Isle of Islay Hodgepodge

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Isle of Islay Hodgepodge


How about a Gaelic - English Dictionary!  Faclair Gàidhlig - Beurla!

Port Ellen War Memorial - Dedicated to the Men of Kildalton and Oa Parish Who answered their country's call and made the supreme sacrifice.

And a lovely photo of the Port Charlotte Memorial, thanks to Myra Denton

Some information from Warren McFadyen - handwritten notes of Duncan McIntyre from February 1889

A little booklet entitled "My Grandmother (McPhee)", written by John Stuart Fleming.  Thanks to Allison Akgungor for providing this information! 

Here's a short piece from Finlay Payne about why people may have left Scotland

Look closely at almost any photograph of a MacBrayne bus on Islay during the 1950s or 1960s and you'll probably spot Donnie Carmichael, for many years the driver of the Port Askaig Mail bus.  Thanks to John Kemplen for sending these photos!

If you'd like to hear a song called Westering Home, about Islay, click here...

And here are several other MP3 songs that have some relevance to Islay

Lyrics for a song called Lights of Lochindall can be found here

I have compiled an "in depth" index of all the marriages and deaths in the civil registers for ALL six parishes of Islay for the years 1855 through 1875 plus the years 1881 and 1891.  These are taken from the films of the actual civil registers. I am willing to do look-ups for fellow researchers but it would be much easier if you have looked at the indexes created by the Register General first and have an entry or two that you would like to clarify before ordering certificates or films.  If you live in an area where these indexes are not available but have a good idea of the approximate year it shouldn't be too difficult. I think for the most part I would like to avoid searching through all 22 years of registrations to find the possible occurrence of a name. Monta Salmon   NOTE - This is now available on-line, click here!

As a by-product of the Finlaggan Archaeological Project, a database on Islay has been developed for the Finlaggan Trust by Roger McWee, David Caldwell and Nigel Ruckley, and is now installed on a computer in the Finlaggan Visitor Centre. It has information and images of people, places and traditions on Islay. It is hoped to license other versions of this ISLAY CULTURAL DATABASE to run in other research centres in the near future. The database includes the 6000 place names recorded in the Ordnance Survey name books, with grid references. The modern day spellings are also given, as well as earlier variations recorded in a remarkable series of rentals and other documents extending back to the 15th century. The database is in MS Access, is fully searchable, and can be used to produce distribution maps.

The authors would be happy to make this place name material available to a serious researcher or student prepared to work on it, and make a written contribution on their research to the Finlaggan publication.

For more information please contact Dr. David H. Caldwell, National Museums of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1JF    Tel 0131 247 4068

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