Towns/localities descriptions

Towns and Localities
of North East Victoria

Below are links to the pages that contain short details of towns and localities in North East Victoria. Included are current places, places that no longer exist and their previous names (if applicable and known)

The pages have been organised according to the current shire boundaries (which were defined circa 1994). Note that the Shire of Delatite was split into the Rural City of Benalla and the Shire of Mansfield in 2002.

In the few cases where 'sister' towns have been split by the new (1994) shire boundaries (e.g. Yabba, Yabba North, Yabba South) the entries are marked with an asterisk '*'.

These pages are intended as a general guide for personal use and are NOT an authoritative reference.

This list of names is a subset of Victorian placenames that can be found at

People are requested to forward any additional town/locality information (no matter how small) for inclusion or to notify me of any spelling, grammar or content corrections by e-mail to Peter.

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Shire of Alpine.
Rural City of Benalla.
Shire of Campaspe.
Shire of Indigo.
Shire of Mansfield.
Shire of Moira.
City of Greater Shepparton.
Shire of Strathbogie.
Shire of Towong.
Rural City of Wangaratta.
Rural City of Wodonga.



Town Current shire Pre 1994 Shire
A1 Mine Settlement Mansfield Mansfield
Abbeyard Alpine Myrtleford
Alhambra Mansfield Mansfield
Allans Flat Indigo Yackandandah
Almonds Moira Tungamah
Ancona Mansfield Mansfield
Angleside Wangaratta Oxley
Angustown Strathbogie Goulburn
Annandale Towong Tallangatta
Arcadia Greater Shepparton Euroa
Arcadia South Strathbogie Euroa
Archerton Wangaratta Benalla
Ardmona Greater Shepparton Rodney
Avenel Strathbogie Seymour


Baarmutha Indigo Beechworth
Back Creek Indigo Yackandandah
Baddaginnie Benalla Violet Town
Baileston Strathbogie Goulburn
Baileston East Strathbogie Goulburn
Baileston North Strathbogie Goulburn
Baldswinside Greater Shepparton Rodney
Baldswinville Greater Shepparton Rodney
Balmattum Strathbogie Euroa
Bandiana Wodonga Wodonga
Banimboola Towong Tallangatta
Baranduda Wodonga Wodonga
Barjag Mansfield Mansfield
Barmah Moira Nathalia
Barmah East Moira Nathalia
Barmha Moira Nathalia
Barmootha Indigo Beechworth
Barnawartha* Indigo Chiltern
Barnawartha North* Wodonga Chiltern
Barnawartha South* Indigo Chiltern
Barwidgee Alpine Myrtleford
Barwidgee Creek Alpine Myrtleford
Barwidgee North Alpine Myrtleford
Barwidgee Settlement Alpine Myrtleford
Barwite Mansfield Mansfield
Barwo Moira Nathalia
Bathumi Moira Yarrawonga
Baulkamaugh North Moira Numurkah
Bearii Moira Nathalia
Beechworth Indigo Beechworth
Beetoomba Towong Upper Murray
Bellbridge Towong Tallangatta
Bell's Flat Indigo Yackandandah
Belmer Heights Towong Tallangatta
Belvoir Wodonga Yackandandah
Benalla Benalla City of Benalla
Bennies Wangaratta Oxley
Berringama Towong Upper Murray
Bethanga Towong Tallangatta
Beveridges Station Alpine Bright
Big Flat Alpine Bright
Big River Mansfield Mansfield?
Biggara Towong Upper Murray
Black Dog Creek Indigo Rutherglen
Black Dog Creek Township Indigo Chiltern
Black Springs Alpine Bright
Black Springs Indigo Beechworth
Black Swamp Wangaratta Wangaratta
Blacks Flat Alpine Myrtleford
Blind Creek Benalla Violet Town
Bobinawarrah Wangaratta Oxley
Boggy Creek Wangaratta Oxley
Bogong Alpine Bright
Boho Strathbogie Violet Town
Boho South Strathbogie Violet Town
Bolga Towong Upper Murray
Bonegilla Wodonga Wodonga
Bonnie Doon Mansfield Mansfield
Bontharambo Wangaratta Wangaratta
Boomahnoomoonah Moira Yarrawonga
Boorgunyah Wodonga Chiltern
Boorhaman Wangaratta Wangaratta
Boorhaman East Wangaratta Wangaratta
Boorhaman North Wangaratta Wangaratta
Boorolite Mansfield Mansfield
Boosey Moira Tungamah
Boralma Wangaratta Wangaratta
Boweya Benalla Benalla
Boweya North Moira Tungamah
Bowman Wangaratta Beechworth
Bowmans Forest Wangaratta Beechworth
Bowser Wangaratta Wangaratta
Boxwood Benalla Benalla
Brack Bridge Mansfield Mansfield
Brandy Creek Alpine Omeo
Branjee Strathbogie Euroa
Brankeet West Mansfield Violet Town
Brashs Park Towong Upper Murray
Bridge Creek Mansfield Mansfield
Bright Alpine Bright
Brimin Indigo Rutherglen
Bringenbrong Crossing Place Towong Upper Murray
Brocket Alpine Bright
Broken Creek Benalla City of Benalla
Broken River Benalla City of Benalla
Brookfield Wangaratta Beechworth
Brooklyn Town Mansfield Mansfield
Brookside Alpine Bright
Browns Plains Indigo Rutherglen
Bruarong Indigo Yackandandah
Bucheen Creek Towong Tallangatta
Buckeye Creek Alpine Bright
Buckland Alpine Bright
Buckland Junction Alpine Bright
Buckland Lower Alpine Bright
Buckland Upper Alpine Bright
Buffalo Creek Alpine Myrtleford
Buffalo River Alpine Myrtleford
Bullhead Creek Towong Tallangatta
Bullioh Towong Tallangatta
Bullwah Towong Tallangatta
Bunbartha Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Bundalong Moira Yarrawonga
Bundalong South Moira Yarrawonga
Bunganail Strathbogie Goulburn
Bungeet Benalla Benalla
Bungeet West Benalla Benalla
Bungil Towong Tallangatta
Burnt Camp Mansfield Mansfield
Burnt Creek Strathbogie Goulburn
Burramine Moira Yarrawonga
Burramine South Moira Yarrawonga
Burrowye Towong Tallangatta
Byawatha Wangaratta Wangaratta
Byrne Wangaratta Oxley
Byrneside Greater Shepparton Rodney


Callaghan Creek Towong Tallangatta
Caniambo Greater Shepparton Violet Town
Canvastown Towong Tallangatta
Carboor Wangaratta Oxley
Carboor East Wangaratta Oxley
Carboor Upper Wangaratta Oxley
Carlyle Indigo Rutherglen
Carraragarmungee Wangaratta Wangaratta
Cascade Towong Tallangatta
Cashel Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Castle Creek (near Euroa) Strathbogie Euroa
Castle Creek (near Wodonga) Wodonga Wodonga
Castle Point Mansfield Mansfield
Castle Reef Mansfield Mansfield
Centreville Alpine Bright
Champion Mansfield Mansfield
Charleroi Indigo Yackandandah
Chapel Hill Mansfield Mansfield
Cherry's Point Mansfield Mansfield
Cheshunt Wangaratta Oxley
Cheshunt South Wangaratta Oxley
Chesney Benalla Benalla
Chesney Vale Benalla Benalla
Chiltern Indigo Chiltern
Chiltern Valley Indigo Chiltern
Claremont Wangaratta Oxley
Clarke Point Mansfield Mansfield
Clover Flat Alpine Bright
Cobram Moira Cobram
Cobram East Moira Cobram
Colac Colac Towong Upper Murray
Coldwelltown Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Congupna Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Cooma Greater Shepparton Rodney
Coomboona Greater Shepparton Rodney
Coral Bank Alpine Yackandandah
Cornishtown Indigo Rutherglen
Corryong Towong Upper Murray
Cosgrove Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Cosgrove South Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Cotton Tree Creek Towong Tallangatta
Coy's Diggings Strathbogie Goulburn
Cravensville Towong Tallangatta
Crawford Crossing Towong Upper Murray
Creek Junction Strathbogie Euroa
Creighton Strathbogie Euroa
Creightons Creek Strathbogie Euroa
Cribbage Creek Towong Upper Murray
Croppers Creek Alpine ?
Crossing Place Benalla City of Benalla
Cudgewa Towong Upper Murray
Cudgewa North Towong Upper Murray


Dandongadale Alpine Oxley
Dandongetty Alpine Oxley
Darbyshire Towong Tallangatta
Dargalong Strathbogie Goulburn
Dark River Towong Tallangatta
Darlingford Mansfield Mansfield?
Darling's Camp Towong Upper Murray
Dart River Towong Tallangatta
Dartmouth Towong Tallangatta
Dederang Alpine Yackandandah
Dederang North Alpine Yackandandah
Deegay Ponds Strathbogie Goulburn
Delatite Mansfield Mansfield
Devenish Benalla Benalla
Devenish West Benalla Benalla
Devils Elbow Indigo Beechworth
Devils Creek Alpine Bright
Devils River Mansfield Mansfield
Dhurringile Greater Shepparton Rodney
Dingo Dell Alpine Bright
Dingo Town Towong Tallangatta
Dinner Plain Alpine Omeo
Docker Wangaratta Oxley
Dockers Plains Wangaratta Wangaratta
Doctor Flat Indigo Yackandandah
Doma Mungi Indigo Chiltern
Dondangadale Alpine Oxley
Doodle Swamp Moira Yarrawonga
Dookie Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Dookie College Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Dookie South Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Doon Mansfield Mansfield
Drumanure Moira Numurkah
Drummonds Point Mansfield Mansfield
Dry Creek (near Bonnie Doon) Mansfield Mansfield
Dry Creek (see Barnawartha North) Wodonga Chiltern
Dry Dam Moira Nathalia
Duck Ponds (Balmattum) Strathbogie Euroa
DuckPonds (Stewarton) Greater Shepparton Benalla
Dueran East Mansfield Mansfield
Dugays Bridge Indigo Rutherglen
Dunbulbalane Moira Tungamah
Dunbulbalane West Moira Tungamah


Earlston Strathbogie Violet Town
East Wangaratta Wangaratta Wangaratta
Ebden Wodonga Wodonga
Ebden Weir Wodonga Wodonga
Edi Wangaratta Oxley
Edi Upper Wangaratta Oxley
El Dorado Wangaratta Wangaratta
Eleven Mile Creek Benalla Benalla
Elliebank Benalla Benalla
Emerald Hill (now Matlock) Mansfield Mansfield
Emu Bridge Benalla Benalla
Enoch('s) Point Mansfield Mansfield
Erin Vale Mansfield Mansfield
Eskdale Towong Tallangatta
Esmond Moira Yarrawonga
Estcourt Wangaratta Oxley
Eureka Flat Alpine Bright
Euroa Strathbogie Euroa
Eurobin Alpine Bright
Europa Gully Indigo Beechworth
Everton Wangaratta Beechworth/Wangaratta
Everton Upper Wangaratta Beechworth/Wangaratta


Fairyknowe Towong Tallangatta
Fathfull's Creek Strathbogie Euroa
Falls Creek Alpine Bright
Fernvale Towong Tallangatta
Fifteen Mile Creek Wangaratta Oxley
Five Mile Creek Benalla Benalla
Ford's Creek Mansfield Mansfield
Freeburgh Alpine Bright
Fry's Bridge Mansfield Mansfield?


Gaffneys Creek Mansfield Mansfield
Gap Flat Indigo Yackandandah
Gapstead Alpine Beechworth
Gapsted Alpine Beechworth
Garibaldi Gully Mansfield Mansfield
Gateway Island Wodonga Wodonga
Georges Creek Towong Tallangatta
Georgio Towong Tallangatta
Germantown Alpine Bright
Gillieston Greater Shepparton Rodney
Girgarre East Greater Shepparton Rodney
Glen Creek Alpine Yackandandah
Glendart Towong Tallangatta?
Glenrowan* Wangaratta Benalla
Glenrowan West* Benalla Benalla
Goat Town Alpine Beechworth
Gonzaga Mansfield Mansfield
Gooley's Creek Mansfield Mansfield
Goomalibee Benalla Benalla
Gooram Strathbogie Euroa
Gooram Gong Strathbogie Euroa
Gooramadda Indigo Rutherglen
Goorambat Benalla Benalla
Goughs Bay Mansfield Mansfield
Goulburn Valley Strathbogie Goulburn
Goulburn Weir Strathbogie Goulburn
Gouldings Benalla Violet Town
Gowangardie Greater Shepparton Violet Town
Graball Mansfield Mansfield
Grahamvale Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Granite Flat Towong Tallangatta
Granya Towong Tallangatta
Gravel Plains Towong Upper Murray
Graytown Strathbogie Goulburn
Great Northern Indigo Rutherglen
Great Southern Indigo Rutherglen
Green Valley Mansfield Bright
Greta Wangaratta Oxley
Greta South Wangaratta Oxley
Greta West Wangaratta Oxley
Growler's Creek (Wandiligong) Alpine Bright
Growlers Gully (near Bonnie Doon) Mansfield Mansfield
Gundowring* Indigo Yackandandah
Gundowring North* Indigo Yackandandah
Gundowring Upper* Alpine Yackandandah
Guys Forest Towong Tallangatta


Haines Indigo Rutherglen
Hamilton Park Wangaratta Benalla
Hanson Wangaratta Oxley
Hansonville Wangaratta Oxley
Hansonville South Wangaratta Oxley
Happy Valley Alpine Myrtleford
Happy Valley Estate Alpine Myrtleford
Harpers Creek Mansfield Mansfield
Harrietville Alpine Bright
Harrison Greater Shepparton Rodney
Harrys Creek Strathbogie Violet Town
Harston Greater Shepparton Rodney
Havilah Alpine Bright
Hayfield Mansfield Mansfield
Hedi Wangaratta Oxley
Hells Hole Diggings Mansfield Mansfield
Hendersyde Greater Shepparton Rodney
Henlow Towong Tallangatta
Highton Mansfield Mansfield
Hill Plain Moira Tungamah
Hillsborough Indigo Yackandandah
Hindleton Towong Tallangatta
Hodgson Crossing Towong Upper Murray
Hollands Branch Benalla Benalla/Mansfield?
Honeysuckle Strathbogie Violet Town
Horseshoe Creek Alpine Bright
Hotham Heights Alpine Bright
House Creek Wodonga Wodonga
Howe's Creek Mansfield Mansfield
Howman Gap Alpine Bright
Howqua Mansfield Mansfield
Howquadale Mansfield Mansfield
Howqua Hills Mansfield Mansfield
Howqua West Mansfield Mansfield
Hughes Creek Strathbogie Seymour
Huon Indigo Yackandandah
Huon Creek Wodonga Wodonga
Hurdle Creek Wangaratta Oxley
Hurdle Flat Indigo Beechworth
Hyem Wangaratta Oxley


Indigo Indigo Chiltern
Indigo Crossing Indigo Chiltern
Indigo Upper Indigo Chiltern
Indigo Valley Indigo Chiltern
Invergorden Moira Tungamah
Invergorden North Moira Tungamah
Irish Town Wangaratta Wangaratta


Jamieson Mansfield Mansfield
Jarrot[t] Wangaratta Oxley
Jarvis Creek Towong Tallangatta


Kaarimba Moira Nathalia
Kancoona Alpine Bright
Kancoona South Alpine Bright
Karn Benalla Benalla
Karook Campaspe Waranga
Karrabumet Moira Tungamah
Karramomus North Greater Shepparton Euroa
Katamatite Moira Cobram
Katamatite East Moira Tungamah
Katamatite North Moira Cobram
Katandra Greater Shepparton Tungamah
Katandra North Greater Shepparton Tungamah
Katandra West Greater Shepparton Tungamah
Katunga Moira Numurkah
Keerimbe Moira Nathalia
Kelfeera Benalla Benalla
Kelvin View Strathbogie Euroa
Kergunyah Indigo Yackandandah
Kergunyah South Indigo Yackandandah
Kerty's Flat Indigo Yackandandah
Kevington Mansfield Mansfield
Kialla Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Kialla Central Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Kialla East Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Kialla Park Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Kialla West Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Kiewa Indigo Yackandandah
Kilfeera Benalla Benalla
Killara Wodonga Wodonga
Killawarra Wangaratta Wangaratta
Kinchington Creek Indigo Yackandandah
King's Camp Towong Upper Murray
King Valley Wangaratta Oxley
Kirby's Flat Indigo Yackandandah
Kirty's Flat Indigo Yackandandah
Kirwan's Bridge Strathbogie Goulburn
Kithbrook Strathbogie Euroa
Kneebones Wangaratta Beechworth
Knockwood Mansfield Mansfield
Koetong Towong Tallangatta
Koonda Greater Shepparton Violet Town
Koongoopna Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Koonoomoo Moira Cobram
Kotupna Moira Nathalia
Kyabram Campaspe Kyabram
Kyabram Township Campaspe Kyabram/Deakin?
Kyabram South Greater Shepparton Rodney


Laceby Wangaratta Oxley
Lake Eildon Mansfield Mansfield
Lake Moodemere Indigo Rutherglen
Lake Rowan Moira Tungamah
Lancaster Campaspe Rodney
Lauraville Mansfield Mansfield
Lemnos Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Leneva Wodonga Wodonga
Leneva West Wodonga Wodonga
Lightning Creek Towong Tallangatta
Lilliput Indigo Rutherglen
Lima Benalla Benalla
Lima East Benalla Benalla
Lima South Benalla Benalla
Lime kilns Benalla Benalla
Little Snowy Creek Towong Tallangatta
Loch Glen Alpine Bright
Lockhart's Creek Indigo Yackandandah
Locksley Strathbogie Goulburn
Londrigan Wangaratta Wangaratta
Long Swamp Indigo Yackandandah
Longwood Strathbogie Goulburn
Longwood East Strathbogie Euroa?
Louisville Alpine Bright
Lower Moira Moira Nathalia
Lower Woolshed Indigo Beechworth
Loyola Mansfield Mansfield
Lucydale Towong Upper Murray
Lucyvale Towong Upper Murray
Lurg Benalla Benalla


Mack's Creek Mansfield Mansfield
Mac's Cove Mansfield Mansfield
Madman's Gully Indigo Beechworth
Magenta Indigo Chiltern
Mahaikah Benalla Mansfield?
Maindample Mansfield Mansfield
Maintangoon Mansfield Mansfield
Major Plains Benalla Benalla
Mallum Benalla Benalla
Mangalore Strathbogie Seymour
Mansfield Mansfield Mansfield
Marionvale Greater Shepparton Tungamah
Markwood Wangaratta Oxley
Marraweeny Strathbogie Violet Town
Marungi Moira Tungamah
Matlock Mansfield Mansfield
Mayford Alpine Bright
McMahon's Creek Towong Tallangatta
McGuires Punt Greater Shepparton City of Shepparton
McNamara Crossing Towong Upper Murray
Meadow Creek Wangaratta Oxley
Merriang Alpine Oxley
Merriang South Alpine Myrtleford
Merrigum Greater Shepparton Rodney
Merrijig Mansfield Mansfield
Merton Mansfield Mansfield
Middle Indigo Indigo Chiltern
Miepoll Strathbogie Euroa
Miepoll East Strathbogie Euroa
Miepoll South Strathbogie Euroa
Milawa Wangaratta Oxley
Milkman's Flat Indigo Beechworth
Milne Wangaratta Oxley
Miners Right Alpine Bright
Mirimbah Mansfield Mansfield
Mitchellstown Strathbogie Goulburn
Mitchelton Strathbogie Goulburn
Mitta Junction Wodonga Wodonga
Mitta Junction Reservoir Wodonga Wodonga
Mitta Mitta Towong Tallangatta
Mitta North Towong Tallangatta
Moglonemby Strathbogie Euroa
Mokoan Benalla Benalla
Mokoan West Benalla Benalla
Molka Strathbogie Euroa
Molyullah Benalla Benalla
Monea Strathbogie Goulburn
Mongans Bridge Alpine Yackandandah
Montgomery Mansfield Mansfield
Moonlight Flat Strathbogie Goulburn
Moorilim Greater Shepparton Goulburn
Moormbool West Strathbogie McIvor
Moorngag Benalla Benalla
Mooroopna Greater Shepparton Rodney
Mooroopna North Greater Shepparton Rodney
Mooroopna North West Greater Shepparton Rodney
Morse's Creek Alpine Bright
Mount Alfred Towong Tallangatta
Mount Beauty Alpine Bright
Mount Bruno Benalla Benalla
Mount Buffalo Alpine Myrtleford
Mount Buller Mansfield Mansfield
Mount Buller Alpine Village Mansfield Mansfield
Mount Elliot Towong Upper Murray
Mount Elmo Towong Tallangatta
Mount Pleasant Indigo Chiltern
Mountain Bay Mansfield Mansfield
Mountain View Strathbogie Euroa
Moyhu Wangaratta Oxley
Muckatah Moira Cobram
Muddy Creek Greater Shepparton Goulburn
Muddy Creek Bridge Greater Shepparton Goulburn
Mudgeegonga Alpine Myrtleford
Mullindolingong Alpine Bright
Mundoona Moira Nathalia
Murchison Greater Shepparton Goulburn
Murchison East Greater Shepparton Goulburn
Murmungee Wangaratta Beechworth
Murraramungy Wangaratta Beechworth
Murremungy Wangaratta Beechworth
Murreang Alpine Oxley
Mutton Town Mansfield Mansfield
Myrrhee Wangaratta Oxley
Myrtle Creek Alpine Myrtleford
Myrtle Creek Village Alpine Myrtleford
Myrtleford Alpine Myrtleford
Mywee Moira Numurkah


Nagambie Strathbogie Goulburn
Nalinga Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Napoleons Flat Wangaratta Beechworth
Nariel Towong Upper Murray
Nariel Creek Towong Upper Murray
Nariel Gap Towong Upper Murray
Nariel Junction Towong Upper Murray
Nariel Upper Towong Upper Murray
Naring Moira Numurkah
Naringaningalook Moira Numurkah
Narioka Moira Nathalia
Nathalia Moira Nathalia
New Ballarat Indigo Chiltern
Newtoun Indigo Beechworth
Nilla[h]cootie Mansfield Mansfield
Nilla[h]cootie North Benalla Benalla
Nine Mile Indigo Beechworth
Nog Nog Wah Alpine Myrtleford
Nooramunga Benalla Benalla
Noorongong Towong Tallangatta
Norong Indigo Rutherglen
Norong Central Indigo Rutherglen
Norrilim Strathbogie Goulburn
North Wangaratta Wangaratta Wangaratta
Nug Nug Alpine Myrtleford
Numurkah Moira Numurkah


Ogilvie's Estate Mansfield Mansfield
Old Longwood Strathbogie Euroa?
Old Tallangatta Towong Tallangatta
One Mile Indigo Beechworth
Orrvale Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Osbornes Flat Indigo Yackandandah
Ovens Alpine Myrtleford
Ovens Bridge Moira Yarrawonga
Ovens Crossing (Porepunkah) Alpine Bright
Ovens Crossing (Wangaratta) Wangaratta Wangaratta
Ovens Vale Alpine Myrtleford
Oxley Wangaratta Oxley
Oxley Flats Wangaratta Oxley
Oxley Plains Wangaratta Oxley


Palmers Creek Alpine Bright
Palmerston Alpine Beechworth
Paradise Point Mansfield Mansfield
Peechelba Wangaratta Yarrawonga
Peechelba East Wangaratta Wangaratta
Peechelbar Wangaratta Yarrawonga
Peechelpa Wangaratta Yarrawonga
Pelican Lagoon[s} Wangaratta Oxley
Pelluebla Moira Tungamah
Pelluebla East Moira Yarrawonga
Pemburthy Mansfield Mansfield
Penny Flat Towong Tallangatta
Pennyweight Flat Indigo Beechworth
Peters Corner Mansfield Mansfield
Picola Moira Nathalia
Picola North Moira Nathalia
Picola West Moira Nathalia
Pieper Wangaratta Oxley
Pine Lodge Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Pine Lodge East Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Pine Lodge South Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Pine Mountain Towong Tallangatta
Piries Mansfield Mansfield
Point Punka Alpine Bright
Porepunkah Alpine Bright
Port Punkah Alpine Bright
Pranjip Strathbogie Euroa?
Prentice Freehold Indigo Rutherglen
Prentice North Indigo Rutherglen


Quartz Reef Alpine Beechworth


Raspberry Creek/Point Mansfield Mansfield
Red Bluff Indigo Yackandandah
Reedy Lake Strathbogie Goulburn
Reid's Creek Indigo Beechworth
Riggs Creek Strathbogie Euroa
Robbers Roost Alpine Bright
Rose River Wangaratta Oxley
Rosewhite Alpine Myrtleford
Rostrevor Alpine Bright
Rothesay Benalla Benalla
Rowdy Flat Indigo Yackandandah
Royal Standard Mansfield Mansfield
Ruffy Strathbogie Goulburn
Running Creek Alpine Yackandandah
Rushworth Campaspe Waranga
Rutherglen Indigo Rutherglen
Ryan's Creek Benalla Benalla
Ryan's Creek Upper Benalla Benalla


Sailor Bill's Creek/Gully Mansfield Mansfield
Saltpetre Creek Towong Upper Murray
Samaria Benalla Benalla
Sandmount Moira Cobram
Sandy Creek Indigo Yackandandah
Sandy Creek Upper Indigo Yackandandah
Sassafras Creek Towong Upper Murray
Sawmill Settlement Mansfield Mansfield
Sebastopol Wangaratta Beechworth
Sebastopol Flat Wangaratta Beechworth
Selwyn Alpine Bright
Seven Creeks Strathbogie Euroa
Shadforth Strathbogie Violet Town
Sheans Creek Strathbogie Euroa
Sheepwash Creek Moira Numurkah
Sheepyard Flat Mansfield Mansfield
Shelley Towong Tallangatta
Sheppardton Greater Shepparton City of Shepparton
Sheppardtown Greater Shepparton City of Shepparton
Shepparton Greater Shepparton City of Shepparton
Shepparton East Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Shepparton North Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Silver Creek Indigo Beechworth
Skehan Wangaratta Oxley
Slippery Pinch Alpine Bright or Omeo
Smoko Alpine Bright
Snake Valley Indigo Beechworth
Snowy Creek Towong Tallangatta
South Selwyn Alpine Bright or Myrtleford
Spring Creek (Beechworth) Indigo Beechworth
Spring Creek (Graytown) Strathbogie Goulburn
Spring Creek (near Tallangatta) Towong Tallangatta
Springhurst Wangaratta Wangaratta
St Germains Greater Shepparton Rodney
St James Moira Tungamah
Staceys Bridge Towong Upper Murray
Staghorn Flat Indigo Yackandandah
Stander's Creek Mansfield Mansfield
Stanhope South Greater Shepparton Rodney
Stanley Indigo Beechworth
Stanley Road Indigo Beechworth
Stewarton Greater Shepparton Benalla
Stony Creek Alpine Beechworth
Strathbogie Strathbogie Euroa
Strathbogie North Benalla Benalla
Strathbogie West Strathbogie Euroa
Strathmerton Moira Numurkah
Sunny Point Towong Upper Murray
Survey Point Mansfield Mansfield
Sutton Indigo Yackandandah
Swanpool Benalla Benalla


Tabilk Strathbogie Goulburn
Tabletop Mansfield Mansfield
Talgarno Towong Tallangatta
Tallandoon Towong Tallangatta
Tallandoon North Towong Tallangatta
Tallangalook Mansfield Mansfield
Tallangatta Towong Tallangatta
Tallangatta East Towong Tallangatta
Tallangatta Valley Towong Tallangatta
Tallygaroopna Greater Shepparton Shepparton
Taminick Benalla Benalla
Tamleugh* Strathbogie Violet Town
Tamleugh North* Greater Shepparton Violet Town
Tamleugh West* Greater Shepparton Violet Town
Tangambalanga Indigo Yackandandah
Tarcombe Strathbogie Seymour
Targoora Wangaratta Oxley
Taripta Campaspe Deakin
Taripta East Campaspe Deakin/Rodney?
Tarnook Benalla Benalla
Tarrawingee Wangaratta Wangaratta
Tatong Benalla Benalla
Tatura Greater Shepparton Rodney
Tatura East Greater Shepparton Rodney
Tawanga Alpine Bright
Tawonga Alpine Bright
Tawonga South Alpine Bright
Tea Garden Creek Wangaratta Oxley
Telford Moira Tungamah
Ten Mile Mansfield Mansfield
Ten Mile House Mansfield Mansfield
Thackeray Mansfield Mansfield
The Cascade Towong Tallangatta
The Crossing Indigo Beechworth
The Junction (Brimin) Indigo Rutherglen
The Junction (Byrneside) Greater Shepparton Rodney
The Junction (Yackandandah Junction) Indigo Yackandandah
The Napoleon Wangaratta Beechworth
The Old Crossing Place Strathbogie Goulburn
The Springs Wangaratta Wangaratta
Thologolong Towong Tallangatta
Thoona Benalla Benalla
Thowgla Towong Upper Murray
Thowgla Upper Towong Upper Murray
Thowgla Valley Towong Upper Murray
Three Mile Indigo Beechworth
Thunder and Lightning Creek Towong Tallangatta
Tintaldra Towong Upper Murray
Tobacco Flat Mansfield Mansfield
Tolmie Mansfield Mansfield
Tom Groggin Towong Upper Murray
Too Rour Benalla Benalla
Toolamba Greater Shepparton Rodney
Toolamba North (Byrneside) Greater Shepparton Rodney
Toolamba West Greater Shepparton Rodney
Toombullup Benalla Benalla
Toorak (now Thackeray) Mansfield Mansfield
Towong Towong Upper Murray
Towong Upper Towong Upper Murray
Trapps Corner Alpine Myrtleford
Tuckerbox Corner Alpine Bright
Tungamah Moira Tungamah
Twist[s] Creek Indigo Yackandandah
Two Mile Indigo Beechworth


Ulupna Moira Nathalia
Ulupna North Moira Nathalia
Ulupna West Moira Nathalia
Undera Greater Shepparton Rodney
Undera North Greater Shepparton Rodney
Upotipotpon Strathbogie Violet Town
Upotipotpon East Benalla Benalla
Upotipotpon West Greater Shepparton Violet Town
Upper Dark River Towong Upper Murray
Upper Dart River Towong Upper Murray
Upper Fifteen Mile Creek Wangaratta Oxley
Upper Gundowring Alpine Yackandandah
Upper Ryan's Creek Benalla Benalla


View Point Mansfield Mansfield
Violet Creek Strathbogie Violet Town
Violet Ponds Strathbogie Violet Town
Violet Town Strathbogie Violet Town


Waaia Moira Nathalia
Waaring Strathbogie Goulburn
Wabonga Wangaratta Oxley
Waggarandall Moira Tungamah
Wagra Towong Tallangatta
Wahgunyah Indigo Rutherglen
Wahring Strathbogie Goulburn
Wakiti Creek Moira Nathalia
Waldara Wangaratta Wangaratta
Walwa Towong Tallangatta
Wandiligong Alpine Bright
Wangandary Wangaratta Wangaratta
Wangaratta Wangaratta City of Wangaratta
Wangaratta East Wangaratta Shire of Wangaratta
Wangaratta North Wangaratta Shire of Wangaratta
Wangaratta South Wangaratta City/Shire? of Wangaratta
Waranga Campaspe Waranga
Warrenbayne Benalla Benalla
Warrowly/Warroley/Warroughly Wangaratta Oxley
Waterloo Alpine Myrtleford
Waterloo Creek Alpine Myrtleford
Wattle Range Benalla Mansfield?
Wattville Moira Tungamah
Whiskey Flat Indigo Yackandandah
White Timber Alpine Bright
Whitfield Wangaratta Oxley
Whitfield North Wangaratta Oxley
Whitlands Wangaratta Oxley
Whorley Wangaratta Oxley
Whorouly Wangaratta Oxley
Whorouly East Wangaratta Oxley
Whorouly South Wangaratta Oxley
Whroo Campaspe Waranga
Wilby Moira Yarrawonga
Wild Horse Hill Towong Tallangatta
Williamstown Towong Tallangatta or Omeo
Willow crossing Towong Upper Murray
Winton Benalla Benalla
Winton North Benalla Benalla
Wirrate Strathbogie Goulburn
Wodonga Wodonga Wodonga
Wodonga West Wodonga Wodonga
Wombat Mansfield Mansfield
Wondoomarook Strathbogie Euroa?
Wonnangatta Alpine Bright
Woodfield Mansfield Mansfield
Wood's Point/Junction Mansfield Mansfield
Woolshed Indigo Beechworth
Wooragee Indigo Beechworth
Wormangal Strathbogie Goulburn
Wrightley Benalla Benalla
Wunghnu Moira Numurkah
Wyeebo Towong Tallangatta
Wyeton Mansfield Mansfield


Yabba* Towong Tallangatta
Yabba North* Moira Tungamah
Yabba South* Moira Tungamah
Yackandandah Indigo Yackandandah
Yackandandah Junction Indigo Yackandandah
Yalca Moira Nathalia
Yalca North Moira Nathalia
Yalca South Moira Nathalia
Yambuna Moira Nathalia
Yarrawonga Moira Yarrawonga
Yarrawonga South Moira Yarrawonga
Yarroweyah Moira Cobram
Yarroweyah North Moira Cobram
Yarroweyah South Moira Cobram
Yeerip Moira Tungamah
Yielima Moira Nathalia
Yin Barun Benalla Benalla
Youanmite Moira Tungamah
Youarang Moira Tungamah
Yundool Moira Tungamah


Zeerust Greater Shepparton Shepparton

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