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Gippsland Surname Interests

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Surname Town/area Period Name/eddress/URL
ABREHART Pakenham 1880 - present Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
ADAMS Bairnsdale 1880-1910 Marcia.   genepenn$pcug[dot]org[dot]au
ADKINS Korrumburra 1880s-1940s Rene.
AH CHOW Orbost 1915+ Sandra.
AH SING Sale 1880s-1890s June  therobos2$tadaust[dot]org[dot]au
AIKMAN Hallora, Drouin, Leongatha, Warragul 1877 + Jan
ALBON Wonthaggi, Lang Lang, Korumburra 1889-1950s Joy.   lyko$aanet[dot]com[dot]au
ALDERSON Walhalla 1870 + Nardia
ALFORD Maffra 1881 Bev
ALFORD Port Albert/Tarraville 1855 Bev
ALLEN Cranbourne 1870-1900 Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
ALLEN Bairnsdale area 1920+ Victoria.
ALLOTT Welshpool c.1900s Janet
ALLSOP Alberton, Sale, Lucknow  1870-1890 Sandra.
ANDERSON Wellington, Heyfield, Rosedale, Longford 1848/1900 Peter.
ANDERSON Bairnsdale / Buchan 1883-1931 Lyn
ANDERSON Omeo, Bairnsdale, Sale 1893 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
ANTHONY Korumburra 1903 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
ANTON Sale 1850-1940 Eddie.
APPLEYARD Alberton, Port Albert, Binginwarri, Gippsland 1850s Judy.    judith.dennis$bigpond[dot]com
ARMSTRONG Buln Buln 1880 + Lyndel  lyndelk$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
ARMSTRONG Longwarry 1890s+ Trudy.
ARMSTRONG Walhalla/Moondarra 1884-1898 Kay
ARNOT Bairnsdale, Lindenow 1855 + Addie  AdelaideCroze$aol[dot]com
ASHCROFT Orbost / Cape Conran 1890s Debbie debwoolmore$bigpond[dot]com
ASHTON Coalville 1887+ Barabra
ASPDEN Warragul 1890s+ Victoria.
ATKINS Omeo 1905 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
ATKINSON Cranbourne 1865 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com


BAADE Sale, Swan Reach 1868-1904 Maureen.  shinty$dodo[dot]com[dot]au
BALLINGER Sale 1914 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
BANKS Koo Wee Rup 1890 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
BARAGWANATH Welshpool, Port Albert 1800s-1966 Janet
BARNES Berwick 1870-1920 Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
BARNETT Welshpool c1900s Janet
BARR Kardella/Korumburra 1880+ Noelene.
BASAN Cranbourne 1870-1950 Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
BATEMAN Dellicknora 1901 Robert.
BATES Metung 1900s Pat
BATES Sale / Bundalaguah 1850 + John.   jbh$bordernet[dot]com[dot]au
BATESON Rosedale, Drouin, Labertouche, Warragul 1890+ Cheryl
BATESON Rosedale/Wonthaggi 1870-1940 Beryl.
BATHE Cranbourne to Pakenham 1838+ Pat.
BATTEN Tambo Upper/Lower, Johnsonville 1860s + Jan
BAULCH Bairnsdale area 1890s+ Victoria.
BAULCH Bairnsdale / Eagle Point /
1800s-1979 Norman
BAWDEN Leongatha, Yarragon(Waterloo) 1876-1914 Sharon.
BEAL Traralgon 1920s+ Victoria.
BEARD Cowwarr, Heyfield 1899-1934 Jo.
BEATON Kardella/Korumburra 1850+ Noelene.
BELL Bells Point, Metung 1867-? Ann.
BELL Cranbourne 1870 - 1900 Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
BENNETT Koo Wee Rup 1890-1910 Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
BERNDT Berwick 1980 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
BETHEL Morwell 1930+ Barbara.
BIGGINS Bairnsdale 1880s Debbie debwoolmore$bigpond[dot]com
BIGGS Sale, Yarram 1875 to present John.   jomabi$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
BILLS Bairnsdale 1880+ Jenny jenny.wil$bigpond[dot]com
BINDING Cranbourne 1856 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
BINNS Donnelly's Creek, Tyers 1853-1920 Barbara.
BIRD Warragul, Nilma North 1950-present Sharon.
BIRD Cranbourne 1860 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
BIRKLEY Flynn, Traralgon 1862+ Sandra.
BJORKSTEN Welshpool c.1888 Janet
BLADIN Traralgon, Sale, Wonthaggi, Korumburra 1857-present Narelle
BLADIN Sale, Korumburra 1896 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
BLENCOWE Berwick 1870-1900 Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
BLEW Korumburra 1860 -present Maddy
BLOYE Russells Creek, Hill End 1860 - present Lyndel
BLUNDY Briagolong 1850 - present Danielle
BLYTHE Briagolong/Sale 1880+ Sue.
BOLAND Tinamba, Maffra 1860s Marion  mkelly$netconnect[dot]com[dot]au
BOND Lang Lang 1890 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
BONDESON Sale, Rosedale 1875-1895 Hans
BOURKE Bairnsdale area 1900+ Victoria.
BOWKER Bairnsdale, Lindenow 1855 + Addie  AdelaideCroze$aol[dot]com
BOXSHALL Longwarry, Warragul 1910-1965 Leone.   Leone.Fabre$mh[dot]org[dot]au
BOYD Longwarry 1890s+ Trudy.
BRAND Stradbroke, Sale, Yarram 1880 - 1950s Di.   robert.c1$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
BREARLEY Bairnsdale 1800s + Kevin   kbrearley$bigpond[dot]com
BREHENY Sale 1890+ Debbie debwoolmore$bigpond[dot]com
BRENNAN Moe 1940+ Debbie debwoolmore$bigpond[dot]com
BREWER Berwick 1865 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
BRIDGMAN Fish Creek 1880-1920 Beryl.
BRIGGS Buln Buln, Bairnsdale 1919-1924 Joyce
BRISLAN Koo Wee Rup 1890 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
BROWN Walhalla / Happy-go-Lucky 1870s Dianne.   dcar6504$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
BROWN(E) Traralgon, Traralgon South 1940-1972 Tricia  barpar$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
BRUCE Gelliondale, Lucknow, Bairnsdale 1864-present
BRUNT Orbost early 1940s-present Kathleen
BUNTINE Port Albert, Sale, Rosedale 1841 + Sharon   shaz02$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
BURGESS Russell's Creek, Hillend 1870-present Valda.
BURNS Bairnsdale/Sale 1850+ Graham.
BURT Johnsonville / Cann River 1913-1933 Geraldine. gmmacd$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
BUSBY Bairnsdale area 1920s+ Victoria.
BUSTORFF Korumburra, Walpa, Lindenow 1860 + Don   imaday$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
BUTLER Toongabbie / Rosedale / Merton 1858 + Sandie.   sandie4$netspace[dot]net[dot]au
BYERS Sale 1880+ Debbie debwoolmore$bigpond[dot]com


CADDY Traralgon/Walhalla 1880-1905 Kay
CADEE Cranbourne 1860 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
CADWALLADER Bemm River, MacKenzie River, Sale 1880 + Jan.
CADWALLADER Sale / Cowwarr 1910-1970s Lee. eel81$hotmail[dot]com
CALLANAN Koo Wee Rup 1890 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
CAMERON Cranbourne 1860 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
CAMPBELL Yarragon, Bunyip, Heyfield 1890s-? Lesley.  thebrowns$ozconnect[dot]net
CAMPBELL Traralgon 1890+ Barbara.
CAMPBELL Mirboo North, Allambee ca 1880 Lee.    lee.power1$bigpond[dot]com
CANT Berwick 1860 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
CARMODY Omeo, Mitta Mitta, Bairnsdale   Patricia. pita_pati$msn[dot]com
CARR Maffra, Sale, Glenmaggie mid 1800s - 1950 Karen.
CARR Alberton 1874 Robert.
CARSON Johnsonville c1916 Pat.
CAVANAGH Stratford/Delvine 1855 + Wendy
CHALMERS Woods Point, Glenmaggie, Walhalla 1860-present John.
CHANDLER Warragul 1917 Joyce
CHAPMAN Kardella/Korumburra 1880+ Noelene.
CHRISTENSEN Glengarry, Walhalla, Alberton 1853-present Sandra.
CHRISTENSEN Greenmount, Devon North, Yarram, Traralgon 1885-1970s Di.   robert.c1$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
CHRISTIE Wy Yung/Bairnsdale 1800s + Ruth   rchancel$bigpomd[dot]net[dot]au
CLARK Yarram 1858-present Colin.  cki94724$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
CLARKIN Bunyip 1890 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
CLAXTON Walhalla, Donnelly's Creek 1860s-1920s Valda.
CLEELAND Heyfield 1900+ Norm.
CLEMENTS Omeo 1865 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
CLEMENTS Wallhalla / Bruthen / Bullumwaal / Bairnsdale / Borung / Cassilis late 1800s Judy. judylar$dodo[dot]com[dot]au
CLUES Sale/Johnsonville 1880+ Carolyn
CLYNE Upper Maffra, Maffra, Tinamba 1860-1900 Ian  smissen$sunet[dot]com[dot]au
COATES Koo Wee Rup 1890 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
COBAIN Maffra, Sale, Tinamba 1850s - present Laurie  adsllvh7$tpg[dot]com[dot]au
COBAIN Sale 1850s+ Jan.
COLEMAN Bairnsdale area 1880s+ Victoria.
COLEMAN Tarwin River, Yarragon 1886 - 1894 Debby.
COLGATE Welshpool/Walhalla 1878+ Kay
COLLARD Korumburra 1913 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
Moe/Trafalgar c890-1930 Kath.
CONNOR Nar Nar Goon, Warragul 1850 - 1880s Marion  mkelly$netconnect[dot]com[dot]au
COOK Omeo 1871 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
COX Walhalla, Happy-Go-Lucky 1860 + Marlene   mhe29735$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
CRAWFORD Bairnsdale 1860 - present Dianne
Leongatha 1850-1900 Jim.
CROSS Dargo / Bairnsdale / Deptford 1870-present Lois.
CROZIER Sale 1850+ Jan.
CROZIER Morwell, Mirboo 1892 + Jan
CUE Maffra 1870-1890 Hilary.
CUMMING Orbost / Sale 1880 + Robyn. robynej$dodo[dot]com[dot]au
CUMMINS Tarraville, Giffard, Russell's Creek 1848-1895 Valda.
CUNNINGHAM Omeo 1870 Mary.
CURRAN Vesper-Warragul <1903-1946 Ann.
CUSACK Omeo 1871 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com


DANNOCK Leongatha, Wonthaggi 1860- 1990s Lee.
DANNOCK Korumburra / Leongatha 1889+ Susan
DAVEY Trafalgar/Bairnsdale 1890-present Sylvia.
DAVIS Bairnsdale, Sale, Maffra 1880-1950 Graham.
DAY Darriman 1887-1930 Laraine.   laras$iinet[dot]net[dot]au
DAYMOND Bairnsdale 1920 Helen
DEE Donellys Creek/Tinamba/Bengworden 1855-1940s Robert
DELAHUNTY Bruthen 1860s-1910 Debbie.
DEMPSTER Cowwar/Heyfield/Sale 1899-1934 Jo. (e-mail address now invalid)
DENHAM Cranbourne 1880 - 1900 Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
DENTEN Glenmaggie, Sale, Drouin 1880s - 1929 Liz  lizbethd$optushome[dot]com[dot]au
DESSENT Yarram etc 1857 + Dean
DICK Bairnsdale 1860 - early 1900s Judith   malmic1$bigpond[dot]com
DILLON Sale/Jack River 1920-1950? Kevin
DINNEEN Maffra / Bengworden / Briagolong 1867 - 1895 John.   jbh$bordernet[dot]com[dot]au
DOBELL Korumburra 1850-1960s Lee.
DONELLY Bruthen 1900 Helen
DOWLING Stratford, Clydebank 1850-1890 Jan  potoroo$
DOWNIE Traralgon 1889-1989 Leone.    Leone.Fabre$mh[dot]org[dot]au
DRUMMOND Drouin 1912 + Jan
DUFF Berwick, Pakenham, Nar Nar Goon 1856-1890 Garry
DUKE(S) Yarram 1880-1900 Anne. wozzi$westnet[dot]com[dot]au
Du MOULIN Sale 1850+ Sandra.
DUNBABIN Korumburra, Leongatha 1930s-1950s Joy.   lyko$aanet[dot]com[dot]au
DUNSTAN Heyfield 1900 + Carolyn
DUNSTAN Walhalla 1886 Kay
DYAMOND Bairnsdale 1870+ Jenny jenny.wil$bigpond[dot]com


EATON Bairnsdale 1915+ Victoria.
EDLINGTON Orbost / Bairnsdale 1868 + Robyn. robynej$dodo[dot]com[dot]au
EGAN Crooked River/Omeo/Bairnsdale
Maringa Ck
1870s-1898 Rhonda  rhonda01$alphalink[dot]com[dot]au
EGAN Koo Wee Rup 1890 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
ELLIS Narracan 1880 + Robyn   robfish$ozemail[dot]com[dot]au
ENRIGHT Walhalla, Bruthen, Bairnsdale 1860 + Jan
EVANS Lindenow 1844-present Bruce
EVANS Lindenow 1844 + Hans
EWERT Tyers / Traralgon 1893 - present Veronika
EYRE Bullumwaal late 1800s Judy. judylar$dodo[dot]com[dot]au


FALSEY Bairnsdale area 1860+ Victoria.
FARLEY/FAIRLEY Sale 1850-1900 Kerry
FAULL Traralgon 1940-1980 Leone.    Leone.Fabre$mh[dot]org[dot]au
FERRIS Longwarry 1887-1970 Leone.    Leone.Fabre$mh[dot]org[dot]au
FICK Traralgon / Calignee 1879 to present Fay fayjtreesearch$tpg[dot]com[dot]au
FIELD Willung South, Yarram 1886-1990s Margaret    meander$aapt[dot]net[dot]au
FINCHER Wonthaggi 1880-1950 Beryl.
FILIP Orbost circa 1920s Sandy.
FISH Lakes Entrance, Bairnsdale 1880-present Colin.
FISK Gippsland 1881-1942+ Liz.
FITZGERALD Bunyip South/Garfield 1898-present Kaye.   macore$tadaust[dot]org[dot]au
FLYNN Briagolong 1880s Pat
FLYNN Stratford c.1886 Pat
FLYNN Bairnsdale 1890s Pat
FORBES Briagolong 1860 - present Danielle
FORTUNE Koo Wee Rup, Pakenham 1858 to present Laurence.   laurencestephenson$gmail[dot]com
FOSTER Omeo 1875 onwards Ian.
FOSTER Omeo 1870 - present Mary.
FOX Sale 1880 + Liz  lizbethd$optushome[dot]com[dot]au
FOX Welshpool c.1890s Janet
FRAWLEY Pakenham 1855 Marion  mkelly$netconnect[dot]com[dot]au
FREEMAN Bruthen / Bairnsdale pre 1908 to present Di and Rob.   williamstaylor$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
FREGON Omeo 1860-1900 John.jandmr$gmail[dot]com
FULLER Sale 1894 + Diane
FUNNELL Leongatha 1855-1900 Jean
FURNELL Trafalgar 1900 Elizabeth. divaandwillow$yahoo[dot]com[dot]au


GALLAGHER Port Albert, Wy Yung 1860s + Martin.
GASCOIGNE Ensay/Bairnsdale 1938 + Rae-Anne  abl21468$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
GASKETT/ GUSKETT Nar Nar Goon 1870-1930 Robert.
GELL Glenmaggie 1890 + Liz  lizbethd$optushome[dot]com[dot]au
GEORGE Bunyip, Iona 1899-1919 Mae
GIBBS Sale 1857 + Maureen.  shinty$dodo[dot]com[dot]au
GIBBS Orbost 1890-1960 Norman.
GIBBS Sale/Maffra/Heyfield/Glenmaggie 1850+ Carolyn
GIBSON Heyfield, Sale, Wandocka, Rosedale 1860 + Kevin
GILDER Sale 1880+ Carolyn
GILES Maffra area 1915+ Victoria.
GILLIES Maffra, Wuk Wuk, Alberton, Coongulmerang, Gelantipy, Buchan 1837+ Peter    sullivan2076$hotmail[dot]com
GILMORE Buchan 1860s-1870s Diane
GILMORE Bendoc / Callignee / Bairnsdale 1878 to present Fay    fayjtreesearch$tpg[dot]com[dot]au
GLENN Bairnsdale/Sale 1857-present Sylvia.
GLENN Bairnsdale area 1900+ Victoria.
GLOVER Sale, Clydebank 1861 + Liz  lizbethd$optushome[dot]com[dot]au
GOOD Goodhurst (now Ryanston) 1880s-1930s Jan.
GOODE Wy Yung/Bairnsdale 1800s + Ruth   rchancel$bigpomd[dot]net[dot]au
GOODMAN Bairnsdale 1800s + Ruth   rchancel$bigpomd[dot]net[dot]au
GRACE Sale 1860-1910 Joyce   joybelles$xtra[dot]co[dot]nz
GRAHAM Walhalla / Happy-go-Lucky / Seaton 1860s to present Dianne.   dcar6504$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
GRANT Swan Reach, Metung, Bairnsdale 1850s-present Colin.
GREAVES Toongabbie/Heyfield 1849-1905 Bruce.
GREAVES Port Albert / Cowwarr early 1900s - 1920s Lee. eel81$hotmail[dot]com
GREEN/ GOGERLY Gippsland 1852+ rinken$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au


HAACK Toora 1900-1960 Jennifer  jenled$bigpond[dot]com
HAAR Sale 1870s Beryl.
HAAR Korumburra 1900-1950 Beryl.
HALE Swan Reach / Sale /
1860+ Jenny jenny.wil$bigpond[dot]com
HAMILTON Seaton 1870s Jennifer    jcole69$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
HAPPERLEY Port Albert and Lindenow/ Wuk Wuk 1850-1920 Eileen.
HARBECK Bundalaguah, Cowwarr 1859-present Kim.
HARGRAVES Sale 1870s June  therobos2$tadaust[dot]org[dot]au
HARLAND Donnelly's Creek 1885-1900 Barbara.
HARRIS Warragul early 1900s (plus 1850s??) Bev
HARRIS Bairnsdale, Omeo 1865 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
HARRISON Walhalla, Woods Point, Sale, Orbost 1858 + Daryl    dasmurphy$ozemail[dot]com[dot]au
HARTE Yarram 1880-1900 Anne.  wozzi$westnet[dot]com[dot]au
HAYLOCK Bairnsdale, Omeo areas 1880s+ Victoria.
HAZLETT Stratford 1848 + Jan.
HEALEY Orbost 1880+ Sandra.
HEALEY Bairnsdale 1880+ Sandra.
HENNESSY Omeo 1850-? Judy.
HEWAT Bairnsdale area 1860+ Victoria.
HEWAT Sale, Bairnsdale 1855 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
HIBBS Tarraville 1848-present Elva.
HIGGS Drouin/Mirboo 1940-1980 Leone.    Leone.Fabre$mh[dot]org[dot]au
HILL Sale 1873+ Jenny jenny.wil$bigpond[dot]com
HODKINSON Bairnsdale, Lindenow 1855 + Addie  AdelaideCroze$aol[dot]com
HOGAN Toongabbie / Rosedale / Merton 1857 + Sandie.   sandie4$netspace[dot]net[dot]au
HOGBEN Narracan 1880 + Robyn   robfish$ozemail[dot]com[dot]au
HOGG Lucknow, Bairnsdale, Sale 1861-1900 Lauris.
HOLFORD Stratford, Bairnsdale 1855+ Margaret
HOLLAND Drouin, Warragul, Longwarry,
Nth Bunyip
1890+ Cheryl
HOLLENSEN Omeo, Mitta Mitta, Bairnsdale, Deptford   Patricia. pita_pati$msn[dot]com
HOLLEY Heyfield 1873-1947 Jo.
HOLLINGSWORTH Toongabbie/Cowarr/Heyfield 1860+ Jeff.
HOLLOWAY Bairnsdale 1900-1940 Marcia.   genepenn$pcug[dot]org[dot]au
HOLMES Korumburra 1940s Joy
HOPE Bairnsdale, Sale, Maffra 1880-1950 Graham.
HOPKINS Gippsland (NK where) c.1919 Fran darlinkfran$yahoo[dot]com
HOPPNER Bruthen 1850- Joan.
HOUGH Trafalgar 1880 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
HOURIGAN Traralgon c.1950+ Elizabeth.
HOWARD Orbost, Bairnsdale 1870s-present Leanne.
HOWE Glengarry 1910-1945 Barbara.
HOWE Traralgon 1945- now Barbara.
HOWER Maffra, Toongabbie, Walhalla, Eaglehawk (Glengarry), Sale 1860+ Cheryl.
HOWIE Sale 1880+ Bob bobhowie$earthlight[dot]co[dot]nz
HOWLETT Swan Reach 1872-now Ann.
HOWLETT Narracan, Morwell 1880 + Robyn   robfish$ozemail[dot]com[dot]au
HUGGINS Omeo/Bairnsdale 1880-1945 Gloria
HUGGINS Bairnsdale, Omeo, Sale 1870-1970 Heather.
HUMPHRIES Coalville 1900+ Barabra
HUNT Maffra 1857 + Jan.
HUNT Outtrim / Grantville / Wonthaggi 1897 + Sandie.   sandie4$netspace[dot]net[dot]au
HURST Loch, Korumburra 1920 - present David
HYDE Stradbroke, Sale 1880s - 1945 Di.   robert.c1$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au


IKIN Traralgon 1879-1950 Leone.    Leone.Fabre$mh[dot]org[dot]au
IKIN Traralgon 1879-present Sandra.
IRWIN Maffra/Sale 1850+ Jan.


JACKEL Bairnsdale 1910 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
JAMES Bena 1800s+ Adele.
JEFFREY Foster 1899-1936 Joy.   lyko$aanet[dot]com[dot]au
JOHANSON Bairnsdale, Sale, Kardella 1900-1923+ Ann.
JOHNS Warragul 1912 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
JOHNSON Roseneath, Stratford 1850+ Leigh
JOHNSTON Sale,Heyfield 1860-1920 Norm.
JOLLEY Bunyip 1870 - present Pat  royp$satlink[dot]com[dot]au
JONES Stratford/Sale 1842 + Wendy
JONES Warragul 1919 Joyce
JONES Bendoc / Bonang / Orbost 1880-1940 Robyn. robynej$dodo[dot]com[dot]au


KEE Yarram 1860-1916 Marilyn
KEITH Bendoc 1865-1875 Robyn. robynej$dodo[dot]com[dot]au
KELLY Pakenham 1863 Marion  mkelly$netconnect[dot]com[dot]au
KEMP Willung 1880-1920 Marg
KENDALL Warragul, Maffra, Sale 1800s-1900s Karen.
KENNEDY Sale 1850+ Graham.
KENT Gippsland 1838+ rinken$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
KERSLAKE Wonthaggi 1910 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
KEYS Bairnsdale 1888 - now Lynda.
KILLEEN The Heart, Sale/Maffra 1864-present Brian. briansk$tpg[dot]com[dot]au
KILLEEN Koo Wee Rup 1890 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
KING Traralgon 1876-unk Peter,
KIRWIN Lang Lang 1890 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
KLUX Sale 1863-1896 Brian.
KNERSCH Walhalla / Warragul 1880s + Hazel dhk$dcsi[dot]net[dot]au


LAMBOURN Bruthen and surrounds 1862+ Jenny jenny.wil$bigpond[dot]com
LAMPORT Brandy Creek, Buln Buln, Warragul, Drouin 1887 + Winsome.
LANDRY Trafalgar South 1920s Maureen  mgunson$hotkey[dot]net[dot]au
LANDY Foster 1870-1905 landyworld$netspace[dot]net[dot]au
LANIGAN Heyfield, Maffra, Glenmaggie, Newry, Tinamba 1850-present Geoff.
LARSEN Bairnsdale 1885-1903 Marcia.   genepenn$pcug[dot]org[dot]au
LASICH Dargo 1850 + Cheryl
LATHAM Sandy Creek, Stratford 1849- Lorene.
LAVELLE Koo Wee Rup 1890 + Jenny   Jnnyb$aol[dot]com
LAVER Fish Creek/Foster 1890s-Present Beryl.
LAWRENCE Bairnsdale 1915+ Victoria.
LEAR Tarraville/Alberton 1850-1900 Marie.
LEARMONTH Walhalla / Happy-go-Lucky 1870s Dianne.   dcar6504$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
LEATHAM Bairnsdale area 1910+ Victoria.
LeBATT Traralgon 1900- present Barbara.
LE BATT Traralgon 1908 + Veronika
LEGG/E Wonthaggi 1910 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
LETT Bairnsdale area 1870s+ Victoria.
LINDAU Warragul / Mirboo Nth early 1900s Bev
LINDSAY Maryvale, Traralgon 1865+ Sandra.
LIPSCOMBE Bairnsdale, Yarram 1880s+ Victoria.
LOCKHART Lindenow/Hillside 1866-present Sylvia.
LOORAM Omeo 1895 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
LOUTIT Walhalla 1898 Kay
LUCAS Woodside 1845+ Gary
LUCKMAN Maffra 1876-1917 Veronika
LYNCH Port albert, Wy Yung 1860s + Martin.


McAINCH Yarram 1913 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
Tarraville 1850s-1860s Ron Jones.
Stratford, Sarsfield, Bairnsdale 1860s+ Ron Jones.
Iona, Bunyip 1860s+ Ron Jones.
McCOY Omeo, Swifts Creek 1860-1900 John. jandmr$gmail[dot]com
McDONALD Sale, Nuntin 1845+ Sandra.
McDONALD Goon Nure 1900 Helen
McDONALD Maffra 1890 - Veronika
McDONALD Orbost 1930s+ Victoria.
McDONALD Traralgon 1864 + Maureen   meafd$bigpond[dot]com
McDOUGALL Omeo, Swifts Creek, Bruthen,
Maringa Ck
1870s-1910 Rhonda   rhonda01$alphalink[dot]com[dot]au
McELGUNN Yarram / Port Albert 1850s-c.1900 Greg.
McELGUNN Alberton 1859 + John.   jbh$bordernet[dot]com[dot]au
McFARLANE Warragul, Drouin etc - 1966 Winsome.
McHENRY Wonthaggi area 1850s+ Loretta.
McINERNEY Alberton, Sale 1856-1890 Sandra.
McKENZIE Yarram, Sale, Toora, Maffra 1870 - present Lisa.   lisajoy60$hotmail[dot]com
MACKINNON Korumburra 1890 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
McLACHLAN Traralgon 1915 Veronika
McLEAN Bruthen 1890-1930 Brian. briansk$tpg[dot]com[dot]au
McMAHON Omeo, Mitta Mitta, Bairnsdale   Patricia. pita_pati$msn[dot]com
McMILLAN Kooweerup Swamp 1910-present Kaye.   macore$tadaust[dot]org[dot]au
McPHAIL Buchan, Sale 1880 + Lynne
McPHAIL Buchan 1910 Helen
McPHERSON Bona Vista c.1905 Peter
McRAE Ryanston/Wonthaggi 1850 Noel.   padua$dcsi[dot]net[dot]au
McVICARS Korumburra, Wonthaggi 1890-1960 Lee.
MANNIX Bunyip - Wonthaggi 1875-present Kaye.   macore$tadaust[dot]org[dot]au
MARRIOTT Orbost, Bonang.   Leanne.
MARSHALL Orbost unk-1966 Kathleen
MARSHALL Sarsfield 1844-1874 Frank
MARTIN Maffra 1850+ Jan.
MARTIN Alberton 1841 + John.   jbh$bordernet[dot]com[dot]au
MASON Walhalla 1880 + Ann
MATTHEWS Sunny Creek, Yarragon, Trafalgar
Traralgon Ck, Koornalla, Leroy
1870s + Gary
MATTHEWS Bairnsdale - 1872 Winsome
Port Albert, Glenmaggie, Heyfield 1850-present John.
MAXFIELD (MAXWELL) Port Albert, Glenmaggie, Heyfield 1850-present Elva.
MAXFIELD Maffra, Glenmaggie, Sale 1800s-1900s Karen.
MAYBURY Iona 1890s Lesley. thebrowns$ozconnect[dot]net
MEDLING Bairnsdale 1910+ Victoria.
MEIGHAN Omeo 1850+ James
MERINGTON Toombon, Aberfeldy, Donnellys Creek. 1880s+ Mathew.
MILDENHALL Sale 1875 + Liz  lizbethd$optushome[dot]com[dot]au
MILES Yarram 1905+ Adele.
MILLER Bairnsdale area 1900+ Victoria.
MILLER Sale, Clydebank 1850-1900 Jan  potoroo$
MILLIGAN Bunyip - Wonthaggi 1904- present Kaye.   macore$tadaust[dot]org[dot]au
MILLS Heyfield 1870 + Kevin
MILNE Leongatha, Foster 1870 - 1965 Wendy.
MISSON Bass 1855 + Carole
MITCHELL Cassilis 1880 + Hails comet5$bigpond[dot]com
MITCHELL Clydebank 1880s-1900s Di
MITCHELL Korumburra, Kardella 1890s-present Lloyd.
MITCHELL Sale 1860 + Jan
MITCHELSON Sale 1860 + Judy.    jdouthie$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
MONTGOMERY Sale 1850+ Sandra.
MOONEY Stratford, Sarsfield, Bairnsdale 1860s+ Ron Jones.
MOONEY Tarraville 1850s-1860s Ron Jones.
MOORE Yarram. 1840-1900 Olga.
MOORE Welshpool, Port Albert 1880s + Janet
MOORE Walhalla, Toongabbie, Rosedale 1840s Jennifer    jcole69$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
MORGAN Alberton 1850-1880 Relda.   reldas$xtra[dot]co[dot]nz
MORRIS-THOMAS Yarram, Port Albert area 1850s+ Loretta.
MUIRHEAD Mirboo North 1850+ Jon. jonogrady$iinet[dot]net[dot]au
MUMFORD Yarragon 1929 + Mark   mjjcunningham$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
MURCUTT Rosedale and wider Gippsland 1850s-1890s Bill. bvmur$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
MURPHY Tarraville 1855+ Bill.
MURPHY Woods Point / Walhalla /
Traralgon / Cabbage tree Creek
1871+ Daryl
MURPHY Sale, Clydebank 1850-1988 Peter
MUSGROVE Goon Nure, Bairnsdale 1899-present Sharon


NAPIER Neerim South 1860 + Robyn. robynej$dodo[dot]com[dot]au
NEAL Buchan, Sale 1885 + Liz  lizbethd$optushome[dot]com[dot]au
NEAVE Traralgon 1920+ Barbara.
NETHERCOTE Tambo Upper 1860s-present
NEWTON Yarram / Port Albert 1840s - present Greg.
NEWTON Alberton 1843 + John.   jbh$bordernet[dot]com[dot]au
NICHOLL Bairnsdale, Sale,  Maffra 1890s+ Victoria.
NICHOLLS Bairnsdale 1876-1920 Marcia.   genepenn$pcug[dot]org[dot]au
NICHOLSON Arawatta, Dollar 1880s+ Stephen.
NIELSEN Narracan, Thorpdale 1912+ Cheryl
NIND Walhalla, Maffra, Warragul 1870-1900 Hilary.
NIPPE Toongabbie 1880s-1940s Valda.
NOLAN Sale 1865 to present June  therobos2$tadaust[dot]org[dot]au


O'BRIEN Moe/Trafalgar/
c890-1930 Kath.
O'BRIEN Sale 1860-1880 Anne.  wozzi$westnet[dot]com[dot]au
O'BRIEN Pakenham, Cowwarr 1850s + Marion  mkelly$netconnect[dot]com[dot]au
O'CONNOR Briagolong 1860s-1910s Ian
O'DAY Darriman 1887 - 1930 Laraine.   laras$iinet[dot]net[dot]au
ODGERS South Gippsland 1870s+ Shirley.
OGILVY Mirboo North 1880s+ Viv.
O'GRADY Mirboo North 1850+ Jon. jonogrady$iinet[dot]net[dot]au
O'HAGAN Wy Yung/Bairnsdale 1800s + Ruth. rchancel$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
O'HARA Sale/ Traralgon 1850+ Sandra. sahara03$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
OLDEN Outtrim / Korumburra 1888 + Janice. oldmat$ncable[dot]net[dot]au
O'LEARY Fish Creek 1880-1940 Beryl.
OLIVER Woods Point/Walhalla 1858-present Lois.
OLIVER Lucknow / Bairnsdale 1870-present Lois.
O'MARA Lindenow, Bairnsdale 1890s-1950s. Donna.
O'MEARA Maffra, Toongabbie, Walhalla, Eaglehawk (Glengarry), Sale 1853+ Cheryl.
O'ROURKE Vesper-Warragul 1903-1946 Ann.
O'ROURKE Wulgulmerang 1844-1874 Frank
OSBORN Tinamba 1862-present Lesley. thebrowns$ozconnect[dot]net
O'TOOLE Walhalla, Sale 1860 + Jan


PALMER French Is, Corinella, Leongatha 1860 - 1965 Wendy.
PARNELL Drouin West, Ellinbank, Gainsborough, Bona 1903-1922 Tricia  barpar$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
PARSLOW Omeo/Cobungra 1850+ James
PAUL Russell's Creek/Hillend 1863-present Valda.
PENDERGAST Omeo 1880 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
PENDLEBURY Rosedale 1890 + Cheryl
PENTLAND Traralgon 1874-1900 Peter,
PETERSON Traralgon 1910-1988 Leone.    Leone.Fabre$mh[dot]org[dot]au
PETIT Heyfield 1900+ Carolyn
PHIDDIAN Lucknow 1875 Helen
PHILLIPS Yallourn 1900+ Barbara.
PHILLIPS Bairnsdale - 1872 Winsome
POLLARD Sale 1870s June  therobos2$tadaust[dot]org[dot]au
POORE Woods Point, Iguana Creek, Grant, Murrindel, Cobbannah, Bairnsdale 1864-1880s Don. ju_do$ozemail[dot]com[dot]au
POULSEN Swan Reach 1876-1890 Jan.
POWER Willung South 1881-1951 John
PROUT Bairnsdale 1890s+ Victoria.


QUINLIVAN Bass 1855 + Carole tedja1$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au


RANKIN Buln Buln, Fumina, Yarragon, Brandy Creek, Warragul, Paynesville, Korumburra, Morwell, Traralgon, Yinnar, Yarram Heyfield 1888 Winsome.
RASHLEIGH Bairnsdale area 1880s+ Victoria.
READ/REID Omeo 1850-1900 Anne
REDENBACH Bruthen, Omeo 1880 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
REEVES Orbost & Tarraville   Leanne
REVILLE Woranga / Alberton / Tarraville /
Sale / Yarram / Bairnsdale
1863-1905 Lyn
RICE Cowwarr 1867 Marion  mkelly$netconnect[dot]com[dot]au
RICE Trafalgar 1905-1914 Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
RICHARDS Iona, Bunyip 1860s+ Ron
RICHARDS Bairnsdale, Sale, Bullumwaal 1874-1902 Terrence
RICHARDS Warragul / Yallourn / Walhalla / Sale 1850s to present Diane. dcar6504$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
RICHARDSON Toombon, Walhalla, Enochs Point, Woods Point 1888-1900 Frank
RIDDELL Buchan / Gillingall 1860s - 1900 Ronald. rswalker1$actewagl[at]net[at]au
RIDGWAY Rosedale, Pakenham, Clyde, Cranbourne 1890+ Cheryl
RILEY Cowwarr 1870-1900 Rosemary
RING Warragul 1930-present Sharon.
RITCHIE Nar Nar Goon, Pakenham 1855 to present Laurence.   laurencestephenson$gmail[dot]com
ROACH Morwell 1880-1890 Jan
ROCHE Maffra, Heyfield 1850s+ Karl.
RODERICK Lindenow/Bairnsdale 1860 - present Dianne
ROFFEY Bunyip 1870 - present Pat  rpsharp$bigpond[dot]com
ROGERS Traralgon 1870 Kay
ROONEY Maffra, Sale, Tinamba 1850s - present Laurie  adsllvh7$tpg[dot]com[dot]au
ROSS Heyfield,Winnindoo 1870-1970 Norm.
ROSS Sale/Morwell 1900+ Jan.
ROTHE Johnsonville / Cann River 1875-1981 Geraldine. gmmacd$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
ROUSE Sale 1861 + Liz  lizbethd$optushome[dot]com[dot]au
ROWE Neerim 1920 - present Judy
ROWSON Korumburra pre 1920s Guy
RUSSELL Woods Point 1873-1876 Tony.
RYAN Tarraville 1850s-1860s Ron Jones.
RYAN Omeo 1867 + Nardia
RYAN Stratford, Sarsfield, Bairnsdale 1860s+ Ron Jones.
RYAN Maffra, Grant 1860-1900 Hilary.


SANDERS Korumburra 1880s+ Jean.
SAWYER Tyers, Traralgon, Neerim, Tyabb, Bittern 1853 + Helen   hmc2[at]bigpond[dot]com
SAWYER Wallhalla / Bruthen / Bullumwaal / Bairnsdale / Borung / Cassilis late 1800s Judy. judylar$dodo[dot]com[dot]au
SCANLON Warragul, Korumburra, Warrnambool 1896 + Polly thebasclains$smartchat[dot]net[dot]au
SCANTLEBURY Maffra / Newry 1910 to present Mick. mickfitzsimons$hotmail[dot]com
SCHILG Maffra, Heyfield 1840 + Bronwyn  bronwyn.sutton$jcu[dot]edu[dot]au
SCHROEDER Maffra, Sale, Tinamba 1850s - present Laurie  adsllvh7$tpg[dot]com[dot]au
SCOTT Sale 1860s-1900s Garry.   sgs$iprimus{dot]com[dot]au
SCOTT Delvine, Bairnsdale 1850s+ Victoria.
SCOTT Delvine 1845-present Bruce
SHANKLY Sale 1860-1960 Bruce
SHERRY Yarram, Devon North, Foster 1920-1950s Di.   robert.c1$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
SHIELLS Traralgon, Rosedale 1850s+ Loretta.
SHINGLES Maffra 1911+ Victoria.
SIMMONS Sale 1855+ Bill.
SIMS Omeo c1870+ Irene.
SINCLAIR Sale 1880+ Leigh.
SINNETT Mirboo, Morwell 1892 Jan
SIPPO Lilydale railway, Bunyip South, Iona, Kooweerup swamp 1881+ Bill.
SKEHAN The Heart 1875-present Brian. briansk$tpg[dot]com[dot]au
SKIPWORTH Goon Nure, Bairnsdale 1880s-present Sharon
SLATER Korumburra 1900-1915 Jason mr_jason_harley$yahoo[dot]com[dot]au
SMART Walhall, Heyfield 1860s-1870s Marion  mkelly$netconnect[dot]com[dot]au
SMITH Sarsfield 1858-present Brian. briansk$tpg[dot]com[dot]au
SMITH Sale/Rosedale 1870-1917 Diane
SMITH Tarraville/Rosedale 1856/1912 Peter.
SMITH Sarsfield 1865-1890 Marcia.   genepenn$pcug[dot]org[dot]au
SMITH Bendoc 1860s + Julie
SMITH Tambo Upper, Swan Reach, Mossiface 1910-2000 Janet
SNELL Bunyip, Drouin 1880-1920 Cheryl
SNODGRASS Traralgon 1840s-1900 Claire   maccl$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
SOMERVILLE Lindenow 1850/1920 Eileen.
SOUTHALL Walhalla 1850s to present Diane. dcar6504$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
SPEED Heyfield/Bairnsdale 1900-1972 Jo.
SPILLMAN Goon Nure 1890 Helen
SPONG East/West Gippsland 1860 + Wayne   rivernell$hotmail[dot]com
SPRAGUE Sale 1860 to present Naomi.   nmc50246$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
STAFF Toombon, Walhalla, Enochs Point, Woods Point 1888-1900 Frank
STAPLETON Warragul 1930-present Sharon.
STEER Berwick, Rosedale, Toongabbie 1860s-? Lesley.thebrowns$ozconnect[dot]net
STEPHENSON Bairsndale 1910+ Rae-Anne  abl21468$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
STEPHENSON Berwick, Koo Wee Rup, Pakenham 1861 to present Laurence.   laurencestephenson$gmail[dot]com
Bright/Omeo 1860 Mary.
STIRLING Omeo 1850-1900 Anne
STONE Buchan, Murrindal, Tambo Upper 1880s-1937 Janet
STROBRIDGE Brookville 1850 + Cheryl
STRUHS Bruthen, Sale, Bairnsdale   Wendy.
STURGESS Bendoc 1890s+ Victoria.
SULLIVAN Newry 1868 Marion  mkelly$netconnect[dot]com[dot]au
SUTTON Sale, Maffra,Morwell 1900 - present Bronwyn  bronwyn.sutton$jcu[dot]edu[dot]au
SUTTON Lindenow/Hillside 1870-1930 Sylvia.
SWAIN Traralgon 1910 Veronika
SWAN Bairnsdale 1880 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
SWINGLER Red Jacket, Walhalla, Jordan River, Trafalgar 1860-present David


TANNER Callignee, Traralgon 1872+ Sandra.
TARBUCK Orbost 1862 Bruce. wattob$iinet[dot]net[dot]au
TAYLOR Omeo, Swifts Creek 1900 + Bronwyn  bronwyn.sutton$jcu[dot]edu[dot]au
TAYLOR Omeo 1876 + Nardia
TELFER Lindenow 1800s-present Bruce
TELFER Lindenow 1865 + Hans
TERRY Bairnsdale / Briagolong 1800s to present Lauren terryplanning$bigpond[dot]com
THOMAS Yarram, Port Albert area 1850s+ Loretta.
THOMPSON Yarram 1895-1953 Anne.  wozzi$westnet[dot]com[dot]au
THOMPSON Bendoc, Orbost, Club Terrace 1890+ Victoria.
THOMSON Cowwarr 1860s Jennifer    jcole69$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
THORNE Korumburra 1880s - 1906 Jean.
THORNE Sale 1920s Nola
TIMPSON Bainrsdale, Yarram 1887 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
TOLSON Waranga South 1878 Bev
TOLSON Robertsons Beach 1893 Bev
TOOLE Sale, Bairnsdale 1864-1901 Terrence
TOUZEL Mirboo North 1880-1960s Don.
TREMBATH Walhalla / Traralgon 1860s to present Cheryl. cheryl.lilley$WorleyParsons[dot]com
TRESEDER Woods Point 1860 - 1875 Ron    ronharper$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
TREWIN Traralgon 1910+ Barbara.
TRUEMAN Traralgon 1910 Kay
TURNER Walhalla 1875-1890 Barbara.
TURNER Port Albert c.1856 Heather
TWOMEY Maffra/Sale/Glengarry 1860-1885 Anne. wozzi$westnet[dot]com[dot]au
TYERS Bena 1800s+ Adele.




VAGG Leongatha / Yinnar / Pakenham 1887-1960 Dale. dalevagg$hotkey[dot]net[dot]au
VAN RYTHOVEN Newmerella unk-1966 Kathleen
VARTY Berwick/Mt Evelyn 1890-1960 Liz.
VARTY Orbost 1900-1932 Marilyn
VAUX Walhalla 1870 + Nardia
VEAL Wonthaggi 1920+ Ron
VICKERY Walhalla 1866-c1890 Clare.
VINCENT Mount Taylor / Bairnsdale 1900 + Rae-Anne  abl21468$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
VINCENT Lindenow 1859 Sue   dnoonan$snowy[dot]net[dot]au


WAIN Sale 1870s+ Victoria.
WAIT Bairnsdale 1912+ Sandra.
WALKER Heyfield 1899-? Jo.
WALKER Korumburra, Inverloch, Jeetho 1890s-present Lloyd.
WALKER Buln Buln, Warragul 1886-1921 Winsome.
WALLACE Sale / Heyfield 1841-1906 Richard.   rbalse$tpg[dot]com[dot]au
WALLER Woodside 1858-present Elva.
WALSH Sale c1894-1903+ Jan.
WALSH Wonthaggi / Dalyston 1900s-1930s Jan.
WALSH Pakenham 1850s Marion  mkelly$netconnect[dot]com[dot]au
WALSTROM Foster 1870s-1936 Margerie.
WARD Maffra c1900-c1925 Garry & Diane
WATT Leongatha, Mirboo Nth 1871-1905 Sharon.
WEIR Rosedale 1855-? Judy.
WELCH Traralgon 1900+ Barbara.
WERNER Sale 1863-1896
WESTAWAY Leongatha, Ruby, Kardella  1912-1932 Shirley.
WEYMOUTH Korumburra, Sale, Mirboo North 1896-1920s Tricia  barpar$optusnet[dot]com[dot]au
WHITAKER Omeo 1850-present Judy.
WHITBOURNE Lindenow 1850-present Bruce
WHITBOURNE Walpa, Lindenow 1880 + Don   imaday$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au
WHITE Traralgon 1910-1960 Leone.    Leone.Fabre$mh[dot]org[dot]au
WHITE Yarram, Greenmount 1930s-40s Margaret    meander$aapt[dot]net[dot]au
WHITE Yarragon 1920-1961 Helen
WHITE Sale/Morwell 1850+ Jan.
WHITE Nilma, Sale 1919-1923 Joyce
WHITE Sale, Clydebank 1850-present Jan  potoroo$
WHITE Bairnsdale area 1900+ Victoria.
WHITFORD Yarram 1851-present Vicki.
WICKS Morwell, Korrumburra, Yinnar Early 1900s + Winsome.
WILLIAMS Warragul 1880+ Julie
WILLIAMS Morwell 1880 + Robyn   robfish$ozemail[dot]com[dot]au
WILLIAMSON Tarraville, Rosedale, Toongabbie. 1855-present Kim.
WILLIAMSON Foster 1875+ Nerida
WILLS Sale 1910 Elizabeth. divaandwillow$yahoo[dot]com[dot]au
WILSON Morwell 1880 + Robyn   robfish$ozemail[dot]com[dot]au
WINTERHALTER Thorpdale 1890-1963 David
WOODWARD Walhalla 1877-present Elva.
WORCESTER Omeo 1870 + Jenny.   jnnyb$aol[dot]com
WORRANT Swan Reach, Metung 1867- Ann.
WORREL Bairnsdale, Orbost 1870+ Leanne
WORTHINGTON Walhalla/Sale 1856-1900s Geoff.
WRAY Bairnsdale/Kardella 1898-1923+ Ann.
WRENCH Korumburra 1880s+ Viv.
WRIGHT Sale, Bairnsdale 1864-1901 Terrence


YORATH Korumburra 1880 - 1905 Don   imaday$bigpond[dot]net[dot]au

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