Spare marriage records

'Spare' Marriage Records
for the Victorian North East

This page lists details of 'spare' marriage records that subscribers to the AUS-VIC-NE list (and others) have volunteered to provide to other researchers.

This page also includes the names of the marriage witnesses but there is no separate alphabetical list for them. Use your browser's Find facility (either by Using the F3 key or look under the Edit drop down menu) to search for them.

If you would like the full details of any of the entries below, email the appropriate volunteer directly by clicking on their name in the right hand column which should open your email program.

 The pre-filled email that is opened when you click on the submitter's name  includes the subject/title, so you will need to politely make your request and to include the person's name and the year of marriage.

If you are unsure whether the entry is connected to you, rather than ask for the full details, please supply the volunteer with brief details such as parent's names and request the full details only if there is a match.

The people who have made the offer to lookup their records are busy, and their offer is appreciated. Please make it as easy for them as you can.

Words such as PLEASE help a lot.

Also remember to thank them for their work afterwards regardless of whether it helped you or not. At least acknowledge that you have received the volunteer's reply.

The volunteers are helping you for free and are not allowed to charge for their time nor make a profit in any way from these lookups.

Please do not ask for multiple entries, nor ask the volunteers to search for names that are not listed. Also, do not ask for photocopies of the records, as many are not willing or able to provide this service and it may be in breach of state copyright and upset the Registrar General.

The details that are generally available (but vary slightly depending on the date) are:
- Names, marital status, occupations, birthplace, age and residences of each spouse
- Place and date of marriage
- Name and occupation of each spouse's father and mother
- Officiating minister
- Witnesses

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Spare birth and death records can be found at
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Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
ADAMS, Eliza Jane - TROTHEY, Dominique   Beechworth 1867  Sheila
ADDISON, Henry & MAUGHAM, Martha William EWING & Mary MAUGHAN Wangaratta 1855  Denise
AH GEE - BLEWITT, Philaria   Beechworth 1868  Ronda
ALEXANDER, William Grant - WRIGHT,
     Amelia Eliza
  Yackandandah Junction 1873  Ronda
ALLAN, George Robertson - DUTTON,
     Fannie Emily
  Wangaratta 1896  Jenny
ALLEN, Anne & ALLEN, Frank William & Ellen HOOPER Porepunka 1863  Denise
ALLEN, Frank (see ALLEN, Anne)
ALLOTT, Thomas - OATS, Jane   Hurdle Flat 1883  John
ANGUS, John - TONER, Elizabeth   Jamieson 1875  Maureen
ARMSTRONG, Alfred - VALLANCE, Jane   Beechworth 1899  John
ARMSTRONG, Mary - MYLES, James   Beechworth 1861  John
ARMSTRONG, Thomas - DICK, Mary   Toolamba 1877  Gail
ARNOLD, Sarah - BOSWELL, George   Yackandandah 1873  Ronda
     James Lishman
  Beechworth 1857  Carol
ASHFORD, M J & DANFORTH, Henry D Honora ASHFORD & A? GAIVEY Allans Flat 1879  Denise
ASSUN, John & MOLLES, Elizabeth Ellen Mark FOY & Rosanna ? Beechworth 1857  Denise
ATKINSON, Edmund - HOLMAN, Annetta   Beechworth 1863  Max
ATTRILL, Eli - JONES, Eliza    Beechworth 1857  Kate
AUDLEY, Henry - ELLIOT, Elspeth   Rutherglen 1887  Steve
AUGUSTINE, Joseph & BIGGS, Maria James HARRIS & Ann DUNBAR Beechworth 1864  Denise
AUSTIN, Joseph Frederick - ELLIOT, Elspeth   Yackandandah 1887  Virginia


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
BAIN, Mary Ann - MELLOR, Isaac Robert BUCHAN & Godfrey? MELLOR Chiltern 1869  Kate
BAMFORD, Mabel - LAKEMAN, Edward Walter THOMPSON & Matilda Maud? LARKEN Wangaratta 1909  Peter
BAMFORD, Robert - BARBER, Annie Janet Hy Wm Stephen BARBER & Lucy BAMFORD Strathbogie 1885  Peter
BANNON, Alice - BRAMSTON, George Andrew James TAYLOR & Caroline DODGSON Beechworth 1869  June
BARRASS, Nicholas - McNAMARA, Jane   Beechworth 1867  Sheila
BARBER, Annie Janet (see BAMFORD, Robert)
BARCLAY, Mary Jane - STROGEON, Samuel   Beechworth 1888  Ronda
BARKEL, Francis - McNAMEE, Mary   Beechworth 1877  Ronda
BARRY, Ann (see O'GRADY, Ann)
BARRY, John - KENNEDY, Janet Burnes   Beechworth 1888  Ronda
BARTH, Dorotha - VOIGHT, Christian   Beechworth 1867  Sheila
BARTON, Frances - SHEARD, Joseph Senior   Beechworth 1857  Kate
BARTON, Mary Ellen - JONES, James William FREEMAN & Jacob ELLIS Myrtleford 1867  Kate
BARTSCH, Anna Dorothea - HULME, Joseph   Beechworth 1875  Kerryn
BEATTIE, James - HARRINGTON, Mary   Murchison 1877  Gail
BEAVEN, Albert James - LEESON, Annette
  Benalla 1864  Lorraine
BECK, Charles - FULTON, Mary   Beechworth 1869  Mary
BECK, Christina - WINNING, Henry   Beechworth 1895  Mary
BELL, Eliza Jane - DUNSTAN, Thomas   Beechworth 1878  Sheila
BEVAN, James - BULLIVANT, Caroline Paulina   Wangaratta 1882  Viv
BIDGOOD, Frederick - THOMAS,
     Selina Robuis Penrose
  Staghorn Flat 1894  Ronda
BIGGS, Maria (see AUGUSTINE, Joseph)
BLAIR, Annie - GRAY, John   Yackandandah 1894  Ian
BLAIR, Janey - FOSTER, David   Tallangatta 1927  Ian
BLAIR, William - FENNELL, Elizabeth   Yackandandah 1875  Ian
BLEWETT, John - MURRAY, Emily   Mudgegonga 1921  Ronda
BLEWITT, Philaria (see AH GEE)
BLEWETT, Violett Mary - PRICE, George Albert   Bruarong 1926  Ronda
BLEWETT, William - WATERSON, Alice   Back Creek 1894  Ronda
BLOOM, Susannah - MATTHEWS, George   Beechworth 1869  June
BLUETT, John - McDONALD, Catherine   Croppers Creek 1881  Ronda
     Ernestine Wehelmine
  Beechworth 1870  Ronda
BOSWELL, George (see ARNOLD, Sarah)
BOWIE, George Houston - STEWART, Jane   Toolamba 1877  Gail
BOYD, Joseph & TRACY, Mary ? HAMILTON & ? Beechworth 1854  Denise
BRADY, Francis E - MORTON, Mary   Wangaratta 1878  John
BRAMSTON, George Andrew (see BANNON, Alice)
BRASINGTON, Caroline Esther &
  ? Creek,  Beechworth 1854  Denise
BRENNAN, Eva Margaret - HANLON, Daniel   Benalla 1914  Rhonda
BRENNAN, Mary Ann - MOORE, Thomas   Benalla 1883  Jenny
BROCKMAN, William - KNEEBONE, Harriet   Wangaratta 1862  Judy
BROLLY, Rebecca - McALIECE, Andrew   Wangaratta 1873  Jenny
BROOM, Maria - KENT, William   Beechworth 1866  Max
BRUMBY, Robert - NOLAN, Mary Ann   Beechworth 1878  Sheila
BUCKLEY, Annie - HASTIE, Peter   Eldorado 1870  Ronda
BUCKLEY, Joseph - SHARP, Mary Edith   Longwood 1904  Ian
BULLIVANT, Caroline Paulina (see BEVAN, James)
BUNNING, William - WILKES, Susanne   Beechworth 1866  John
BURCHER, Charles William - CUSACK, Ellen   Wangaratta 1873  Jenny
     Catherine Cecilia
  Beechworth 1854  Steve
BURNS, Mary & GOW, Donald John & Margaret ARGYLE Belvour 1856  Denise


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
CAHILL, Margaret - LARKIN, John   Benalla 1880  Judy
CAMPBELL, Jane - JONES, James Armstrong   Benalla 1900  Lois
CAMPBELL, Mary - SCOTT, David   Beechworth 1862  John
CANTY, Mary Sophia - FITZPATRICK, Michael   Nagambie 1888  Ian
CAREY, Mary Ann - DANAHER, Edmond   Shepparton 1881  Maureen
     Margaret Jane
  Greta 1890  Kaye
CARROLL, Patrick - FOOTTER, Elizabeth   Benalla 1914  Rhonda
     John Maitland
  Bright 1886  Nicole
CLELAND, Isabella Jane - COOK, George Stevens   Euroa 1880  Lois
COFFIN, Rosa Ann - SCRIVENOR, Octavia   Mansfield 1882  Anne
     Annie Alice
Mat Ann MEYER & Cuthbert Tremayne RODDA Wangaratta 1909  Peter
COLLINS, Frances - PATON, James   Thougla Creek 1878  Ronda
COLVILLE, Archibald - WATERSON, Violet   Back Creek, Yackandandah 1913  Ronda
COLVILLE, Jane - PATTERSON, George   Greta 1888  Kaye
COLVILLE, Margaret - WATERSON, Robert   Yackandandah 1893  Ronda
CONNOLLY, Anna Maria - ROWLEY, Patrick   Wangaratta 1880  Judy
CONWAY, Mary - HAEFFNER, Christian William HARETTON? & ? THOMPSON Beechworth 1854  Denise
COOK, George Stevens (see CLELAND, Isabella Jane)
COOPER, Sophia Gertrude - WYNDHAM,
     Edgar Clarence
  Wangaratta 1898  Jenny
COSIER, Richard - SMITH, Mary Ann   Beechworth 1863  Max
COTTER, Arthur - DOHERTY, Esther   Beechworth 1899  John
COWAN, William David - HARRINGTON,
     Margaret Eileen
  Bright 1926  Ronda
COUGHLIN, John - DOYLE, Catherine   Benalla 1884  Judith
CREAMER, Henry - CROTTY, Mary Jane   Yackandandah 1893  Pamela
CREIGHTON, Mary E. - STONEHAM, George   Beechworth 1900  Ronda
CROCKET, Charlotte - WINNELL, William   Beechworth 1907  June
CROTTY, Mary Jane (see CREAMER, Henry)
CUNNINGHAM, Anne - NOLAN, James   Beechworth 1856  Sheila
CURRIE, James Rollston - PATTERSON,
     Mary Jane
  Greta 1889  Kaye
CUSACK, Ellen (see BURCHER, Charles William)


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
DALZIELL, Thomas - JONES, Esther   Beechworth 1889  John
DANAHER, Edmond (see CAREY, Mary Ann)
DANAHER, Michael - HARRIS, Annie Margaret   Benalla 1912  Maureen
     George Joseph
  Beechworth 1882  Ronda
DEAM, Robert Huddleston - PYLE, Ethel Mabel   Three Mile 1911  John
DEVINE, Maria - STONE, Brainerd   Beechworth 1888  Ronda
DICK, Mary (see ARMSTRONG, Thomas)
DOAN(E), Henry & DONNELLY, Martha Catherine M. SUTTON & ? Belvour 1856  Denise
DOBSON, John - ROWE, Harriet   Wangaratta 1878  John
DOHERTY, Esther (see COTTER, Arthur)
DOIG, Hellen - STEWART, Alexander   Beechworth 1862  Ian
DONNELLY, Ellen & WENTWORTH, Wm Henry & Martha DOANE Beechworth 1864  Denise
DONNELLY, Martha (see DOAN(E), Henry)
DONOGHUE, Catherine Cecilia (see BURKE, Charles W)
DOWDLE, Mary - HOULIHAN, James   Wangaratta 1880?  Judy
DOYLE, Catherine (see COUGHLIN, John)
DREYER, Frederick Wm - MULL, Eleonore   Beechworth 1862  John
DREYER, Alina Marie S - WARREN,
     Richard Rowe
  Beechworth 1883  John
     Margaret Elizabeth
  Boho 1880  Lois
DUNSTAN, Thomas (see BELL, Eliza Jane)
DUTTON, Fannie Emily (see ALLAN, George Robertson)


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
EAGLETON, John Benjamin Selby - WILLETT,
     Charlotte Ann
  Wangaratta 1898  Jenny
EAMES, Mary Irvine - HENDERSON, George   Beechworth 1875  Kerryn
ECKERSLEY, William - HULME, Eva Jane H C HULME & Mrs Sarah Ann HULME Wangaratta 1909  Peter
EGAN, William - GODWIN, Florence   Murmungee 1887  Virginia
ELLEN, Tom - SLATER, Sophia   Beechworth 1860  John
ELLINGHAM, Charles - WRAITH, Francis Anne   Bright 1886  Nicole
ELLIOT, Elspeth (see AUSTIN, Joseph Frederick)
EVANS, Samuel - HOY, Mary   Wangaratta 1880?  Judy


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
FAY, John - SHARP, Edith   Longwood 1908  Ian
FENNELL, Elizabeth (see BLAIR, William)
FIDDES, Frances - SHUGG, William   Osbornes Flat 1873  Ronda
FIELD, Annie - LAKEMAN, George Ash James FIELD & May Ann ? Benalla 1875  Peter
FINDLAY, William - MOORE, Margaret   Beechworth 1862  Ian
FISHER, Charles - KIRWIN, Louisa Mary   Wangaratta 1907  June
FITZPATRICK, Michael (see CANTY, Mary Sophia)
FOLSTER, Ann - WATERSON, William   Hillsborough 1893  Ronda
FOOTTER, Elizabeth (see CARROLL, Patrick)
FORD, Martha Ann Ford - McPOYLE,
     John Charles
  Benalla 1914  Rhonda
FORDE, Louisa Mary Hellen - O'BRIEN, John A   Yackandandah 1881  Ronda
FORGE, William Thomas - MEYER, Edith Matilda   Wangaratta 1890  Kaye
FOSTER, David (see BLAIR, Janey)
FOXCROFT, Henry - GROOM, Caroline   Beechworth 1869  Mary
FRASER, Burnham Coleman - PATON,
     Catherine Flora
  Tallangatta 1927  Ian
FREITAG, Thomas Ernest - GREEN, Sarah   Mokoan 1899  Kaye
FULFORD, George - SCOLLARD, Johanna Jane   Yackandandah 1893  Pamela
FULTON, Jane (m.n. SULLIVAN) - STEWART, Charles   Wangaratta 1881  Jenny
FULTON, Jessie - MATHER, John   Beechworth 1886  Mary
FULTON, John - JARVIS, Isabella   Beechworth 1884  Mary
FULTON, Mary (see BECK, Charles)
FYFE, Arthur Cosway - WORD, Ada Mary   Beechworth 1864  John


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
GALLAGHER, Jane - KIRWIN, Laurence   Beechworth 1869  June
     Catherine Matilda
  Wangaratta 1882  Viv
GIBB, Sarah - GIBSON, Andrew   Wangaratta 1873  Jenny
GIBSON, Andrew (see GIBB, Sarah)
  Beechworth 1866  John
GLASS, Agnes Campbell - ROWE, James   Bowman's Forest 1866  John
GODWIN, Florence (see EGAN, William)
GOODGER, Michael - PRICE, May   Beechworth 1922  Ronda
GOW, Donald (see BURNS, Mary)
GRAHAM, Mary Ann - HADLEY, Stephen   Beechworth 1905  John
GRAY, John (see BLAIR, Annie)
GRAY, Robert - MILLS, Elizabeth Rebecca   Rutherglen 1876  John
GREEN, Richard - JOHNSTONE, Jane   Winton 1870  Kaye
GREEN, Sarah (see FREITAG, Thomas Ernest)
GROOM, Caroline (see FOXCROFT, Henry)


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
HADLEY, Stephen (see GRAHAM, Mary Ann)
HAEFFNER, Christian (see CONWAY, Mary)
HAEFFNER, Emily - JARVIS, Frederick Henry & M J HAEFFNER Tallangatta 1887  Denise
HAEFFNER, Mary Jane - SUTHERLAND, Neil Henry HAEFFNER & Fred JARVIS Tallangatta 1887  Denise
HAGNEY, Bridget - TIMMONS, John   Beechworth 1856  Sheila
HALEY, Elizabeth - SMITH, Arthur   Benalla 1878  Maureen
HAMILTON, Arabella - KNEEBONE, Eugene   Murmungee 1899  John
HAMILTON, Edward - WRIGHT, Susannah   Beechworth 1861  John
HAMILTON, Ellen - JONES, James Horatio & Rosetta ELMER Murmungee 1891  Kate
HANLON, Daniel (see BRENNAN, Eva Margaret)
HARRINGTON, Margaret Eileen (see COWAN, William David
HARRIS, Annie Margaret (see DANAHER, Michael)
HARRIS, Charlotte Rebecca - OBRIEN, John   Benalla 1884  Maureen
HARRIS, Edward - OBRIEN, Johanna   Wangaratta 1878  Maureen
HARRIS, Peter Brown - TAYLOR, Rosannah   Benalla 1864 Lorraine
HARTLEY, John - LEWIS, Alice M. M. Charles Henry LEWIS & William ? Euroa 1885  Peter
HARTLEY, John & PHILLIPI, Caroline Margarethe TIMMER & ? LYONS Beechworth 1857  Denise
HARVEY, Jonathon - WALDRON, Emma   Beechworth 1869  Mary
HASTIE, Peter (see BUCKLEY, Annie)
HAYS, Archibald - MAGEE, Eliza Jane   Beechworth 1867  Ronda
HENDERSON, George (see EAMES, Mary Irvine)
HERD, Louisa - PLUM, Charles   Wangaratta 1878  John
HEWISH, Jessie Elizabeth - WHITE,
     Frederick George
  Benalla 1900  Lois
HILET, Henry Thomas - MORRISEY, Honorah   Wangaratta 1898  Jenny
HILL, Selina - MOLONEY, Cornelius   Wangaratta 1884  Kaye
     Edward George
  Beechworth 1864  John
HOKIN, Mary Ann - HOLMAN, Stephen Charles   Dunolly 1873  Max
    MacDONALD, James
  Benalla 1864 Lorraine
HOLLAND, L'Ange - McCONNELL, Elizabeth   Moorilim 1904  Ian
HOLMAN, Ann - SPENCER, William Robert   Beechworth 1866  Max
HOLMAN, Annetta (see ATKINSON, Edmund)
HOLMAN, Stephen Charles (see HOKIN, Mary Ann)
HOOD, Jane & NYE, Bartlett Thos MILLARD & Elizabeth T? Wangaratta 1855  Denise
HOOPER, William & MEEKLEY, Ellen Frank & Ann ALLEN Porepunka 1863  Denise
HOPKINS, William - WALL, Julia   Benalla 1884  Judith
HOULIHAN, James (see DOWDLE, Mary)
HOY, Mary (see EVANS, Samuel)
HUEY, James & SEXTON, Eliza Garth JACKSON & Catherine M. SEXTON Beechworth 1857  Denise
HUGHES, Catherine Mary - MACFARLANE,
  Eldorado 1882  Viv
HULME, Eva Jane (see ECKERSLEY, William)
HULME, Joseph (see BARTSCH, Anna Dorothea)
     George Alexander
  Greta 1889  Kaye
HUNT, Charles Hardy - MAY, Elizabeth   Beechworth 1864  Mary
HURRY, Henry - LEWIN, Annie   Benalla 1863  Ronda
HUTCHINSON, Mary Elizabeth & NEWTON,
     Alfred John
? HEPBURN & ? HUTCHINSON Mansfield 1885  Kelvin


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
IRVINE, James & MCAULEY, Ann Charles REICHARDT & Anne ? Yackandandah 1860  Denise


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
JACKSON, William - WATERSON, Margaret   'Waterfield' Yackandandah 1904  Ronda
JAMIESON, Maria Christina - RIDDELL, John   Goorambat 1890  Joy
JARROTT, Mark - WHEELER, Annie   Moyhu 1896  Jenny
JARVIS, Frederick (see HAEFFNER, Emily)
JARVIS, Isabella (see FULTON, John)
JARVIS, Sarah Ann - WEST, Albert Edward   Wangaratta 1891  Judy
JEPHCOTT, Alice Mary Jane - WATERS,
     Alexander Dixie
  Gravels Plains 1878  Ronda
JOHNSON, Alfonso Roland - STEARN, Anne   Carboor 1887  Ellen
JOHNSON, Charles - JUDGE, Alice Maud   Sunnyside 1901  Nardia
JOHNSTON, Mary Ann - WAKENSHAW, Adam   Euroa 1898  Lois
JOHNSTONE, Barbara - NEWBOUND ,Thomas   Brown's Plains 1876  John
JOHNSTONE, Jane (see GREEN, Richard)
JONES, Anne Maria - MAST, William   Beechworth 1864  Mary
JONES, Eliza (see ATTRILL, Eli)
JONES, Esther (see DALZIELL, Thomas)
JONES, George Henry - SKATE, Matilda   Rushworth 1894  Wendy
JONES, James Armstrong (see CAMPBELL, Jane)
JONES, James (see HAMILTON, Ellen)
JONES, James (see BARTON, Mary Ellen)
JONES, John - MARUM, Harriet   Wangaratta 1896  Jenny
JOSE, Henry - PROSSER, Martha   Benalla 1878  Maureen
JUDGE, Alice Maud (see JOHNSON, Charles)


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
KELLY [nee QUINN], Ellen - KING, George   Benalla 1874  Kaye
KELLY, Catherine Louisa - SCHNEIDER, William   Beechworth 1860  John
KENNEDY, Donal Joseph - McCORMACK,
     Mary Eileen
  Myrtleford 1926  Ronda
KENNEDY, Janet Burnes (see BARRY, John)
KENT, William (see BROOM, Maria)
KING, George (see KELLY [nee QUINN], Ellen)
KIRKLAND, George Joseph (see DAVIDSON, Jane Baillie)
KIRKPATRICK, John Maitland (see CHAUNCY, Amy)
KIRWIN, Laurence (see GALLAGHER, Jane)
KIRWIN, Louisa Mary (see FISHER, Charles)
KLEINE, Charles Frederick William &
   MOONY, Mary
William GOUGH & Elizabeth CASSELDEN Yackandandah 1860  Denise
KNAGGS, Elizabeth - SHIELDS, William   Wangaratta 1862  Judy
KNEEBONE, Eugene (see HAMILTON, Arabella)
KNEEBONE, Harriet (see BROCKMAN, William)
KNEEBONE, John Alfred - ROWE, Nanny Jane   Chiltern 1876  John


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
LACHMUND, Theodor Henry - LAST,
     Julia Elizabeth
  Beechworth 1868  Ronda
LaFONTAINE, Nicholas & RENTON, Annie Marie DE?TTEY & Elizabeth WITCHELL Yackandandah 1860  Denise
LAKEMAN, Edward (see BAMFORD, Mabel)
LAKEMAN, George Ash (see FIELD, Annie)
LARKIN, John(see CAHILL, Margaret)
LASHBROOK, John - ROBERTS, Jane   Eldorado 1870  Ronda
LAST, Julia Elizabeth (see LACHMUND, Theodor Henry)
LAWRENCE, Jane Hannah - NICKLESS, Alfred   Beechworth 1866  Max
LEAMONT(H), Jean - McDONALD, Alexander   Wangaratta 1908  Sheila
LEESON, Annette Georgina (see BEAVEN, Albert James)
LEWIN, Annie (see HURRY, Henry)
LEWIS, Alice M. M.(see HARTLEY, John)
LLOYD, Evan Theodore & MULLEN, Jane Alexander CALDER & Cordelia Anne EMERSON Black Springs 1864  Denise
LONG, Mary - McCALLUM, James   Beechworth 1854  Steve
   Philander Coburn
Joseph & Mary LOWDEN Woolshed 1857  Denise
LUCAS, James - NUNN, Florence   Youarang 1884  Carol


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
McALIECE, Andrew (see BROLLY, Rebecca)
McAULEY, Ann (see IRVINE, James)
McAULIFFE, Patrick - MURDOCH, Lucy   Wangaratta 1891  Judy
McCALLUM, James (see LONG, Mary)
McCARTHY, Mortimer - SNIP, Martha Laurence   Myrtleford 1881  Ronda
McCONNEL, John - TROTTER, Mary Wakenshaw   Gooram 1880  Lois
McCONNELL, Elizabeth (see HOLLAND, L'Ange)
     Thomas John
  Benalla 1899  Kaye
McCORMICK, David - NEAL, Mary   Wangaratta 1884  Kaye
McCORMACK, Mary Eileen (see KENNEDY, Donal Joseph)
McCULLOCH, Joseph Samuel - SIRL, Madeleine   Bethanga 1894  Ronda
McCULLOUGH, Ann (see WELSHMAN, Arthur) ? CUNNINGHAM & James McCULLOUGH Beechworth 1857  Denise
McCULLOUGH, Mary Jane - MOORE, William   Yackandandah 1895  Ronda
McDONALD, Alexander (see LEAMONT(H), Jean)
McDONALD, Andrew Alan - MacDONALD,
  Wangaratta 1933  Steve
MacDONALD, Annie (see McDONALD, Andrew Alan)
McDONALD, Catherine (see BLUETT, John)
McDONALD, Catherine - SCOTT, James   Beechworth 1900  Ronda
MacDONALD, James (see HOLBOROW (or HOLBOURN), Mary)
MacFARLANE, Cecil (see HUGHES, Catherine Mary)
McGOWAN, Jane Isabella - McKIBBIN, Robert   Beechworth 1900  Ronda
McGRATH, Patrick & NUGENT, Ellen Harrison & Mary BRIDDEN Beechworth 1857  Denise
McINTOSH, James - PRICE, Harriet   Black Springs 1870  Ronda
McKAY, Agnes Jane - MUMMARY, Orlando   Wangaratta 1907  June
McKAY, John - WALKER, Harriet   Beechworth 1895  Mary
McKIBBIN, Robert (see McGOWAN, Jane Isabella)
  Beechworth 1857  Carol
McLACHLAN, Robert (see McKIENDRICK, Elizabeth)
McNAMARA, Jane (see BARRASS, Nicholas)
McNAMARA, Mary & O'DWYER Philip Daniel RYAN & Mrs? MALONEY Beechworth 1857  Denise
McNAMEE, Mary (see BARKEL, Francis)
     Orlando Astley
  Beechworth 1887  Virginia
McPOYLE, John Charles (see FORD, Martha Ann Ford)
MAGEE, Eliza Jane (see HAYS, Archibald)
MAHEW, Mary Maria - PERKINS,
     Arthur William Reynolds
  Beechworth 1870  Ronda
MARSDEN, Catherine Charlotte - ROSSER,
     Richard Walters
  Benalla 1874  Kaye
  Wangaratta 1875  Kaye
MARTIN, William - STEARN, Catherine   Wangaratta 1891  Ellen
MARUM, Harriet (see JONES, John)
MAST, William (see JONES, Anne Maria)
MATHER, John (see FULTON, Jessie)
MATTHEWS, George (see BLOOM, Susannah)
MAUGHAM, Martha (see ADDISON, Henry)
MAURANT, Louis - STEPHENS, Annie   Yackandandah 1884  Mary
MAY, Elizabeth (see HUNT, Charles Hardy)
MEEKLEY, Ellen (see HOOPER, William)
MELLOR, Isaac (see BAIN, Mary Ann)
MESENBRENIK, Hendrik Bloom
   - SCHIMPF, Margarethe
Caroline Goddard and ?  Beechworth 1857  Kate
MEYER (MYERS), Charlotte (see MARSHALL, Benjamin)
MEYER, Edith Matilda (see FORGE, William Thomas)
MIDDLETON, Ellen - SUTTY, Isaac   Nth Wangaratta 1871  Judy
MILLS, Elizabeth Rebecca (see GRAY, Robert)
MILLS, William & PORTER, Jane Elizabeth George PARKINSON & Elizabeth Ellen BROWN Mansfield 1885  Kelvin
MITCHELL, Johanna - TYDEMAN, Martin   Wooragee 1883  John
MITCHELL, Margaret Elizabeth (see DUNNING, Thomas)
MITCHELL, Mary Ann - WARREN, Richard   Beechworth 1856  John
MITCHELL John Thomas - REDCLIF, Eliza Ellen   Beechworth 1875  John
MOLLES, Elizabeth Ellen (see ASSUN, John)
MOLONEY, Cornelius (see HILL, Selina)
MOONY, Mary (see KLEINE, Charles)
MOORE, Margaret (see FINDLAY, William)
MOORE, Thomas (see BRENNAN, Mary Ann)
MOORE, William (see McCULLOUGH, Mary Jane)
MOORE, William - STEARN, Ethelinda   Wangaratta 1895  Ellen
MORRISEY, Honorah (see HILET, Henry Thomas)
MORRISON, Jane - REID, George   Beechworth 1862  Ian
MORRISON, John Robert - SWASBRICK, Jane   Yackandandah 1868  Ian
MORTON, Mary (see BRADY, Francis E)
MOULSDALE, Richard Earl - RULE, Jessie Emma   Youanmite 1897  Lois
MULL, Eleonore (see DREYER, Frederick Wm)
MULLEN, Jane (see LLOYD, Evan Theodore)
MUMMARY, Orlando (see MCKAY, Agnes Jane)
MURDOCH, Lucy (see McAULIFFE, Patrick)
MURRAY, Emily (see BLEWETT, John)
MYERS (MEYER), Charlotte (see MARSHALL, Benjamin)
MYLES, James (see ARMSTRONG, Mary)


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
NEAL, Mary (see McCORMICK, David)
NETHERCOTT, Edw. Geo. (see HODGSKIN, Mary Julia)
NEWBOUND, Thomas (see JOHNSTONE, Barbara)
NEWTON, Alfred John (see HUTCHINSON, Mary Elizabeth)
NEWTON, Joseph James - REID, Winifred Mary   Eldorado 1870  Ronda
NICKLESS, Alfred (see LAWRENCE, Jane Hannah)
NOLAN, James (see CUNNINGHAM, Anne)
NOLAN, Maggie - SCHAFER, John   Wangaratta 1908  Sheila
NOLAN, Mary Ann (see BRUMBY, Robert)
NORTH, Rebecca Agnes - WILLIAMS, Sydney Charles   Chiltern 1899  Steve
NUGENT, Ellen (see McGRATH, Patrick)
NUNN, Florence (see LUCAS, James)
NYE, Bartlett (see HOOD, Jane)


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
OATS, Jane (see ALLOTT, Thomas)
O'BRIEN, Anne (see CAREY, Thomas)
O'BRIEN Honora & RYAN, John Edmond BULLER & Catherine DICKY? Beechworth 1857  Denise
OBRIEN, Johanna (see HARRIS, Edward)
O'BRIEN, John A (see FORDE, Louisa Mary Hellen)
OBRIEN, John (see HARRIS, Charlotte Rebecca)
O'BRIEN, Martin - TELFER, Margaret   Wangaratta 1871  Judy
O'DWYER Philip (see McNAMARA, Mary)
O'GORMAN, Bridget - PETERSEN, Christian   Beechworth 1874  Pamela
  Beechworth 1863  Ronda
O'GRADY, Margaret - PRICE, Charles Henry   Black Springs 1882  Ronda
OKE, Charles Colwell - STRANGHAIR, Sarah   Beechworth 1875  Kerryn


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
PATON, Catherine Flora (see FRASER, Burnham Coleman)
PATON, James (see COLLINS, Frances)
PATON, Mary McGibbon & THOMPSON, Wm Andrew PATON & James LAURINE Yabba 1856  Denise
PATTERSON, George (see COLVILLE, Jane)
PATTERSON, George Alexander (see HUMPHRIES, Charlotte Maud)
PATTERSON, Martha - SANDERS, Richard   Greta 1874  Kaye
PATTERSON, Margaret Jane (see CARMICHAEL, Donald)
PATTERSON, Mary Jane (see CURRIE, James Rollston Jr)
PATTERSON, William Henry - READ, Maria
  Benalla 1883  Kaye
PERKINS, Arthur William Reynolds (see MAHEW, Mary Maria)
PERKINS, Mary - ROSS, David Milne   Beechworth 1857  Carol
PETERSEN, Christian (see O'GORMAN, Bridget)
PETERSEN, Gilbert - SCHOLLARD, Mary   Rowdy Flat, Yackandandah 1874  Pamela
PETTS, William - TRETHOWEN, Mary   Beechworth 1878  Sheila
PHILLIPI, Caroline (see HARTLEY, John)
PILKINGTON, Richard - SPENCER, Alice   Tawonga 1904  Ronda
PLUM, Charles (see HERD, Louisa)
PORTCH, Ethel Maud - PYLE, John Rowe   3 Mile, Beechworth 1905  John
PORTCH, George - ROWE, Mary Anne   Bowman's Forest 1864  John
PORTER, Jane Elizabeth (see MILLS, William)
PRICE, Charles Henry (see O'GRADY, Margaret)
PRICE, George Albert (see BLEWETT, Violett Mary)
PRICE, Harriet (see McINTOSH. James)
PRICE, Martha Elizabeth Maude - STAINSBY, Edward John   Myrtleford 1926  Ronda
PRICE, May (see GOODGER, Michael)
PROSSER, Martha (see JOSE, Henry)
PURSER, William Henry Hitch - WILLIE, Mary Ann   Benalla 1890  Joy
PYLE, Ethel Mabel (see DEAM, Robert Huddleston)
PYLE, John Rowe (see PORTCH, Ethel Maud)
PYLE, Robert Joseph - ROWE, Catherine Mitchell   Bowman's Forest 1862  John
PYLE, Rose Ann - SPENCER, Charles Wm.   Three Mile 1889  John


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
QUINN, Catherine - REID, John   Wangaratta 1908  Sheila


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
REDCLIF, Eliza Ellen (see MITCHELL, John Thomas)
REID, George (see MORRISON, Jane)
REID, John (see QUINN, Catherine)
REID, Winifred Mary (see NEWTON, Joseph James)
RENTON, Annie (see LaFONTAINE, Nicholas)
RIDDELL, John (see JAMIESON, Maria Christina)
RILEY, Annie Maria - THORNBURN, Thomas James? & Winifred RILEY Benalla 1875  Peter
ROBINSON, Orlando Astley (see McPHERSON, Margaret)
ROE, David Hastings - SWANNELL, Hannah Jane   Benalla 1899  Kaye
ROSS, David Milne (see PERKINS, Mary)
ROSSER, Richard Walters (see MARSDEN, Catherine Charlotte)
ROWE, Catherine Mitchell (see PYLE, Robert Joseph)
ROWE, Eliza - WELLS, James   Beechworth 1861  John
ROWE, Elizabeth - ROWE, Richard   Beechworth 1876  John
ROWE, Elizabeth - WOOD, John   Beechworth 1860  John
ROWE, Harriet (see DOBSON, John)
ROWE, James (see GLASS, Agnes Campbell)
ROWE, Mary Anne (see PORTCH, George)
ROWE, Nanny Jane (see KNEEBONE, John Alfred)
ROWE, Richard (see ROWE, Elizabeth)
ROWLEY, Patrick (see CONNOLLY, Anna Maria)
RULE, Jessie Emma (see MOULSDALE, Richard Earl)
RYAN, Ellen - SHARP, Henry Grenville   Nagambie 1888  Ian
RYAN, John (see O'BRIEN Honora)
RYAN, John Thomas - TAYLOR, Lucy Grace   Omeo 1901  Nardia


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
SANDERS, Richard (see PATTERSON, Martha)
SCARBOROUGH, James - WELLAND,Rebecca   Beechworth 1863  Max
SCHAFER, John (see NOLAN, Maggie)
SCHIMPF,  Margarethe (see MESENBRENIK,  Hendrik Bloom)
SCHLIGHTWEG, Ernestine Wehelmine (see BOSSE, Wilhelm)
SCHNEIDER, William (see KELLY, Catherine Louisa)
SCHOLLARD, Mary (see PETERSEN, Gilbert)
SCOLLARD, Johanna Jane (see FULFORD, George)
SCOTT, David (see CAMPBELL, Mary)
SCOTT, James (see McDONALD, Catherine)
SCRIVENOR, Octavia (see COFFIN, Rosa Ann)
SEXTON, Eliza (see HUEY, James)
SHARP, Edith (see FAY, John)
SHARP, Henry Grenville (see RYAN, Ellen)
SHARP, Mary Edith (see BUCKLEY, Joseph)
SHEARD, Joseph Senior (see BARTON,  Frances)
SHIELDS, William (see KNAGGS, Elizabeth)
SHORT, Thomas - SÍNNEMANNE, Mary   Yellow Creek 1889  John
SHUGG, William (see FIDDES, Frances)
SIRL, Madeleine (see McCULLOCH, Joseph Samuel )
SKATE, Matilda (see JONES, George Henry)
SLATER, Sophia (see ELLEN, Tom)
SMITH, Arthur (see HALEY, Elizabeth)
SMITH, Mary Ann (see COSIER, Richard)
SMITH/SMITT, Richard (see GIMESON, Doceah Jane)
SNIP, Martha Laurence (see McCARTHY, Mortimer)
SÍNNEMANN, Mary (see SHORT, Thomas)
SPARROW, Annie Alice (see COLEMAN, Thomas Hy.)
SPENCER, Alice (see PILKINGTON, Richard)
SPENCER, Charles William (see PYLE, Rose Ann)
SPENCER, Frederick - THOMAS,
     Catherine Ann Elizabeth
  Rushworth 1894  Wendy
SPENCER, George - WARFORD, Mary Ann   Omeo 1901  Nardia
SPENCER, William Robert (see HOLMAN, Ann)
STAINSBY, Edward John (see PRICE, Martha Elizabeth Maude)
STANYER, Thomas John (see McCORMICK, Catherine)
STEAD, Alfred - TAYLOR, Kate Elizabeth   Wangaratta 1875  Kaye
STEARN, Anne (see JOHNSON, Alfonso Roland)
STEARN, Catherine (see MARTIN, William)
STEARN, Ethelinda see (MOORE, William)
STEPHENS, Annie (see MAURANT, Louis)
STEWARD, Philander (see LOWDEN, Phoebe)
STEWART, Alexander (see DOIG, Hellen)
STEWART, Charles (see FULTON, Jane)
STEWART, Jane (see BOWIE, George Houston)
STONE, Brainerd (see DEVINE, Maria)
STONEHAM, George (see CREIGHTON, Mary E.)
STRANGHAIR, Sarah (see OKE, Charles Colwell)
STROGEON, Samuel (see BARCLAY, Mary Jane)
SUTHERLAND, Neil (see HAEFFNER, Mary Jane)
SUTTY, Isaac (see MIDDLETON, Ellen)
SWANNELL, Hannah Jane (see ROE, David Hastings)
SWASBRICK, Jane (see MORRISON, John Robert)


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
TAYLOR, Joseph - WARD, Ada Maria   Stanley 1862  John
TAYLOR, Kate Elizabeth (see STEAD, Alfred)
TAYLOR, Lucy Grace (see RYAN, John Thomas)
TAYLOR, Rosannah (see HARRIS, Peter Brown)
TELFER, Margaret (see O'BRIEN, Martin)
THOMAS, Catherine Ann Elizabeth (see SPENCER, Frederick)
THOMAS, Selina Robuis Penrose (see BIDGOOD, Frederick)
THOMPSON, William (see O'GRADY (nee BARRY), Ann)
THOMPSON, William (see PATON, Mary McGibbon)
THOMSON, Jessie - WRIGHT, John   Wangaratta 1881  Jenny
THORNBURN, Thomas (see RILEY, Annie Maria)
TIMMONS, John (see HAGNEY, Bridget)
TONER, Elizabeth (see ANGUS, John)
TRACY, Mary (see BOYD, Joseph)
TRAVIS, Samuel - VAUGHAN, Mary Elizabeth   Beechworth 1899  Steve
TRETHOWEN, Mary (see PETTS, William)
TROTHEY, Dominique (see ADAMS, Eliza Jane)
TROTTER, Mary Wakenshaw (see McCONNEL, John)
TYDEMAN, Martin (see MITCHELL, Johanna)


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
VALLANCE, Jane (see AMSTRONG, Alfred)
VAUGHAN, Mary Elizabeth (see TRAVIS, Samuel)
VOIGHT, Christian (see BARTH, Dorotha)


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter
WAKENSHAW, Adam (see JOHNSTON, Mary Ann)
WALDRON, Emma (see HARVEY, Jonathon)
WALKER, Harriet (see McKAY, John)
WALL, Julia (see HOPKINS, William)
WARD, Ada Maria (see TAYLOR Joseph)
WARFORD, Mary Ann (see SPENCER, George)
WARREN, Richard (see MITCHELL, Mary Ann)
WARREN, Richard Rowe (see DREYER, Alina Marie S)
WATERS, Alexander Dixie (see JEPHCOTT, Alice Mary Jane)
WATERSON, Alice (see BLEWETT, William)
WATERSON, Margaret (see JACKSON, William)
WATERSON, Robert (see COLVILLE, Margaret )
WATERSON, Violet (see COLVILLE, Archibald)
WATERSON, William (see FOLSTER, Ann)
WELLAND,Rebecca (see SCARBOROUGH, James)
WELLS, James (see ROWE, Eliza)
WELSHMAN, Arthur (see McCULLOUGH, Ann)
WENTWORTH, William (see DONNELLY, Ellen)
WEST, Albert Edward (see JARVIS, Sarah Ann)
WHEELER, Annie (see JARROTT, Mark)
WHITE, Frederick George (see HEWISH, Jessie Elizabeth)
WILBERFORCE, James Lishman (see ASHDOWN, Ellen)
WILKES, Susanne (see BUNNING, William)
WILLETT, Charlotte Ann (see EAGLETON, John Benjamin Selby)
WILLIAMS, John (see BRASINGTON, Caroline Esther)
WILLIAMS, Sydney Charles (see NORTH, Rebecca Agnes)
WILLIE, Mary Ann (see PURSER, William Henry Hitch)
WILLISON, Catherine Matilda (see GEDDING, Francis)
WINGROVE, Maria Agnes (see AUDLEY, Henry)
WINNELL, William (see CROCKET, Charlotte)
WINNING, Henry (see BECK, Christina)
WOOD, John (see ROWE, Elizabeth)
WORD, Ada Mary (see FYFE, Arthur Cosway)
WRAITH, Francis Anne (see ELLINGHAM, Charles)
WRIGHT, Amelia Eliza (see ALEXANDER, William Grant)
WRIGHT, John (see THOMSON, Jessie)
WRIGHT, Susannah (see HAMILTON, Edward)
WYNDHAM, Edgar Clarence (see COOPER, Sophia Gertrude)


Spouses SURNAME/first name Witnesses first name/SURNAME Place Year Submitter


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