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This Index has been compiled by Linda Barraclough, and is copyright. It is a draft, unedited copy and has been posted for private study only. No copies may be made in any format, including electronic or paper-based, for any purpose except private study, without written permission from Linda Barraclough at

Family History Groups and Historical Societies are encouraged to download the index and make it available for use in their rooms. However this is limited to one copy only, and I would appreciate the courtesy of notification in each case so that I can refer people without internet access to their nearest copy.

The Index currently only covers from 5 October1855 to 2 October 1857

There are no copies of the Guardian earlier than 5 October 1855

I am unable to assist with lookups.

The Gippsland Guardian was published at Port Albert, and holdings within Gippsland are noted on the AVG Newspapers page

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