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I dug out a copy of some genealogy work my father's cousin did,
initially in 1962 and updated in 1979.  I haven't seen any names yet
that show a relationship to my line but I have really just barely
scratched the surface.

Just a short introduction to me:

 My Great Great Grandparents were Joseph  Gilchrist (1796-1872) and
Eliza McCalister (1808-1874).  All I know of them is that they are
buried at the Maple Crest Cemetery in Birmingham Iowa.  They had ten
children including my Great Grandfather, David Gilchrist (1832-1920) who
was married to Martha Jane Jack (1839-1914).  

David was born in Westmoreland County, PA.  He enlisted in Co. B, 139th
Regiment, PA, Volunteer Infantry, Sixth Army Corps and fought in battles
including Gettysburg and was wounded at Spottsylvania Court House, VA. 
He moved to Iowa in 1868 and farmed in Van Buren, Davis and Jefferson
Counties.  He died in Fairfield, Iowa and is buried in Birmingham. 
David and Martha had 14 children including my Grandfather Harry Oliver
Gilchrist (1867-1924) who was married to Nora Juanita Pack (1875-1959).

Harry was born in Pennsylvania and his family moved to Iowa when he was
one year old.  He was a house building contractor in Kansas City, MO and
moved to Florida in about 1910.  A short time later he moved to a ranch
in Montana.  He eventually went back to house building and moved to
Longview, WA in 1923.  He is buried in Kelso, WA.  Harry and Juanita
had  four sons including my father Robert Eugene Gilchrist
(1913-present) who is married to my mother Hazel Edith McCullough

There is a very LARGE Gilchrist clan in Co Down, Northern Ireland -
full of traditions and history - as my father used to say "the Lords
of the land" before the religious divide?

I'm not sure but the legend say that our Irish ancestor ran away from
Ardtole (Ardglass, Co Down) to Scotland on a boat...and then some time
later, he came back with a new surname "Gilchrist" - it was believed
he met St Colmillce on the Isle of Iona.

I think the most important ancestors in the family is Thomas and
Eugene Gilchrist - Eugene converting Church of Ireland to keep the
family farm and Thomas refusing to do this and therefore remaining
Catholic so therefore my branch came from Thomas Gilchrist.

There was a Paul Gilchrist of Margaret's Farm, Tollumgrange Road,
Dunsford, Ardglass, Co Down who used to be a mayor of Derry, Northern
Ireland some time ago. 

My present family is quite big but it might be of some help for your

 Thomas Gilchrist of Dunsford m Kathleen Mason of Kilmore

Aunts & Uncles:-
 Nora (now married to Anthony Kelly of Mayo)
 Elizabeth (Libby)
 Kathleen (m Caoimhan O'Loingsigh) 
 Rosaleen (Rolly)
 Thomas (Tom)m Mary ?
 Peter-John m Deirdre Dolore Fitzsimons of Ballyhornan
 Patrick (Pat)(now in Africa)
 Anthony (Tony) m Mairead ?

 My parents are Peter-John and Deirdre

    Thomas Joseph (Tommy)
    Gavin Seamus

Hope this will be of some help but then again, I will try to find some
more details when I'm home again in March as I live in London right now!

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