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This page contains links to other family web pages which contain descendants of the Stidham* daughters, our allied families, as well as other websites featuring Stidham* family information. An email link to the webmaster of each family page, when available, is included with the link.


(in alphabetical order by site name)



Alabama Ancestors; includes the descendants of Mahala Caroline [1042] Stidham and Isaac Asberry Ballard. (from Molly Thomas-Hicks)



The Ancestors of David and Beverly Carter Dollard; with the descendants of the unplaced Judith Stidham and Richard Gilliam. Judith is believed to have been a Stidham, but we have no proof. (from David Dollard)



Antoinette's Genealogy & Family History Home Page; with Tossawa and Sinex descendants of Ann Lucasdotter [19] Stedham (from Antoinette Waughtel Sorensen)



Appalachian Heritage; with the children and grandchildren of Alta J. Stidham and Adam Hall (from Hazel Hall Boatwright)



Beckley-Lewis-Elliott Families; which includes the descendants of Judith [284]Stidham (c1789) and Nathan Lewis. (from Joanne M. Elliott)



The Boggs-Lambert Family; with a number of Stidham/Boggs families (from Lori Anne Boggs Lambert)



The Branches of Henderson Hence Colwell; (from Kawana Cottrell)



The Descendants of Jesse Cox, Five Generations, with information on John Wesley [751] Stidom (Stidhams) and Amelda Dancy; (from Mark Christian)



Descendants of Joshua [1746] Stidham of Wise Co., Virginia (from Hazel Hall Boatwright)



The Dollard Family Genealogy Page which includes descendants of Judith Stidham (Unplaced Stidham*) and Richard Gilliam (from David Dollard)



Family Crossroads including descendants of Martha E. [1428] Stidham and John Anderson Jackson of Perry Co., Kentucky (from Cathy Ewing)



Family (near and far) of Larry and Leslie Shamus which includes descendants of John Edward [521] Steadham and Jane Rebecca Jones (mostly in Texas) (from Leslie Shamus #DCM33)



Family History of Lenard Earl Mc Donald & Audrey Lois Stuver with William [493c] Stidham (1832) and Sarah Jane Ragsdale of Atacosta Co., Texas (from Lenard McDonald)



Family Tree Home Pagewhich includes information on James A. S. [1175] Stidham. (From Bruce Clift.)



The Focht and Matzer Data Base which includes descendants of John [742] Stidham (1858-1932) and Nancy Combs (from Thomas J. Focht)



Fricke Home Page which includes descendants of Alonzo Wooten & Della Stidham, and Charles Wooten & Jane [396b] Stidham (from Jim Fricke)



Gillum Family Tree which includes descendants of Judith [169a] Stidham and Richard Gilliam



The Gorby Family including Samuel Gorby and Hannah Stilley, granddaughter of Maria Adamsdotter [34a] Stedham (from Graydon Gorby)



Hankinson/Gathman family which includes descendants of Hannah McDonough [324] Stidham (12 Apr 1823-12 Aug 1904) and Theodore Monroe a.k.a. Monroe Gilbert (from Allen Gathman #DCM49)



Highland Home Page including Harvey [405] Stidham (from Dan C. Mohn)



Houlihan/Stidham Family Tree which includes information on and photographs of the descendants of Alfred Dupont [527] Stidham (from D. G. Houlihan)



The Huff and Smith Family Tree including descendants of Juanita Ann [2506] Stidham (b. 7 Mar 1903) and James Franklin Burrows of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma (from Paula Huff)



Jimmie's South East Kentucky Homepage including John Anderson Jackson and Martha [1428] Stidham of Perry Co., Kentucky (from Jim Jackson)



The Klair Family Home Site: Ann C. [243] Stidham and Jesse KlairHannah [245] Stidham and Aaron Klair Mary Ann [348] Stidham and Aaron Klair Woodward (from Ronald H. Klair)



Mandy Roberts' Homepage including links to The Vandevers (from Amanda Roberts #DCM74)



Martin Couch Family including descendants of Mary Ann [397] Stidham (1817) and Joseph Couch (from Bill Couch)



My Extended Family with Parson/Stidham links in Wise Co., Virginia (from John Parsons)



Oliver/Taylor Clan including descendants of Margaret [1461] Stidham and Joshua Oliver. (From Sylvester Oliver)



Pearson Family, which includes William Pearson and Ann [171] Steddom, and Martha Pearson and Henry [170] Steddom (from Wally Garchow)



The Personal Page of Carmen Galloway-Spencer The Galloway family, including descendants of the Martha E. [795] Stidham and James Galloway of Lee Co., Virginia (from Carmen Galloway-Spencer #DM190)



Steddum Family Pages which includes a PDF book, Samuel Steddum, Our Family Tree Project. (from Jim Steddum.)



Stidham Marriage Records in Wise Co., Virginia, (Researched by Vicki Sturgill Stevens.)



The Stidham Family Tree. (From Sunny Rae Stidham Planas)



Stidham Family Tree. (From Robert Darrell Stidham)



Stidoms Family Tree. (From Rose Marie Stidoms Hennessy)



The Sturgill Genealogical Society, which contains lots of Sturgill and Stidham marriage data. (From Vickie Sturgill Stevens.)



The Van Der Veer Name. (From Steve Vandiver.)



Whaley6: Roots, Branches, Twigs & Leaves includes descendants of the Marion Co., Alabama Stidhams (from Vicki Whaley)



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