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Hello, I am from north-east Montana.  My Montana roots come from Scobey where my great-grandma lived.  She is still alive and she now lives in the Seattle area.
Are you of any relation to the Gilchrists from the scobey area?  I would like to know.  Please respond to Erin Gilchrist

My earliest ancestor so far is JOHN MACGILCHRIST c 1600 Burgess in Rothsay, Isle of Bute.
He had 2 sons that I know of: William and Donald.

WILLIAM MacGILCHRIST, Burgess in Rothsay had a son Donald who was a Glasgow
merchant and who acquired Northbarr Estate in Glasgow.  Donald died in 1684.

Donald had 2 sons and a daughter:

1)   JAMES who married Ann Crawford of Jordanhill and they had a child named WILLIAM who was a clergyman who sailed to South Carolina USA 2 October 1741.

2)   JOHN was a lawyer in Glasgow.

3)   daughter who married Shaw of Bargarran.  Their was daughter Christian Shaw. It was her delusions that led to accusations of witchcraft, leading to the executions of several people.  In later years she introduced the embroidery industry to Paisley from which would come the Paisley Pattern and the Paisley shawl.

That is all I know of WILLIAM'S descendants.


DONALD (my direct line) and he was a Sheriff Depute on the Isle of Bute.  He married Elizabeth Boyd.

Their son DONALD was a Notary Public in Rothsay and later in Kilmichael, Glassary.   He married PHINGUEL STEWART.  Donald died 1672 and Phinguel died 1688.

Their son JOHN was a writer in Kilmichael c1720. He married (1) ?, (2) Miss Lamont and possibly a 3rd marriage too.

John had 3 sons from his first marriage:  DONALD or DANIEL died 1769, Rev JOHN and Rev JAMES.

>From his 2nd marriage John had ALEXANDER died Jamaica, DUGALD Factor of Sutherlandshire died 1797 and ROBERT who went to USA, and 2 daughters.

Donald/Daniel was a writer in Kilmichael Glassary and he married Jean Campbell in 1719 and they  had a son JOHN born 1725 died 1784.

JOHN married MARGARET GRAHAM in 1754.  Then JOHN married MARGARET ROSS in 1770 and had issue KATHERINE, DUGALD 1773-1840, JOANNE, ROBERT, DANIEL, HENRIETTA and ABIGAIL.

Dugald was born Dingwall 1773 and he became a Major in the 5th British Militia in 1798. He inherited Ospisdale House in Sutherland from his great Uncle Dugald the factor and died there in 1840.  He married Catherine Rose in 1800 - daughter of Alexander Rose of the East India Company.  They had children:  MARGARET ROSE ROSS, ALEXANDRINA married William Lyon 1838, DUGALD, JOHN, DANIEL, CATHERINE and GEORGIANA.

DANIEL was Deputy Lieutenant Governor of Sutherlandshire.  He had a relationship with HELEN ROSS and produced my gt gt grandfather FERDINAND in 1830. I believe he also had a relationship with Christy Matheson and had a child Esther GILCHREST b 1827 at Creich Sutherlandshire.  Daniel married JANE REOCH in 1841 and had children: MARGARET, DUGALD, JOHN, CATHERINE & JANE.  Daniel died 1857.

Ferdinand went to Australia in 1849, married Margaret O'Brien in Tasmania and then they went to Invercargill New Zealand 1858.  He had 14 children.


Reverend John Gilchrist married HENRIETTA CAMPBELL.  I don't know any more of this family.

Reverend James married SUSANNAH MYLES 1724 and had: DANIEL, MARGARET b 1728
married Thomas Baikie at Thurso, SARAH, WILLIAM, GEORGE, KATHERINE, JAMES,

Regards, Lori Fletcher, nee Gilchrist

My mother was a Gilchrist. Her grandfather David immigrated to the USA in 1852.
He was born in Belfast, Ireland.  His father John Gilchrist and mother and 7 older siblings came there from Edinburgh.  Her name is unknown, but is thought to be Mary Aiken. He indicated he had only one sister.   David's birth date is unknown, but based on several pieces of information his son related, was probably 1819-1822.  He was bound out as a cabin boy and sailed last out of Liverpool on the HMS Golden West.   This was the last trip
he was to make after 21 years on then sea.  He landed in Louisiana, ill with a fever.   This was in May of 1852.  He made his way to southern Indiana where he settled and renounced his allegience to England.
Some of his family stories relate to the Great Famine, and of being Protestant in Ireland.   He talked about the Custom's House in Belfast as being where his father worked. He was not educated, and did not read or write.  He never kept in touch with his family in Ireland.  I wrote to the Custom's House and they did not keep records of their employees. I wrote to Liverpool re the Golden West, and other than her basic information, they did not keep any information after she was launched in the fall of 1851.  There is no information in the LDS films that I have been able to find that fits the composition and history of this family.
One other piece of information he handed down is that his father, John Gilchrist, served in the Boney War when they were still in Scotland. I am interested in learning more about his family, and what happened to them. Also, why they would have come to Ireland shortly before he was born, i.e., sometime around 1815.  Any assist would be appreciated. Marie Hurst Lewis Walnut Creek, CA

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