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There may be no connection but I noticed that Gilchrist is one of the names 
you are researching.  My g-g-grandfather Archibald Swan, married to Annie 
Campbell in 1803.   Parent's were Donald Swan and Ann Gilchrist, married 
1762 (sometimes listed as McGilchrist).  She was the daughter of Archibald 
Gilchrist.  The Swans were married in Kilninver and all their children were 
all born there.  I don't know if this is near Campbeltown but I thought it was 
worth a try.  Please let me know if there is a connection.


I am sorry I cannot help you much, but I wish you the best of luck.  I have 
some genealogical background on 3 of my 4 families, except "Gilchrist".  
The farthest I can go back with "Gilchrist" is my Grandfather, Robert 
Stanley Gilchrist, bom 6/9/24.   I don't know where he was born though 
he settled in Connecticut after livng in Maine, marrying Ruth Florence 
Wentworth, my grandmother in 12/9/27 whose genealogy dates to 1400s.  
I also know his parent's names, Rudolph Davenport Gilchrist and Agnes 
Beatrice Addington.  I doubt this is of any use, good luck and if there is 
any connection, let me know.

     Sarah McRoberts Gilchrist

Thanks for the interesting email.  We haven't traced our direct ancestry 
back to Scotland, but it appears that we are from different parts of the family.  
My part of the Gilchrist family immigrated to eastern North Carolina in the 
mid 1700's and farmed tobacco until the end of the Civil War.  
My great-great grandfather fought in the Confederate Army and was wounded 
at the battle of Lookout Mountain.  Our family cemetery wa-a-ay out in the 
country not far from Sanford, NC, is full of Gilchrists, McLaughlins 
and MacFadanes.

Good luck with your research.  Glad to know there are so many interesting kinfolk out

     Liz Gilchrist

Thank you for your reply, I know nothing about my family history.  No one 
in my family has our family book!  The only info I have is only on my family.
My mom, my dad, myself, 3 sisters, Kaylee, Karen and Diana, 1 brother, 
don't even know where he is, haven't wished to see him in about 7 years, 
but that another story!  My oldest sister Diana Sue Gilchrist (DOB  8-8-59), 
she ran away from home when she was 13 years old from Vancouver,
Washington, back in 1973.  No one has seen or heard from her since.
Could you help me on trying to build my family history?  Please stay in touch. 
Thank you so much for your help.
     Carol Ann Gilchrist

PS:  I know my dad was born in Michigan

Your note increased my interest in my family history as well.  I sent your note 
to my dad and he was not encouraging though.  He knows that the Gilchrists who
we are decended from settled in Westerly RI (I don't know when). and then
spread out to NY and other parts.  So I don't know if there is a link between
us. I will go visit my Grandmother, Catherine soon and get the low down.  
She can recite the line all the way back to royalty in Scotland.

As for my Grandfather (David Gilchrist sr.), he died in 1957.  He was born on
the Hudson in NY around 1899 and fought in World War one, he then attended city
college in NY and became an engineer (this would have been 1918-21).
During the depression he had many jobs before settling in Hartford to work at
Pratt&Whitney Aircraft.


The following entry was submitted to this site by my brother, James B. �Jim� Gilchrist.
Jim passed away 04 January 2004 after a battle with esophageal cancer.  
If anyone would like more information on this Gilchrist family line, or if anyone is able to offer us help in finding 
the parents or siblings of our James Gilchrist, b. 1798/1799 in Scotland, we would appreciate your contact .
The notations in red are updates since Jim's original posting.
               E. Ann (Gilchrist) Grubb, Hendersonville, NC
Let me give you a brief rundown on our James Gilchrist.  Keep in mind that 
I am a novice;  my sister Ann is the genealogist.
        James Gilchrist b. 1798/99 Scot.-d.1876 INDIANA m. Mary Anderson 1825  (b. 1800 d. 1877 INDIANA) 
           Daughter:  Elizabeth 1828-1835
           Son:  James 1832-1897
           Daughter:  Janet/Jennet 1835-1865 m. Christopher Campbell 1860
           Son:  Thomas 1839-1926 m. Phoebe Keely 1862 (my gr-grandparents)
                          James 1863-1906
                        *William Jefferson 1869-1943 m. Artiemicia Mow 1898 (my  
                          Mary Anderson 1875-1949 m. John Ault 1893
 *William Gilchrist & Artiemicia Mow
            **Virgil James (1900- 1971) m. A. Elizabeth O'Dell 1927  (1903-1972)                 
              (my parents)
              Byron Bruce (1903-1998)   m. 1928  Emma Berneice Pheiffer (1906-       
**Virgil James & A. Elizabeth
              Claudia Marie 1928-  m. Robert E. Deen 1951  (Robert 1926-2005)
              Margaret Jean 1929- m.  Frank D. Killebrew 1949
              Wilma Opal 1930-     m. Samuel Cline Gill 1955 (Samuel 1928-1992)
              James Bruce 1933-2004  m. Katherine Joanna Wishard 1956
              Elizabeth Ann 1939-  m-1: Donnie Jones Bryan 1969 (1928-1972)
                                      m.-2: Ernest Harry Grubb 1977
              Robert Allen 1946-  m. Patricia Sue McAllister 1968
We have a good bit of info on most of these people including the spouses.  The first James and Mary A. were both 
born in Scotland, but Mary and her family (we have her birthplace and info on her parents) came to the new world
several years before James.  We have no reason to believe they knew each other in Scotland.  
They were married in Jefferson Co., Indiana, later located in Fulton Co., IN. 
We are now trying to find James' birthplace, Lanarkshire (town?) and his parents.  
This is probably of little interest to you, but you asked for it!!  Would like some input on your line, also.
      Best to you and yours�

We have researched our line and we also came from Scotland - but it 
seems that the split came before leaving because our line did not go thru
Canada...  Maybe there is a connection before the split while in Scotland.
I will mention that the names Helen and William, as well as Claude and 
Robert are in our line.  All were in the S. E. USA, prior to the Civil War.
All fought on the confederate side as far as I know. 

Bush Gilchrist
and from his son, Wes...
Our line of Gilchrists are from South Carolina (late
1700s, early 1800s) and spread through Georgia to North Alabama around 
the time of the Civil War. Speaking of which, I saw that someone in your line 
fought with Sherman in Georgia in 1864. Most interestingly, I'm sure that 
someone in our line fought to defend Atlanta.

Not much is known of our line beyond my grandfather, though,
because my grandfather did not grow up knowing his father. I think that
some of my dad's first cousins on my grandfather's side have done some
research on our Gilchrist line, and I would definitely like to see it and
would pass it along, but it probably will not be for some time.

In any event, keep up the research. It is most fascinating to learn of
relatives, no matter how distant. 


Wes Gilchrist
PS: There is a sophomore here at Harvard, Peter Gilchrist, who I belive
hails from Maine. I've never met him, though, but I know about him because 
a campus paper wrote an article about him when he got to Harvard because 
he won the national amateur miniature golf championship in his senior year 
of high school. A dubious distinction, but perhaps the first ever Gilchrist national 
champion in anything? 

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