Indexes to Gippsland Local Histories

A considerable number of histories of Gippsland, both large and small, have been published in the past without indexes. Many have since been indexed, and will be made available in the near future on this site (as soon as the Listowner gets her act together). Then, if anyone is interested, it might be useful to consider what other books could be indexed.

If anyone is interested in indexing a previously unindexed Gippsland publication, please contact the Listowner first on as it may have already been indexed and may be among the fifty-plus waiting to be uploaded. If it has not already been indexed it will be entered on this page as a "claimed" book, so everyone knows which books are under way.

The Listie also has to get her act together to provide details for interested indexers regarding subject headings, as while it is excellent to get an index with people's names, it adds another dimension when subjects can be added in a consistent manner. So, please be patient, but if you are interested in "claiming a book" to index, please feel free to get in contact now.

Indexes currently available through this site:

Gippsland Guardian Index 1855-1857

A short history of Bendoc and the Bendoc State School 1873-1973
Back To Briagolong Centenary Celebrations, Easter 1971
One hundred years at Briagolong. 25th September 1982.
A short history of Delegate and the Delegate Public School 1827-1971
Glenmaggie School 1576: Centenary Year 1875-1975
Back to Heyfield 1971
Newry and Upper Maffra 1842-1975
Shire of Rosedale Centenary 1871-1971
Shall we gather at the river 1887-1987 [Valencia Creek]
A History of Buchan
Victorian Squatters [Gippsland, and the Omeo section of Murray district]
Omeo Agricultural Society 1885-1985
Buckan-Mungie  [Buchan]
Fernbank: Then and Now
The Dog's Grave [Droving from Cobungra to Maffra]
In Peace, as in War [75 years of Red Cross Service at Briagolong]
Stratford in the 1880s
A Busy Life [Stratford / Providence Ponds area]
The Gipps Land and Wood's Point Yearly Advertiser (a facsimile poster)

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