POW Lookups
This site is a list of  people willing to do lookups in resources that they own. Please be respectful to these kind persons and only send one or two requests by name per email (No requests of everybody named Robertson in the book, for example). Be sure to request from the addresses below - they have the books, not me. But if you can help, or you have trouble with a link, please contact me at [email protected]

I have a compliation from the National Archives of Confederate Military and Civilians Who Died in Union P.O.W. Camps and would be happy to do look-ups.  I ask that you limit your request to one or two at a time, please.  I will need the given name or initials as well as the surname to do the look-up. A unit or state that your relative served in would also be helpful, if available.

Jim Casper
[email protected]

You can include me as a "look-up" source on your Brothers Bound web-site for these two book resources:

Salecker, Gene Eric. 1996. Disaster on the Mississippi: The Sultana Explosion, April 27, 1865. Naval Institute Press.
ISBN # 1-55750-739-2

Potter, Jerry O. 1992. The Sultana Tragedy: America's Greatest Maritime Disaster. Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN # 0-88289-861-2

Greg Reeves
[email protected]

If anyone has an ancestor (Union or Confederate) who died at Fort Delaware, I have a book  "They Died at Fort Delaware, 1861-1865, Confederate, Union and Civilian" compiled by Jocelyn P. Jamison, please feel free to contact me for a look-up.  The information given includes, Name, Alt. Name, Rank, Co., Unit, where captured, date of capture, cause of death, date of death and a reference to where the information was obtained.  Complete information isn't available for everyone but almost.

[email protected]