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3.7.1999   My husband, who is the Gilchrist, and myself have visited your website and have found a lot of general information on the Gilchrist family, but so far no one we can connect to re his family.  They emigrated from Ireland in 1842, but there is a story that originally they came from Scotland; something we have not yet been able to prove.

Our information is as follows:

James Gilchrist (ca1795-1873) and wife Jane Lucas (ca1796-1862) left Newtownstewart, Co Tyrone, Ireland in 1842 and came to Canada with their 7 children. They settled near Carp, Ontario which is a 25 minute drive west of Ottawa.
Their children:

Samuel (1825-1910) mar Sarah Harper
George (1827-1904) mar Elizabeth Holmes (my husband's great grandparents
Mary Ann (1829-1916) mar Thomas Brown
James (1834-1917) mar Alice Moorehouse, Mary Ann Moffat
Sara Jane (1835 -?) mar Thomas McCord
Elizabeth (1836-?) mar Joseph Moorehouse
Joseph (1839-1924) mar Jane Porter

We would appreciate hearing from anyone who has ancestors from the same area, or who is descended from any of James and
Jane's children. Laurie Gilchrist  RENFREW, Ontario, Canada

3.19.1999   Do you know if the Gilchrist family is the original name from Scotland and did some of them change it to Kilcrease when they arrived in the states?  My hubby's last name is Kilcrease and we are working on his family tree.  We have found in a will from Edgefield County, South Carolina, where the name was spelled both ways in the same will.  Could you please advise with what you know.  Thank you for your help. Peggy Barnett-Kilcrease

3.25.1999   I talked with my Grandmother a few weeks ago and asked her a little about where we came from. My Grandfather and Dad have passed on, so I never really got a chance to ask them much about our family's history. I do know that they moved from Oklahoma to Idaho, then to the Phoenix area around 1945. They were involved in the "Heading out west to find a better life era".  She also told me that some of my Grandfather's relatives did move to the Washington State area.
My Grandfather's name was Ellis William Gilchrist, his father's name was Frank or Ferdinand and was believed to be an orphan, possibly from Ireland. In the old days our family did not keep good information about real names, (Instead used nicknames) or about where different relatives moved to. I have just began back tracking the family tree, and it is a lot more difficult than I imagined. I was happy to find the Gilchrist site. Even if I am not related to anybody, it is interesting following the family name. The name Gilchrist is becoming more common every year. There was a time that if someone had the last name, we were more than likely related. Take care. Jason Gilchrist

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