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4.9.1999   I was hoping to find a connection between the NC Gilchrists and my relative,
Jane Gilchrist, b. abt 1753 in NC or VA, m. abt 1774 in St. Martin Parish Lousiana Territory to John Dunman, b. abt 1749 in Ireland. The place of birth is from the Records of Southwest LA by Hebert.

I guess there's still some unknowns or uncertainties, such as William, about the Gilchrists of NC. Perhaps there were siblings or children who are not known by name who moved west. I am baffled as to why there isn't an obvious connection. If you have any ideas, I"m sure open to them. Thanks again Jan Garland

4.10.1999   I am seeking information on the namesake of Merrick County., NE.  She was Elvira Merrick, born 1828 in NY.  She married Henry Walter DePuy in NYC in 1855--at that time her name was given as Elvira Merrick Gilchrist.  I have no information on when or where she was married to Gilchrist or what his given name was!?! Do any of you have Elvira
marrying into your family?

In the late 1850s Henry and Elvira DePuy moved to NE; he was in the territorial legislature.  I believe they left NE in the early 1860s. Henry DePuy died in NYC in 1876. In his obituary, no mention was made of a wife or family, nor where Henry is buried.

I have no information on when Elvira died or where she is buried; that, and finding a picture of her, is the ultimate goal of my search. It is possible she could be buried with Gilchrist or DePuy.

Other known locations associated with Elvira, her family, and/or Henry (and perhaps Mr. Gilchrist) are Allegheny Co., NY; Livingston Co., NY; Monroe Co., NY; Onondaga Co., NY; Detroit, Michigan; Indianapolis, IN; Rockford, IL; Passaic, NJ.

Any help would be appreciated. Sincerely, Nancy Johnson

4.10.1999   I have a family tree that says the Thomas Gilruth's father was a John Gilruth (Grandfather Gilchrist).  This John had a wife named _____ Morris.  They were from Bervie - East coast of Scotland - near Blair.  Thomas emigrated to  america (Ohio) in 1783.  He married Marion Ingles. They had a son named Rev. James Gilruth, who was a Methodist Circuit rider in Iowa.    Do you know of anyone with information on this John Gilruth/Gilchrist?

I would appreciate any direction you might be able to give me.  It would appear that no one who was a Gilchrist ever used the name Gilruth after they emigrated so this is probably just another stab in the dark, but it's nice to know some Gilchrists.  I find that the name Gilruth is not very common.

Could you post this to someplace if you think it is appropriate? Thanks, Lila Guenther

4.22.1999   My mother's father was a McColeman, and my mother's mother was also a
McColman (1st cousins once removed, as it turned out), so i come by this interest naturally. both of my own McColeman lines come down from Archibald McColman ca1799-1886, who married 1st Catherine Ann Bell & 2nd Margaret Sharpe; there were 9 children in the first family, five in the second. my Archie & Cath emigrated approx 1831 from Islay to Nottawasaga Co in Ontario Canada. many of the children of this family went to Manitoulin in the early 1880s when it was opened up. there are thousands of descendents.

The only Gilchrist I have recorded as marrying a McCol(e)man in the 19th century is Janet Gilchrist, who married Laughlin McColman. Laughlin was, I believe, the son of John & Margaret. but where these Islay-to-Ontario lines connect up exactly has always been a puzzle. I have long speculated that my Arch may have been a brother of John f/o Laughlin, and that they might both be (along with a slew of others) among the ch/o Alexander McColman & Mary Graham of Islay (vicinity of Bowmore). though deductive reasoning seems to suggest this origin, i've never found proper proof of it. so i would be interested in hearing from you especially to see what you have learned about the early crowd.

best of luck in your search, jill robinson

4.28.1999   I am trying to fined my 4th grt. grd.parents family lines and of thier parents, place of births and dates of birth, marriage, deaths. Would appreciate if any one has info. to share. This is my family line that I have, starting from my mother.  Linda I. Liberty

Ester Mae Desedare
B:18,May 1930 Coushatta, Red River, La.
Marr:28,Sep.1946 Tucson, Pima, Az.
Sp: Herbert Lynn Butterworth - Weaver
(Herbert toke on his step-fathers surname and went by that surname)
D: 7,Aug.1980 Bell Gardens, Los Angeles, Ca.
Bur:11,Aug.1980 Park Lawn Memoial cem., Commerce, Los Aneles, Ca.
Father: James Desidare
Mother: Nettie Irene Sewell

James Desidare
B: 6,Jan.1906 Cypress, Natchitoches, La.
Marr:12,Oct.1925 Colfax, Grant, La.
Sp: Nettie Irene Sewell
D:21,Jun.1962 Natchitoches, Natchitoches, La.
Bur:25,Jun.1962 Memory Lawn cem., Natchitoches, Natchitoches, La.
Father: Paul Victor Desidere - Pariella
Mother Eddie - Eddy Miller
(surname Pareilla was droped to only Desidere as surname)

Eddie-Eddy Miller
B: ,Jul.1886 Natchitoches, La.
Marr:28,Feb.1904 Natchitoches, Natchitoches, La.
Sp:Paul Victor Desidere Pareilla
(P. Victor when married use an alias family surname of Perrijo instead of of his surname ?).
D:1-7,Mar.1921 Sherveport, Caddo, La.
Bur: ?
Father: Reubin Wesley Miller
Mother: Mary Mollie Gilcrease

Mary Mollie Gilcrease
B:29,Apr.1860 Many, Sabine, La.
Marr:18,Nov.1875 , Natchitoches, La.
Sp:Reubin Wesley Miller
D:23,Mar.1908 , Natchitoches, La.
Bur: ,Mar.1908 Pinegrove cem., Hagewood, Natchitoches, La.
Father: Jackson Gilcrease
Mother: Hatty Gilchrist

(I have no other info on either Jackson Gilcrease or of Hatty Gilchrist). Linda I. Liberty

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