A Potpourri of Gilchrist Information


Gilchrist Potpourri

Here's miscellaneous information about people named Gilchrist; census records, banking records, ship's records, emigration records, obituaries, marriages, births, etc, etc, etc....you get the idea!

Click here for some Gilchrist banking and ship's records, courtesy of Monica Bennett


The Provincial Governor of New York Colony screwed over a bunch of Scottish emigrants in the 1740's, and led to the Argyle Patent.  Click here for a little more information


You can now submit a surname query via an automated message board we've set up with the RootsWeb/GenConnect system, click on this link to go there:   http://cgi.rootsweb.com/~genbbs/genbbs.cgi/surnames/gil/Gilchrist


Here's a Gilchrist family tree called "The Gilchrists of East Nuek", from the eastern coast of Scotland.  Kindly donated by David Gilchrist of Toronto


In the June 1998 issue of Wild West magazine,starting on page 48 the story titled "Wild West's First Train Robbery" tells the account of A.J. "Big Jack" Davis and his attempt to pull off the first robbery of the Central Pacific Railroad.  His co-horts were Tilton Cockerell, E.B. Parsons, John Squires, John E. Chapman and James Gilchrist.

The Central Pacific No. 1 left Oakland on November 4, 1870 on its transcontinental journey.  On board was $60,000 protected by agents of Wells, Fargo.  Early the next day near Verdi, Nevada the men jumped the train.  The loot was stolen and the men made their get-away.  In the days that followed all the robbers were rounded up and arrested.  When James was captured he confessed and named all his partners in the robbery.  The charges against James were dropped in exchange for his solid testimony.

It's an interesting read if you can find the article, although I'd be happy to make copies for those that want to send an SASE... Marc Gilchrist


Here's something called Entisoft Extra, sent by Steve Gilchrist of Toronto.  Lots of things to click on here, look for the Gilchrist name!  http://extra.entisoft.com/G/I/Index.HTM