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   I read your query in the Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Genealogy Society
Roots, and may have a clue for you.  My great-great grandmother was Christina
(Christie) Gilchrist, who married John McNaughton in 1834.  The entire entry
in the "Ontario Marriage Bonds" reads:  "McNAUGHTON, John, of Kenyon, &
Christie Gilchrist, of Roxborough, b: James McNaughton, of Kenyon, and Hugh
Gilchrist, of Roxborough.  11 October 1834 at Cornwall. [4251]".  I'm not sure
what the "b" stands for.  Hugh may be William's brother; the dates are right.
Let me know what you find.  The internet is a marvelous resource.  
Bonnie McNaughton Wheaton

         I am so delighted to see this page!  I would like to add my
Gilchrist information, if I may.  It all begins with Thomas Gilchrist, who
married Elizabeth Fagan in New York City in the early 1850's.  They came
from parts yet unknown in Ireland.  They had the following children: Thomas
(my branch), Patrick, Eugene and Mary.  Eugene married Kate Madden, possibly
from Kansas City Missouri, and they had a daughter, Mary, christened there
(1889).  I don't know if they stayed or continued west, yet.  Mary married a
Michael Gorman, who was born in Cuba, but whose parents were Irish born.
They had at least one child, a daughter named Mary.  Patrick is an enigma,
but family lore says Patrick, Eugene and their father went west after
Elizabeth Fagan Gilchrist's death in 1883.  My family currently resides on
Long Island in New York State. I would very much like to trace Patrick,
Eugene and Mary's modern descendants, and I'd like to go back further than
Thomas and Elizabeth.  These were Irish Catholics and the men were
coopersmiths by trade.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Monica Gilchrist Bennett

Hi. My name is Sean Gilchrist and i am 22 yrs old. born in Providence and
raised in Narragansett, Rhode Island.
My father is Ronald born Novermber 29, 1949 in Providence. My grandfather,
Eugene Jr. was born on June 30th 1927 in Providence, RI. I am not sure where
Eugene Jr.'s father was born or what date but i am going to find out in the
next few days. I was told that Eugene Sr.'s father was from Ireland, possibly
Co. Claire. but that's just something i heard. i am very interested in finding
out where my ancestors are from if possible. so is Gilchrist a scottish name?
i always thought it was irish. anyways, thanks

I was born in London, England in 1971 and still live in the area.
I have two younger sisters called Stephanie and Paula.
I run my own business sky-lite Computing Group.
My dad is called Edgar John (although he goes by the names Eddie or Ed)
Gilchrist and his father was called David Gilchrist. All I know of my
Grandad is that he was born in London and fought in the Second World
War. My dad was born in Whitehart Lane, London and has two older
sisters, Pamela (Pam) and Kathleen (Kath).

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