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4.29.1999   My name is Patricia Taggart and I live in Auckland, New Zealand.  My mother
was a Gilchrist and the Gilchrists of our family came to New Zealand in 1880.  They settled in Otago which is where most Scottish families settled in those days.  My Gilchrist family came from Cumbernauld in Dumbartonshire and I have just recently branched out to cover Denny as well.

My husband & I will be visiting Scotland in June and hope to visit Cumbernauld and look around the old village and churchyard etc.  I would love to hear from anyone with interests in this area.  Regards Patricia   Taggart

4.30.1999     I want to post information of some Iowa Gilchrest's that I am hoping to connect to, but haven't yet. The information may be of interest to some one else on the list.  This came from a Broderbund CD I own. (CD 19, Tree #696)  Dixie Laire
Logan Gilchrist
wife, Bertha Robb
Children: Dorothy, Audre, Richard, and Howard*
*(May or may not be the Howard I am trying to research)
James Gilchrist b. 1825 d. 1889 Married twice: Unknown wife, and then to Susan VanDyke

Children with Unknown wife: 1.) Hallie who married John Crosby; 2.) Eva who married William Swartzendruber; 3.) William who married unknown, and Nan ?, he was a PA RR conductor, owned and operated Ambridge, PA hotel and moved to San Diego where he owned and operated a group of 8 small cottages, died in San Diego; 4.) and Porter Gilchrist.

Children with Susan Van Dyke: 1.) Harry who married Della Pearl Baker. He lived in Wilkensburgg, PA, Insurance Agent, churchman, fisherman, newspaper man, Author of 2 books on History of Wilkensburg, PA.;2.) Edward who married Edna Glossner and was a PA Railroader; 3.) Earle who married Ella Phelan. They had no children, he was a bldng inspector for PA Dept of Labor & Industry, had 1 arm; 4.) Logan (see above info); 5.) Robert  (unwed);
6.) Ida who married John Watters; 7.) Clara who married Wm Cox. Clara had twins Robert and William;8.) Nora who married Wm Dougherty.
Joseph Gilchrist b. 1796 d. 1872 in Birmingham, IA buried at Maple Crest Cem. Note - prob. from Scotland  Married Eliza McCalister.

Eliza McCalister Gilchrist b. 1808 d. 1874 in Birmingham, Iowa buried at Maple Crest Cem.

Children: 1.) Charlotte who married Oliver Perry Miller 2.) David b. 5/6/1832 in Westmoreland Co., PA. Married Martha Jane Jack 1/19/1860 and d. 3/31/1920 in Fairfield, Iowa, buried in Birmingham. Note - Enlisted in Co. B, 139th Reg. PA Vol. Inf., 6th Army Corps.
Fought in major battles including Battle of Gettysburg. Wounded at Spottsylvania Court House, VA Moved to Iowa 1868. Farmed in Van Buren, Davis and Jefferson Co. Raised grand children Myrl C. Gilchrist and Eva B. Beard Sullivan. 3.) Sarah Jane Gilchrist married Alexander Bailey on July 13, 1854 4.) Archibald Gilchrist b. 1/1/1837 in PA d. 2/5/1916 Is buried in Fairfield, Jeff Co., IA married 1st Eliza Kirkpatrick in 1861 married 2nd
Mary Margaret Clenden 11/6/1867 in West Newton, PA Note - Aug 1863 Enlisted in Co. F, 63rd PA Inf. until 1865, was a cabinet maker Lived in Iowa after 2nd marriage.
5.) John Gilchrist married Susana Margaret Jack. Note - Civil War Vet. Never moved from PA. Lived near Cochran's Mills, PA. John and his brother David married sisters Sue & Margaret Jack. 6.) Rachel Gilchrist married Dr. John McMunn 7.) Ann Gilchrist married Josiah Robb
8.) George W. Gilchrist married Kate Donaldson. Note - George was a carpenter and cabinet maker in Farirfield, Jeff Co., IA 9.) James Gilchrist (see above info)
10.) Joseph Gilchrist b. PA d. Hampton, Iowa Note - 1/2 brother to siblings. Shoemaker. After retiring he became a part time Dunkard Preacher. Lived in Fairfield, Jeff. Co., IA.

5.1.1999   Anyone looking for Gilchrists in New Jersey??

Have just received copies of the following from the 1900 Census in upper New Jersey, and wanted to share my finding with our new mailing list.  You'll notice quite a few are from Ireland.  My gggrandfather, Robert GILCHRIST was also...  If anyone needs additonal information, don't hesitate to contact me. Sue Wilson

The following in this order: Name, birth yr, spouse, town in NJ, birthplace of husband then wife.


Thomas, b 1857 m. Elizabeth - South Amboy - NJ
Thomas, b 1849 m. Elizabeth - Jersey City - Scotl.
William, b 1854 m Anna - South Brunswick - NJ
William, b 1840 m Eliza - Camden - Scotl. & Eng.
William, b 1848 m Jennett - Gloucester City -
     Scotland & Eng.
Wyatt, b 1833 m Martha - Jersey City - TN & NY
John, b 1861 m Mary - Kearney - Ireland
John, b.1877, single  -Boarder -  Perth Amboy,PA
John, b. 1858 m. Maggie - Hoboken - Scotland
Nellie b. 1878  Prisoner, Essex Cty Pen.  PA
Patrick b 1863 m Cathran - Passiac Cty - Ire.Scot.
Samuel b 1877 m Emily - Jersey City - Ireland
Thomas b 1849 m Maria - Orange - Ireland
Jesse, b 1875 - Servant - Bayonne - Sweden
James, b.1875 - Boarder - Perth Amboy   ?
Edward, b 1847 m Bridget - Newark - Ireland
Elsie b 1853 - living with sister Mackie Schuyler
   Bayonne - NY
David, b 1865, m Hannah - Union Cty.  Scotl. Eng.
Bryan b 1836  no wife, two child. Jersey City- Irel.
GILLCHRIST, Leroy B. b 1868 m May - Bayonne - Maine

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