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I have acquired some photos of a Gilchrist family and wondered if you
might add this email to your clearinghouse.  The photos were taken in
the area of Fitchburg, MA.  They are of Walter F. Gilchrist, born about
1861 in MA, and his wife, Frances Hines.  Also, their daughters, Greta
and Serena (Rena). Others are Flora, Loren, who died at 18 yrs., and
Claire Gilchrist.

I would be glad to scan or make prints at my costs, for interested

I am told that my great grand father came from Carrie muir on
the east coast of Scotland in the early 1800's and settled in Westerly
Rhode Island, USA

List of Individuals
1 Janet Mitchell Hyslop,dob 8 Mar 1895, at Benlester in Kilbride 	(Arran) Parish
	dom to James Gilchrist(2) in Partick, 1922
	dod 1971
Father: Andrew Hyslop (8)
Mother: Catherine Hyslop, nee Stewart (7)
Brothers:James, John	
Sisters: Catherine Paterson, Margaret
Children: John, Catherine Stewart, Andrew, James
2 James Gilchrist	dob 25 Oct 1885, at West Main St, Darvel, 		Loudoun Parish
		dom to Janet Michell Hyslop(1)in Partick, 		1922
		dod 1956,Feb
Father: John Gilchrist (4)
Mother: Mary Gilchrist, nee Aiton (3)
Brother:Hugh Aiton Gilchrist(dob 19/10/1888, dod 15/2/91)
Sister: Jean Lawson Gilchrist(13) (1892 - 1961)
Children: As 1
3 Mary Gilchrist,nee Aiton dob 24/2/1860
		dom 5 June 1885, to John Gilchrist (3) in 			Loudoun Parish. Before marriage, lived 		
	in East Main St
		dod   11 March 1899
Father : Hugh Aiton(15)
Mother:	Jean Lawson(14)
Children: James Gilchrist (2)
	Hugh Aiton Gilchrist (dob 19/10/1888, dod 15/2/91)	
	Jean Lawson Gilchrist (13)
4 John Gilchrist	dob, 28 Aug 1861, in Darvel, Loudoun Parish
		dom1, 5 June 1885, to Mary Aiton (3), in 			Loudoun Parish
		dom2, 29 Mar 1901,to Mary White ( ), in 			Darvel, Loudoun Parish
		dod 18 Sept 1928
Father: James Gilchrist (6)
Mother: Ann Borland Gilchrist (5), nee Aiton
Children:m1, as (3)
 	m2 Mary White Gilchrist ( )
	   John Gilchrist ( )
5 Ann Borland Gilchrist nee Aiton dob  21 Sept 1828		
		dom 5 December 1851 to James Gilchrist(6)
		dod 1917, at age 85(!), buried Darvel Old Cem
Father:Andrew Aiton(17)
Mother:Mary Aiton,nee Morton (16)
Children: Andrew Gilchrist(1853) = Janet Crerar
	Gavin Gilchrist (1855) = Bella Wilson
	Mary Gilchrist (1857)= Hugh Brown
	Jean Gilchrist (1859)= Andrew Grant (Canada)
	Hugh Gilchrist (26/6/1860)	
	John Gilchrist (1861)(4)= Mary Aiton (3)
6 James Gilchrist	dob, 18 June 1821 
		dom, 5 Dec 1851 to Ann Borland Aiton (5)
		dod 28 April 1874
Father: Andrew Gilchrist(12)
Mother: Jean Gilchrist, nee Young(11)
Children: As 5
7. Catherine Stewart	dob 25 December 1862
		dom 19 June 1885 to Andrew Hyslop(8), 			shepherd at Glencloy
		dod 194?
Father: John Stewart(10)
Mother: Catherine Stewart, nee Paterson (9) 
Children:James Hyslop
	Catherine Paterson Hyslop
	John Hyslop
	Janet Mitchell Hyslop (1)
	Margaret Hyslop
8 Andrew Hyslop 	dob 29 September 1856
		dom1 22 July 1878, to Cecilia Watson at 			Douglas		
		dom2,19 Jun 1885 in Kilbride Parish, to 			Catherine Stewart(7)
		dod,29 May 1923,at Benlester 
Father: James Hyslop(19)
Mother: Janet Hyslop nee Mitchell(18)
Children: Agnes, by 1st marriage
	as (7)for 2nd marriage 
9 Catherine Paterson	dob 1840	
		dom 17 June 1862, to John Stewart(9)
		dod 26 May 1929
Father: John Paterson
Mother: Catherine Paterson, nee McIntyre
Children: Catherine Stewart(7) (1862-194?)
	Donald (1864-)
	Alexander Stewart(1869-194?)
	Duncan Stewart(1881-)
10. John Stewart	dob 1811
		dom 17 June 1862 to Catherine Paterson(9)at 			Sliddery, Kilmory
		dod 19 January 1888
Father: Donald Stewart
Mother: Margaret Stewart nee McKinnon
Children: As (8)
11. Jean Young	dob app 1797(Census)
		dom to Andrew Gilchrist(12), 18 Sept 1817
		dod after 1861
		Was living as widow N side of Darvel Main St 		West 1841,1851, and S side in 1861
Father: Alexander Young
Mother: Barbara Young nee Morton
Children: Hugh Gilchrist(1818)
	Alexander Gilchrist (1819)
	James Gilchrist (1821)(6)
	John Gilchrist(1826)
	Andrew Gilchrist (1828)
	Thomas Gilchrist (1831)
	Gavin Gilchrist(1833)
	Margaret Gilchrist(1837)
12. Andrew Gilchrist	dob 17??
		dom  to Jean Young (11)
		dod  died before 1841
Children: As (11)

13. Jean Lawson Gilchrist dob 19 July 1892
		dom Spinster
		dod 1 October 1961
Father: John Gilchrist(4)
Mother: Mary Gilchrist nee Aiton (3)
14. Jean Lawson	dob
		dom 1857, to Hugh Aiton(15)
Father: Alex Lawson
Mother: Mary Lawson, nee McInnes
Children: Mary Aiton(3)
	Jean Aiton
	Bella Aiton
	?    Aiton
	Hugh Aiton
15.Hugh Aiton	dob    1836
		dom   1857 to Jean Lawson (14)
		dod   ?
Father: Hugh Aiton
Mother: Elizabeth Aiton, nee Craig
16. Mary Morton	dob 1804
		dom 1823, to Andrew Aiton(17)
		dod 1869
Father: Robert Morton
Mother: Ann Morton nee Borland
Children:Gavin Aiton(1824), Robert Aiton(1826),
	Ann Borland Aiton(5),Thomas Aiton(1836), Marion Semple 	Aiton(1832), Andrew Aiton (1834), Janet Aiton (1837), 	Andrew
Aiton (1842),Mary Aiton (1844 & 1846)
17. Andrew Aiton	dob 1802
		dom 1823, to Mary Morton (16)
		dod 1867
Father:Gavin? Aiton
Mother:? Leggat?
Children: As (16)
18. Janet Mitchell	dob 1822
		dom 1850 to James Hyslop(19)
		dod ?
Father: Andrew Mitchell
Mother: Agnes Mitchell nee Alexander
Children:Agnes (1851)
	John (1853)
	Andrew (1856)(8)
19. James Hyslop 	dob 1827, born Blackcraig, New Cumnock
		dom 1850 to Janet Mitchell
		dod 1858,March 9  at Muirkirk, where he is 		buried 
Father: John Hyslop, Shepherd
Mother: Ann Hyslop, nee McKerrow
Children: as(18)
In 1841 census is recorded as working at Knockenlee as a labourer.
Mary Gilchrist	dob 3 March 1858
		dom 			to Hugh Brown
Father:James Gilchrist(5)
Mother: Ann Borland Aiton (6)
Jean Gilchrist	dob 19 August 1859
		dom           1891, to Andrew Grant, in 				Darvel Church.
Father:James Gilchrist(5)
Mother: Ann Borland Aiton (6)
 Gavin Gilchrist	dob          1855
	   dom               to Bella Wilson
Father:James Gilchrist(5)
Mother: Ann Borland Aiton (6)
6 children including one (Mrs Paton) out of wedlock
Galston Parish	1841 Ref	593  (10 books)
		1851 Ref	507  (   ibid )

Loudoun Parish	1841 Ref	603  (12 books)
		1851 Ref	518  (?  books)


Galston Parish	Ayr	District	593    OPR 1670

Loudoun Parish	Ayr		"		603    OPR 1673

Kilmory Parish	Bute		"	554	OPR  ?
		(Not Argyll)
Kilbride Parish	Bute		"	553	OPR  1723
		(Not Argyll)
Crawfordjohn Parish	Lanark		"	636	OPR  1694

Leadhills Parish	  "		"	635	OPR  1698

Douglas Parish	  "		"	641	OPR  1691
 (Last 3 parishes to be searched for Andrew Hyslop (7), who is known to have been at Sheriffcleugh, Shieldholm in his teens; it is probably the first of the 3 that is

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