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Benjamin Hezekiah [1198] Steadham Family

The Ben [1198] Steadham family at their home--the old Tom Fitzpatrick place--in Forestburg, Texas. The dog on the porch was called "Touser." Taken about 1899.

Tom Fitzpatrick, his wife and children were killed or kidnapped during the "Big Raid" Indian raid in January 1868. Only Tom's father survived, and he continued to lived in the house. Ben's granddaughter, Margie Hess wrote: "Mr. Fitzpartrick continued to live alone. One night, his dogs woke him up barking. Indians were driving off his horses. He began shooting at them. One Indian and horse fell into an old abandoned well. It killed both of them. the Indians came back and got the Indian from the well. Our Dad (Eli Steadham) would take Lucile and me and show us where it happened when we visited Grandma and Grandpa."

When Mr. Fitzpatrick died, Ben bought the place. The log part of the house was the original Fitzpartick home. Ben built the rest of the house. Margie wrote: "Eli (my Dad) said he rode a horse and drove two fat cows behind Grandad's wagon to Gainesville and they traded them for enough lumber to build the house. Ben and his wife, Belle, raised their eight children there."

Here is a closeup of the family.

Standing by the porch is Rhoda [2524], then Ben [1198], Belle (mother), Hal [2531] (the small boy), LaDusky "Duck" [2528], Nita [2527], Eli [2522], Edd [2525], Delia [2523], and Parker [2526] by the horse.

A family reunion for Ben [1198] Steadham's 70th birthday (1915). Ben is sitting in the 2nd row, third man from the left. His wife, Belle, is sitting two chair to the right of Ben.

These photographs were sent by Margie Brogdon Hess, June 2008.


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