Suggested reading

Suggested Reading

This page is available for suggestions people may wish to make about reading they have found particularly useful about Gippsland in general or any places or subjects in particular.

Please note that there are a number of Bibliographies (lists of books) available through the Resources and Records section on this site. This page is particular intended for expanded notes on books especially selected, or to provide pointers for those areas that do not have a bibliography available.

To list a book here, please email details to me in a similar format to that below, at

Further postings, comments and discussion are welcome for books already listed here. However please send the exact paragraph you are inserting, as the Listowner and Deputy will not be engaging in editing!!!

Caledonia Australis: Scottish Highlanders on the Frontier of Australia by Don Watson.

(Publication details and exact sub-title to come)

The first edition, now well out of print, was beautifully illustrated - the edition now available is not! Despite that, it is a good read and puts the European occupation of Gippsland into context, and is the "must" read for the 1830s-1840s in Gippsland. Watson, better known as Paul Keating's scriptwriter, looks closely at how the Scots, dispossessd in their native land, effectively dispossessed the native Aboriginal people. (Linda)

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