CDs, and video of the West Coast Gathering!

A shining example of mediocre editing... ;-)~

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Isle of Islay Descendants West Coast North American Gathering, Vancouver, British Columbia, September 2001

--including our outdoor segment with the piper!

possibly an Emmy winner...

PLUS, an extra bonus - Peg Oberbeck's Islay Video - 51 minutes of Islay - and then some!

The Carved Stones of Islay

Written by Robert Graham, and published in 1895.  The original book has been converted into a browser-based "e-book".  Many pages of text,  complete with many images of burial stones!


Will work with Windows or Mac.


Click here for a preview!  "page01" and "page02", as well as "plate01" and "plate02" are functional - this is only a "demonstrator" page, and all the images are not included on the website.

The Genealogy of Henry McCuaig & Janet Calder

Originally compiled by Mrs. Douglas Arthur Bird, nee Marion Edna Capel, gr-gr-grand daughter.

This is 50+ pages that I received several years ago, scanned and formatted for CD.  Works with your browser.

Also - this CD contains a current version of my Islay website!

This is a collection of old postcards from Islay.


Pop this CD in, and turn on your speakers - it should auto-run a slideshow of old Islay postcard images, while playing some Scottish folksongs!

Here are a collection of audio files for places on Islay.  I've matched 47 files out of 129, to names that Bob McQueen has on his Placenames list. 

If you want to know how something is pronounced, this will help!

Here is the CD that Roger McWee was offering to help support the Islay Cultural Database Project.

This is a wonderful collection of map images (I love maps!)

I am offering this CD on their behalf, and ALL proceeds from this CD will be forwarded to the Islay Cultural Database Project.

Okay, so it's not genealogy - but it is something to do with Islay!


This CD is a musical slideshow of some 150 photos documenting the construction of this tidal energy plant on the Rhinns of Islay!

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Carved Stones of Islay CD - $3.00

McCuaig CD - $3.00

Postcards CD - $3.00

Placenames CD - $3.00

1878 Ordnance Maps CD - $29.00

WaveGen Powerplant CD - $3.00

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