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If you are researching the surname, Gilchrist; then this is the place for you. While researching my family's history, I have come across a good deal of information on other Gilchrist families. This page contains a bit of information on each person listed, and may have a link to a page containing their family information, along with an email link to contact them if you'd like.
NOTE: At this time I am putting as much of your input here as space allows.  Some have small bits of information, while others have extensive details, along with occasional links to related historical input. At this time, feel free to give me as much information as you like. If you already have information here, let me know if you want something added.

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Please feel free to contact me and have a listing added or changed.

The following is all I have.  As you can see, it's not a main focus for
me... :)  ;)  Let me know if you have this "needle in the haystack".  :)

Darla G.

Descendants of Eileen Gilchrist

 1   Eileen Gilchrist b: Unknown
..  +Harold Jay Berrier b: Unknown  m: June 1930
............. 2   James Clark Berrier b: Unknown
............. 2   Jerry Allen Berrier b: Unknown

I'll be glad to share what I know about our line, in hopes of finding more
about them.  My husband's g. grandfather came to America in 1863 - right
smack dab in the middle of the American Civil War.

I have much of my Gilchrist data already on our HCPD website at - Have you looked at that?


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.   I now have an answer.
  Gilchrist county was named after ex-Governor Albert Waller Gilchrist.  He
was in the hospital when the name for the county was selected.
  The following is from THE HISTORY OF GILCHRIST COUNTY by Kevin M McCarthy.
  Albert Gilchrist was born in Greenwood, South Carolina on Jan 15, 1858, a
descendant of the Grandfathers of George Washington and James Madison.  He
grew up in Quincey, Florida, where his father had become quite wealthy and
powerful.  After the Civil War had depleted the family fortune, 14 year old
Albert went to work for $15 a month of hard labor and quickly learned the
value of investing his money carefully.  He later attended West Point.
    There is a little more about his life, if you're interested.


Along my father's direct line I trace our name back to a Thomas Gilchrist
of Paisley Scottland.  He was born in 1825.  He apparently brought his
family to America and settled in the Ohio area, Youngstown in particular.

John Gilchrist

Congratulations on your enterprise in getting a Gilchrist family web-site together. Gilchrist is in fact my married name, but I'll pass the word on to my husband's side of the family - certainly a few of them may be very interested to find any connections. Would that the internet had been invented when my father, a Phillips, was trying to trace his Anglo-Irish relatives in America! Or maybe not - he had a lot of fun doing the detective work and we did meet up with a long-lost branch of the family in Tennessee. Thanks again and I'll look forward to exploring the site. Yours, Cherry Gilchrist

PS - Husband is Chris Gilchrist, and his father was Sir Andrew Gilchrist, a British Ambassador whose posting was in Ireland.

My name is Harold Braxton Gilchrist and I live in Atlanta, GA.  Another 
Steve Gilchrist told me about your home page.  Where did you find all of 
this information about the Gilchrist name?  Any chance that you and I 
are related?  My grandfather was Harold Braxton Gilchrist also, from 
Montgomery Alabama.  My father is William Fuller Gilchrist and lives in 
San Diego.

We too are Gilchrists (although you may spot that my name is Rayner).  I
am married to a Gilchrist and my daughter has now taken the name

My son, Dominic, is helping me write this message.  He is our family
guardian of the genealogy and family tree, with information going back
ten generations on some branches of the family.

We are very interested to know that you are also involved in this field
of research.  I have only recently become "on-line" so am just learning
how to use this system.

My wife's father was Sir Andrew Graham Gilchrist (1910 - 1993).  He got
his knighthood for his work in the Birtish dimplomatic service - I think
he should be mentioned in the Gilchrist history on your home page.  His
family were soft fruit and salad growers in the Clyde Valley in central
Scotland in the nineteenth century.

We would be pleased to receive any information on the Gilchrist family
tree and also to be able to add any information to that on your own

I should also add that the Gilchrist archive (the papers Sir Andrew
collected and created during his working life and retirement) are
displayed at Churchill College, Cambridge University.  We also have a
family archive which I keep here at this address.  My son, Dominic has
collected together some of the other published works of Sir Andrew.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards and happy new year.

Jim, Jan, Dominic & family

Hmmm, I can go further back, and get more names if you like, but my
immediate family for now...I can give great grandfathers, great uncles and
their families too...but here from my grandfather down...(can give
birthdates too if interested)

Patrick Gilchrist - Yvonne Pitman (both English in England)

had five children (in order of age, oldest to youngest)
Sean Gilchrist
Seamus Bonadventure Gilchrist
Simon Gilchrist
Siobhan Gilchrist
Ben Gilchrist

Yvonne and Sean died, my grandfater Patrick remarried to a French Lady,
Florence Marley when he moved to France

had three children (in order of age, oldest to youngest)
Bruno Gilchrist
Alienor Gilchrist
Claire Gilchrist

Bruno died, the other two are alive and well...

the next generation...
the family moved to the United States after the second marriage of my
grandfather and before the birth of Bruno.

Seamus Gilchrist married Mia Chang (from Korea)
their children are (in order of age, oldest to youngest)
Michael Kenneth Lundgren (that's me, born of my mother through earlier
marriage, father died, I've now adopted the Gilchrist name)
Hana Yvonne Gilchrist
Sean Michael Gilchrist

Simon Gilchrist married Kathy Dirks (from the USA)
their childer are (in order of age, oldest to youngest)
Kylie Gilchrist
Ian Gilchrist

Siobhan, Ben, Alienor and Claire are unmarried
All the last generation are as of yet unmarried as well...

Like I said, tell me what info you're looking for, how far back I should
supply the info, perhaps in what format if you're interested would make it
easier for me...hope it helps you in your search =)

Michael K. Gilchrist

Thanks for the Gilchrist page.  I was really pleased to find it. My
Gilchrists were in N.C. in 1755-1760. The first ancestor I have in that line
is John. He moved to Opelousas, La. and married a second wife there.  His
family was in La. until 1930. One son John Anthony moved to Texas at that
time,  I am looking for information about this family before the move to
La. Parish records cover most of the births and deaths in La. That was
helpful. I have 8 generations of this line if you are interested. Thanks.

Barbara Langham 

I am Eddie Gilchrist (John Edward Gilchrist, Jr.) writing from Chapel
Hill NC.  Your web page is a delight.  I have taken the liberty to
forward your e-mail to my cousin, Steve Legat (son of my father's sister
-- Eloise Gilchrist Legat).  He has done quite a bit of research on
genealogies on the Gilchrist clan from the Southern range.  We hail from
Northeast Alabama (Gadsden).

An interesting tidbit.  One of my ancestors moved out to east Texas
(there is a town near Beaumont named Gilchrist) and established a farm. 
He enlisted in the Confederate army and was killed near Chatanooga (I
believe).  His wife abandoned the farm, which was later the site where
the Getty group struck its first big claim in Texas.  Any rights to the
area were lost when the county courthouse "mysteriously" burned -- along
with all property records -- the day before a group of citizens were
scheduled to appear in state court disputing the Getty claim to the

  My name is Craig Gilchrist, I live in Birmingham  England. I am 22
years old and have lived hear all of my life, I have  two Sisters called
Claire Gilchrist and Lisa Gilchrist. My parents are called Steven
Gilchrist and Joyce Gilchrist. My Grandma on my Fathers side is called
Liliane Gilchrist, my Grandfather passed away about 10 years ago and his
name was John Robert Gilchrist and was very close to our Scottish
ancestors and also had his own Kilt. I think his parents were true
Scottish. Did you know that the Gilchrist Family have got their own
Scottish Tartan and also a long time ago the Gilchrist name was actually
known as "MacGilchrist" but the "Mac" was dropped a very long time ago.

  I also have an Uncle who is my Father's Brother, his name is Ken
Gilchrist, he has a Wife called Jean Gilchrist. My Cousins are called
Toni, Samantha and Mark Gilchrist. My Late Grandfather was also interested
in our family history and studied it a lot by looking in archives at the
Birmingham Central Library but I was not too interested at that age so I
do not know how far he got with it.

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