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1.19.1999  My Father is David Anthony Gilchrist from New Hampshire relocated to Texas 12 years ago, My paternal grandfather was Everett Gilchrist and his mother was Angelina Gilchrist. 

In researching a slave descendant line for my friend J. Bussey, whose GGGrandfather was a slave, I found that a Bussey woman married a Gilchrist man in middle 1800's and had a child and this got me on the track of researching both families, mine and hers, it came as a big and pleasant shock that me and my best friend who felt a sudden kinship were in fact somehow related in past life at least by marriage, but the Gilchrist / Bussey marriage brought a child and that links us and makes us hungry to trace it all to the beginning for both our paths. Becky Raymond

1.24.1999    My husband's great-grandmother, Jane B./Jennie Gilchrist, was born August 1846-48 in Scotland. Arrived 1850 to America. Also referred to as "Anna" in her daughter's death certificate, but I believe that is human error on the part of the descendant filling in the information.

She married 7 Aug 1907 in Brazil, Clay, Indiana, Andrew Spears, a coal miner. They were the parents of eight children, of whom I have scanty information - all info for my husband's great-grandmother, Margaret Spears, the eldest child.

Jane B./Jennie Gilchrist Spears was listed in the 1910 Clay County census.

Thank you for any information on her parentage - have not found any clues in the area so far.

Kay McCullough - Casper, Wyoming

1.27.1999   If anyone wants a copy of this let me know.  Otherwise here is a short summary :
Information in a will probated Jan 25th 1806

John Bell born 1742 died Jan 1, 1815 Derry Two., Westmoreland Co., Pa.

See will written Apr. 24, 1813, probated Feb. 20, 1815.

Married 1773 MARTHA GILCHRIST born 1749, died Aug. 1826, lived in Newton Twp. 1772-94 See Swope, op.cit.
Further down it lists James Gilchrist born 1796, died 1853 Westmoreland Co. Married Anne Culbertson born 1798 died 1864. Children: Nancy 1821-1898, Alisa jean 1823-1859, John 1826-1852, Mariah 1828-1852, James Milton 1830-1851, Columbus 1833-1874, Lavinia McLaughlin 1836-1910, Margaret Ann (bott) 1838-1869, Alexander C (1841-1900, Then it
lists: 6. (son) 1744, died Sept., 1758, Hanover Twp. 7. Hannah Bell bca. 1746 M. 1) 27 Aug. 1767 (Stover) William McClure, d. 1774 M. 2) Hugh Hamilton

Found this in papers I brought from Maryland almost 8 years ago. Had these all
this time and until now did not make connection.  Glad I saved them for when I
would be interested in genealogy.  Susan Holland Bush

2.20.1999   My ancestor (g-g-g-grandfather) Donald McTaggart (1767-1842) appears to have married Janet Gilchrist (1772-1818).   They had a son John McTaggart but he may have died young.  This certainly happened in the Kildalton and
Oa areas on Islay.  Kenneth McTaggart

2.25.1999   My descendant's name is Gussena Charlotte Gilchrist b Jul 10, 1898 in Ontario, Canada.  Her parents are George Gilchrist b:Scotland d:Flushing, Genessee Co., MI and Rosa Edith Wakely b:1869 Port Hope, Durham Co, Ontario, Canada.
d:Flushing, Genessee Co., MI. If you have ANY information at all you'd like to share, it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!  If there's anything further I could share with you, let me know!  Catherine Wood

3.4.1999   My Gilchrist interest is with Nancy (Ann) Gilchrist married to Robert Campbell from Lurabus (The OA--Islay)
Janet McMillan-Smith

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