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Yallourn Power Station
Bricklayers and Builders Labourers

In the 1990s when the older part of the Yallourn Power Station was being cleared out prior to demolition, two time books were found which had fallen behind a locker in the offices of the bricklayers section.

Basically they show employment of Bricklayers and Builders' Labourers from eight people in July 1930 until the last six are paid off or transferred to other sections in April 1932. At the peak in December 1931, fifty were employed in this group. This activity aligns itself with the construction of the first B station unit which entered service on 11 April 1932. These time books therefore appear to be for this B Station construction bricklayer crew. Other crews would have existed to maintain the existing A station boilers and also the Briquette Station. Also, other general (non-furnace) bricklaying crews would also have existed.

The first table is a summary of the information from the time books. It basically shows the hours worked each day and the pay rate for that person. All people worked five eight-hour days and four hours on Saturday morning. Pay rates were specified as per shift (presumably an eight-hour shift) except for the one Bricklayer Improver (i.e. juniour bricklayer) who was paid on a weekly basis. 

There are two time books and it appears that one book was used to fill in the daily hours for a two week period and then sent to the paymaster and the second book was used for the following two week period until it was sent to the paymaster.

Three odd pages are included in the back of these books that cover periods in 1957 and 1958. These are included at the bottom of this page.

This page is the page is the work of Peter Lakeman. He can be contacted by e-mail at surreal[at]netspace.net.au

The two books are in private hands. A reproduction of one double page can be seen HERE

Name Trade
See Abbrev.
See Notes
From To Comments
Abbot, H.R. BL *2 07-Mar-31 16-Mar-32 Did not work between 6 Aug 1931 and 12 Oct 1931. Transferred to Maintenance 17 March 1932.
Beard, H. B *1P 28-Apr-31 22-Jul-31  
Beard, H. B *1 25-Nov-31 28-Feb-32 2nd period of employment? Transferred to Maintenance 1 March 1932
Burke, Thos. BL *2 02-Dec-31 05-Jan-32  
Burrage, W.H. BL *2 06-Aug-31 10-Aug-31 Transferred to Mr Crowe 21 Aug 1931
Caulfield, F. B *1 11-Mar-31 24-Jun-31  
Churchill, E. B *1 27-Nov-31 10-Mar-32  
English, R.W.
Also written as
English, E.
B See comments on left 29-Sep-30 13-Apr-32 Did not work between 1 Dec 1930 and 9 Mar 1931 nor between 23 Jul 1931 and 23 Sep 1931.
Initially paid 23/6 per shift which was increased to 25/- in October 1930, then see notes *1 and *5.
Transferred to Maintenance 14 April 1932.
Eriksson, K. BL *2 20-Nov-31 04-Mar-32  
Ferguson, A. B *1P 30-Apr-31 24-Jun-31  
Ferguson, A. B *1 24-Nov-31 10-Mar-32 2nd period of employment?
Fratta, G. B *1 Then *5 15-Jul-30 11-Dec-31 Appears to have been left on books but not working from 29 July 1931 until 23 Sep 1931.
Transferred to Maintenance 10 Dec 1931.
Girdlestone B *1 28-Apr-31 24-Jun-31  
Goode, Thos. BL *2 06-Aug-31 20-Aug-31  
Green, C.R B *1 27-Nov-31 22-Feb-32  
Green, H.F. BL *2 09-Sep-30 11-Dec-30  
Green, H.F. BL *4 28-Apr-31 24-Jun-31 2nd period of employment?
Greenwood, A. BL *2 06-Aug-31 20-Aug-31  
Haffner, S. B *1 01-May-31 24-Jun-31  
Haffner, S. B *1 28-Nov-31 23-Feb-32 2nd period of employment?
Hamilton, W. B *1 28-Nov-31 10-Mar-32  
Harkins, J. BL *4 01-May-31 24-Jun-31  
Harkin[s], J. BL *4 23-Nov-31 05-Mar-32 2nd period of employment?
Hay, J. B *1 04-Mar-32 15-Apr-32  
Head, R. BL *4 13-May-31 24-Jun-31  
Healey, F.V. BL *2 28-Nov-31 16-Jan-32  
Hitchko.A BL *2 28-Nov-31 05-Jan-32  
Holden, A.E. B *1 26-Jan-32 10-Mar-32  
Ingram, A. B *1 26-Nov-31 15-Feb-32 Transferred to Mr Parkinson 16 Feb 1932
Irvine, D.W. BL *2 02-Dec-31 24-Feb-32  
Irvine, T. BL *2 28-Nov-31 24-Feb-32  
James, A. B *1 04-May-31 24-Jun-31  
Johnston, H. BL *4 29-Apr-31 10-Jun-31  
Kerr, J B *1 15-Jul-30 28-Feb-32 Paid Off on 4 Dec 1931. Re-hired 14 Dec 1931. Transferred to Maintenance 1 March 1932.
Kiernan, A. BL *2 03-Nov-30 11-Dec-30  
Lakeman, E. B *1 02-May-31 24-Jun-31  
Lakeman, E. B *1 23-Nov-31 23-Feb-32 2nd period of employment?
Lakeman, E.J. B *1 23-Nov-31 23-Feb-32  
Lakeman, P. BI *3 29-Apr-31 13-Apr-32 Transferred to Maintenance on 14 April 1932
Lambourne, J. BL *2 01-Dec-31 24-Feb-32  
Marriage, L.C. B *1 02-Dec-31 07-Dec-31  
McCarthy, Len BL *2 02-Dec-31 05-Jan-32  
McDonough, W. BL *2 15-Jul-30 29-Aug-30  
McGowan, H.E. BL *2 20-Apr-31 19-Mar-32  
McGuiness, J. BL *2 01-Dec-31 04-Mar-32  
McKinstray, T. BL *2 04-Mar-31 11-Dec-30 Transferred to Maintenance on 14 April 1932
McLarty, N. BL *2 15-Jul-30 01-Oct-31 Transferred to Maintenance on 2 Oct 1931
McPhee, A.D.
[or A.R]
BL *2 15-Oct-31 19-Mar-32  
Melbourne, T. BL *2 15-Oct-31 16-Mar-32 Transferred to Maintenance on 17 March 1932.
Metcalf, E. B *1 15-Jul-30 04-Apr-32  Paid an extra shilling/shift from March 1931. Classified as Bricklayer Leading Hand in May 1931 which possibly explains the extra shilling/shift payment.
Monaster, I. B *1 23-Nov-31 23-Feb-32  
Murphy, P. BL *4 13-May-31 24-Jun-31 Transferred to ? 24 June 1931
Nicholson, L. BL *2 05-Mar-32 24-Mar-32 Transferred from S Crowe on 5 Mar 1932. Transferred to D. Shaw 25 March 1932.
Nurmi, A. BL *2 25-Nov-31 13-Feb-32  
Orr, W.J. B *1 28-Nov-31 01-Dec-31  
Osterberg, N. BL *4 20-May-31 24-Jun-31  
Patrick, Jas. BL *2 03-Dec-31 04-Mar-32  
Pavitt, J. BL *2 07-Aug-31 20-Aug-31 Transferred to Mr Crowe's book 11 Aug 1932
Poole, V. B *1 26-Jan-32 10-Mar-32  
Price, Jas. BL *2 23-Nov-31 04-Mar-32  
Richmond, W.F. B *1 27-Jan-32 23-Feb-32  
Rose, J. BL *2 24-Nov-31 04-Mar-32  
Rowe, J.H. BL *2 02-Dec-31 05-Jan-32  
Sales, A. BL *2 03-Dec-31 05-Jan-32  
Sales, T. BL *4 01-May-31 10-Jun-31  
Sheehan, H. BL *2 23-Nov-31 30-Nov-31  
Sims, T.F. BL *4 01-May-31 24-Jun-31  
Smith, S.G. BL *2 23-Nov-31 30-Nov-31  
Spratling, L. [Sprattling] BL *2 22-Aug-31 19-Mar-32  
Staley, R. [Stayley] B *1P 17-Apr-31 24-Jun-31  
Staley, R. [Stayley] B *1 23-Nov-31 28-Feb-32 2nd period of employment?
Transferred to Maintenance 1 March 1932
Stewart, Thos. BL *2 26-Nov-31 04-Mar-32  
Stocker, H.R. B *1 31-Jul-30 28-Feb-32 Transferred to Maintenance 1 Mar 1932.
Street, H.T. BL *4 18-May-31 24-Jun-31  
Sullivan, D?.J. BL *4 14-May-31 10-Jun-31  
Sullivan, E. B *1P 14-Apr-31 22-May-31  
Sullivan, G.T. BL *2 08-Dec-30 05-Aug-31  
Thompson, G. [Tompson]
BL *2 15-Jul-30 11-Dec-30 Made Builders Labourers Leading Hand in Dec 1931 and pay/shift increased from 13/2.4 to 14/1.2. Transferred to D. Shaw Maintenance on 14 April 1932
Thompson, J. BL *4 28-Apr-31 05-Aug-31  
Thompson, J. BL *2 26-Nov-31 04-Mar-32 2nd period of employment?
Tonkin, G.A. B *1 23-Nov-31 23-Feb-32 Same as Tonkin[s], G.?
Tonkin[s], G. B *1 10-Mar-31 24-Jun-31  
Townsley, Geo. B *1 09-Mar-31 24-Jun-31  
Townsley, Geo. B *1 23-Nov-31 10-Mar-32 2nd period of employment?
Tranter, R.A. [Trauter] BL *4 28-Apr-31 22-Aug-31  
Walker, A. BL *4 06-Aug-31 06-Aug-31 Transferred to J. Garvin Briquetting 9 Aug 1931
Wallam, K BL *4 20-May-31 24-Jun-31  
Whelan, R. BL *2 27-Nov-31 04-Mar-32  
White, J. BL *2 25-Nov-31 04-Mar-32  
Wilson, J.A. BL *2 18-Apr-31 10-Jun-31  
Wines, H. BL *2 15-Jul-30 05-Aug-31  

Pay rate notes:

*1 Bricklayers were paid 25 shillings per shift (44 hour week, 5 weekdays * 8 hours plus 4 on Saturday) from July 1930 until November 1930.
From November 1930 paid 22 shillings 6 pence per shift.
From June 1931 paid 20 shillings 6 pence per shift.
*1P These bricklayers started employment in April 1931 and  paid 21 shillings/shift for a few weeks then at the normal rate of 22/6. It appears to be a probationary period.
*2 Builders Labourers were paid 17 shillings 10 pence per shift (44 hour week, 5 weekdays * 8 hours plus 4 on Saturday) from July 1930 until November 1930.
From November 1930 paid 17 shillings 2 pence per shift
From March 1931 paid 16/2 per shift.
From April 1931 paid 14/6 per shift.
From May 1931 paid 12/6 per shift.
From June 1931 paid 14/1.2 per shift (whatever that means).
From Aug 1931 paid 13 shillings and sixpence per shift.
From November 1931 paid 13/2.4 per shift (again whatever that means).
*3 Builders Improvers paid 67 shillings per 44 hour week.
*4 Can't understand the pay rates for these Builders Labourers. Time Book shows things like 14/6.6 and 14/1.2
*5 For parts of October and November 1931, these Bricklayer's pay was reduced to 19 shillings per shift.

Other notes:
No Bricklayers worked from 30 Jan 1931 until 2 Mar 1931 and no Builders Labourers worked from 1 Feb 1931 until 27 Feb 1931.
Time entry details are missing for the fortnight period ending 28 Dec 1931.

Trade abbreviations:
B   - Bricklayer
BI  - Bricklayer Improver
BL - Builders Labourer

Miscellaneous pages:

On one page, the following names are also mentioned with dates in February and March of 1958. No idea what it refers to.

On another page, the following names are also mentioned with dates in February and March of 1958. Again, no idea what it refers to.

Also the following names are mentioned as being paid fortnightly from March to July in 1957. I recognise most of these names as being bricklayers.
Benson, C
Campbell, W
Church, F
Fankhauser, L
Godfrey, W
Harkins, A
Lakeman, P
Taylor, G
Taig, H
Whitbourne, C
Johnston, A


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