Kilchoman Islay Rentals 1733-1741

Kilchoman Islay Rentals 1733-1741

Farm Name                            Renters
Almon                               Gillis Alexander
Braid                                Campbell Donald
Carglassans                      McMillan Widow
Carglassans                      McMillan Donald
Carnglassans/Glassens     Dallas Alexander
Carnglassans/Glassens     Dallas George
Craigfad                             McCalman Nichol
Craigfad                             McCurrie Donald
Craigfad                             McEwen Archibald
Cultoun                              Campbell John
East Ester                         Campbell William
Ester                                 Campbell George
Gerrich                              Clark Kenneth
Gerrich                              McIlivoil Angus
Gerrich                              McIntyre Duncan
Gerrich                              McKercheran Arch'd
Gerrich                              McMath Arthur
Gerrich                              McKokard Donald
Gerrich                              McFie John
Gerrich                              Smith Donald
Kelso, Lossett                   Campbell Archibald
Kilnave                              Johnston John
Kilnave                              Johnston Ronald
Kilnave                              McArthur John
Kilnave                              McIleur Angus
Kilnave                              McMillan Archibald
Konigsbay                         McLean Archibald
Lechgrunart                       McLellan John
Lechgrunart                       McNabb Archibald
Nerebolls                          McEwen Patrick
Nerebolls                          McEwen Neil
Nerebolls                          McEwen Hugh
Nerebolls                          McIlchonil Duncan
Nerebolls                          Sutherland John
Olista                               Montgomery Robert
Octafad                            McVicar Duncan
Octomore; changehouse, malt kiln and Skibba mill   Campbell George
Rev.; Kilchoman                Campbell John
of Sunderland                    Campbell duncan
of Kilinalen & Small            Campbell Alexander
Sanaigmore, Keandrochead  Campbell John
Balenabie                           Campbell James
Tormistell                           McInturner Duncan
Tormistell                           McInturner John
Tormistell                           Mclergen Donald
Tormistell                           Odocherty James
Tormistell                           Odocherty William
Toronich                             Stewart Alexander


Farm Name                              Renters
Ammond                              Campbell Alexander
of Ardnhue; Aryhallauch        Campbell Cline
Ardnave, Keandrochead
and Megidill                           Campbell John
of Balinaby, Tormisdale          Campbell James 
Braid; Kilchoman                    Campbell John
Coultown                                Campbell John
Craigfad                                  McEwen Archibald
Craigfad                                  Mclergen John
Craigfad                                  McQuarry Donald
Easter Elister                          Campbell Wm Roy
of Elister; Wester Elister         Campbell George
Glassansy                              Dallas George
Glassansy                              Dallas Margaret
Glassansy                              Dallas John
Glassansy                              McDuff Archibald
Gerrich                                   Clark Kenneth
Gerrich                                   McEachern Neil
Gerrich                                   McIntyre Finlay
Gerrich                                   McLean Hector
Gerrich                                   McLergen Archibald
Gerrich                                   McNougard Donald
Kilchoman, Rev.;                     Campbell John
Kilchoman, his son                  Campbell Duncan
of Kilanalen; Smail, Migrim      Campbell Alexander
Konigsbay                              Campbell Alexander
Konigsbay                              McAlpine Dugald
Konigsbay                              McAlpine Duncan
Konigsbay                              McCurich Archibald
Konigsbay                              McGillespigh Archibald
Konigsbay                              McGillespigh *Dugald
Konigsbay                              Mclean Donald
Konigsbay                              Robertson R.
Lechgrunart                            McFarland Malcolm
Lechgrunart                            McLean John
Lossit                                     Campbell Archibald
Nerobolls                               McArthur John
Nerobolls                               McArthur Charles
Nerobolls                               McDonald Neil
Nerobolls                               McDonald Hugh
Nerobolls                               McDonald Duncan
Nerobolls                               McDonald Donald
Ollista, Carnglassansy             McLean Alan
Octafad & Miln, Nerobolls       Campbell William
of Octomore                           Campbell Alexander
Sagaig & Senaigmore              Campbell Archibald
Sunderline; Miln of Kilchoman Campbell Duncan
Torronich                                Montgomery Robert

* Although Argyll Colony Plus had this entry transcribed as Duncan McGillespigh further research by MacGillespie indicates it should read Dugald McGillespigh.

Note: Extracted from the Book of Islay and transcribed into the ARGYLL COLONY PLUS - Then edited by MacGillespie of SouthWindsor.