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Here are a few Gilchrists who have made a bit of a name for themselves...

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He likes it! Hey Mikey!!     John Gilchrist - played the role of "Mikey" on the Life cereal commercials

Sir Andrew Gilchrist - British diplomat   

Everyone knows about VelcroŽ, but did you know someone named Kirk Gilchrist is in on it??  Kirk developed a product called "Get-A-Grips" for VelcroŽ, and you can find out more at this URL:   The best part is, Kirk, a Pastor in New York state, has donated all proceeds from this product to help the mission field. The Cockleburrs that started the Velcro idea!

nancy & sluggoCartoonist Guy Gilchrist has taken over the comic strip "Nancy". Visit Guy at  He also has many other wonderful children's projects!


Derrick Gilchrist, in his second year on the series, now has a victory at each track. Once Gilchrist got his Fairfield Inn Chevrolet out front, the others in the field were racing for second place in the NASCAR Slim Jim All Pro Series.


Gilchrist towns, counties, parishes, communities... Gilchriston, southeast of Edinburgh, Scotland.  Gilchrist, Oregon (central Oregon). Gilchrist, Texas (near Galveston). Gilchrist County, Florida

The Big Scoop

Raymond B. Gilchrist,   born in New Jersey around 1866, and married around 1981 to his Canadian born wife Agnes.  He owned his own business, The Gilchrist Co. in Newark, NJ  from, 1902 until 1926, and manufactured hardware specialty items such as  Ice Cream Scoops, cork pullers, ice picks, etc. used in soda fountain shops during that era.  He invented, and patented many ice cream scoops from 1907 to 1915 and had a very successful manufacturing business for over 25 years. It is believed that he died around 1928    Many of his patented ice cream scoops are used today and very collectible.


Don't forget Ellen Gilchrist, novelist

Brent Gilchrist - Detroit Redwings left-winger     Detroit Redwings

Cookie Gilchrist - former national football league player

Good News!   Connie Gilchrist starred in movies during the 30's & 40's.  She was the mother of the Joad family in the movie "The Grapes of Wrath".  And also a musical called "Good News" with Peter Lawford and June Allyson

    and in Camden, Arkansas - the Gilchrist Bag CompanyLooks like lunch!

Looks like a sticky wicket...Cricket-playing Gilchrists who may be of interest 

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Adam Gilchrist - renowned current Australian national team cricket player
Roy Gilchrist, who played about forty years ago,

Robert Selby Nesbit Gilchrist born in 1822, d 9 Feb 1905 at Berwick-on Tweed
He played for Northumberland in 1863 and played one first-class match for Gentlemen of Middlesex in 1865.

There was also John Gilchrist b 24 April 1932 in South Shields, County Durham, England
He was a left-hand batsman who played for Bengal in India in the 1957/58 season (four matches)