POW War Stories
War Stories
This is the location where we post sites where the stories of individuals and groups who underwent some aspect of the Civil War POW experience. These are not collections of primary documents for the most part, but retellings of our ancestors' experiences.  If you know a link that ought to be added to this collection, or find a broken link, please send me an email at [email protected]
 Andrew Wheeler

The experiences of Andrew Wheeler, who was a prisoner in Camp Douglas


Belle Boyd

This site contains some brief biographical tidbits and a photograph of this Southern spy who was incarcerated at the Old Capitol prison.


Biographical note of John Ervine

He was a pow at Ft. Monroe.  This page is a link to a letter he wrote before his capture.


Brigader General Michael Corcoran

This site is a bio sheet for Corcoran, who had an interesting, but short life, including a 13 month stay in various CSA military prisons


The Chenoweth Family in the War Between The States

This site discusses the history of the various family members who fought in the war...some of which were prisoners of war.


Daniel Augustus Geiger

Information on PVT Daniel Augustus Geiger, of the 128th PA, who was a POW, and other information on PA CW vets.


David Dodd

David Dodd - this is the rather sad story of a yound man who was convicted of being a confederate spy in the later days of the Civil War in AR.


Enoch Hickman

Biography of a soldier whose family was split between confederate and union loyalties.  He joined as a union soldier, and died at the Andersonville prison


Father John B. Bannon and the Irish-American Confederates

This page discusses the Irish-American situation  in St. Louis during the war and lists a number of them who were sent to regular POW camps.


Interesting Civil War Stories

Army Record of George Monroe Autry Co. K, 34th Miss. Infantry

A short biography of this person who spent time at the Rock Island facility. There are several other stories on this page, all interesting, but he was the only one at this time  that was a pow


James Ashcroft of Arkansas

This site is mostly about James Ashcroft of Arkansas, who died during the war, but it mentions one of his cousins who was taken prisoner and sent to Rock Island.


Bernard McKnight

Information on this soldier from Massachusetts who was in Andersonville


Lt. Thomas B. Reeves

This page is a tribute to Lt. Reeves, a soldier from Indiana, who spent time in Andersonville, and then died on the Sultana...interesting page with multiple links to related pages


The Plymouth Pilgrims

This is  a page about the union soldiers involved in the siege of Plymouth, NC, and about their experiences as POWs.

Private Ely R. Dials

Short biograph of thisUnion soldier who spent time at Camp Libby and Camp Chase


Remember the Ladies

This page includes biographies of three women who were spies...two of them who served time in Union prisons.


Ronís Civil War Ancestors

Brief biographies on his ancestors who fought in the war, several of which served as POWs

The Man They Could Not Hold

This is a history of Thomas Perkins, of the 11th TN CAV, who managed to escape more than once from Union custody...and who spent time at Camp Chase


The Trial of  Captain Henry Wirz, Commandant of Andersonville

This site has the history and some documents and further reading on the trial and excecution of Henry Wirz, the commandant of the Andersonville POW Camp


A Yankee Prisoner in Texas

This website is a brief history of William Ryan, a member of the 160th New York Volunteers who was a POW in Texas

West Tennessee Unionist At Andersonville 7th TN VOL CAV, US

This article is an essay about men from the 7th TN CAV, US who were captured and taken to Andersonville, and about the experience there.


Winfield Pottle

This briefly discusses the experiences of Winfield Pottle, of the 54th Ohio Volunteers, who spent time at Libby, Belle Island and Andersonville, and then survived the sinking of the Sultana


Xerxes Knox

This site is an outline of the military experience of Xerxes Knox, a soldier from Iowa who served time in the Camp Ford POW camp in TX.