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RFD Date: 20 Mar 1996
1st CFV Date: 24 May 1996
2nd CFV Date: 5 Jun 1996
Vote ended 23:59:59 UTC, 14 Jun 1996.
RESULT: unmoderated group soc.genealogy.west-indies passes 192:16

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soc.genealogy.west-indies   Genealogy of the West Indies.


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RATIONALE: soc.genealogy.west-indies

There is an established precedence and interest in the study of West
Indian ancestored genealogy on the Internet, as well-evidenced by the
discussions and queries concerning this topic that regularly appear in
cluster groups on commercial online networks, bulletin boards, and in
limited discussions in various newsgroups in the "soc." and "alt."
hierarchies.  However, the discussions and queries tend to be scattered
among numerous electronic forums, and researchers are unsure where to
post questions and comments concerning the West Indies to reach others
who share their interest, often posting in several different places as
a result.  Presently, there is no place of concentration where such
people can register their queries and remarks, and be assured that they
will be read by the many who are interested world-wide, rather than by
the few who may by chance encounter West Indian genealogical postings
in electronic forums which are focused on other parts of the world.
The number of nations whose sons and daughters added to the population
of the West Indies is extremely numerous:  former colonial powers
including England, France, Spain and The Netherlands; as well as dozens
of countries in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia.

Soc.genealogy.west-indies has the potential to serve as the gathering
point for researchers interested in the approximately 30 countries which
today comprise the West Indies, and to provide a forum for people to
share queries and insights regarding the genealogy of the West Indies.

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CHARTER: soc.genealogy.west-indies

The focus of soc.genealogy.west-indies is on exchanging information
on the genealogy and family history of West Indian ancestored people
world-wide.  This group is  designed to focus on West Indian genealogy,
but since the colonisation of many of the  West Indian islands had a
social and financial impact on the colonising nations, discussion may
widen to reflect this aspect.

Discussion is open to anyone with an interest in West Indian
genealogy including, but not limited to: people who do live, did live,
or may have lived in any of the West Indian Islands; colonists;
voluntary immigrants; involuntary immigrants (such as slaves);
emigrants and their descendants.  Researchers wishing to trace
their slave ancestors prior to their arrival in the West Indies will
find that soc.genealogy.african is more suited to their postings.

The scope of the group reflects the varied ancestral backgrounds of
the inhabitants of the West Indies - often referred to as a "melting pot".
The cultural and language differences of the islands, often reflecting
their heritage can prove a problem to researchers.  The difficulties of
researching public records in a part of the world  where earthquakes,
fire, hurricanes and pests have destroyed many records can be very
daunting, but genealogical archives around the world do contain records
which will help to build up vivid accounts of the lives of West Indian
ancestors.  The disseminated nature of the historical and genealogical
information requires a high level of mutual co-operation from
researchers around the world.

Posts may be in any language, but those seeking replies from a wide
spectrum of  readers would be well-advised to also post in English.

Postings on offensive or defamatory themes, and any other topics
unrelated to genealogy are not welcome.

The additional gateways for this newsgroup have yet to be created.
In this instance, the newsgroup will precede the Fidonet and
traditional mailserver avenues.

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The CARIBBEAN-L mailing list was formed at RootsWeb as a separate
mailing list. It was linked to soc.genealogy.west-indies in January 1999
after a discussion and a vote of its subscribers.


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The current list manager is Dean de Freitas

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