Port Ellen War Memorial

Port Ellen War Memorial

Extracted from the Islay Cultural Database

...thanks to Roger McWee

A rifleman from a Scottish regiment dressed in battle kilt with head bowed over an upturned rifle, stands on top of the monument in respect of the dead from the Great War who are commemorated by name below. The monument is surrounded by an iron railing in which invariable are the deteriorating remnants of wreaths from past 'Remembrance services'.

To The Glory of God and in Memory of the men of this Parish who made the Supreme Sacrifice in the Great War.

1914 - 1918.

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders : Lieutenant A. MacKinnon, Company Quarter Master Sergeant, J. McNab, Cpl J. Hunter, L/Cpl N. Graham, L/Cpl W. Whyte. Private D. Whyte, Private J. MacCallum, Private A. MacLachlan, Private H. MacArthur, Private D. Anderson, Private D. MacDougall, Private P. Brown, Private O. Quintin, Private G. Qunitin, Private A. Torrie, Private J. MacDougall, Private N. Fraser, Private J. C. Ferguson, Private J. Campbell, Private A. Smith, Private J. Grant, Private J. MacIntyre, Private C. MacEachern, Private J. White, Private R. Black, Private J. MacLellan, Private N. Kennedy, Private D. MacTaggart, Private R. MacPhail, Private M. MacDougall, Private A. Heads, Private D. MacKerrell,

'Mairidh an ainm cu siorruidh'

Gordon Highlanders : R.S.M N McPhail, Private R. Johnston, Private H. MacDougall, Private J. Donald, Private A. Currie, Private D. MacDougall, Private H. MacTaggart.

Highland Light Infantry : Captain N Leitch, Private D. Sinclair, Private N. MacDonald, Private D. MacArthur, Private J. Hutchinson.

Cameron Highlanders : Lieutenant M. McIntyre, Private D. Johnston, Piper C. McCalman.

Merchant Service : Chief Officer A. MacMillan, Chief Officer D. Gilchrist.

M.C. Corps : Private D. MacKay, Private D. McMillan.

King's Own Scottish Borderers : R. MacArthur,

Australian Imperial : J McKerrell.

Canadian Infantry : Corpl D. MacMillan.

Canadian Highlanders : D. Bell.

'To the Glory of God and in memory of the men of this Parish who gave their lives in the 2nd World War.

1939 - 1945.

R.A.F. Flt Officer A. MacTaggart, Flt Officer I. Ramsay, Flt Srgnt Engineer A. Campbell, L.A.R. J. McKerrell.

Paratrooper D. Livingstone.

Cameronians : R.F.n. D. McNab.

Pipe Major J. MacCalman, Private J. Coia, Carpenter L. McEachern, A.R. D. McCuaig, D. McMillan R.N, S.C.n. N. McCallum, D.V.f. A. Galbraith.

'Cu Ruid An-T-Am S-Am Brisean'

Royal Naval Reserve : O.M. J. McGibbon, O.M. H. MacAllister, Seaman R. Paul, Seaman J. Burns, Seaman A. MacFarlane, Seaman J. MacGibbon, Seaman A. Johnston, Seaman D. MacArthur, Seaman D. MacMillan, Seaman A. McInnes.

Royal Marines : Seaman D. Campbell.

Royal Engineers : Sgt. P McNeill, Private J. MacMillan.

Royal Fleet Auxiliary : Sgt. J. MacIntyre, Gunner A. MacDougall.

A. MacCalman, Lieut. M. McGilvray.

Seaforth Highlanders : L/Cpl. D. MacDougall, Private A. McLellan, Private J. Morrison.

Scots Guards : Private N. Cameron.

Scottish..: Private J. MacDougall.

Port Ellen War Memorial