War Memorials

War Memorials and Honour Rolls

The links below point to pages that contain transcripts of War Memorials and Honour Rolls from the various Gippsland shires.

Most Honour Rolls (and some War Memorials) contain both those killed in action, and those who returned. Where this occurs Killed in Action appears as an asterisk [*] either to the left or right of the name.

Alphabetical order : Nearly all transcriptions are as they appear. Only in some cases is the alphabetical order perfect. Generally they are roughly in order, but names have been added later, either at the end, or at the end of the first letter of the surname, or in some cases where ever there was room. Some are sorted by rank, then surname. Others appear to be completely out of order, and are possibly in order of enlistment date. An effort has been made to reproduce the actual layout of the memorial/roll by naming sides of the memorial etc. to give the reader an appreciation of its layout, but exact replication is not possible on the internet.

Preambles: Preambles have generally been included to help determine what areas the names came from (e.g. men of ... or ex-pupils of ...), and whether the entries are enlisted or KIA (e.g. who served .. or made the Supreme Sacrifice). In a few cases, this is still not apparent, and in these cases, our opinion may be included (but it may not be always correct).

The letters 'C' and 'G' : Please keep this in mind that on some memorials (5%) it is very hard to distinguish the letter 'C' from the letter 'G'. This generally only applies to the initials as the surnames tend to be in alphabetical order.

Accuracy : The spelling of names (and the initials) on the memorials/rolls show inconsistencies and allowance should be made for this. Also the 'Killed In Action'  asterisks are sometimes incorrect.
On one memorial the panel of 'KIA' (presumably produced shortly after WWI) both the spelling of one surname and the indications of 'KIA' differ markedly from another more complete panel of WWI enlistments added when the WW II panel was added.
Also some transcription errors are likely to have occurred.

Memorials not included on these pages: Some memorials have not been included here for two reasons.
Firstly, because they do not have any names on them. In this case, a mention is made at the top of each page of these memorials.
Secondly, some memorials/rolls are of places in Gippsland that were used as training camps or bases for people from outside Gippsland. Three that spring to mind are the commando training site at Tidal River,  the RAAF Beaufort base at Bairnsdale and a memorial to members of an RAN vessel torpedoed off the Mallacoota coast at Mallacoota.

Help Wanted: If you know of a Honour Roll or War Memorial that contains names and is not included in these pages, please contact me (Linda) by email at kapana@netspace.net.au . A location, contact person/organisation and its rough contents (e.g. Smithsville State School ex-pupils for WWI) would be welcome, or a transcription (complete with header and rough layout) would be very welcome. Honour Rolls are to be found in churches, schools, public halls, masonic lodges, shire offices, and other places. Please check some of these places out next time you are in them.

Further details of service personnel can be found in the Australian War Memorial databases.

Gippsland (general)   Bairnsdale Boer War memorial covering the whole Gippsland area
Gippsland WW I Teachers   Index to names of teachers, departmental officers, sons/brothers of the above, pupils, school donations, etc.


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