Our private collection of Islay photos

Islay Photo Gallery

Here you will find images of Islay from some very kind folks who are willing to share them with us!  You will also find a few miscellaneous photos!  And below, you will find links to several websites that have more photos of Islay!

Photos from Steffenie Kirkpatrick

Photos from Heather Griffin

Photos from Brent Currie

Photos from Bryan Gilchrist

Photos from Susan Visser

Photos from Catherine Fryer

Photos from Toni Sinclair

Photos from Helen Campbell Blair

  An aerial view of the island, from the northeast


  A satellite view of Islay and surrounding regions


  The Grand Opening of the Gartmain Golf Course - November 1907


An image of Bowmore, I believe it's titled "Fayre Day" - possibly a Royal visit involved??

A big THANK YOU to those who have contributed!

Click here for a full size image!
An incredible satellite image of northern Ireland, Islay, the Kintyre peninsula, all the way over to the Firth of Forth.  Click here for a full size image (250Mb)
And if you're brave, click here for the original photo this first one was clipped from at the Visible Earth Web Site
And if you'd like to see more images like this, visit NASA's Visible Earth Project http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/

Here's a great collection of images from Islay (plus a bunch more from other parts of Scotland!!) - from Colin Palmer - www.buyimage.co.uk/photonet/islay/islay.html

And a large assortment of photos from archaeological sites on Islay - www.le.ac.uk/archaeology/rug/image_collection/hier/bi/si/r10.html

More than photos: www.armin-grewe.com/islay/islay.htm

A great site, with some great images from Islay.... www.fido.de/~mj/photo/islay/index.html

And a little index of photos I have on my Gilchrist site, these were sent to me by Ann Barker and Peggy Overbeck after one of their visits  http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~steve/islayind.htm

A collection of old postcards of Islay, some of which are on this website at http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~steve/islay/postcard/ and another collection at
www.lochsidehotel.co.uk - be sure to check out their "links" page as well

Photos of present day Islay are on the Ileach site at www.ileach.co.uk/islay and some pictures of Finlaggan as it is today at www.isle-of-islay.com/index2.html

And some small images of the distilleries at www.isle-of-islay.com/whisky/index.html


Please remember, these photos are the property of their respective contributors, and ALL copyrights are property of those individuals - no photos may be used without the express consent of their owners - thank you!