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Gippsland Subject Interests

This page is designed to promote interaction between those with similar interests and allows researchers to list an interest in particular subjects in Gippsland. In general, they are interested in hearing more on that subject from people who may have a family or general interest in it.

To be listed here, e-mail with details of the subject and your e-mail address. Your home page URL, if it refers to the subject, can also be listed.

Subject Photography of Frederick FC HAAR
Details Details: Fred Haar was a professional photographer around the south/east Gippsland area for many years from about 1900 to well into the 1950s. He photographed for the 'Weekly Times' and did school photography as well as portraits, weddings, newsworthy local items, etc. He was my great uncle. I am collecting samples of his work.
Name& eddress Beryl.
Subject Alpine Huts
Details History and photographs of huts in the High Country, along with details of Mountain Cattlemen families who used them.
Name& eddress Linda,
Subject Boer War enlistments
Details Biographical details are sought for any of the men who enlisted from Gippsland for service in the Boer War.
Name& eddress Ross,
Subject Brickworks
Details History of early brickworks in Gippsland, especially those around Sale/Maffra/Heyfield
Name& eddress Kim,
Subject Corrugated Iron Brands
Details Details are sought of brands on corrugated iron used on early Gippsland buildings, especially when that example of corrugated iron can be accurately dated.
Name& eddress Linda,
Subject George Henry Wise
Details Federationist and Parliamentarian was a Sale solicitor from 1875 to 1950. He entered parliament, was very influential in the ANA movement, and was a leading activist in promoting Federation. Searching for information for publication of a book.
Name& eddress Peter
Subject Gold Mining
Details History and photographs of gold mining, settlers, construction of water races etc. in Russell's Creek and Tanjil River goldfields.
Name& eddress Valda,
Subject Mining - Black Coal
Details History of Black Coal mining in Gippsland Korumburra 1850s onwards, Wonthaggi 1905 onwards
Name& eddress Lee
Subject Pig droving - Monaro/East Gippsland
Details Particular interest in any photographs/illustrations or names of herders.
Name& eddress Bob
Subject Post World War II Migration (West Sale)
Details West Sale Migrant Camp/ West Sale Holding Camp was used between 1949 and 1952, with families living there while the men worked away during the week and returned on weekends. Annecdotes from residents and photographs are especially sought.
Name& eddress Ann
Subject Rabbits
Details The spread of rabbits into Gippsland in the 1890s and early 1900s, along with political ramifications (such as the disagreements between Maffra and Avon Shires in the Gippsland Rabbit Supression League). The life of professional rabbit trappers is also included.
Name& eddress Linda,
Subject Tarraville 1850s
Details Buildings and life of early residents of the town.
Name& eddress Valda,
Subject Timber Industry
Details History of timber mills in the Warragul area 1880 to 1910, especially those operational between 1894 to 1900, including employees names, photos, places etc.
Name& eddress Julie.
Subject Turkey droving - Monaro/East Gippsland
Details Particular interest in any photographs/illustrations or names of herders.
Name& eddress Bob.
Subject Wooden Men
Details History and photographs sought of the Wooden Men that were once more common along roads in Gippsland. The most common example is Mr Stringy, on the Great Alpine Road (old Omeo Highway) between Bruthen and Ensay.
Name& eddress Linda,
Name& eddress  

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