Miscellaneous CW and POW Related Links
Miscellaneous Links

Chronological Listing of CW Battles

This site is a chronological listing of battles during the war...sometimes we know when our ancestors were captured, but don't know what activity was happening at that time...this site can help you peg down what was going on- it's not exactly a POW listing, but it should be handy while doing research.


Civil War Records at the National Archives

This is a link to the page at the National Archives that describes what records they have for CW era soldiers and how to search them.  It also includes a link to request a copy of the NARA form 80 to send off for your ancestor's records.

If you haven't started chasing down the military records of your ancestor yet, check this out and it will help you know what is out there.


Point Lookout POW Descendants Organization


Our organization is nearing 8 years old with 723 members in 40 states and abroad. It is our main goal to get recognition for each of POWs who entered the gates of Point Lookout POW Camp, 1863-1865. If anyone would like to receive our fact sheet/application, just forward your mailing address with request to:

[email protected]

The Sanitary Commission

As you read information about Union  POW facilities, you occasionally will run across an organization called the US Sanitary Commission reporting about the problems with sanitation and other problems at these camps (for instance, it was their nagging about the conditions at Camp Douglas that got them to finally put in a drainage system at that camp).  This site is a page with some notes of the history of that organization, with some information for re-enactors.


Sources for Information on Ohio Prison Camps

This is a reading list of books available on POW camps, especially geared to those in Ohio, but there are some general information texts here, too…might be useful if you are trying to track down reference materials.