Death records of Islay for the years 1855 to 1875, thanks to Ted Larson!

Death records of Islay for the years 1855 to 1875

...from Ted Larson:

I have put all of the deaths on Islay into an EXCEL spread sheet. This

is for the Parishes of Kilarrow (Bowmore), Kilchoman, Kildalton,

Kilmeny, Oa and Portnhaven. The parish is the first entry on each line

of data.

Each LDS (Mormon) microfilm used for the spreadsheet is listed as the

second entry of each record. Remember, this is secondary data. If you

want originals, I recommend getting the film (or going to Edinburgh).

The latter sounds like more fun.

Monta Salmon furnished some of the data for this project.

Wherever possible I converted each of the women’s names to their maiden

name. Not every listing gave that information nor did every listing

list the name of a spouse or whether there was a spouse.

From time to time you will find an entry in one of the fields in red and

as I review and cross reference data there will be more of these. That

red entry indicates that data was missing and I found that piece of data

elsewhere, felt confident that it was correct and made the entry. (again

this is not primary data) I have not listed those sources in the file

but will respond to question about them.

The spelling of the Place names in my research is often very wrong but I

copied what I could. Spelling was extremely inconsistent throughout the

records. Many (maybe a majority) of the people turning in the data

signed their entry with an X so the spelling of both the names and the

places is that of the person doing the recording.

The Last names of the deceased and others relating to the death have

been made into what I would consider to be somewhat standardized. An

example of this would be the name McFadyen. There were at least 20

different spellings of this name. It is possible that I got carried

away and "Standardized" some that shouldn't have been.

I made all of the Mac and Mc into Mc because I found the same family

referred to both ways and what I did makes searching easier.

There are no macros in the spreadsheet so making changes to your copies

and searches you may want to do should not be hindered in any way.

This spreadsheet, although written in EXCEL, should be usable with any

spreadsheet software. I tried it with Works.

For those of you who do not have spread sheet software I can convert

this into a document that can be read as text but it is not very easy to


All the best and happy hunting.

Ted Larson

You may either download the file: "right click and choose 'save target as', using Windows" - or simply click on the link as you normally would, viewing the EXCEL spread sheet with your browser (IF your browser is configured for viewing such files.