Old maps of the Isle of Islay

Maps of Islay

Here are two maps of the Isle of Islay

The first one is a whopping 2096 x 2326 pixels, and weighs in at 737 Kb

The second is the same map, however at a more palatable 1000 x 1110 pixels, and only a flyweight at 96 Kb

If you have the patience, download the larger image.  It will produce a good quality print-out if you desire!

Click here for the BIG image - 737 Kb

Click here for the smaller image - 96 Kb

A very old map of Islay, "Ila Insvla", appears to be dated 1654

A regional map of the Scotland area

Find older places and locations using these web sites

www.old-maps.co.uk and www.streetmap.co.uk

Thanks to Warren McFadyen for these map links!

And check the collection at the National Library of Scotland - www.nls.uk/maps - thanks to Sue Visser!


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