resident   Wonnaminta
SLADE Alfred Elphick Freehold   Wilcannia
SMITH Robert B. Leasehold Momba Adelaide
             Charles Freehold   Turkey Creek
             Donald Leasehold   Cobham
             Robert Leasehold   Cobham
             John Leasehold   Cobham
SPRAGG James Leasehold Frome's Creek  Albert Gold Fields
                 Walter J. Resident Frome's Creek  Albert Gold Fields
                 Alfred Resident Frome's Creek   
STANBURY W.F. Freehold   Wilcannia
STOKES Charles G Freehold   Wilcannia
                Robert Resident   Terilla
                Henry Resident   Teryawynia
SUGDEN Joah Leasehold   Wilcannia
SWAN Robert Resident   Tibbooburra
             Wm.R. Leasehold   Momba
             James Resident   Milparinka
TAYLOR James Freehold   Wilcannia
                Richard Resident 26 Mile Peg Booligal Road
                John Resident   Wonnaminta
                John Resident   Cunnalpie Downs
                John Resident   Tibbooburra
THOMSON W.O. Leasehold Mount Sturt Albert Gold Fields
TREW Henry James Leasehold   Wilcannia
VANDENBERG Ary Leasehold   Wilcannia
WAGGNER John Freehold   Wilcannia
WAITE Peter Leasehold   Momba
WARICK Robert Alexander Freehold   Stone Qarry
WEATHERLY William Leasehold Billila  
WILLIAMSON Henry V. Resident   Outer Netallie, Darling River
                           John Resident   Yancannia
                           James C Resident   Milparinka
                           Frank S. Resident   Milparinka
                           James Freehold   Milparinka
WILSON Sir Samuel Freehold Urisino Melbourne
                 John A. Freehold   Mount Brown Diggings
WOOD Abraham Freehold   Murtee Point
              William Resident   Momba
WOODFALL Arthur Freehold Wilcannia Brisbane
WREN Walter L. Leasehold Keyrunnera Station  
             Erasmus R Resident Keyrunnera Station  
             Frank G. Resident Keyrunnera Station  
WRIGHT William H. Freehold   Wilcannia
                 Robert Resident   Terilla
                 Frederick Resident   Wilcannia
                 John G. Resident   Wilcannia
                 Joseph Freehold   Bancannia Lake
                 Thomas Resident   Tibbooburra
                 George W Resident   Pack-saddle
WYNNE Edward A. Freehold   Teryawynia

Broken Hill

Voter's Name Qual. Situation Voter's Residence
CHARSLEY Ed. N. Leasehold   Broken Hill
DARCY Morgan Leasehold   Broken Hill
DAWSON William Leasehold   Broken Hill
DUFF David Leasehold   Broken Hill
            Clarence A. Resident   Broken Hill
EDWARDS Thomas Leasehold   Broken Hill
                     Alfred Resident   Broken Hill
                     Alexander Resident   Broken Hill
                     William H. Resident   Broken Hill
                     Thomas Resident   Broken Hill
                     John Resident   Broken Hill
FITZPATRICK  J. Leasehold   Broken Hill
                           Michael Resident   Broken Hill
FOSTER J. Leasehold   Mount Gipps
FULLERTON Samuel Leasehold   Broken Hill
GREENSLADE W.C. Leasehold   Coonie Murtee
MILLER George Leasehold Darling River Redan
               George B. Resident   Redan
               William Resident   Mount Gipps
               William Resident   Broken Hill
               Andrew Resident   Broken Hill
PELL R.B. Household   Broken Hill
PHILP John Leasehold   Broken Hill


Voter's Name Qual. Situation Voter's Residence
BOYLE Cornelius Leasehold   Purnamoota
              Hugh Resident   Purnamoota
BRADY Charles J. Leasehold   Mount Gipps
BROWNE Sylvester Freehold   Silverton
BULLOCK Martin Leasehold   Stephen's Creek
                    Adolphus Leasehold   Stephen's Creek
                     John Household   Broken Hill
                    W.D. Resident   Purnamoota
BURKE Michael Leasehold   Stephen's Creek
CAELLI Bernadi Leasehold   Purnamoota
               John Leasehold   Purnamoota
               John Household   Silverton
CARL Charles Freehold   Silverton
CRAWFORD George Freehold   Silverton
                        Andrew Resident   Silverton
                        William H. Resident   Silverton
CUMMINS Patrick Leasehold   Purnamoota
                     Michael Resident   Mootwingee
D'ARCY John Leasehold   Purnamoota
DARCY Morgan Leasehold   Silverton
              Thomas Resident   Silverton
DUGGAN John Leasehold   Mount Gipps
FARRADAY E. Leasehold Barrier Ranges Burta
FERRETT William Leasehold   Mount Gipps
                  Charles Leasehold   Mount Gipps
FISCHER Otto Leasehold   Paramoota
FITZPATRICK Thomas Resident   Near Silverton
                          Michael Leasehold Paddy's Flat Barrier Range
                           John Resident   Parnamoota
                           James Resident Sterling Hill Silverton
FOSTER J. Leasehold   Nickleville
FOX Thomas Leasehold   Silverton
         Thomas Leasehold   Purnamoota
GIBSON C.G . Freehold   Silverton
                 Robert Resident   Purnamoota
HANCOCK R.E. (or R.F.) Leasehold   Silverton
HARRY Donald Leasehold Barrier Ranges Caloola Creek
HAWSON F.C. Leasehold Nickleville Purnamoota
HILBERTS James Leasehold   Mount Gibbs
IVINS Charles Leasehold   Mount Gipps
JOHNSON W.W. Resident   Caloola Creek
                    Thomas E. Leasehold   Silverton
                    Charles Resident Nine Mile Silverton
                    Wm. Resident Caloola Creek Purnamoota
                    Charles Resident   Mount Gipps
                    A. Resident   Mount Gipps
                    James Resident Day Dream Silverton
KEATES Frederick Leasehold   Purnamoota
KELLY A. Resident   Thackaringa
              James G. Resident   Silverton
              Bowes Freehold   Silverton
LIDINGTON Alfred Leasehold   Silverton
LINDO John Freehold   Carona
             J.W. Resident Black Hill Tank Silverton
McCLEAN Daniel Leasehold   BorkenHill (sic)
McCULLOCH Sir James Leasehold Darling Back Blocks Melbourne (residence)
                        George Resident Darling Back Blocks Mount Gipps
McFARLANE Thomas Freehold   Langawerra
McGREGOR William Leasehold Darling back Blocks Burta
McINTYRE Daniel Leasehold   Mount Gipps
                     E.R. Resident   Mount Gipps
McMAHON Daniel Leasehold   Silverton
                     Barney Resident   Carona
                     Patrick Resident   Silverton
McNAMARA Patrick Leasehold Silver King Purnamoota
MANN Arthur Leasehold   Silverton
MEEHAN John Leasehold   Purnamoota
PINCOMBE Arthur F Leasehold   Silverton
PRATTLE Con. Leasehold   Purnamoota
ROSSITER Richard Leasehold   Thackaringa
SCAMELL John Leasehold   Nickleville
SINCLAIR James Leasehold   Silverton
                   John A. Leasehold   Barrier Ranges
                   E.S. Resident   Silverton
                   John A. Leasehold   Poolamacca
                   E.S. Resident   Purnamoota
SMITH Charles Resident Caloola Creek Purnamoota
             James Leasehold Caloola Creek Purnamoota
STOKIE John Leasehold   Silverton
               Harry Resident   Carona
WADE Christopher Leasehold Darling Back Blocks Mundi Mundi
WHALLIS Robert Leasehold   Mount Gipps
WILSON Peter Freehold   Silverton
                 James Resident   Poolamacca
                 C.H. Resident   Umberumberka
                 Daniel Resident   Poolamacca
WORLD Thomas Leasehold   Silverton
WORTH Benjamin Resident   Day Dream
                T. Leasehold   Umberumberka

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Last updated on 22 July 2018